plaid monkey

Monkey Business

Because, gosh darn it, this is too cute not to share.
I’m not giving you context, because you’ll have it soon and its kinda fun out of context.
Here’s a tiny peek at Jamie and Claire’s adventures in 1545.

“Should I send for the court physician, Mrs Fraser?” Lord Ruthven asked, his eyes wide.

“Send for who you like, Sir William, but if that bloody man steps one foot into my rooms I swear I will kill the both of you,” I answered thru my teeth.

For a man who had twelve children, the sight of a woman in labor was setting him into quite a frenzy.

“Surely, you must need some assistance.” The man looked between me and Jamie, trying to decide if I was bluffing or not.

“My husband will do quite nicely, thank you.”

Jamie gave me a look that clearly told me what he thought of bringing his third child into the world without help.

“Ah,” he stammered. “Perhaps yer wife, Sir William? She is in attendance here w’ ye at court, aye?”

The frazzled lord looked at me warily, not wanting to do as Jamie suggested and inflict my wrath.

Smart man.

“Would that be acceptable to you, Mrs Fraser?”

I glared at Jamie, but nodded. Sir William bolted from the room as fast as his legs could carry him.

“Aye, well,” my husband met my cold stare with a sheepish smile once we were alone. “Ye said the good Lady Janet has a dozen bairns of her own. She must know a thing or two about bringing them into this world safely. Far more than me.”

Grabbing for his hand as another contraction gained momentum, I spit out quickly, “As long as she doesn’t try any monkey business, she can stay.”

“No monkeys,” he grinned, squeezing my hand reassuringly. “I promise.”