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Comatose-Chapter 8

Summary: You are the sister of Charles Xavier. You are part of the Avengers and dating Bucky Barnes. Unbeknownst to you Bucky is having an affair with Natasha. When you catch them in the act, things go downhill from there. You are a Mutant with similar powers to Jean, only with Immortality thrown in.

Pairings: Bucky x Reader, Bucky X Natasha, Logan Howlett X Reader

Warnings: Angst, Violence, Cheating, Feelings of worthlessness, Depression.

The days had flown by in a haze of color. Days filled with sparring and forced laughter, with trying to be the person you once were. You had forced yourself to feel, to smile, to laugh, and you were slowly making progress. Lately, it had been less about forcing and more about living. You could surprise yourself by laughing without having to think that maybe you should first. The numbness was still there, but it was less. The wall was weaker. Day by day you had gotten better, closer to who you once had been.

Ultimately, you felt ready to go on missions again, which had brought you to your current predicament.

Grabbing your assailant by the hair, you bash his head into the wall twice before dropping him to the floor. Daintily stepping over him, you make your way into the room containing the servers. It was supposed to be a simple recon mission, but, as usual, you had encountered more resistance than you thought there would be. Inserting the flash drive into the USB port, you start the download, while straining your senses for any movement outside. Which is why it takes you a minute to notice the intel that is flashing across the screen, currently being downloaded.

You suck in a sharp breath as you  backtrack through the files. What the hell? Panic mounting, you scan the information as quickly as you can. Your movements are jerky as you detach the flash drive, and make your way back to the jet as quickly as you can. A few stragglers get in your way but are dispatched with a flurry of movement or a flick of power.

Stepping onto the jet, you nod at Logan when he asks if you got what you came for. Plopping down in the seat opposite him, you let out a long defeated sigh.

“You alright kiddo?” he  asks worriedly.

Raising your gaze to his, you swallow down the lump forming in your throat. “No. We have a problem. We need to get back ASAP.” Urgency bleeds into your tone. Logan studies you intently for a moment before nodding once and turning his attention back to flying the jet.

Thirty minutes later, you hurry through the mansion, desperately needing to get to Charles. You spot him speaking with Storm and send out a mental call. He pauses briefly, nods minutely, and excuses himself from Storm. You trail behind him, fear for the people you love setting off every nerve in your body, making you jumpy.

“We have a problem,” you say, once the doors to his office have closed behind you. As you plonk your butt into a chair, the exhaustion you feel is palpable, worming its way into your mind. “I found a classified op outlining an attack on the Mansion, Charles.They intend to kidnap me and morph my power into something dark. They want another phoenix.”

He stares at you for a full ten seconds. “Who does?” he finally asks.

“Hydra. They want to use me to take out the Avengers. They have plans to launch an assault on the compound and recapture the Winter Soldier.” Pinching the bridge of your nose you forge on. “They want to use us against each other, Charles. They want to use me against James.” Breath hitching in your throat, you try your best to quell the tide of tears threatening to stem over. Not now, you think. You’ve been so numb for so long, you don’t need the return of these feelings now. Not now when feeling nothing makes things easier. If you let the fear in, let the emotions return now, you will break. And if you break… will you ever be able to patch yourself back together?

“We must warn them,” Charles replies. “And we must get you to safety.”

“I am not sitting idly by while the people I love are in danger, Charles!” you snap. You need to do something, be in the action, or you’ll go crazy. If you’re too still, you’ll feel and lose what little control you’ve gained these last weeks.

“What do you propose we do, (y/n)?” he inquires.

Steeling yourself for your next words, you breathe deeply before you reply, “I need to go back. I have to help.” He makes to protest but you hold up your hand. “I have to do this, Charlie.”

Though he sighs, Charles nods able to understand your needs, perhaps even better than you can with how he’s been in your head lately chip, chip, chipping away at your walls.. Placing his fingers against his temple he sends out a call for Logan.

The silence stretches between you while you await Logan’s arrival, each deeply absorbed in your own thoughts. You hear the tell-tale shuffle of Logan outside the door, and a small smile plays on your lips. He throws open the door without knocking, cigar dangling from his lips, hair in disarray, and grease stains covering him from the waist up.There isn’t an inch of skin on his forearms which isn’t covered in some kind of black stain, and his once white wife-beater is now a murky, sweat stained grey with patches of black where he’d clearly wiped his hands.

You quirk a brow at him, lips twitching, and playfully quip, “No time for a shower?”  

He cocks a brow and chews on the end of his cigar, the look on his face the one that calls you smartass without needing to voice the word. “Trying to get me outta my clothes already, sweetheart?” he shoots back, a smirk spreading around the mangled cigar. You roll your eyes but Charles clears his throat meaningfully before you get a chance to fire back.

“I have an errand for you and (Y/n),” he says, putting an end to your bickering. The spoilsport.

Logan groans knowing instinctively he’s not going to like whatever this errand will be. Finally removing the cigar from his lips, he mutters, “Ah hell.”

Twenty minutes, and one awkward phonecall to Tony later, you head for your shower as Logan heads for his. Stripping off your soiled combat suit, you step under the spray, allowing the hot water to massage some of the tension out of your tight shoulders. You know that going back to the compound will open wounds not yet healed, hurts not yet dealt with, but you had little choice in the matter.

Staying at the mansion would put the children and your family in danger. Sure they were special children, but they were nowhere near ready to be X-men, and Charles could take care of himself, but that didn’t mean you would let him if leaving made that choice unnecessary. You had to leave, and you had to warn The Avengers. It wasn’t an ideal situation, but you had little choice in the matter. Still, if you spent an extra ten minutes hiding out in your shower, not yet ready to face what was coming, who was going to call you on it?

Stepping out of the shower and wrapping yourself in a towel you make your way into your bedroom. Logan is leaning against the opposite wall, your bags packed at his feet. You wonder if he even washed the grease off, or if it was just hidden under the long sleeved plaid shirt for no one that dirty could get ready that fast without cutting a few corners.

“I’ll be ten minutes,” you inform him. He grunts his understanding, a very Logan thing to do. It helps you feel the tiniest bit better. Like this is all normal and you can get through what comes next. “Thank you for packing for me.”

He arches a brow in your direction. “Are you gonna be alright, kid?” he asks hesitantly. “I don’t know if going back there is the best decision for ya.”

Sighing, you step behind a screen to change. “What choice do I have, Logan? Should I let them burn? Become what everyone is afraid I will become?” Zipping up the fly of you jeans you reach for the bra hanging over the top of the screen. “I will not stay out of this fight. I will protect the people I care for. No matter the cost.” Pulling a shirt over your head, you step out from behind the screen.

“That’s what I’m afraid of.”

Your eyes dart to Logan and immediately lock with his. They’re hard, hot with the anger in them. But you can see the fear living there, the desperation hidden behind layers of gruffness and his ‘I don’t care’ attitude which isn’t fooling anyone. The guy’s got a marshmallow center, soft and gooey, and he’s afraid. Afraid that he’ll be called on to do the unthinkable a second time.

A flash of memory flits through your mind, but instead of Jean standing before him, his claws through her body, it’s you standing on that hill. You shake your head to clear the image. There’s only one problem with his fear. Those claws of his, while painful, can’t kill you.

Nodding slowly, you walk across the room, reminded with every step just what a predator he can be as he straightens up to loom large, seeming to suck the air from the room with his determined scowl. Reaching for his hand, you pass a feather light caress over his knuckles. Over the claws which have taken more lives than either of you care to count. He curls his hand into a fist, pulling it away. A warning growl rises in his chest. An argument is brewing, one you stop by placing your finger against his lips.

When his silence is guaranteed, you shift your fingers to the stubble of his cheek. Coarse hair, rough beneath your fingertips, leads up into his sideburns. Brushing your thumb over his cheekbone, you feel him relax under the soft touch, a wild thing tamed for the moment and willing to listen. “Logan. I’m not Jean. I won’t fail in this. I’m not her. You’re not going to have to make that sacrifice. Not again.”

His eyes search yours, holding you there, looking deep for something that you can’t define. When his piercing gaze darkens, the hard eyes filling with an emotion that isn’t fear or anger, but another that you aren’t sure you wish to name, you freeze before the suddenly hunting Wolverine. It shocks you further when his hand closes around the nape of your neck. The other bands across your back, and he jerks you to him. His mouth is on yours, hot, hard, demanding. Searing through you. Kissing you with an intensity long forgotten. When he lifts his head, you inhale hard, your lungs desperate for air. Heart beating wildly in your chest, you stare up at him in shock and can only think, Fuck…

Logan smirks a wide grin and runs his hand through your hair. “Alright, let’s get moving,” he says, grabbing up your bags and striding purposefully from the room with a nonchalance you envy, as if he hadn’t just kissed you breathless.

He leaves you standing alone, wondering what the hell just happened.

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Deal? (Lafayette x Reader)

Words: 1800+

Warnings: cursing

Request: hey! could i request a lafayette x reader modern au, where laf is in france and he meets an exchange student from north america who is struggling with their french? hhhh i think that would just be so cute ❤ @strawbirby (did i tag the right person??)

A/N: i don’t know why it took me so long to write this

You walked into your dorm room, sitting your bag on the bed. You were put into a single, different from everyone else. You would have rathered sharing, to have someone to talk to on your experience in a different country, but this would have to do.

You flopped onto the mattress, looking at the open door. Different people from different countries walked past, some excited and some nervous. You opened your dictionary, studying some words that were pertinent to what you had to learn. Since you were an exchange student, you had to speak almost fluent French. It was easy to read and write it, and the verbal tests weren’t that difficult. But speaking it in the home country? That was a completely different from saying it in America.

“Are you Y/N?” You looked up, seeing a woman standing there. You nodded, placing your book to the side. The woman walked in, giving you a folder. “Monsieur Leroy told me to come and give you this. It’s a correction to your schedule, the last one did not have your speaking classes.” You thanked her, and she smiled, walking back out of the room. You glanced over the schedule, seeing that everything was pretty much the same.

You heard your phone ring, and glanced at it. Your friend, Peggy, picture shown, and you answered immediately, already missing her. “I didn’t know you woke up at seven in the morning before.” You joked, looking at the 12 on your clock.

“Y/N! I missed you!” She yelled into the phone, and you laughed, moving it slightly away from your ear.

“I just left yesterday, Pegs. How can you miss me so quickly?” You said, placing your phone between your shoulder and ear. As you crooked your neck, you began unpacking your belongings.

“Yes, but that’s still too long. When will you be back again?” She asked, and you heard some shuffling in the background. “Laurens, stop-” You heard her giggled, and rolled your eyes. The two of them were inseparable. “No, I’m leaving the room. Stop, you idiot, I need to talk to Y/N. Yes, she just left yesterday. Do you have a problem?”

“Am I interrupting something?” You said, smiling. You grabbed a hanger, putting your outfits together.

“No, John is just being John. Y/N, why did you have to go so far?” She complained, and you imagined her pouted lip, the usual expression she made when she was disappointed.

“Oh well, I don’t know. Maybe it’s because I’m majoring in French and international studies. But that’s just a guess.” You snickered, placing your clothes on the side.

“You know, I don’t need your sarcasm right now. Just-” The line cut off, leaving a tone ringing in your head. You sighed, throwing your phone on the mattress.

You walked out your dorm room, on a mission to learn where all of your classes were before you attended them tomorrow. As you were searching for one, you bumped into a taller fellow, his curly hair wrapped up in a bun on the top of his head. He wore a plaid shirt, the long sleeves pushed up on his forearm. You quickly said sorry in French, cringing at your terrible pronunciation. Whenever you were nervous, every single word jumbled up.

He gave you a kind smile, nodding at you. “It’s okay, mon ami. I know English.” You let out a sigh of relief, and he laughed at your reaction. “Are you a student?”

“Yes. I’ve just made it here today.” You glanced at the schedule in your hand. “Um, can you help me find this class? I’ve been looking for it for ten minutes now, and I cannot seem to find it anywhere.”

“Of course, anything for a beautiful woman like yourself.” You frowned slightly at his flirtatious behavior, but quickly assumed it was just French culture. You gave him the schedule, and he scanned the paper quickly. “Ahh, you have the same schedule as I.”

“Really? That’s interesting, I thought the international students had specific layouts.”

“They do, mon ami. I’m part of the program. It’s part of my major in international studies, I am to help any exchange students. Like yourself.” He winked, walking with you through the hallways. You could not help but feel slightly disappointed, thinking he was just helping you out of kindness. Now that you knew the real reason, it seemed like he was forced to do this.

“I see…” You said, saying nothing more. He looked down at you, grinning.

“Would you like for me to help you with your French? Since our classes are the same, I can help you understand.”

“I’m fine, but thank you.” You said, slightly annoyed.

“How about this: I help you with my mother language, and you help me understand things about North America. I plan to travel there next semester. Deal?” He asked again, stopping in the middle of the hallway. You bit your lip, considering the options.

You felt like you were pretty knowledgeable about your country, and him helping you in French would benefit you immensely. After looking at his face for a few moments, you nodded. “Oui.” You replied, and he laughed.

“Let me show you the rest of our classrooms.”


You soon learned that his name was Lafayette; the man had too many surnames for you to remember. You quickly nicknamed him Laf, and the two of you became inseparable. Every day after class, he would help you with your pronunciation, and you would teach him things about America that he didn’t know. He was surprised that something like pineapple would go on pizza, but he was willingly to try it, much to your dismay.

Your French was improving greatly, and since half of your classes were in the language, it was beneficial. Lafayette soon taught you slang and curse words, laughing at your face whenever you said one. You taught him English curse words, and could not help but grin at the way he said Fuck with a French accent.

“Ah, and what does this fuck actually mean?” He asked you, pursing his lips. You held back a chuckle, raising your shoulders.

“Honestly, it could be used for anything. A noun, an adjective, a verb, an interjection, an adverb, whatever your mind creates, you could probably put fuck in front of it.” You replied, sipping on your beverage. He nodded slowly.

“That’s fucking cool Y/N.” He said, and you spat out your coffee.

You noticed that he stayed by your side, barely paying mind to the other international students. He told you that he was supposed to help those students, but he seemed to ignore them. You asked him why, and he always shrugged, telling you that you were his one and only.

That definitely made you blush.

As the two of you were giggling about something in one of the study rooms, a professor walked up to you. You looked at him, and Lafayette smiled at the man. “Monsieur, how may I help you.”

“Ah, Gilbert, I see you have found someone to mentor. See, I told you, someone will partner up with you.” The professor laughed, looking at you. You gave him a closed-lip smile, glancing at Laf. His smile was slowly going down at the man’s words.

“Ah, monsieur, this is my friend Y/N. I am not with her just because of the partner program.” He said, his voice becoming harsh. You were now curious, looking between the two of them.

“What is he talking about?” You asked, butting in. The professor looked at you, surprised that you could understand french. You rolled your eyes.

“Ahh, it is required for his major. He is suppose to find someone to be a friend with, and communicate in both English and French. I assumed he picked you.” The professor walked away, ending his conversation on an awkward note. You looked at Lafayette, upset.

“So, I’m just an assignment? I’m just here to get you a good grade?” You said, rising out of your seat. Lafayette widened his eyes, shaking his head quickly.

“No, mon amour, monsieur is just telling you about an assignment that I had to complete. Please do not misunderstand.”

“Fine, tell me that you didn’t talk to me in the beginning just to complete your requirement. Tell me that I was not just a part of your grade.” You crossed your arms against your chest, looking at him. He pleaded with his eyes, not answering. You nodded, grabbing your bag off the floor and taking your notebooks off the table in front of you. “Guess this buddy system is over, Laf. You should find someone else to lift your grade.”

“Y/N, wait-”

You walked out the study room, slamming the door behind you. Some people gasped at the loud sound, looking at your figure walking out of the library. You felt the tears falling, staining your cheeks. You used your right hand to wipe away the unwanted tears, walking towards your dorm. Before you could walk in, an arm grabbed you, turning you around.

Lafayette was standing there, unwilling to let go. You pulled and pulled, but he resisted, making his grip tighter. “I swear Laf if you don’t get your arm off me right now-”

“Y/N, please, just listen to me. Can you do that?” He begged, his eyes never leaving yours. You nodded, and he let go of your limb. “Y/N, when I first met you, yes, I used you as a way to get a better grade. I will not deny this.”

“You ass-”

“Please, let me finish, mon amour.” You knew that he used that nickname to calm you down, and of course, it worked. “After getting to know the person you have become, I realized that I do not care about this grade. And I’m so sorry for treating you like a number. I liked you, I like you, as a person. And you are my only ami around here, but I could not help but see you more than that. Today, I was going to ask if you would like to go on an, how you say, outing with I. I wish for you to be my girlfriend, Y/N. You are not and will never be just a project to me.” He said, looking at the red of your cheeks pouring out onto the rest of your face.

You looked down, cursing this man in your mind for his eloquent words. You glanced back up at him, and he looked nervous, sweat pouring down his face.

You felt a drop of water hit your forehead, and looked up at the sky. Oh.

He wasn’t sweating. It was rain.

Good grief, you were always making up scenarios in your head. As you watched the rain fall, you heard the clearing of a throat.

“Y/N?” He asked, getting your attention back. “Did you hear what I said?”

“Oh, yes. Yes, I would liked to go on a date with you,” he smiled, and you glared at him, “But there better be nothing else coming out from someone saying that I’m a grade.” He nodded quickly, placing his hand in yours.

“Let’s be on our way, then.”

Borrowing Pajamas (SR)


Request: Spencer and reader are working a case and have to share a room and the reader forgets her pjs and has to borrow Spencer’s and they have hate relationship but that ends at the end of the night with some fluff!!?!?

Warnings: None (Not edited)

your pov:

We started the case off in New York City. An unsub was targeting taxi drivers. They would kill them and then push them out on the busy streets, stealing the cars. Then the unsub would target the people who got into the taxi with him. So it was basically a huge shooting spree. 

It was a rainy day in NYC. The thunder and lightening casted down on top of all of us making the evidence wash away into the streets. I ran my hands over my face groaning. “Sometimes I hate the rain.” I mumbled looking around one of the recent victims. “What’s the MO?” I asked the team as we all huddled towards the body. “Well it looks like they have all been shot execution style, just one bullet to the head.” Reid said bending down to look at the wound. I winced and stepped back not enjoying the visuals I had just seen. “Alright everyone lets go to the station and set up the time line.” David commanded out. I nodded and walked behind everyone, placing myself in the back of the big black SUV. “You’re awfully quiet.” I heard Rossi comment from the drivers seat. I gave a sad smile and shook my head, “I’m good, just tired. It’s been a long day of flying. I haven’t slept in so long.” I said yawning out. “Why haven’t you slept?” He asked back looking in the rear-view mirror. I shrugged, “I guess with a job like this and the sights you see. It’s hard to sleep.” I told him looking out of the window. I saw Spencer look back at me confused. I decided to just brush it off and continue looking at the water droplets coming down the window. 

When we got to the station I let myself out of the car slightly stumbling. I tapped my cheek trying to keep myself awake for the next countless hours of working up a profile. I sat down with the rest of the team going though all the questions on how the unsub acts. “So he’s an organi-” I said stopping mid-sentence to yawn. “Oh goodness, excuse me. So he’s an organized killer. He knows what he wants and he’s calm.” I concluded. Hotch nodded his head calling Spencer and I out into the hallway away from the others. “Reid I need you to take Y/N to the hotel. You two are bunking tonight so I’d suggest you guys get comfortable together.” He commanded. He handed Reid the keys to the car nodding towards the door. I started to walk off to the door when I heard Hotch again. “And Reid, make sure she gets sleep.” I heard the doctor mumble out an ‘okay.’ 

I climbed into the passenger side and buckled my seat belt. I waited for the young doctor to present himself. He opened the drivers side and slid into the seat swiftly. He started up the car and pulled off. The ride was so far filled with awkward silence. “I don’t understand why you can’t sleep.” He said keeping his eyes on the road. I stared at him examining his face. “And why is that Dr. Reid.” I said not really wanting an answer. “You act all hard in the field.” He commented. I sighed and rolled my eyes. “Me acting tough in the field has nothing to do with how I feel mentally.” I told him resting my head on the cool glass window. I heard him huff and puff, slightly annoyed at my logic. 

We pulled into the hotel parking lot parking in the closest space we could find. “I’ll get the bags, you go ahead and get our room.” Spencer told me pointing to the main entrance. I nodded my head gratefully. I lazily pushed open the doors and walked to the desk asking for our room. The nice lady gave me the key card and gave me directions to it. I nodded and smiled giving her a polite thank you. I went back out to the car and helped Spencer carry in the bags. “We are on the fourth floor.” I said trying to make small talk. He nodded and slung a bag over his shoulder. “Do you want me to help you with that?” I asked him looking at his tired eyes. He shook his head and shrugged off my touch as I reached for my bag. “It’s fine. Just hurry and get to the room.” I groaned and closed my eyes thinking about how even though he was a dick, he was still a gentleman. Which really pissed me off. 

When we finally found our room I placed the key card in the slot letting the light turn green. I pushed open the door loving the smell of a hotel room. “I don’t even think I can make it through a shower tonight.” I said softly laughing to myself, flipping on the lights. I looked across the room noticing the king sized bed. “Oh brother, this must be a mistake.” I said whining. I looked towards Spencer seeing his bowing his head. “Let’s just sleep Y/N, the bed is big enough for the both of us and I really don’t feel like walking all the way back down to complain. I just want to get into comfy clothing and sleep.” He said complaining. I bit my lip and sighed placing my bag on the bed furthest from the door. I opened my bag searching though to find my pajamas. “No, no, no this can not be happening.” I said groaning. “What?” Spencer said snapping his hand up towards me. “I was doing the laundry for my go-bag and I guess I left out my pajamas.” I said biting my quivering lip. After the long day and the exhaustion swarming my brain my body finally let go of the tension letting the tears flow freely. I groaned and sat on the bed kicking off my shoes. “Uhm do I need to go get you something?” He asked awkwardly. I pouted and looked up at him. I shook my head and took off my blazer starting to get under the covers. I faced my back towards him. I heard him sigh and sit on the bed. “Here, you can borrow these. I have extras.” He said. I felt a weight on my side, I looked down to see some plaid pajama pants and a plain long sleeved shirt. I dried my eyes and looked up at him. I sniffed and smiled, “Thank you.” I told him getting up. “Um, oh I’ll go to the bathroom.” He said rushing out. 

I unbuttoned my pants and pushed them down stepping out. I then pushed my shirt over my head unclasping the restricting bra. I heard a knock on the bathroom door, “Are you dressed?” I heard Spencer ask through the door. “Um almost.” I said pulling the overly baggy pants and shirt on. “Okay.” I said placing myself under the covers. “I’m sure they will be a bit bigger since you’re quite a bit shorter than me but it’ll do.” He told me as he came out of the bathroom. I nodded my head and settled myself closet to the edge of the bed. I felt the weight of the mattress shift under him. “You can move closer to me you know, I don’t bite.” He said softly. I felt his body move closer to the middle of the bed. I felt a hand run over my waist making butterflies erupt. “I’m not going to hurt you.” He said pushing my back closer to his front. I flipped over to face him and blushed. “You look cute in my clothes.” He said placing his hand on my jaw making me look at him. “Oh stop Spencer.” I said giggling hitting him softly on his chest. “Go to sleep.” He said whispering, tucking me into his chest. “What no goodnight kiss?” I asked into his chest. I felt his chest vibrate, I looked up into his beautiful brown eyes and leaned in to place a soft kiss on his lips. “There, now sleep.” 


Fandom: BTS
Pairings: Suga | Min YoongixReader
Genres: Fluff, boyfriend!Yoongi
Rating: PG13ish
Words: 250

When you wear his shirt, you are his and nothing else matters. 

It’s the way his cologne mixes in with the fresh scent of fabric softener that makes you want to bury your face into his favorite flannel shirt when he’s away. The soft purple and black plaid shirt falls just above your knees, while the long sleeves leave only the nails of your longest fingers visible. Yoongi may love wearing that shirt, but he loves it more when you wear it. The way it hugs your hips when you walk drives him wild, and the way it smells like your favorite shampoo and lotion after you’ve given it back fills his head with dreams of growing old together. He lives for the mornings after you’ve spent all night in each other’s arms, when you wear his shirt and nothing more while you make breakfast for the two of you.

The only way you could be any more adorable would be if you also wore his favorite white snapback. Broken in after years of wearing it, the hat is slightly over-sized for your head. He places it on your head like a queen at her coronation, and turns it backwards, tilting it slightly to the side. He takes a picture to save for his lockscreen for the times he has to go away because he wants nothing more than to be reminded of how his girlfriend looks in full, standing in their home with his clothes on.

When you wear his shirt, he knows you are his and nothing else matters.

A/N: You can expect more boyfriend Yoongi AU drabbles in the future thanks to @daegusoftboys and the noonanet chat’s continual spam of soft Yoongi every morning :)

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What are you wearing?

Well, it’s Thursday evening so I am wearing an army green oversized long sleeve t-shirt, green plaid pajama pants, a spiral pendant and my black tai chi shoes. On my hand, I have a heavy sterling silver signet ring emblazoned with a raven crest and perched on my nose some silly looking grandpa style half glasses for reading. You know, the usual.

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I've seen a number of people asking lately what were Rachel's clothes on the day of the massacre. I think I got the answer! Here's a quote from the book Rachel's Tears ;) "I could still
see in my mind’s eye Rachel smiling, standing in my bathroom as she
had just hours before, wearing a black tank top with a long-sleeved plaid
shirt over it. Her pants were dark with a white stripe going down the
side. Her hair was short with a red tint.

Haha thank you but I already talked about this in this post. That statement contradicts what Rachel looks like in the helicopter footage. Her mother says she was wearing dark pants, but clearly they were light blue jeans. I think she got confused with the outfit she was wearing for her play:

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Plaid long sleeve- Urban Outfitters
T-shirt- Hot Topic
Jeans- Topman
Shoes- Vans
Beanie- Calvin Klein

That Time I Thought I Could Resist Touching Myself Reading 30 Smut Fics In A Row

I decided to write y’all a little story!

So for those that didn’t see my ask, the other day I challenged myself to read every single smut fic on this blog — yes, there’s currently fucking thirty of them — without touching myself. Toni said she wanted to know how I handled it, and here I am!

Here’s how it went… please, feel free to tag this as something or even write an imagine based off it, I would love for all your followers to enjoy this challenge of mine for many months to come. ;-)

The first smut imagine written on this blog was a Taylor Momsen one, and I can’t say I’m very attracted to her, so I managed okay. I was actually pretty good with the first ten in general, since I was doing other things on the laptop; on Tumblr, Twitter, checking email, doing a bit of homework, etc. 

Then, I started to get a little horny reading No More Missed Calls. It was nothing too bad, just a feeling, so I figured I could handle it. 

By that point though, I stopped paying attention to everything else I was doing, and just kept reading and reading. I was getting really turned on, but it was nothing I couldn’t handle.

Fangirl Dot Com was one that I’d read before, and it was really funny, a nice little change. It made the horny feeling more obvious though, and I struggled to ignore it through the next couple of stories. 

But, I had real trouble when I reached Wait For Me. It made me squirm a little, and I felt my panties start to get a bit damp. I kept reading, and the deeper into the porn I got, the worse it was. I could feel myself leaking juices, and my lips felt like they were swelling. I was squirming sitting on my bed even more, and my underwear felt close to getting wet right through. I tried to press down against the mattress for some relief, but it only made me worse. By the end, my clit had started to tingle and throb, and I was biting my lip so hard. But I resisted, and continued reading.

When I got to Backseat Serenade, the squirming got worse and I’d crossed my legs together tightly. To try and ignore the feeling or to give my pussy some kind of pressure, I don’t know. What I did know was, by this point in any other situation, I would have been happily massaging my clit and whimpering in pleasure. Instead, I sat in place and kept reading, face screwed up as I tried to ignore the fact that I was still leaking juices, and I was probably going to wet through my pants soon.

I was close to giving up for real though, when I hit A Sound Like Laughter. Another one I had read already, but Tay is my fave. She’s so hot, seriously, I just… yum. She makes me so wet. That imagine definitely got me dampening my jeans right through, if I hadn’t already. I knew it was a bad idea, but I thought it would be okay just to slip them off… I undid them in a hurry before remembering I wasn’t allowed to actually touch myself when they were off. I changed position instead, sitting back comfortably against a bunch of pillows. To give you a picture, at this point I was only wearing my ankle socks, little grey briefs with a blue waistband, and a blue star on the right hip — and yeah, it was really easy to see how badly I’d soaked them because of the frickin’ grey material — and a long-sleeved red/black plaid shirt that I decided to unbutton. My bra was a plain pale blue too. 

I still resisted, somehow, and trudged on to the next imagine.

I was doing okay, until I got to Shh… It absolutely slayed me. I love teasing in public, or just teasing in general, and I swear my panties were absolutely dripping from how bad I was leaking, it looked like I’d frickin’ wet myself or something. My clit was throbbing so badly, my hips kept twitching upwards slightly as if beckoning for my hand to relieve myself. While reading it, I thought, maybe playing with my nipples wouldn’t count. So I started to gently press and pinch at them through my bra, even though all it did was make me even more horny. God, I was so desperate to make myself cum. Not even just masturbate any more, I just wanted to cum so, so badly. And to think that I could but I was making myself wait… it was torture. My pussy just kept giving out more juices in protest and I think I actually moaned from discomfort. 

Unexpected Guest… so good. It made me spread my legs and touch my pussy very gently through my soaked panties, assessing the damage. Fuck, I was horny. But I promised myself I could make it. I was almost at the end. 

But then, it all went downhill at Dinner Date. I lost it. I love teasing so much, and I could feel how much I needed to relieve myself all over. I felt shaky and my stomach was churning and my pussy just felt… I don’t even know. It was all a bit hazy. One minute, I was soldiering on through, and the next, I couldn’t take it another second. 

I pressed my fingers hard against my clit through my panties and rubbed like I’d never get to do it again, and I squeaked at what a shock it was. So fucking good to give in to what I needed so desperately. 

It didn’t take long for me to have kicked off my panties and start fingering myself, an obscene wet sound filling the room as I fucked my pussy with my fingers as fast as I could, juices pouring free. I half paid attention to the final couple of imagines, biting hard on my lip throughout as I slowed my fingers to at least hold in my orgasm until I was done with all thirty stories. When I was, I shoved the laptop away and went back to finger-fucking myself as hard as I could, my other hand stroking my clit in tight circles. 

I felt my stomach begin to clench, and my legs start to lock in place, and there was a familiar urge to push deep inside my body. I quickly removed my fingers and kept rubbing my wet clit, moaning quietly. The urge to push got stronger and I held it all in for as long as I could, even though I was right on the brink, ready to cum… and finally, I let it all go.

I started to cum, and with a loud grunt, I pushed, and started squirting. I let out a lot of high-pitched whimpers and whines as I came. It just never seemed to stop. It happened in short bursts, little squirts of liquid arcing out in a quick gush, then stopping, then arcing out again, then stopping. I think I let out about ten squirts before I got a continuous little stream for the eleventh one, pouring out of me and slowly dying down to a brief spray, then a trickle, and I was empty. I slumped into the bed with a breathy moan, panting, and I’ve never felt so relieved or satisfied. I lay there for ages before I had to get up and clean myself, as well as the bed. 

But damn, I squirted so much! It felt sooo good to get it all out like that. 

In short, I lost the challenge… but I had a lot of fun doing it. ;-)

Love ya! Hope you enjoyed reading about my challenge. xoxo

Get To Know Me

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Nickname: Silvia/Silv/V/Vi

Zodiac: Taurus

height: 5′ 1 1/2″

last thing googled: Not sure, it was on my phone. Possibly “Tangle Jr”.

favorite artists: I’m assuming you mean music. I can’t always pick but Owl City, Natewantstobattle, Maroon5, Saving Abel, Evanescence, Savage Garden, and Green Day come to mind.

song stuck in my head: When I was tagged it was Mother Said, an original Warriors song by Blixemi on Youtube. Then it was sort of It’s a Hard Knock Life from Annie. Now it’s What You Cannot See, also by Blixemi.

last movie i watched: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them!

wearing rn: My new super gay looking plaid shirt front with an attached soft long-sleeved jacket-like backing that my mom got me for my birthday, and a skirt that was probably originally intended be a top but works great as a skirt too.

why i chose my url: It’s sort of a secret! Had to do with one of my Pokemon Mystery Dungeon names. ;) The 1 just came from a password edit I was doing at the time and thought would liven it up a bit.

what my last relationship taught me: I’ll just pick my current one I guess… Sometimes you can’t help someone’s anxiety by making it go away but you can make sure they know they’re loved without changing them.
And for the boy who asked me out… People can be sweet and it’s okay to let them down gently, if you can be decent after it. Be the person you know you are or can be, and that’s the one they liked so much and you should be proud of.

any other blogs: @helpmygf@lgbtplus-help@askthewhoviandetective@incorrectresidentenisquotes​, and a few that are inactive.

spiritual: Yes. Definitely.

favorite color: Blue! Although I like all colors and I’ve been partial to a few others lately including Pink, Yellow, and Purple! But I like all shades of blue.

hours of sleep: Anywhere from 8-11. I’ve gone with as little as 4 for several nights in a row, though. For multiple weeks. RIP.

lucky number: 5.

favorite characters: I CAN’T PICK But I really love Newt Scamander even more than I thought I would! And the Niffler and all the fantastic beasts. I’m so proud he’s a Hufflepuff like me. It makes me happy.

dream job: Uhhh something where I can work with animals and save the environment and still get to travel. Some writing and stuff on the side. Maybe some plant science?

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Night Call

A/N: To give a better perspective with regards to the room arrangement, each apartment suite has three separate bedrooms therefore Kai, Chanyeol and Sehun share the same apartment but each have their own rooms. I hope you enjoy (: 


 Genre: Smut | One Shot | Romance

He walked towards me, only covered waist down with a white cotton towel, the sun highlighting his beautiful body; broad shoulders, toned arms, chiseled abs, defined jaw line, sharp nose, and hypnotic eyes. With a giant smile across his perfectly shaped lips, he approached me, taking a seat on the edge of the bed. As I stared at him in awe, glorified by his features, he raised his right hand and softly trailed it down my cheek. Leaning my head further into his palm, he chuckled, his low and delightful chuckle, adoring my endearing gesture. While we took a moment and stared into each other’s eyes, he started to inch his face closer to mine. Our lips, only a single millimeter apart where I could feel his warm breath on my lips, he whispered I love you before he kissed my lips….or so I hoped.

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some headcanons for my girlfriend, annabeth, because surprisingly there’s not many for her? anyway,, 

  • her dad is british. will fight anyone who doesn’t respect
  • she’s always had a british accent, growing up in a english household and all
  • it’s pretty much non existent by the time she’s around 11
  • it still slips up sometimes
  • percy makes fun of her sooo much for it (but really he finds it so adorable)
  • yogurt
  • her favorite color is red
  • her aesthetic is pretty plain and homey, but still v cute
  • meaning she wears a lot of cozy knit cardigans and sweaters, basic long sleeved shirts, plaid, vans, boots, etc
  • this is kind of canon, but annabeth’s hair is really messy and gets in her face a lot
  • her hair can never seem to be tame enough to find a part
  • she wears reading glasses sometimes, and whenever someone is trying to get her attention she looks up 
  • and she does this thing where she kind of looks up over the persons head and scrunches her nose and opens her mouth a bit and squints her eyes (if that makes any sense)
  • also wiggles her nose to push up her glasses
  • idk why but i always headcanon her voice like kristen stewarts but a little huskier
  • is actually a huge harry potter fan
  • bi af
  • in the lightning thief she’s 5′2
  • by the battle of the labyrinth she’s 5′9-5′10 (haven’t decided yet)
  • she stops growing after that
  •  even though she doesn’t really like it, she wears heels just to piss percy off sometimes
  • does a lot of things just to piss percy off
  • percy returns the favor in hoo when annabeth comes to camp jupiter to find that percy is now in fact taller than her, and she’s not okay with that
  • always made fun of him for being shortish (also cuz she’s tall)
  • likes soccer
  • got h i p s
  • piper influences her a lot
  • before the last olympian, she was really close to silena
  • has a thing for aphrodite girls
  • soft hands
  • surprisingly annabeth is really quiet at mortal school
  • and she’s not super great at making friends there 
  • 93% of her blood is coffee
  • she actually works at a coffee shop
  • freaked out when she started to get boobs
  • she likes music a lot, but she kind of keeps it to herself
  • some of her favs are bombay bicycle club, fleet foxes, young the giant, geographer, arcade fire, and the shins
  • she gets a lot more into music after piper introducers her to some
  • annabeth actually likes the beatles a little bit, and one time she told piper and piper raised hell and started comparing them to nirvana and said shit like “the beatles were OVERESTIMATED and WEAK” “nirvana was the EMPOWERMENT of the ‘90′s teenage rebellious grunge era oh my GODS annebeth”
  • she thinks the beatles are okay, but comes off as obsessive because again, does it to piss piper off
  • she smells really clean
  • she seems really distant physically, but once you get close to her she’s kinda touchy
  • once her and percy start dating she does a lot of cute things
  • like kisses his cheek a lot and surprise hugs him from the back
  • puts her chin on his shoulder too im dead
  • idk what you call this but if percy has his arm around her or they’re really close atm she does this thing where she lightly moves her fingers across his skin so it tingles
  • she does it to piper sometimes too but it’s more likely that piper will do it to annabeth
  • c u  d   d    l     e      r
  • piper and percy convince her to do something rebellious so she gets a nose ring at some point
  • annabae
  • in high school she takes all ap classes and aces them like it’s nothing
  • gets really frustrated when she doesn’t get something
  • is any angry crier (is working on that because she thinks it’s really embarrassing)
  • she has this laugh that will make u melt 
  • she’s a master of all kind of gal
  • her room is sooo homey and fuzzy and stuff and sometimes when percy visits California with her he just jumps on her bed and doesn’t leave
  • she’s so smart and pretty oh my gods
  • i want her to be my gf irl
  • i have so many more headcanons but they seem to have left me rn
  • these are my personal headcanons but feel free to add on!!
  • let us come together and discuss our love for THE goddess ms. chase god bless

Title: First Dates Aren’t Always Bad
Fandom: Haikyuu!!
Pairings: SugaHina
Characters: Hinata Shouyou, Sugawara Koushi
Rating: Teen
Warnings: None
Summary/Prompt: Rarepair Week Day 3: Date - Hinata is on his first date with Sugawara-san. He’s never been so nervous in his life.
Notes: None

Hinata could do this. He knew he could. It was just a date with Suga-san. There was nothing for him to worry about. What could possibly go wrong on a date with his kind, loving upperclassman?

If anyone asked him, he’d simply stare at them with wide, terrified eyes and slowly say, “Everything.”

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What: Buffalo David Bitton Men’s Signal Long Sleeve Plaid Shirt in Indigo Lithium 

Where: S05E12 Damnatio Memoriae

Thanks @atsomnambulist for submitting the ID!

  • Size Small and new on sale on Amazon $79
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Yes Professor (Nerdy (kinda) Luke Smut)

So this is the other story that I was writing when I wrote “Tutor Me”…thats why it took me nearly a week…because I was writing two stories instead of one! So harryxoclifford…you got two…YAY! :) ENJOY!!!

You were his top student. Constantly asking you questions- easy ones might I ad. He wasn’t actually your Professor. He was the Teacher’s Aide, but you always ended up working with him. Luke. English Essay - Luke, Beaumont Oratory - Luke, Class Situation - Luke. It’s like the entire English Department at Vic U wants you to work with him. It doesn’t help that he’s two years your senior, graduating only last year and you had the biggest crush on him. Luckily Luke never found out about said crush, but you knew that you were being blatantly obvious each time he sat down next to you, because you would feel a hot blush creeping up onto your cheeks. It never helped when he brushed his fingers against your hand.

You would always catch yourself watching the way his fingers glided across the keyboard when helping you to type out a paragraph that you were “stuck” on. You always watched the way his lips would form words or the way his pink lips would turn up into a smile when you would ask for his help. You always watched the way his tongue would dart out of his mouth to wet his lips, or the way he would just stick out the very tip of his tongue in the corner of his mouth when he’s thinking really hard about something.

You couldn’t help but go home each night and think about what his fingers would feel like interlaced with yours, you couldn’t help but wonder what his lips would taste like pressed up against yours, but what you fantasized about the most, was what his tongue would feel like pressed up against your clit, flicking it quickly, drawing you closer and closer to the edge until you came over his tongue.

The next day in class, you couldn’t take it anymore. All week Luke -Professor Hemmings- had been doing things that were driving you crazy. Watching you from the front of the class whilst the Professor was talking, he would purposefully graze his fingers against yours when handing you the pen or notepad. He would look you up and down each new day of the week, nodding only slightly to himself, as if he’s almost approving of what you’re wearing. If you were being honest though, you did the same to him.

He would hardly ever be late, but when he was, you couldn’t stop your eyes from raking up and down his body. He was a lean figure that always wore long sleeved plaid shirts with a bow tie and black skinny leg trousers, but his look was always completed with thick black glasses. Usually, on a Friday, he would change up his look, and all the girls played “guess what he’s changed”, like last week he wore a sleek black tie instead of his usual black bow tie. This week though, no one called what he was going to wear.

Luke was late, very late. So late in fact that everyone thought that Luke wasn’t coming, until he burst through the door, his usual perfectly waxed hair was sticking up in different directions, making him look like he’s just rolled out of bed, his cheeks are flushed and his chest is rising and falling quickly like he’s just run a marathon. Everyone gaped at him, at his appearance. Fridays were his mix up day, but today was just-wow! He wasn’t wearing his normal shirt and bow tie. Luke was wearing a white cotton shirt with a black skinny tie and a black blazer with his black trousers. He didn’t wear his usual red or white vans, he wore black leather boots. He looked as if he was our Dean. I couldn’t stop smiling as his eyes met mine and he smiled and blushed further, he knew that I approved of his suit and he loved it.

“Glad you could join us Mr. Hemmings.” Professor Mickelson said, taking in his flushed appearance. “Alright, for today’s lesson we are going to pair up and partner A will be the teacher and partner B will be the student. In today’s situations, partner B, the student, has done something worthy of a detention. The cause of the detention is up to partner A, the teacher. What happens in detention is also up to partner A. Ok let’s begin. (Y/N) you’re with Hemmings again. You could learn something.”

Was that supposed to mean some- holy crap he looks hotter up close. “So, you’re the teacher, I’m guessing?” You ask, looking directly into his eyes, showing no sign of melting under his intense gaze.

“That’s right. You’re my student!” Luke flashes his toothy grin making you melt further into your chair. Did he have to say “my” like you were his toy that he was fighting over in the sandbox with another kid?

“Sure. So what have I done wrong, Professor?” Two could play at this game. You smirked at the blush that creeped up onto his cheeks and the tips of his ears.

“You will know at the end of the school day. I want you back here as soon as the last bell rings. If you are late, you’ll be punished further.” Luke sneers playfully, but he leans in to your ear. “Punished harder.”

You shiver and have to compose yourself as Professor Mickelson announces to the class that the exercise is over and that he will see us all tomorrow for our morning lecture. You were relieved that class was over as you weren’t sure how much longer you could take Luke being so close to you as he was so hot today. As you walk past Professor Mickelson you take the notes that he’s handing out and slip them into your folder before walking past Luke- Mr. Hemmings, you needed to stop being so comfortable around him, and before you could walk out the door, he grabs your wrist and says to you, very calmly to not cause suspicion. “I meant it. I wan’t to talk to you after school today. Don’t be late.” That’s all he said before walking back towards Professor Mickelson. You didn’t even have time to say no.


*After classes*
You walk into the dark lecture theatre. It was empty. Was he pranking you? Did he know how much he had affected you today in class, and he was making a point? You were just about to leave when you felt someone grab you from behind and pin you down onto the table. You screamed. You kicked. You tried your hardest to get away, but when a hand found its way up the back of your leg under your white flowing skirt and into your panties to rub hard little circles on your clit, you couldn’t help but moan into the mahogany desk.

“You’re such a dirty little slut aren’t you?” His hot breath fans over your neck and you know from the scent of his cologne that it was Luke who was pressed up against you. It was Luke’s cock that was quickly growing and pressed up against the back of your thighs. It was Luke’s fingers working over your clit, making you whimper and moan beneath him. “My dirty little slut.” At this, Luke thrusts two fingers into you making you moan out louder and buck back into him.

Luke pulls away from you making you whimper at the loss of contact, but before you can turn around and protest, Luke forcefully pulls down your skirt and panties. “Did you think that you could just wear this and think that I wouldn’t be affected? Did you think that I wouldn’t notice this short skirt and top that shows off your boobs. All the boys were looking at you today. They thought that they had a chance with you. You’re mine. Not theirs.” The whole time Luke was talking he was pulling off a piece of yours or his clothing. When he wasn’t doing that, he was slapping your arse on a particular word to make his point. Luke ended up kneeling on the floor behind you, you bent over the Professor’s desk, legs wide.

Luke licks along your slit, his tongue flicking into your entrance to taste you, making your legs weak. You were thankful for the desk underneath you, as you were positive that you would be on the floor from Luke’s ministrations. Luke sucks your clit into his mouth and slides two fingers into you, making you scream beneath his tongue. Luke pulls away quickly, slapping you hard on your left arse cheek. “Shut up! We have to make this quick and quiet.” Luke says going back to fingering you and sucking on your clit.

He pulls away, just before you’re about to cum. You slide off the desk boneless, before composing yourself and turning the tables on Luke. You shove Luke against the desk, facing you and grasp his cock in your hand, making him hiss at the intense pleasure. You start to stroke him quickly, sucking and nipping at his neck. “Did you think you could just walk in, hot and flustered, with your hair disheveled, breathless, like you had just fucked someone? Did you think you could just run in and let the girls undress you with their eyes? You wore that suit just to make me wet. Well good job Mr. Hemmings, I was wet all day long, waiting for your fingers and mouth and cock to push me over the edge.”

Luke groaned, a raw, thick groan that was ripped from the back of his throat. You kissed your way down his chest, nipping and sucking red marks into his skin, whilst never letting go of his hard cock that was starting to leak precome. You eventually knelt in front of him and licked the beads of precome from the slit on the top of his cock, earning a low moan from Luke, before taking all of him into your mouth. Luke involuntarily bucked into mouth making you gag slightly, but to Luke’s surprise, you kept going, relaxing your throat so you could deep throat him again. This took Luke by surprise and he couldn’t help but grab your hair and pull you off of him in fear of finishing before he started.

“Get on the desk.” Luke growled at you, making more heat pool between your legs. “Yes Professor.” You could hear how Luke’s breath hitched when he heard you say that. You complied quickly by sitting up on Professor Mickelson’s desk and spreading your legs wide. Luke groaned when he turned back around to see you spread out for him.

Luke captures your lips with his as he slowly pushes into you. You gasp into the kiss, giving Luke access to lick into your mouth as he starts a steady rhythm, pumping in and out of you. You dig your nails into Luke’s back from the intense pleasure as he starts to pump faster, pushing you back further onto the desk as you push back onto him. Luke kisses down your neck, licking and sucking a bruise onto your pulse point making you whimper and moan breathily. “(Y/N), I’m close.” Luke moans into your ear.

“You’re so fucking big Luke!” You moan, biting your lip as Luke starts to thrust roughly into you, angling his hips to hit your g-spot.

“No, you’re just fucking tight.” Luke grunts out between breaths and thrusts. “Cum for me baby.” He says, licking a stripe up your neck whilst his hand sneaks down between your bodies to rub furiously at your clit making you shiver and arch your back into him. You cum hard on his cock that is still pounding in and out of you, screaming Luke’s name loudly that echoes around the room of the lecture theatre.

It only takes another couple of thrusts for Luke to empty himself into you and then collapse, his head leaning down on your shoulder as you both try and catch your breaths. The only sound in the lecture theatre is the deep gasps and pants of you trying to catch your breath whilst the ticking of the clock slowly drones on in the background.

“I’m so glad you’re a teaching major otherwise our plan might have not worked.” You giggle into Luke’s ear as he slowly leaves kisses along your neck. “I choose the next fantasy.” You wink at Luke’s pout.

“I have always wanted to do you on your Professor’s desk.” Luke chuckles into your skin before helping you up and into your clothes before walking out, hand in hand, huge smiles on both of your faces.

Hope you liked it…please send in requests…they are always welcome…via messaging, posts or reblogging one of my many “requests” posts. I do dirty (obviously) and clean whilst also doing One Direction and 5SOS (obviously). haha Until then. xoxo