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Fight Me

Fandom: Marvel
Ship: Peter Parker x Reader
Requested: Yes, from this prompt list (”fight me, you attractive stranger”)
Genre: Neutral
Warnings: Mentions of Drinking, Mentions of Being Attracted™ to Someone
A/N: In this imagine, Peter and the reader are both legal

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“You know, if you keep making me do this, I’m gonna get decked in the face one day.”

“Yeah, maybe, but at least it’ll be funny!”

You looked at your best friend with fake offense, slapping her in the arm as she mentioned the quote she would always dare you to say to a stranger whenever the two of you went out together.

“Yeah, and maybe then I’ll deck you in the face,” you muttered, looking around the room to see who she would pair you up with. There weren’t many people here to begin with, let alone someone you’d actually want to go up and talk to, but she pointed her finger towards the direction of the bar.

“That one,” she said, still pointing. You followed her finger but didn’t know who exactly she was pointing at.

“Which one?”

“Plaid shirt, brown hair. Next to the dude in the red shirt,” she said, and you groaned. You couldn’t even see his face, with his back turned to you as he was leaning against his elbows on the bar. You had no idea what to expect, and you didn’t want to embarrass yourself in front of a hypothetically very attractive person.

“I hate you,” you said, turning to look at your best friend. She smirked, smug, and motioned for you to walk up to him.

“Go on,” she said teasingly, and you slapped her in the arm again.

“Can I at least have another drink first?” You begged, beginning to regret ever coming out with her. You don’t know why you bothered. She did this every time—every, single, time.

“Nope,” she said, a smug look still on her face. Her smirk turned into a full-blown smile as she grabbed your arm, pushing you towards the direction of the bar. “Go on!”

“I hate you,” you grumbled to her, slowly walking over to the plaid shirt-wearing man. You breathed in and out deeply, preparing yourself for the embarrassment that was to come. You made your way to behind him, and his friend in the red shirt saw you first. The two of you locked eyes, and you saw his widen.

“Peter-” he began to say, looking back at his friend, but you tapped the boy in the plaid shirt on the shoulder before he could finish. He turned around, and you lost all the words you had been planning to say.

He might’ve been the most beautiful man you had ever seen. His hair was slightly wavy, falling onto the sides of his forehead. His plaid shit was buttoned all the way up except for the top button, giving you a view of his collarbones. His jaw line looked as if it could cut glass, and his eyes- well, they were staring at you just as widely as yours were staring at him.

“Um, I, uh,” you stuttered, overwhelmed by the sight of him. But you needed to get this over with, before you could let the embarrassment sink in. “Please just play along,” you said quietly, looking down at the floor quickly before looking back up at him with a determined face. He was still staring at you, shocked. 

You took one step back before raising your fists into a fighting stance. “Fight me, you attractive stranger,” you said, begging for your cheeks to not turn red.

He looked at you for a few long, silent seconds before letting out a small burst out laughter. You bit your lip, waiting for him to say something back so you could run away. He composed himself, feigning a serious expression before getting into the same position you were in, fists raised and leaning forward to bring his face closer to yours.

His friend in the red shirt watched on with his eyes still wide.

“Only if you throw the first punch, very beautiful stranger,” he replied, smirking and winking. You began to laugh, dropping your head to look at the ground again before you stood up in a regular position. He followed and did the same. 

You stuck your hand out for him to shake, and when he took it in his, your smile grew bigger. “I’m (Y/N),” you said, and he shook your hand firmly before letting it go. 

Your hand fell back to your side, as did his, as he said, “Peter. It’s very nice to meet you.” He smiled brightly at you, and you were nearly blinded by the beauty. You knew you must have been exaggerating, but right now, in this exact moment, you had never seen anyone more attractive than him.

You almost wanted to truly fight him, just in spite of his attractiveness.

“You too,” you said, looking him up and down once more. You knew he noticed, and you saw him do the same. You looked to the side for a moment to see his friend had since left, but you quickly looked back at him- at Peter.

“So what was with that whole thing? Why do you want to fight me?” His smile stayed on his face, and the way he tilted his head slightly to the side as he looked at you made your heart beat faster in your chest.

“Why don’t you order me a drink while I go tell my friend over there I’ll be talking to you for the rest of the night, and I’ll tell you all about it,” your smile slipped into a smirk as you watched his eyebrows climb up his forehead. He was clearly surprised at your forwardness, and you liked that you caught him off-guard.

“Sure thing,” he said, and you continued to smirk at him as you turned around to walk towards your friend. When you arrived back at your table, she looked at you with wide eyes and her jaw dropped.

“Dude, what the hell!” She yelled, slapping your shoulder. “How did you manage that!”

You laughed, grabbing your purse from the table. “What can I say, I’m a catch,” you said, moving to walk away again. “Don’t wait up for me,” you smiled slyly, and she laughed in shock.

As you made your way back to where Peter was leaning against the bar, looking at you with a smile on his face, you reminded yourself to thank your friend when you saw her next.

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Worlds Collide (Part 2)

Castiel x Reader

Word Count: 1.1k

Warnings: language, mention of half-nakedness? Yum?, very mild angst.

A/N: This is Part 2 of Worlds Collide, a J2M and TFW Mash Up series. It’s an Anon request that turned into a series. Please see Part 1 for Anon request. Just letting you guys know… this mini series may not end up being so mini… And I apologize if this chapter is kind of boring. There is more juiciness to come, be warned? Oh, and photos in edit thing below are not mine

Worlds Collide Master List

You stared at the mysterious trio before you, your gun pointed to familiar blue eyes. But, they weren’t the same blue eyes you loved, the same ones you gazed into as your sweet angel held you tight.

They were the eyes of an intruder, mocking the man you loved.

“Dean, test them,” you commanded as your arm began to cramp. There was no fucking way you were going to lower your weapon, not until the asshole on the other end could prove without a doubt that he was harmless.


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is there a certain type of "punk" clothing? or at least something that would make people take me more seriously as a punk?

Well yeah. Mohawks (not clothes but hair tho), patched pants, doc martens, old stars, plaid shit, studded shit.
If you just search ‘punk’ in the tumblr searchy thing you’ll see what I mean!

~ mod Petar

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MOM what outfit of dans is ur favorite?

this definitely suits him the best he’s such a Fashion Icon™