plaid clad

Death Note Drama

- L is a shiny J-Pop asshole who drinks fruit pouches

- Light is clad in plaid and is sad

- Misa probably keeps emergency glitter on her person at all times

- Near is a girl whose voice occasionally goes into Batman mode

- Mello is a fucking puppet

- Matsuda is literal sunshine

- Aizawa’s hair is my aesthetic

- Watari is the gosh darn cutest little button

What is not to love?

“Dear useless diary,

This morning I heard Kara decline a sprinkle covered doughnut from the plaid-clad halfling. Luckily, I was near a wall and was able to brace myself from the shock.

Apparently, my assistant’s sister bet that she would not be able to give up sweets for Lent. This will not do. Watching Kara slowly lick the icing of off whatever the calorie bomb of the day happens to be is penciled into my daily schedule next to ‘have Kara lift heavy things’ and ’throw various papers for Kara to bend over and retrieve’.

I have ordered bakery delivery to the break room for the next 40 days. She will relent.


Stay safe

Request: Kiwi anon heeeeeere! I had my first ever tattoo done yesterday. Can I get a samxreader where he finally sees it (on their wrist) after they’ve been wearing long sleeved jumpers and wants to know the meaning behind the phrase.

I’m sorry it took so long. Hope you like it, my dear Kiwi anon; for some reason I feel I might not have gotten this one right.

As always, let me know what you think, guys (and if you want me to tag you in future fics – or if you want off my list. That’s alright too.)

Word count: 2.640

To the common, passive bystander, it might have looked something like this: a crazy chick screaming and launching herself at a pale and deformed guy without reason, before being struck in the shoulder with surprising force and sinking to the ground, and then a seething, plaid clad man setting said creature on fire.

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Clad in Plaid

author: supernaturallymisha
characters:  Reader, Dean, Sam (all platonic)
word count: 950
summary: The reader and Dean decide to pull a prank on Sam.
warnings: swearing
a/n: I haven’t really been feeling all that motivated lately, minor writer’s block, but I still wanted to upload something.  At the same time, i didn’t want this lack of ideas to be apparent in any of the requests you guys sent in because I want to put more effort into the prompts from you guys.  This way, even if this doesn’t turn out well, it’s my own idea I’m screwing up and not yours :)

“Sam just texted, he’s driving back!”

“Shit.  Okay, I’m almost done.”  You heard the crinkling of more paper being unrolled and knew he wasn’t even close.

“Dean!  Hurry up!”

He grunted in response before mumbling, “Yeah, well, it wouldn’t take as long if you were actually helping.”

“Hey!” you scoffed, “You calling me lazy, Winchester?”

Dean merely rolled his eyes.  "Oh, I’m sorry.  I forgot about your very important role of, ahem, ‘keeping watch.’“  He even made little air quotes.  Damn him.

"You mean like you were doing while I finished the entire left side of-”  You both froze as a loud rumble echoed through the bunker walls.  "The garage!  Hurry!“

His hands moved in a frenzy.  "Last piece of tape, last piece of tape, done!”  He started to stand up, but not before you could drag his arm out of the room.  The two of you sprinted down the hall, fumbling around corner edges and tripping over your own feet.  Just a few more steps and…

“Hey guys.”  Sam said as the door clicked closed behind him.  You and Dean had each flung over a couch only seconds before.  Some poor attempts were made at 'looking natural’ and keeping your hurried breathing under control, but luckily Sam didn’t seem to notice.  You cast a quick glance up and locked eyes with Dean, who was barely containing a well-deserved smirk, before muttering some hellos back in unison.

“I’m gonna go drop this stuff off in my bedroom, be right back.”  You couldn’t hold in a smile this time.  You listened carefully as Sam’s heavy footsteps got farther and farther away when…

“DEAN!  Y/N!”

You let out the breath you didn’t realize you had been holding in, and with it burst an eruption of giggles.  Dean was on his couch doing the same, only his laughs were more throaty and much less high pitched.  Once you gained enough composure to move, you bolted over to see Sam’s reaction, Dean not tagging far behind.

You peeked inside the doorway to see a pouty, mock-angry Sam (because even he was resisting the temptation to laugh).  He stood in the middle of his room, only it didn’t look like his room anymore.  Everything, the walls, the ceiling, the bed, was wrapped in red plaid wrapping paper.  You and Dean had gone all out.  Every book on the bookshelf, every picture on the shelf, and even the individual pencils on the desk had been wrapped.  Sure, it took hours, but the look on Sam’s face was priceless.

And at this point, even he was chuckling.  Probably at you and Dean’s red-faced laughs, well, more like wheezes now, but it was funny all the same.  

“You guys suck.”  Sam said, bitchface on point, but there was no real threat behind it.

“But, Sam,”  you stopped in the middle to catch your breath, “We thought you liked plaid.”

“Ha ha.  Very funny.”  And then Sam’s eyes widened.  The gentle smile turned a little less… gentle.  "You guys do know you’re cleaning this up, right?“

Like a vacuum, all sound was sucked out of the room, leaving only dry silence.  Oh god, he was actually serious.  You looked to Dean, but for some reason he still had that cocky grin on his face.  

Looks like Sam noticed it, too.  "Dean…” he cautioned.

“Sammy…”  his smile growing.

“Dean…” louder.

“Sammy…”  You knew that face.  He had an idea.  Based on the context, probably not the brightest one.  You looked back to Sam.  He squinted his eyes and tilted his head up slowly.  It was like they were telepathically communicating something.

Well, you weren’t far off.  Sam lunged forward, arms out to catch his older brother, but Dean was already outside the room.  You felt a hand, Dean’s, grab your arm, and you were already outside the room, too.  A final “DEAN!” rang from behind you, and you turned to see Sam’s long moose leg stuck in the door, sending him flying into the wall.  You almost stopped to laugh again, but Dean’s grip on your arm continued to pull you forward.  For a good reason, too, as Sam gets up and barrels towards you again.  The lead was yours, though, and you saw that Dean was taking you into the garage.

It was all a blur, Sam’s screams, Dean’s laughs, the impala’s doors opening and closing around you, but soon enough you and Dean were free, a frustrated Sam still yelling from the doorway.

The bunker got smaller and smaller in the rearview mirror and you let out a relaxed breath, same time as Dean.  Before you even made eye contact you both started howling again, so much so that he had to pull the car over.

“Th-The look on his fa-a-ace!”

Dean threw his head back, roaring out, “And w-when he tripped in the doorway!  That was the best part!”

“No, no.”  You tried to shake your finger for dramatic effect, but your whole body was shaking too hard for there to be a difference.  "The best part was when he was like,“ you cleared your throat and sat up, trying desperately not to giggle through a serious, Sam-like expression.  You tried to lower your voice, but what sounded like a twelve-year-old boy going through puberty cracked out, "You guys do know you’re cleaning this up, right?”

Despite the awful impression, Dean cackled beside you.  "That was so worth it.“

"SO worth it!”

The two of you sat and laughed at the memory a little while longer, but eventually Dean started the car and turned it back around to the bunker.

After all, you couldn’t wait to see whatever revenge Sam had planned while you were gone.

Nagoya, day 2: just as good, if not better.

Quickie bullet points, since my phone is running out of juice.

Kiiyan was bouncy, sexy adorable both days. He was a real whirling dervish today, spinning, jumping, shaking his plaid-clad booty at us.

e-zuka was super bouncy today too.

Opening song was Blue Pandora Box (Kiiyan in a cape!) and Silence. Last song was Can Do. Both days. In between was every song from the new CD and single, except The Other Self. Dawn Gate ….full version … omfg. Kiiyan’s voice was incredible. Punky Funky Love was so much fuuuuun. Tsuioku no rinkaku acoustic was stunning. Wish was so sweet…. and finally getting to hear Volcano, Pink Phantom and wonder color live made me really happy.

Stage show has been upped: multi-levels, lights, animation (animated Roger and Gina!)

Less talking, alas. And no Go For It. They’re trying out wonder color as the new audience participation song, but I’m not buying it yet.

They let giant balloons go for Not For Sale. And today Kiiyan kicked one … and it popped. Ooops!

And Kiiyan failed on his first attempt to kick a towel into the crowd. He was so embarassed, he sank to the stage, and then just started laughing. Val had to help him up.

…will get all the rest into my full report. And oh how I can’t wait for next Sunday!