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Collin by Hannah Kennedy // Digital // 2015

A redesign of the character Collin that I printed as a valentines gift for personal use. (From Plaid Hat Game’sΒ Mice and Mystics)

I would like to eventually work my way through all of the characters. Maginos is next. Will also post our paints for the figures once we get around to it. Enjoy!Β 

Character/design/icons are all property of the original studio.


"Bioshock Infinite: Siege of Columbia" Board Game

It looks like Bioshock Infinite is the latest videogame to have a board game edition. Made by Plaid Hat Games, gameplay revolves around two warring factions vying for control of Columbia.

Here’s a synopsis according to an official press release:

"Set during the same series of events as the video game, players take on the role of the Founders and Vox Populi factions, desperately seeking to seize control of Columbia. Gain points from staking your claim to the city’s territories and accomplishing other goals, all the while fighting your opponents and Booker while trying to influence Elizabeth and commanding an army of detailed miniatures as well as the Songbird and Airship!

In BioShock Infinite: The Siege of Columbia, each player uses their unique deck of cards to influence world events, build their army, fight off Booker, zoom around the city on the Sky-Line, and claw their way to ultimate control of Columbia.”

The game should be available from retailers in a few months, but you can preorder it right now and receive a special card and $25 off the regular $84.95 price.

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