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Some McHanzo fic recs cause yknow… i like ‘em. There’s a lot and they’re in no particular order.

Your Cheatin’ Heart by SleepySkies

  • Summary: “A stowaway, a wager, a deck of cards. Sex on a riverboat.”
  • Historical AU, completed, Explicit
  • Words: 6,829

A faithful companion by kaijuborn

  • Summary: “Hanzo is a wanderer, always on the move after leaving his home and his duties. However, when winter comes and he finds himself in an abandoned town, he decides to stay for a while. A large, three-legged wolf accompanies him, though the animal appears to be more than what first meets the eye.”
  • McWerewolf AU, completed, Teen and Up
  • Words: 10,195

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A Fool For Daughter (Kris)

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Type: Fluff

Requested: Hi. I Love you scenarios. Can you please make a cute Kris scenario. Thank you!

‘Kris Wu Shares First Pictures Of Adorable Newborn Daughter’ Kris smiled at the article that was published only hours after he shared the first pictures of his daughter. She was laying against your shirt, he little brown eyes opened looking up at Kris as he took a selfie of them together. Wu Yisu was only a month old and Kris wouldn’t shut up about her. She looked just like him and had a few little features you had. He read many comments about how she was already in love with her daddy, how happy he must have been by the amount of pictures he posted, and even nice ones concerned about you and telling you good job.

“Babe take more pictures” Kris calls as you rolled your eyes pulling your phone. He was very much in love with his tiny one. Yisu let out a light whine as she adjusted into him more. He started bouncing lightly as he smiled “daddy love you” he coos lightly as you took a picture of the two of them. Instantly you knew you weren’t posting that one. It was just too perfect to share with the rest of the world. “We made such a beautiful baby” he told you as you smiled “she’s basically all you” you tell him “yeah? Our skin isn’t exactly the same” he told you as she did lean more towards you skin tone. “She has your cute chin” he continues as he looks down at her.

He seemed to get lost into her more as he simply smiled at her “she’s got the cutest little button nose” he continues as he watched her little hand clutch his top in her sleep. “Kris you’re crying” you coo as you walk over to the giant man. You tugged your jacket sleeve up rubbing his eyes lightly “I don’t want her to grow any bigger. I want her to stay this little” he says as he sniffles. “Your jacket smells weird” he continues as you nod. “Spit up” you whisper. He was very emotional about her, he seemed to get all the hormones you lost as he was seeming so overly dramatic the more he was with Yisu.


“Tiny toes for your tiny tiny socks” he coos as he made faces at his now 3 month old daughter. “Little duck ducks” he continues making the sock dance in her face. She smiled as he smiled back at her. “I’m glad you leaned how to smile” he cooed as he leaned down pressing his lips to her smooth forehead before he pulled back and started putting her socks on her feet.

Once they were on he laid back over her as her fingers instantly touched his face. One of her new skills was being able to touch about everything within her reach. His person favorite by far. He smirked leaning down pressing many kisses to her face and neck, she didn’t fully understand laughter yet so it was simple gasps of air before she let out a rather high pitched sound from the affections of her father. He giggled at her “you’re just so cute” he coos kissing her little onesie covered tummy “so important to daddy and mommy” he continues as he looks her over. “So so important that I dropped all my scheduling for a couple of months just so I can be with you” he continues having a deep moment with her as she just stared up at him. “Kris is she ready for bed?” you asked him as he looked over at you “yeah. All clean and ready to be messy tomorrow” he said in his baby voice to Yisu who smiled at him again.

“She’s sleeping in her crib tonight” you purr into his ear as his head twitches to the side slightly. You two had been planning your return to your decently normal sex life but of course Yisu being a baby need attention when thing were getting good. After developing a decent technique to get her to completely pass out you guys took it as a sign. “She’s right here babe she might hear. Don’t speak dirty words around the baby” he says feeling embarrassed by the thoughts he was beginning to have.

“Well mommy misses daddy in more than one way and she needs just as much time as baby” you tell him as he smirks as his embarrassment slinked away and been replaced with your dorky flirty man. He sat up from over her taking a seat beside her as he pulls you close by your hips. “Daddy misses you too” he whispers as he presses a light kiss to your lips. “One night” he continues enjoying kiss. Yisu let’s out a sound as she grabs her father’s plaid pajama clad leg. His eyes changed from the flirty ones he was giving you only seconds ago as he looked down at his daughter practically shoving you away from him as he turned to her. “Daddy is sorry for ignoring you” he tells Yisu as he picks her up resting her close to him. “Let’s have bottle and then we’ll go sleepy yeah?” he coos her as he starts walking out of the bedroom leaving you there, you could have sworn your little one was sending you evil eyes for taking her daddy away for even a few seconds. You sighed laying back knowing that he had an on off switch his daughter now had complete control of.

Death Note Drama

- L is a shiny J-Pop asshole who drinks fruit pouches

- Light is clad in plaid and is sad

- Misa probably keeps emergency glitter on her person at all times

- Near is a girl whose voice occasionally goes into Batman mode

- Mello is a fucking puppet

- Matsuda is literal sunshine

- Aizawa’s hair is my aesthetic

- Watari is the gosh darn cutest little button

What is not to love?

you’re my werepuppy - Isaac Lahey one shot *fluff*

Original Request from nocomhbhronHey hey!! Love your blog dude :)
Anyway, I was wondering if you’d do a short of Isaac insisting that werewolves don’t like being scratched (like dogs; behind the ear, belly etc) but y/n scratches him while he’s sleeping and his leg starts going off 💕

Pairing: Isaac Lahey x reader

Rating: Teen for swearing

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“[y/n], come get breakfast!” Derek voice blared, waking you up.

You dragged your sleepy form out of bed. After washing your face and brushing your teeth, you joined your pack, not bothering to change out of your pajamas. You entered the common area, seeing Scott and Liam watching cartoons on the couch, Lydia on an adjacent chair eating French toast and reading a thick novel. Stiles and Derek were at the stove, bickering about something while Stiles stirred pancake mix and Derek flipped.

You finally spotted your favorite werewolf, Isaac, who was sitting at the minibar, hunched over a plate of eggs and bacon. Of course he’d be alone, and of course he’d look adorable with his curly hair slightly in disarray and clad in plaid pajamas and a white cotton t-shirt. You always had a soft spot for Isaac, nothing explicitly romantic, but also not inappropriately maternal. Everyone just has ‘that person’ with whom they can share everything and feel safe, and he was your person. And as proven by your unplanned matching attire, you were kindred spirits.

“Morning, sunshine,” you greeted. Isaac’s face shot up, looking at you surprised. He recovered as he recognized it was you, his mouth stretching into a bright smile.

“Morning,” he chimed. “Someone’s finally up.”

You rolled your eyes.

“Well, someone had to stay up most of the night doing research because someone fell asleep, even though they promised they wouldn’t.” You lightly punched his arm.

Isaac ducked his head, a guilty grin taking form.

“Yeah… sorry about that. How do you make yourself stay up so late, anyway?”

You shrugged. “I guess I’m used to it. Tests and papers.”

Isaac playfully scoffed, mumbling something like “such a nerd.”

“What was that?” you piped. Isaac always teased you for being so invested in school, even though he secretly loved how smart you were.

“Nothing! I just said you looked really pretty today,” he shot you a thousand watt smile, leaning in closer to you.

You blushed, trying to mask your visceral reaction with a sarcastic laugh. You nudged him away with your elbow.

“Whatever, Lahey. Just eat your eggs.”

“Yes, ma’am,” he mocked, resuming his breakfast.

Derek appeared in your line of vision, knowingly shaking his head at the two of you. Everyone kind of knew that you and Isaac were a duo, not really ~together~ but always together. You had a thing. They respected your unique relationship, occasionally making slides like “stop being gross” and “make out already.”

Derek slid a plate of pancakes in front of you.

“Having a good morning?” he asked, the mischievous glint in his eyes implying a double meaning. He eyed Isaac, then you.

“Really good,” you replied with a tight smile. “Almost as good as yours.”

You gestured towards Stiles, who was now attempting to flip a drippy pancake.

“Shit,” Derek muttered, retreating backwards. “Stiles, don’t touch that!”  

You giggled at their antics, scarfing down a mouthful of pancake. Looking back over at Isaac, a wave of adoration hit you. You observed his careful movements, delicately using a fork and knife to cut up his food. You always wondered if the reason why he was so cautious, so meticulous in his ways was because of his childhood, always afraid to make a mistake, afraid of his father.

Your body moved of its own volition, the urge to comfort him overtaking you. You weren’t sure how, but your hand somehow ended up in new territory behind his ear. You moved your fingers along his hairline, gently scratching the area.

“What are you doing?” Isaac asked, breaking your trance. Amusement and confusion lit his features.

“What?” you replied casually, continuing to move your fingers. After all, it wasn’t unusual for you to touch him affectionately, physical contact a huge component of your friendship.

“You’re… scratching behind my ear.”

“Yeah, so? Do you not like it?” You pulled back slowly, embarrassment burning your face.

“I don’t exactly mind it,” he began with a laugh. “But you know I’m not a dog, right?”  

You raised your eyebrow.

“Hey, come on,” he scoffed in feigned annoyance. “Werewolf. Werewolf,” he enunciated.

You giggled. “I know. I just thought it would feel nice—“

“Well, you thought wrong,” he cut you off. “Werewolves aren’t dogs, [y/n]. We don’t pee everywhere, we don’t like belly rubs, and we don’t. Like. Ear. Scratches,” he pouted adorably.

You put your hands up in surrender. “Alright, alright. No more ear scratches,” you relented, but not before reaching up to ruffle his hair, laughing. Isaac merely groaned, hiding a smile in his shoulder.


The rest of the day had gone by smoothly. You were grateful, missing the aesthetic of a Lazy Sunday. The pack had decided to go out to dinner, leaving you and Isaac alone. You were both homebodies, preferring to stay in and relax.

You were sitting on the couch watching Pride and Prejudice, Isaac’s head resting in your lap. You absentmindedly stroked patterns into his arm until his body suddenly went limp, his breathing full and even.

He’d fallen asleep. Again.

Okay, you actually sympathized this time. Isaac thought Jane Austen was boring, but it was your turn to pick the movie, and you’d begged him for weeks to watch it with you. He had finally agreed before falling asleep twenty minutes into the film. You sighed, moving your hand away to avoid disturbing him.

But an idea suddenly hit you, recalling back to this morning when Isaac had said that werewolves didn’t like being scratched behind the ear. You thought back to all the times when you were a kid and your dog Molly had fallen asleep curled up beside you. Whenever you scratched her behind her ear, she would always whine softly and nuzzle closer to you in contentment.  

With Molly as inspiration, you slowly placed your fingers behind Isaac’s ear, gently caressing at first. When he didn’t stir, you nudged a little harder, running your fingernails against the exposed skin.

You froze when Isaac shifted, curving his body slightly inward. An almost imperceptible “hmm” broke through the silence as he burrowed his face into your lap. You took that as encouragement.

Still scratching, you used your thumb to graze the shell of his ear, stimulating more of the area. You passively noted how soft his earlobes were.

And that’s when it happened. Isaac’s leg twitched.

You gasped. Had you done it? Had you just proven Isaac wrong about werewolves? Victory was on your mind. Your best friend was literally an overgrown puppy in denial.

You maintained your controlled pace, not straying too long in one area, giving attention to different sections of his skin. You tried to stifle your laughter as Isaac’s leg started going off. You covered your mouth with your hand, the other still stroking him.

Behind you, the front door opened and the pack filed in, their voices and footsteps filling the air.

“Shhh, guys,” you whispered, turning around with a finger to your lips. They all turned towards you, approaching you in the living room.

“What’s up?” Scott said. They all stood in a circle, looking down at you and Isaac.

“Look,” you instructed. They watched silently. You resumed scratching Isaac behind his ear, and on cue, he started kicking his leg.

Stiles’ snort broke through the air as he buried his face into Derek’s shoulder, who was smirking and shaking his head. Liam broke into giggles. Scott hid his smile behind a fist. Lydia placed her hand over her heart, mouthing “so cute.”

Her support quickly turned devious as she pulled out her phone to take a video. The rest of the pack was now doubled over.

“This is so great,” Scott huffed through his mirth.

“This is fucking hilarious. I know what I’m doing tonight.” Stiles informed, a little too loudly. He put his hand on Derek’s shoulder.

Derek glared at him. This created another uproar of giggles.

“Guys, stop,” you warned through fits of laughter. “He’ll wake up!”

And he did.

You looked down when you felt Isaac maneuver in your lap. He looked up at you with wide, confused eyes. You removed your hand discreetly, smiling down at him.

“Heeey,” you welcomed cheerily.

Isaac opened his mouth to respond before he sat up and noticed the roomful of people observing him. The pack recomposed, panting and wiping their eyes, their faces too red and their smiles too wide.

“What?” Isaac asked, his brows furrowed. He looked around, then back to you. “What did I miss?”

You sucked in through your nose, looking down at your lap.

“Umm, well—“

“This.” Lydia sat down beside Isaac and handed him her phone. Crap.

Isaac hesitantly took the object and played the video. You waited for his reaction as you saw his eyes go wide in the screen’s reflection. After a few seconds, he hung his head, planting his face into his palms. “Fuck me.”

The pack broke character again, hunching over in guffaw.

“Hey, it’s okay,” Stiles taunted. “Even though Liam’s the youngest, I guess you’re the real runt of the litter.”

“Shut up,” Lydia protested, grinning. “I think it’s cute.”

“Alright children, let’s call it a night,” Derek ordered, smiling at you. “This was great, [y/n]. Made my night.”

“Yeah, seriously,” Scott approved. You noticed Isaac looking at you from the corner of his eye, his jaw locked. Scott walked towards Isaac and ruffled his hair fondly, from which Isaac reeled back, face tinted bright pink. “You’re the cutest beta there ever was.”

“I hate all of you,” Isaac deadpanned, sitting back with his arms crossed over his chest.

“We love you, too!” Liam called out en route to his bedroom.

Once everyone had left, you stood up, yawning and stretching your arms over your head. You looked down at Isaac, noticing his staring at your exposed midriff, and immediately placed your arms back down. He looked away rapidly. You stood in front of him.

“Well, I hate to say I told you so…”

Isaac glared at you.

“Was that really necessary?” Isaac mumbled.

“A little bit?” you squeaked. His jaw dropped at your admission. “You just kept denying the ear thing! And in my defense, I didn’t know that everyone would come back all at once like that.”

“Yeah, sure you didn’t,” he jeered. “Now Lydia has a video!”

“So? It’s not like she’ll do anything with it,” you defended. “And for the record, I agree with her.”

“Agree with what?” he muttered looking down, fiddling with his thumbs in his lap. You took a step towards him, your knees touching his.

“That you’re cute,” you spoke softly. He looked up at you, mouth parted. You inhaled at his bewildered expression. “Really, really cute.”

“Really?” he whispered. You bit your lip and nodded. Isaac’s mouth formed an ‘o.’

You regarded him with reverence. His face looked so soft from the warm light of the fireplace. You reached down and ran your fingers through his hair, soothing his awe, using your other hand to cup gently under his jaw.

“Let’s just go to bed, okay?” you cooed. He nodded into your palm. You released him as he slowly stood up, eventually towering over you. You were standing a hair width apart, his breath fanning over your forehead.

He lifted one large hand, moving the hair away from your shoulder. He leaned over to confess into your ear.

“I really did like it… the whole time.”

“I know,” you breathed against his shoulder.

Isaac chuckled.

“I guess I really am a dog.”

“Nah, you’re more like a hybrid,” you responded thoughtfully. He cocked his head to the side, silently questioning you. You chucked at his perplexity before concluding.

“You’re my werepuppy.”

A/N: Hey, guys. Can I just say I had the most fun writing this? Thanks so much to nocomhbhron for requesting it! You are my first official request. And you are grand. Hope you and everyone else likes this! :) 

So Castiel is the son of some senator, and he’s just basically the family disappointment because:

1. he’s gay

2. he’s not religious enough

3. he’s not very ambitious

So despite the fact that he’s sweet and smart and genuinely kind, he’s the family disappointment, which is a constant point of stress on his poor little heart.

Meanwhile the Winchester brothers, they’re criminals, okay? They try not to hurt anybody, it’s mostly credit card fraud and the like, and at the moment they just need like one more big job to get them enough money to just retire somewhere.

So one day they’re out and they see this kid walking along and Dean says, 

“Holy shit, isn’t that that senator’s son?”

and Sam is like, “Fuck, it is!”

So they grab him, and they take him to this run down cabin that they’re currently living at in the woods.

and of course cas is freaking the fuck out, because like wtf is going on? Are these terrifying plaid-clad mountain men here to kill him?

Dean is calm, and he’s sorry they’re scaring this kid, he really is. It’s nothing personal, even if the kid’s dad is kind of a dick. So he explains to Castiel gently that everything is going to be fine, if Castiel’s father pays the ransom then Castiel will be back at home by tomorrow, safe and sound.

But, of course, things don’t go to plan. Sam gets into contact with the senator and the guy basically tells them to fuck off, because he’s paying ransom because his f***ot kid wasn’t smart enough to keep himself from getting kidnapped, and he’s not putting up with terrorist demands, etc.

And Sam is just thinking this is so fucked up, the whole time he’s on the phone. And he gives Castiel an edited version afterward, but the kid knows, and he just sits on the floor and starts fucking bawling. Because okay, he doesn’t know what these kidnappers are going to do with him now, which is scary, but even more than that, his dad doesn’t care enough about him to pay money (that he has) to save his life. And that’s not a good feeling.

And the Winchester brothers just have no fucking idea what to do now. They didn’t get the money and now they have this kid. And like, what do they do with him?

So Dean sits down with Cas and he lets him cry and, you know what, he puts an arm around him. The kid needs it, okay?

“I just- fuck-” Says Castiel, hiccuping, tears running down his face, “He didn’t even want me back. What’s he going to tell the media? That I died? Ran away? He’d rather risk a massive scandal than have to put up with me at all. I just-” His bottom lip quivers, and he’s crying again, “I thought he’d want me back.” He whispers.

Dean lets him cry for a long time and he pats the kid’s back and he lets the kid lean on him while Sam makes supper.

Once Castiel stops crying so much Dean says, “I know it hurts, okay? I know. But it’s going to be okay. You’re dad’s a prick, and you don’t need him.”

Castiel scrunches his face up and says, “You don’t know.”

And Dean has to sigh and say, “I really, really do.”

It’s afterward, when they’re all sitting together eating supper the way Castiel’s family has never, ever done, that he gathers the courage to ask, “So, what happens to me now?”

The Winchester brothers just look at each other, because they have no fucking clue.

“We’ll figure that out later.” Says Sam, “How’s your spaghetti?”

Eventually they decide to drop the kid off someplace and give him a little money to make his way home. But the idea doesn’t sit well with Dean. If Cas’ dad doesn’t even care enough to pay a moderate ransom to get his son back, what kind of father could he be? What kind of environment are they dropping Castiel back into?

So he keeps coming up with reasons not to drop Castiel off. This town is too dangerous, this one doesn’t have a bus stop, at this one it would take too much money to get him home.

Secretly, Castiel is relieved. He’s never been happy, he’s never been afforded any sort of freedom, and now… he is. The Winchesters let him do what he wants, treat him like an adult, talk to him like they actually want to know him. He finally feels seen and heard and, truthfully, he doesn’t want to go back to being a blank-faced senator’s kid.

Little by little, Castiel becomes a part of the family. He joins the brothers on con-jobs, he starts wearing plaid, he lets his hair grow out.

And then, one night he’s drinking on the back of the impala with Dean, and they’re looking at each other, and they just fall into each other.
They kiss (neither can remember who initiated it), and they keep kissing, and they start holding hands, and Dean lets Castiel pick the music in the car.

Sam doesn’t notice at first, but after a while they earn enough to rent a little house and one night he goes to check on Castiel only to find his bedroom empty. He checks the living room and the kitchen and finds them empty. His first thought is that Castiel finally decided to leave.

But then he goes to tell his brother and when he opens the door he finds Castiel and Dean curled up asleep together, Dean’s face in Castiel’s neck and his arm around Castiel’s stomach.

They looks sweet, and soft.

Sam watches them for a minute and then he goes back to his room, to listen to music and fall asleep, and everything is good.

Dean??   Demon!Dean x Pregnant! Reader

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*Hey guys! I’ve been gone far too long I do apologize so without further ado lets get this crazy train off the tracks!* **BTW THE GIF ISNT MINE!!!!!**




  I stared down at the tiny white stick in my hands, the two pink lines staring at me, taunting me.  How was I supposed to raise this baby without a father??  

  “Sam!”  I called out from the bathroom knowing that the moose of a man was waiting for me around the corner.  His next to silent footfalls echoed across the empty hallway in the bunker.

  “Yes Y/N?” He replied to me calling out for him, coming around the corner and towering over my small frame. 

  “Sam….It’s positive…” I whispered hesitantly, after all Sam was the one who wanted me to take the test after Dean had left and I was mysteriously sick all the time.   

Sam sighed deeply and pulled me into his warm chest “What do you want to do? I mean, Dean is a demon for heavens sake!”

His chest rumbled while he was talking, my eyes started to water up at this point as I realized the true situation I had gotten myself into “I-I don’t know…”  It was like Sam knew I was going to cry in a minute as he hugged me tighter and began to rock side to side while I sobbed against his plaid clad chest.  Sam knew what I was thinking at the moment ‘How are we supposed to raise this baby without its father?’ 

 “I’m gonna go lay down Sam..” My voice trailed off as I practically peeled myself off of him and walked back to my room, my hunter senses started going into overdrive as I got closer and closer to my bedroom door.  I never left my door open and yet it was cracked, I slowly pushed it open the rest of the way and felt my skin begin to crawl.  I felt around for the light switch before I realized that the switch was flipped already “What the hell?”  I heard a deep chuckle right behind me and before I could react there was a familiar hand covering my mouth.  “Dean??” My voice was muffled by his hand but I figured he could understand me. 

“Hey Sweetheart.” He chuckled.

***Let me know if you want a part 4!!!!

Seven Minutes In Heaven

For the lovely @super-slick-fanfic-chick

Just something we thought of :3

Character: Isaac Lahey

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“Erica, I don’t know about this.” You bit your lip, pulling at the bottom of the very short flapper dress.

She rolled her eyes, placing the headband on your head and adjusting the feather, “shut up, you look sexy. Boys are going to be falling at your feet.”

“They won’t even see my face,” you mumbled, grabbing the lace mask from your vanity.

“That’s not the point. They’ll be drooling over your hot bod.”

You let her apply bright red lipstick and then you went to your bed, pulling on your black heels. You looked over Erica’s outfit, jealous of how her Game of Thrones dress complimented her curves. Her hair was braided back with flowers embedded in the bends. She held out her hand to help you stand up. “You look amazing. Don’t even worry.”

You nodded and followed her out to her car, butterflies in your stomach. It wasn’t long before you arrived at Lydia Martin’s lake house, and you felt like you were going to throw up from all your nerves. Your heels clicked against the pavement as you made your way up to the door. “Happy Halloween! Come in, you guys look great!” The red head was dressed up as a Greek Goddess.

She was the only one without a disguise. You weren’t even sure if she recognized who you were. It didn’t seem to matter to Erica though, because she grabbed your wrist as soon as you entered the door, and rushed you to the bowl of punch. The bowl had fake eyeballs floating in the red liquid and you admired the finger food decorating the table. Erica shoved a cup into your hand and told you to drink and let loose. You took a small sip, knowing well that there was alcohol embedded. You followed your friend out into the crowded main area, taking in all of the decorations and costumes. One person that caught your eye, however, was the plaid clad stranger leaning against a doorway. He was across the room and you could barely see him through the mass of bodies, but he intrigued you.

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nixie-ravenwillow  asked:

She sat patiently sipping her vodka cranberry, eyeing the plaid clad Adonis sing off key at the karaoke stage, smiling inwardly. Flagging down the bartender, she asked him to refill the man's drink, on her of course. Flipping her hair over her shoulder, she licked her lips and kept watching with hooded eyes.

Dean didn’t care if his singing was crap, if it annoyed the patriots of the bar, then that’s all he cared about. If it led to a brawl, even better. He was just simply having fun. More than he’d had in long time. Out the corner of his eye, he saw the bartender refilling his beverage. The bartender gestured to the blonde sitting at the bar, watching him. Catching her eye, he winked in a thanks.


“So ... let’s talk about your father.” Dean, Denial and John Winchester’s A+ Parenting, or, Why Dean still hasn’t launched a grenade.

(CW 1: This post deals with the episode “Sam, Interrupted,” which has a fairly inconsistent approach towards mental illness and neurotypical divergence. I get a little squeamish with some of the representations and approaches towards “crazy” in the episode).

(CW 2: Talking about John Winchester’s A+ Parenting, so mild suppositions about the upbringing Dean had, with mentions of neglect).

This week’s task of The Great Meta Scavenger Hunt was to tie together two randomly selected aspects of the show. When I got past tons of con pages and Supernatural books, I was left with two things I am happy to talk to you about:

The grenade launcher

Originally posted by smartiespn


Dr. Fuller (from 05x11, “Sam, Interrupted”)

Originally posted by sam-winchester-admiration-league

More specifically, Dr. Fuller and the grenade launcher are both devices by which we engage with Dean’s sharply-honed sense of emotional asceticism.

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Green Eyed Monster - Dean Winchester One Shot

“Hey I was hoping you’d be able you write something where the reader hunts with TFW and she dates dean and had to get all dolled up and sexy in order to seduce a demon or Crowley or someone so the boys can get past he demon/get info or something and dean gets jealous and it leads to the reader teasing dean about being jealous back at the bunker then smut or something please?”
Reader Gender: Female
Word Count: 3,800
Warnings: Mention of vampire case and violence, smut, alcohol mentioned, tiny bit of swearing.
Author’s Note: I am still feeling a little out of practise so be kind :)

Green Eyed Monster

“Oh come on Garth, are you sure you’re gonna be alright here without me? Bobby’s shoes are pretty big ones to fill; I could stick around a little longer if you want.” You teased, all the while incredibly proud that your hunting partner was taking on the responsibility of guiding hunters the way Bobby used to, and honestly pretty relieved that he would be slightly more out the reach of danger than he had been running down cases with you.

“You’ve kept me company long enough (Y/N),  you’ve gotta get back out there chasing down things that go bump in the night, and making the world a safer place - it’s what you’re made to do. Besides I’ve got a new pair of hunters for you to show up.” He announced grandly, but his sincere smile showed that he did really admire you as a hunter and even more as a friend. You and Garth had been through everything in the years you’d hunted together, and he was the closest thing to family you’d ever really had, but you needed to get back on the road and knew he was where he was meant to be, so you were pretty excited to meet your new partners in crime.

He had invited some pair of brothers he had hunted with a while ago to meet you at his new base of operations, so they could take you back to their bunker for a chance to exchange information and catch you up on all the leads they were following. You found it hard to imagine working as well with anyone as you did with Garth but, as the doorbell went and Garth rose to answer it, you put on a smile and hoped for the best.

“(Y/N), this here is Sam and Dean Winchester, the guys who will be desperately trying to take my place.” He introduced, ushering two tall, gorgeous men into the room, both clad in plaid shirts, jeans and an unnecessary amount of layers.
“And this, gentlemen, is my exceptional partner (Y/N).” Garth beamed proudly as you jumped up and shook hands with the both of them.

“It’s great to meet you, I’m sure we’ll be a great team.” You chirped happily, figuring you should try and be friendly if you were gonna be spending all of your time with the two hunks. The long haired one smiled back, shaking your hand happily and looking a little surprised, while the shorter one just stared at you, his mouth slightly open, his gaze working down your body until it felt like he had surveyed every inch of you. You were used to this reaction when you met other hunters, and when they were as handsome as this one, it was very flattering. In your little floral dress and bright lipstick you didn’t exact look like the typical hunter, but this had worked to your advantage more times than you could count when it came to getting information, keys or luring men and demons to their end.

“Dean?” You said quietly, snapping him out of his trance, making him blush as he realised he had been blankly starring at you.

“Sorry, long drive,” he tried to brush it off as if he hadn’t been checking you out, “it’s great to have you on our side.” He beamed, shaking your hand and holding onto it just that little bit too long.

And that’s how it all started. Not only did you and the Winchesters become an amazing team of hunters but Dean found in you what he had been dreaming of his whole life. It didn’t take more than a couple of hunts for him to be amazed by how smart and brave and caring you were and after seeing the way he took care of his little brother it’s fair to say you were pretty smitten with him as well. It seemed to progress so naturally, from mutual respect, to heartfelt affection and even Sam felt incredibly happy to know his brother had someone looking out for him, and being there for all the emotional support that Dean couldn’t always admit that he needed. Your relationship was loving, comforting and you both knew that you’d be there for each other no matter what. As much as your lifestyle meant your relationship could be pretty intense at times, that didn’t mean you didn’t playfully tease him whenever you got the chance, which usually resulted in Dean scooping you into his arms and carrying you to bed as quickly as he could.

As well as becoming family to both brothers, you also taught them a thing or two about hunting; showing them that subtle charm could often get you a lot further than brute force and threats. You never failed to flirt your way past a sheriff or trick a demon into spilling his guts to you, something that had been crucial to a lot of your investigations. Sam really appreciated the way you could manipulate people, getting information more easily than he ever could before you joined them in their hunts, but Dean wasn’t a big fan of your methods, seeing you flirting with anyone other than him stirred up such intense jealousy in the hunter that half the time he’d leave Sammy to watch over you himself, not that he would ever admit anything for fear of coming across too possessive and putting you off. But still, he would try and suggest any other plan of action to stop you having to chat up any other man, demon or unholy being.

“We can just break into the place, get Garth to give us some hex stuff to break any charms and the vamp never even has to know!” Dean argued, desperately trying to sound confident in his haphazard plan despite knowing the best course of action was to put you in the line of danger.

“C’mon Dean, you know that’s too risky! (Y/N) can get us in without him suspecting anything, putting the hostages in way less danger!” Sam replied exasperated, tired of constantly having to talk Dean into letting you do your thing. The three of you had stumbled upon to a handsome vampire picking up women in bars and taking them back to his place to feed. You had gone to check out the nest and found it guarded by some magic that you couldn’t seem to break past, but by the sounds of it the lured women were still alive in the house. Naturally you and Sam suggested that you let the vamp pick you up in a bar and take you back to the house, then when his guard was down the three of you could get in and save the women; a straightforward plan that you were confident you could carry out, but Dean wasn’t happy about it at all.

“Gorgeous, you know I can handle myself, and you and Sam will be there to keep me safe. Nothing is going to happen to me baby.” You tried to comfort him, not realising the real reason he didn’t want this to go ahead.

“Fine! But let’s do this tonight and get it over with.” Dean reluctantly accepted, knowing a losing battle when he saw one. You and Sam agreed, giving you just a few hours to do some last minute research and make yourself irresistible, something you were well practiced in.


A few hours later you stepped out of the motel bathroom, making Dean’s jaw hit the floor the same way it did the first time he laid eyes on you.

“Nice work.” Sam remarked in his usual business like tone, knowing you took no pleasure from parading yourself round to lure out demons and vamps. But as Dean took in your stunning figure in your tiny, tight, black dress and killer red heels, he could feel the usual sinking feeling in his gut when he knew it wasn’t going to be his hand stroking your soft, exposed legs tonight.

“Let’s get this show on the road.” Dean sighed, slumping forward to pick up the Impala keys and shuffling half-heartedly towards the door. Sam headed out the door before him, so before you stepped out you pulled Dean into your arms and placed a soft, loving kiss on his lips.

“I’m going to be fine baby.” You reassured softly, putting his sad demeanour down to worrying about your safety. As you pulled away, he clutched you tightly against his chest, kissing the top of your head and whispering

“I know. I just love you so much.” You smiled and looked up at your gorgeous, loving boyfriend and replied

“I love you too Dean.” Before heading out to get in the car and make your way to the bar where the vampire had picked up most of his victims.

Sitting alone at the bar, you sipped a cosmopolitan and tried not to glance over at Sam and Dean, who were blending in by sitting in a booth in the darkest corner of the bar. You could practically feel Dean’s eyes boring into the back of your neck as a tall, handsome man settled on the seat next to you. You turned slightly to glance his way and noticed his gaze was fixed longingly to your neck where you had worn your hair up to make sure it was entirely exposed. Knowing this was the mark you needed to seduce, you waited for him to engage you, going back to sipping your drink and occasionally playing with your necklace to make sure his focus was fixed to your neck as much as possible.

“It looks you could use a fresh drink, may I?” The voice beside you purred, using one hand to take your glass and the other settled on your now empty hand, showing no sign of letting go.

“Sure, I’ll take another cosmopolitan” you replied nonchalantly, finally glancing up and making eye contact with the stranger, biting down seductively on your lip, figuring the more he thought about biting the quicker he would want to get you home. He handed you a fresh drink, looking you up and down, and started inquiring,

“I’m a big fan of this bar, and I’ve never seen you before, so I take it your new around here?” His voice was deep and smooth and his eyes were captivating; it wasn’t hard to see how he had lured several women back to his house so easily.

“You’re right; I’m just passing through town, but thought I’d stick around for one night and a few drinks in a strange, dark bar.” You replied, with a dark tone to your voice that you only used when you put on this act. As much as this seduction and flirting came pretty easily to you, it was nothing like the way you really liked to show affection. When you were with Dean you were sweet and playful and affectionate and it made you love your relationship with Dean, because with all the darkness that filled your lives there was so much happiness and light between the two of you. The two of you couldn’t help but smile when you were together and as you smouldered at this evil creature all you wanted to do was cuddle up with your loving boyfriend surrounded by blankets and kisses.

“I like your style, you picked an excellent place to settle for the night. Do you have a room booked nearby?” He asked suggestively, sliding his hand up from your knee to your thigh and you smiled slyly, trying to repress the shudder that came from his touch. It made your skin crawl, but you stayed focused, locking eyes with him, and commented,

“I could only find a fleabag motel to leave my things at, but honestly I’d much rather spend the night somewhere else.” You could see the vampire’s eyes light up as you spoke and the next thing you knew you were in his car, travelling back to the house you had tried to break into just that morning. You could see the Impala just coming up the street as he walked you to his door, whispering a few Latin phrases before he opened it up and gestured for you to come inside. You smiled gratefully and leant in towards him slowly, watch his eyes flutter closed and his lips pucker up, just in time for Dean to sneak up behind him and slice clean through his neck.

“I forgot to tell you earlier, you look amazing.” Dean replied, his spirits momentarily lifted by how well the plan had gone, and being able to slice off the head of the creep that had been touching you.

The rest of the evening went smoothly, you managed to free all the women held captive in the house and take out a few more vamps that had been nesting there. With the hostages safely returned home, the three of you headed back to the bunker, in what felt like a long, tense drive. With the joy of a successful hunt having passed, Dean had settled back into his deep funk of jealousy and self-doubt brought on by seeing you easily pick up any man you set your eyes on. You could feel the tension coming from Dean but decided to wait until you were back in the bunker to confront him, saving Sam from being trapped in the middle of a potentially awkward conversation. It was pretty late by the time you got back, and Sam headed to bed leaving you and Dean alone in the bedroom you shared.

“Is there something on your mind baby, you seem a little tense tonight?” You inquired, pushing him softly down onto the end of the bed and straddling his lap, incredibly happy to be able to be so close to him again, after letting someone else stroke you. You played softly with his hair as his hands moved up to your waist, holding you firmly so he could admire you.

“It’s nothing; I just hate watching you flirting with anyone else. I want to be the only person that gets to hold your hand and stroke your skin and lean in to kiss you…” You could hear the slight touch of bitterness in his voice as he trailed off, thinking about all the times you’d used your feminine charm to get your way on a case.

“Dean Winchester! Are you saying you’re jealous?!” You laughed, having assumed all this time he was just worried about your safety, not that his own insecurity was getting the better of him. It seemed so ridiculous that he would ever feel jealous; you couldn’t be more devoted and in love with your playful boyfriend, and you couldn’t resist having a little fun with this new found knowledge. Dean just scolded and pouted at your laughter, turning away from you until you pulled his lips back against yours. You then swept your hair over your shoulder, exposing your neck and sighed casually, “I mean that vampire was pretty handsome, and he couldn’t keep his eyes off my neck.”

As if in retaliation to your comment Dean’s lips latched to your neck, sucking and biting just enough to leave a very noticeable mark. He looked pretty proud of himself knowing anyone who looked at your neck would see his mark, so you rose up off his lap and start sliding out of the jeans you had replaced your blood-soaked dress with.

“There are probably so many men that I’ve spoken to over the years who have imagined how I look stripping down to get into bed, it makes sense you’d be jealous.” You continued coyly, turning around and making a show of bending over and wiggling your hips at Dean, knowing your bum looked amazing in your little black panties. You could tell he was getting worked up, both by what you were saying, and how incredibly sexy you looked stripping right in front of him.

He licked his lips as you turned back to face him, pulling your tank top over your head to leave you in just your lingerie, your body looking completely perfect to him.

“I mean, now that I come to think of it, I could pretty much run off with anyone I choose.” You remarked thoughtfully as you looked down at your figure, and the mesmerised hunter in front of you, running your hands over your stomach gently and up to your chest, where you unclasped your bra, sliding it to the floor. “In fact, I think I’ll go see how quickly I can summon an angel or Crowley or something…” You were struggling to hold back the laughter at this point as Dean looked at you in complete disbelief, it finally dawning on him that you were making fun of him. You placed a hand on each of his knees as you leant forwards, softly fitting your lips to his as you slowly sunk to your knees, before continuing,

“I’ve just grown so tired, of my gorgeous,” with one hand you rubbed the bulge in-between his legs,

“loving” the other hand unbuckled his belt as his head fell back at your touch, his eyes fluttering shut.

“smart” you lifted his hips to pull his jeans and boxers down enough to free his solid manhood,

“playful” you stroked the length of him with your hand a few times

“boyfriend.” You looked up at him with a cheeky smile as you said the word, before slowly sliding him deep into your mouth, drawing a low, deep groan from his lips as his hands gripped the sheets, caught off guard by the sudden wet warmth. You gave him no time to calm down as you went to work, bobbing up and down quickly, flicking your tongue over his tip with every suck and letting your fingertips trail over his thighs, sending tingles through his entire body.

Naturally any annoyance from you teasing him had completely melted away the moment Dean realised what you were up to, and was replaced with his usual adoration for you, something he felt you might need a friendly reminder of. Pulling you up off your knees and lifting you clean off the floor, he flipped you, so you were lying back on the bed with him over you, his lips crashing against yours when he wasn’t pulling off his shirt. The smile on his face as his hands caressed you was unmissable, and your heart practically melted seeing the his face light up as you whispered into his kisses,

“I love you Dean Winchester.” Each kiss felt more passionate and loving than the last as one hand massaged your breasts and the other slipped off your increasingly wet panties. His thumb found your sensitive clit and rubbed it in rough circles, setting a fire inside you that you knew only Dean could ever satisfy. Two fingers made their way inside of you, pumping and twisting against your walls, as he trailed kisses down your neck, paying extra attention to the love-bite he had already given you. His sweet lips trailed down your collarbone, covering your chest and stomach in kisses before settling between your legs. His rough tongue flicked expertly over your clit, while he curved a third finger inside of you, your juices coating his fingers as he went, your legs shaking in pleasure as your moans grew louder and louder. You could feel your cheeks flushing red and heart beat racing as he brought your right to the edge of bliss, then he suddenly stopped, looking up at you while his fingers softly circled your folds, teasingly close to your slit.

“Dean please.” You breathed, the aching need for him overwhelming as your eyes begged him to keep going.

“Tell me that you’re my girl.” He commanded dominantly, a side you didn’t often see from him in the bedroom, but tonight he wanted to punish you a little for teasing him. Without any hesitation you moaned back,

“I’m all yours Dean, I’m your girl! Now please, I need you inside of me.” The pulsing in your centre was almost unbearable as he chuckled and thrust his fingers back inside of you, his tongue swirling over your clit. You whole body was practically vibrating in ecstasy at the relief his much needed friction provided, and you could feel yourself coming back to the edge of bliss. His fingers crooked forward, brushing your sweet spot and massaging your walls while tongue worked its magic, switching between broad, wet licks and short flicks over your clit.

“Oh Dean, fuck, yes.” You moaned as you felt yourself clenching around him, your hips bucking into him and your head pressing back against the pillow as the waves of pleasure crashed over you. His fingers rode you through your orgasm, the look of pride and adoration on his face very clear as you came completely undone the way only he could make you come. Your burning need for him wasn’t satisfied yet as you gripped his hips hard, lining up his throbbing member  and sliding him into you, instantly taking all the strength out of Dean’s arms, leaving him lying flat on top of you, your hot chests rubbing together as you set a frantic pace to his thrusts. His eyes clenched shut in pleasure, feeling how wet he had made you, and how badly you needed him. Your nails dragged across his hips as you bucked into him, loving the way he filled you completely sent a new ripple of pleasure surging through you. Your legs were turned completely to jelly as he sucked and licked your nipple, his movements erratic and shaky as he tried to hold on for as long as he could, but the way you felt was too much and he let out a loud moan, finishing inside you, the feeling of his hot seed triggering your own climax. You felt the waves of bliss wash over you together, as you both panted and moaned, and clutched the other close to you, until you finally collapsed beside each other, hardly able to move for exhaustion and happiness.

Dean reached over, stroking a stray hair from your face and tucking it behind your ear as he kissed you gently, feeling like no matter how much good he tried to do in the world, he would never deserve someone as wonderful as you in his life. You let your fingers trail over his chest and reassured him,

“You never need to be jealous gorgeous, because no one will ever make me as happy as you do. You’re perfect.” You cupped his blushing cheek and kissed him again, captivated by the feel of soft lips and sweet embrace.

“You’re perfect.” He repeated back to you, hoping that you would always be there to make him feel as whole as he did in that moment.

My Queen

Summary : The reader gets captured and tortured . She’s loosing all hope of being rescued when suddenly a red eyed demon king stands in front of her .

Pairing : Crowley x Reader

Warnings : torture, mention of blood angst but little bit of fluff at the end

English is not my first language so I apologise for any spelling mistakes and grammar errors .

After what felt like a week but was probably just a few days you lost all prospect of time ..

You had no idea where you were or who held you captive you only saw theme once when they hourly came to torture you but you were blindfolded . You only saw the guy who came into your barely lit room and put on your blindfold. His hands were always shaking and you suspected that he was forced to do this since he himself was covered in blood and practically starved . When your blindfold was put on you heard him leave but the door stayed open and two pairs of footsteps slowly approached you . They were much louder than the ones from the blindfold guy but you put that on the fact that he was much thinner than your capturers . At the first torture session you screamed when the sharp blade of what you suspected to be a angel blade cut open your skin . You screamed for help . You claimed that your human but you quickly regretted this when you heard someone coming closer to your left side . So closed that you could feel there breath on your ear and neck ..

„Good that makes things much easier“ a shiver went down your spine and you had to resist the sudden urge to vomit when you heard the man’s croaky voice. He let out a dry laughter with his mouth still close to your ear and you could feel tiny spit particles fly against the side of your head . When you flinched away in the opposite direction you could feel another presence standing next to you.

Your eyes were getting watery underneath the blindfold .

„What do you want from me ?“ you tried to sound as confident as possible but at this point your voice couldn’t even convince yourself . „Let me think ……We want nothing at least not from you , you dirty whore“ The man with the croaky voice said laughing . The person on your right side hadn’t said anything so far but you could feel another blade being pressed into your side between two of your ribs . You could feel the blade breaking through your skin as you screamed out in pain . The person next to you pulled the blade out before it could cause life threatening injuries in your lung .

They’ll keep you alive ….

After that you could hear  the man on your left chuckle as he walked away closely followed by the other person .

The skinny man entered the room a few minutes later and removed your blindfold . You looked him in his blood shot eyes . They were dead …. there was nothing left of whoever this person was before they captured him . His boney fingers shaking he carefully opened the knot on your blindfold and pulled it away   „Who are these people ?“ You asked him in the quietest voice you could manage . When you finished your sentence you had to bite the inside of your cheek to keep from crying out in pain . Every breath hurt , blood was still oozing out form your side and arm and talking just made it worse the man’s dead blue eyes looked up at you but focused on something behind you .„no“ he whispered . If you hadn’t listened close enough you would have missed it . His voice was raspy and almost metallic like he hadn’t used it in a long time. He stared at the spot behind you for a little bit longer until he turned around and walked as quickly as he could away.

Damn It ! What the hell is going on ?

The door slowly closed behind him with a loud bang and you flinched at the sound only making the pain in your side worse ….

They will find me …

You knew that Crowley and your brothers must be looking for you and it actually helped you to breath slower and calm down.

They are on there way ! They will come for me !


This felt like ages ago ….

Your capturer came back what you suspected to be every hour .

They never did much it was always just one or two deep cuts or stab wounds .

Either they needed you alive or …. they just enjoyed your suffering ….

After the tenth session you began to suspect it was the later one …

They never asked you any questions just sliced you open and left

After roughly the fortieth session you couldn’t even bring up enough energy to scream .

Your whole body was covered in cuts and stab wounds. Most of them weren’t that big but they made up for it with there depth . Your torso was the worst part … in one session they lifted you up from your chair , the chains still tight around your wrists and ankles, and pushed you face down onto the floor exposing your plaid clad back . The knife sliced right from your left shoulder down to your right hip bone . The cut was deep … You could hear the sickening sound of the knife gliding over your shoulder blade . After they finished they roughly threw you back onto your chair. Your backside hitting the wooden chair .,, hard …

You had no idea how you were still alive but suspected they healed your wounds to some degree …or atleast stopped the bleeding since the pain never actually stopped

You slowly lost hope of anyone finding you .. On the second day you prayed to Castiel but no response came … no flutter of wings … nothing ..

You prayed to every angel you could think of but no one came …

You were alone ….

On the following day (of course for you it was just a blur of painful torture sessions and unanswered prayers) you could hear a loud banging noise from outside your cell. Someone was trown against your door so hard that you could hear several of there bones break. You flinched not wanting to think about whoever caused this

Maybe it’s there boss and he thinks they were to easy on me ….

You could hear whoever was slammed against your door scream in pain as they were pressed against it with more force .. the sickening chocking sound and the cracking of more bones made you want to vomit and you probably would have but you haven’t eaten since you got here.

Whatever force was pressing the person infront of your door against it was gone and with it the sound of braking bones

You slowly lifted your head when you could hear the door being opened ..

There he stood covered in blood with red eyes and two angel blades in his hands.

The angel blades immediately disappeared inside his coat as he came running towards you . He was here he was really here ! Tears of joy began streaming down your face when he reached you and snapped his fingers making your chains disappeared .

„Its gonna be alright I’m here“ He slowly lifted you up bridal style and you could feel a warm energy flow trough your body . He softly kissed your head and you held onto his neck for dear life as you could feel your wounds being healed .

„Y/N I’m so so sorry for not finding you earlier …. It’s my fault these dickheads got you . I should have protected you better . They should have taken me but-“ his voice was still full of hate and anger but you could see in his hazel eyes that he blamed everything that had happened to you on himself . He put you down once all of your wounds were healed . You immediately put your hands on his bearded cheeks and gave him a soft kiss on his lips . You could feel all of his emotions in the kiss and once you both pulled away to get some air you kept your foreheads pressed together in fear the other one could disappear again . His hands were around your middle and he pressed your body close to his .    „I love you Y/N and I can promise you that I will never let something like this happen again“ He almost whispered . His words only made you hold onto him tighter „I love you too Crowley“ . You exchanged thes words often but It  never felt so honest like in this moment .

Crowley and you stood in the middle of your cell for a little while longer just holding each other until he broke the silence „We should probably get back to your brothers I told them I would get you out and immediately return with you“ he told you with a small smirk. „How the hell did you convince them to stay back and let you do this alone ?“ you asked him with a small laugh . „Well I told them that they don’t want to get in my way when I’m on a killing spree to save my Queen.“ he told you with a slight shrug.„Only if you want to be of course … my Queen I mean…..  I could totally understand if you wouldn’t want to rule hell with me… You’re a hunter after all and I you know ….“                                 Your eyes were wide as you stared at him in disbelieve

Did he just ask me to marry him ?

„Did … did you just ask me to to-“ you stuttered only to be cut of by his reply .

„Yes love I just asked you if you want to marry me“ 

He said as if it was nothing too absurd but you could see the fear of being rejected on his face. You pulled him down to meet your lips once more and he immediately responded when your lips met in a passionate kiss .When both of you pulled away after a few minutes you were no longer standing in the dirty cell but in front of the bunker. You didn’t even notice that you teleported because you only had eyes for Crowley .

He had a wide smile on his face and his eyes were full of love.

„Okay then love should we tell your brothers and the angel face the good   news ?“ 

-Thanks for reading and I hope you liked it ! :)                                                    I don’t have a beta so all the mistakes are mine                                        Please tell me if there are any grammar errors or spelling mistakes   

Supernatural Imagine: Meeting Dean for the First Time

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The vampire bares its teeth, circling you in your corner. Your heart hammers in your chest as you watch the monster snarling before you. You take a step backwards, feeling the wooden wall press against your back. Swallowing, you keep your eyes on the moving target before you. You push your hands inside your denim jacket, shrinking in on yourself. 

Your eyes narrow in concentration, making sure you were still breathing in a slow even pattern. The vampire starts forward. This was the moment of truth. You hold your breath and took a step towards the monster.

The door swings open. The vampire swings its gaze at the intrusion, but your eyes don’t. You grin. Their mistake.

You step up as a voice said, “Don’t worry sweetcheeks, I’m-” You swing the hidden machete from your jacket hard, and the vampire’s head rolls onto the floor, its body crumpling and thudding hard. 

You let out a breath and stick the blade into the still twitching decapitated body below. You grin at the bewildered plaid clad man with the greenish hazel eyes and a silver gun ablazing that was now being lowered.

“Don’t worry, sweetcheeks,” you drawl. “I’ve got it covered.”  

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Upolular opinion Sam is the better hunter between him and Dean. I think people forget with him being the little brother and the 'sensitive' one big of a BAMF Sam is. For most recent example see s11e17.

strongly agree | agree | neutral | disagree | strongly disagree

SO. Okay. In the hunter community in the universe of Supernatural, I have absolutely no doubt—not a single one—that Dean’s hunting style would be pretty much universally preferred over Sam’s. His skills of deduction, his single-minded focus on his goal, and his aggression would win the favor of the community. He’s what all the other hunters wish they were.

But this is my opinion and I’m not the hunting community so here goes.

HELL. FREAKING. YES. For me, it’s not so much about how BAMF Sam is. Dean can be BAMF. For me, it’s the very sensitivity that Sam is often mocked for that makes him so amazing. In a culture where these gruff, angry, plaid-clad men, driven by revenge, indiscriminately eliminate supernatural creatures, Sam is a breath of fresh air. 

His determination to do right by all the people in a situation and his tendency to take a good, long look before he leaps make him a better hunter rather than a worse one. He, like Dean, recognizes that sometimes, creatures are malicious and/or out of control and won’t ever stop killing, but he also realizes that people are more than their natures—they are defined by their choices, and some of them can choose to be good, or at least to be better. The faith and forethought that people call foolish are in fact emblematic of his amazing strength.

He brings to hunting a perspective very few hunters have, because it makes hunting that much more painful and complicated. If monsters can be good, you can’t just go in, guns blazing, when you identify a shifter. No, there’s more work to do. You have to hold the shifter up to some objective standard. Is it causing harm? If so, was it in self-defense? Is the crime likely to be repeated? Were there any mitigating factors? Hunters are vigilantes, creating their own justice. Dean says it well: “If it’s supernatural, we kill it, end of story.” 

But there really is more than that. And while Sam’s “sensitivity” makes a lot of people call him bitchy, whiny, or wishy-washy, I think standing by his ideals in a world where siding with monsters could put him in the crossfire shows a strength of will no less than that we see from other hunters.

Dean is a skilled hunter and brings innovation and efficiency to his craft, but the shades of gray Sam brings to hunting are just as impressive. He trained with Dean and John, too. He’s a good hunter. He’s fast. He has a breathtaking nigh-encyclopedic knowledge of pretty much everything. He can take lead (when he has the opportunity) or act as support. He’s quick-witted and light-footed and good at combining disparate pieces of information into an illuminating whole.

Not to mention that Sam Fucking Winchester is a freaking hurricane of badassery when the situation calls for it. Like, gut-shot? Nah, he’s fine. He’ll take on those full-powered werewolves. Head literally broken? Seeing chains and meathooks and the ACTUAL DEVIL around every corner? He’s got this. Internal organs badly burned? Fevered to the point of brain damage and coughing up his actual lungs? Pssh, this is Sam F. Winchester, my friends. He’s still willing to see it through to the end. Of course he is. 

Sam Winchester is the most badass of all badasses and the sweetest of cinnamon rolls and I will never be convinced otherwise. (What? I’m biased? pshh)

unpopular opinions

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middle school au! Where the hidden block and normal boots guys have a chicken nugget fight. No one survives. Not even hipster Shane or emo ian

Tears spring to Caddy’s eyes as he cradles Ian’s body. His eyeliner rimmed eyes are closed now. He clutches Ian’s unironic MCR shirt in his hands, howling to the heavens. Curse you, chicken nugget war. You have taken a good man.

Wiping tears from his face with the sleeve of his unironic monster energy drink hoodie, he readies his throwing arm. He would avenge his misunderstood friend.

The chicken nugget hits home. He sees his plaid shirt and beanie-clad enemy fall, but it’s a hollow victory. Nothing could bring back Ian. Not even a a signed Evanescence album.

“Caddy, why!” He snaps out of his grief filled stupor. He realises what he’s done.
Shane. He’d hit Shane with that chicken nugget.

He finds another chicken nugget in his fist. And this time, it’s pointed to himself. He flings it in his own direction.

The chicken nugget war has consumed yet another life.

“Oh my gosh Hana, they’re SOooo immature.” Mai reapplied her blue eyeshadow, tossing her hair at the boys moaning and throwing chicken nuggets.

“ew. No. Boys are gross.” Mimi flipped her hair as well.

Mai snapped shut her $2 LAcolors palate she’d bought from the local riteaid.

“Maybe you’re the immature one, Mimi.”

“I flipping hate you, Mai Sasaki.”

Hana gasped. Such language

Stay safe

Request: Kiwi anon heeeeeere! I had my first ever tattoo done yesterday. Can I get a samxreader where he finally sees it (on their wrist) after they’ve been wearing long sleeved jumpers and wants to know the meaning behind the phrase.

I’m sorry it took so long. Hope you like it, my dear Kiwi anon; for some reason I feel I might not have gotten this one right.

As always, let me know what you think, guys (and if you want me to tag you in future fics – or if you want off my list. That’s alright too.)

Word count: 2.640

To the common, passive bystander, it might have looked something like this: a crazy chick screaming and launching herself at a pale and deformed guy without reason, before being struck in the shoulder with surprising force and sinking to the ground, and then a seething, plaid clad man setting said creature on fire.

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