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Bad Dracula (M)

(Gif Credit goes to Admin Smuttyfairy)

Genre: Horror/Smut/Romance

Summary: Lisa, your best friend, loves to party. You love quiet nights where you can dream about her friend Bambam. Bambam loves your smile, and your slender neck. A pushy invitation to a party, A wet dream that turns into a nightmare, and wait- are those fangs? (Vampire AU, Bambam x Reader, Best Friend!Lisa x Reader)

Warnings: Suffocation, Assault, Blood, Alcohol use

Word count: 6,136

Written by: Smutty Jaefairy

Here’s something I’ve meant to upload for a while now. I hope you guys enjoy! (I promise I’ll write less Bambam in the future OTL ) 

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anonymous asked:

Hey, could you write a fic where Jughead and Archie are working at the construction and Betty and Veronica are going to see them. And just as they arrive, Juggie takes his plaid off (he doesn't notice them), and Betty freezes on the spot and drools over the hot body he was hiding? And Veronica is just as impressed. // Oddly specific, but it'd funny and awesome to see/read, hahahaha

I had way too much fun writing this lol. Enjoy!

“Jug, could you hand me that hammer over there?”

Archie gestured to the beat-up claw hammer sitting on the workbench, wiping a bead of sweat off his forehead with the back of his hand.

“Sure thing, Arch,” Jughead muttered, grabbing the hammer by the grip and holding it out for Archie to take.

Jughead adjusted his hardhat, squinting through the glare of the sun to scan the perimeter of the construction site.

“Did Veronica say what time she and Betty were getting here?” Jughead wondered, squatting to the graveled road to pick up a wood beam and haul it to the other side of the work area.

“No, but my guess is that it’ll be awhile,” Archie guessed, placing a nail onto a piece of wood and forcefully hammering it down. “Kevin likes to talk when he’s nervous and he has that big history test tomorrow so I bet he’s going to have a lot to say.”

“When doesn’t he have a lot to say?” Jughead pointed out, tossing the wood into the pile and turning back to Archie with an amused grin.

“Good point,” Archie laughed, stepping backwards to take a look at his handy work and setting the hammer back on the workbench.

“God, how is it November and still close to ninety degrees out here,” Jughead complained, undoing the first few buttons on his plaid shirt and rolling up the sleeves. “What I wouldn’t give for an Arctic snowstorm or some sort of ice apocalypse right now.”

“Better get used to it,” Archie told him. “Working in construction like this? It’s pretty much hot all year around.”


“How long did they say they were going to be?” Veronica whined from the front entrance of the construction site, lifting her foot to show Betty the fancy heels that her mother had bought her for her last birthday. “These shoes were not made for walking on gravel and don’t even get me started on what this heat is going to do to the suede lining on this jacket.”

“Patience, V,” Betty told her, glancing down at her watch to check how long they had been standing there. “Jughead and Archie said to meet them here after we were done studying with Kev. They didn’t give me a specific time.”

Betty stood on her tiptoes to see around the giant tree blocking their view of the project that Mr. Andrews and his crew were working on.

“Maybe they meant for us to meet them down at the trailer,” Betty muttered, tugging on Veronica’s sleeve as she trudged through the gravel to lead them farther into the construction area. “Come on, let’s take a walk down there.”

As they rounded the corner, Betty could hear men hammering and lugging large planks of wood around the dirt-covered work area and she knew that they were headed in the right direction.

“Well trust me when I tell you that they do not want to feel the weight of my wrath if this jacket is ruined because-”

“Veronica, shut up,” Betty muttered, stopping dead in her tracks as something -or rather, someone - caught her attention at the edge of the construction site.

Veronica glanced up to follow Betty’s gaze, her eyes going wide at the sight of Jughead unbuttoning his plaid button-down to reveal a surprisingly fit, surprisingly attractive, bare chest.

“Holy hipster-meets-abercrombie,” Veronica mumbled, her mouth dropping open as Jughead tossed his shirt onto a pile of wood beams. “How could you not tell me that broody had a body.”

“I’ve never actually… you know,” Betty stammered, her pulse quickening as Jughead squirted his water bottle over his head, the water droplets trickling down his body in slow motion.

“Seen the abs under all that plaid,” Veronica finished for her, one eyebrow twitching up curiously as they both gaped at the boy standing in front of them. “Well girl, let me be the first to tell you - you were missing out.”

“Tell me about it,” Betty breathed, her cheeks flushing pink as the temperature in the air continued to elevate the longer she watched him haul the wooden planks from the truck to the pile closest to the fence.

“Well if you don’t do something about it after seeing our own personal screening of Magic Mike: Misunderstood High School Boys Edition, I most certainly will,” Veronica warned, rummaging through her purse to pull out the copy of the Grapes of Wrath she borrowed from their English teacher and fanning herself with it dramatically.

“Veronica!” Betty protested, nudging her in the side with her elbow.

“Sorry, B, but your boyfriend has a bod,” Veronica stated. “And it’s working for him.”

“Okay can you stop staring at him like that please, you’re starting to look like a cat in heat,” Betty noticed, her eyes drawing away from Jughead to watch in horror as her best friend bit her bottom lip seductively at the sight of Betty’s shirtless boyfriend. 

“You’re right, sorry,” Veronica muttered, shaking her head as if to draw herself out of a deep trance. “I just - I’ve always had this fantasy of a shirtless construction worker running towards me in slow motion - chiseled chest, dirt-smudged cheeks, a firm a-”

“V!” Betty shrieked, taking her by the arm and pulling her away from her view of Jughead.

“Okay okay, I’ll stop!” Veronica smirked, her eyes dancing wildly as she watched Betty’s gaze slowly drift back to a bare-chested Jughead. “But seriously, you’re going to do something about this right?”

“Like what?”

“B,” Veronica narrowed her eyes at Betty, wiggling her eyebrows at her suggestively as she glanced from Betty, to Jughead, and back again. “Do I really have to spell it out for you.”

“Oh,” Betty mumbled under her breath, her eyes going so wide Veronica thought they might pop right out of her head as realization finally set in. “Oh!

“Finally!” Archie called from the other side of the construction site, setting his equipment to the side and looking up to see his friends standing near the trailer. “What took you guys so long?”

“Oh you know,” Veronica called back, glancing at Betty slyly as her lips curled into an amused grin. “Just enjoying the view.”

“Yeah, the location’s great,” Archie agreed, turning on his heel to gesture towards to area of land behind them. “You can even see the river from over here.”

“Yeah, the river,” Veronica muttered as she and Betty took a few steps closer to meet Archie and Jughead halfway. “That’s totally what we were looking at.”

Jughead leaned forward to grab his shirt, but made no move to slip it back on over his bare shoulders.

“You okay, Bets?” Jughead asked, taking in her bewildered expression and flushed cheeks as he closed the space between them.

“Fine! Just a little…” Betty squeaked, her heart racing wildly as she struggled to pry her eyes away from his chest to meet his gaze. Being this close to him, Betty’s mind drifted to thoughts of her hands exploring his chest, her fingers running through his hair, her lips on his lips, his neck, his stomach. 


my aesthetic: wolverine in a soft plaid button down with a henley chopping wood with an axe in the crisp morning air of the rocky canadian mountains while cyclops works a motorcycle in the distance and jean grey is teaching at a reputable university leading a happy life far away from any love triangle marvel repeatedly tries to trap her in 

Across the Hall [Chapter 3]

Originally posted by parkchanyeolieoppa

Chapter 1  Chapter 2

“I’ll go out with you. Tonight,” you spoke quickly, burying your innermost thoughts.
He stared blankly at you, trying to figure out the motive behind your sudden change of heart.

“What’s the catch?” he responded warily.

“Catch? What do you mean? I want to go on a date with you”.

You tried with all your might to keep your eyes locked with his. It was all too tempting to let them trail down his bare torso and you refused to show just how affected you were by him like this.

“Liar. Tell me now or I’m closing the door”.

You inhaled, closing your eyes as you realized you were going to have to explain yourself. You prayed he wouldn’t make it any more embarrassing than it already was.

“Fine… I’ll go out with you. But my sister and her fiancé are coming… and you have to pretend to be my boyfriend”.

He chuckled, eyes drifting to the ceiling. His hesitation was all too apparent and for a moment you actually felt bad for involving him in your mess.

“So, you don’t actually want to go out with me. You just need a boyfriend for the night and you thought you’d try and use me?”.

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Smile - Yoongi (Suga)

Description: It felt like millenniums had passed since you had seen him and your busy modelling career and his even busier photography career managed to keep you both apart, until tonight

Pairing: reader x yoongi

Genre: fluffy smut

Word count: 2.3k

a/n: firstly, the gif isn’t big and it’s making me very uneasy and second, im sorry…you’ll see

The modeling industry was a bit more hectic than your course leader had portrayed it to be but your spirit never allowed you to back down to any challenge…until today. You were privileged to meet and work with models from all different corners of the world never once regretting one encounter but your manager had went ahead and changed that whole perspective.

“y/n,” You had all just finished up a shoot on the beach and she walked over to you with a towel, “we need to talk,”

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Glitch In The Matrix Stories #3

Too Much Tea

This takes place on a weekday night about two years ago. My friend and I are juniors in college, hanging out in the common room of my dorm (no drugs, no alcohol, not tired). After we decide we’ve done enough homework for one lifetime, we go to the CVS down the street, more out of boredom rather than hunger. We get there and notice there’s a 2/$1 sale on Arizona Iced Tea. 

Since Arizona Iced Tea is the nectar of the gods and since it’s such a bargain, we buy two. I get the raspberry flavor because why would you get something else. My friend is being “adventurous” and gets the grapeade one (even though everyone knows anything grape flavored tastes like Children’s Motrin). I’m a supportive friend so whatever. We buy our Arizona Iced Teas and walk out.

Once outside, my friend is so eager to try his new grapeade that he opens it and in the process, breaks off the little metal tab on his can. I laugh. He puts it in his pocket. I ask him how the grapeade tastes. He says it’s fine. I know it’s horrible. I open my raspberry iced tea and stick to the true gospel.

We make it back to my common room, and watch some TV (…on Youtube, on my laptop). We’re watching some quality entertainment aka Maury, sipping on our Arizona Iced Tea. It’s like an average Tuesday night. And then at one point, I go to sip my raspberry iced tea, and I just stare at it for a while. My friend looks over (you know something is wrong if someone can pull away their eyes from a Maury episode) and says, “What’s wrong?”

I’m just staring at my iced tea can, trying to figure out why I’m staring at it. I say, “I don’t know. Something’s just different.” And then the big gaping hole in my can hits me. “Oh I just don’t remember breaking the tab off my can.”

We look at my can and the metal tab is gone. Huh. Ok. And my friend is like “Oh yeah I did that to mine too, remember?” He picks up his grapeade and the metal tab to his can… is there. HUH. OK.

We both remember him ripping off the metal tab on the grapeade outside the CVS. He even reaches in his pocket and pulls out the metal tab that allegedly had broken off his can. But now his can is cured and mine is the one with the missing tab. We are both stunned.

The metal tab fits onto my can as well as any broken metal tab can, but we are both certain that we never switched drinks (like I would be caught dead holding grapeade), I didn’t break my tab off at any point, and I was staring at my can for so long because something had clearly changed in the last 10 seconds.

We have no explanation for this. We laughed it off at the time so we understand when other people laugh at us. But this really minor, seemingly trivial event really freaked us out. This will henceforth be known as The Great Arizona Iced Tea Switch Glitch of Late 2013.

Credits to: waytoomuchtea

Horoscope On Radio Told My Mom She Was Pregnant With Me

My mom told me this story. When she was 32 she was tired and nauseous for a week or so and thought she pregnant as my parents were trying for a baby.

She took a test, negative. Went to the doctor, blood tests again not only showed she wasn’t pregnant, but going through early menopause. She was devastated.

Shortly after her visit with the doctor, she was at home cleaning the house. She was listening to the radio (this is way back in 1981), and it said, “Capricorn, don’t worry, you’re pregnant”.

She thought to herself, “well that’s ridiculous, why would they say that to every Capricorn listening?”

Not long after, another trip to the doctor confirmed she was indeed pregnant.

Credits to: ranna35

I’ve Either Been Drugged, I’m Losing My Sanity, Or I’m Literally Teleporting - My Most Profound “Glitch” Yet

So, I’m a security guard working 12 hour shifts midnight to noon on a large 3-building campus. I’ve had one or two weird things happen before, but never anything like this.

At 2:31 am I was walking back from a patrol in another building when all of the sudden I got this pang of electricity. It felt like I got electrocuted; I stopped in my tracks, the wind was knocked out of me, and everything was buzzing. It was like a jolt of energy was sent up my spine, and it felt like getting tased in the back while standing in front of a massive sub woofer.

I didn’t know what to think about this. I assumed it was like when you turn your head the wrong way and you get that twinge in your neck, but it was like that for the whole body. I moved on feeling bewildered.

Later, at 4:27am, I was outside walking the perimeter of two of the three office buildings on campus. I had 3 minutes left on my podcast and decided to take another loop to let it finish before I got back to my post.

23 seconds later I all of the sudden became aware that I was somewhere I shouldn’t be if I had only been walking 23 seconds; I had almost completed the loop - something I know for a fact takes about 3 minutes at average walking speed. I’ve been doing it every night for more than 6 months.

I know it was exactly 23 seconds because I instantly paused the podcast, and I remember at what point in the podcast I had made the decision to take another loop, and I paused it the moment I realized something was wrong.

At this point I’m completely bewildered and confused and convinced I’m going crazy. I know I wasn’t walking backwards, I didn’t change directions, and there are no shortcuts I could have taken. I even went back and timed how long it takes to do the loop at a normal walking pace (~3min 20 sec), and powerwalking/light jog (~1 min 45 sec).

At 4:45 am I drew the last straw. I scanned my ID badge to enter the building and go back to my post, and stopped to go to the bathroom on the way. When I came out of the bathroom, I SHIT YOU NOT I WAS IN A DIFFERENT BUILDING.

My mind was literally blown. I was frozen with existential dread. I could not/can not logically accept what my senses were/are telling me. Bewildered, I walked out of the building and into the correct one I was in when I walked into the bathroom.

I was telling myself that I just wasn’t paying attention and walked into the wrong bathroom. Then I realized that the bathrooms are completely different, and wanted to confirm.

I walked back to the other building, when my mind proceeded to blow itself AGAIN. MY ID BADGE DOES NOT OPEN THE DOORS TO THIS BUILDING. There is a separate badge that is kept in a drawer at my post that the guards share to patrol this particular building. There is no way I could have accidentally walked into this building; it would have rejected my ID and the doors would have remained locked.

After I go back and grab the right badge, I confirm that the two bathrooms are a completely different layout, and opposite color. I’ve never used the bathroom in the “glitchy” building before; it’s brown and yellow with wooden counters, whereas the one I use about 8 times per shift (16 times per week, 64 times a month, ~384 times total) is two different shades of blue with marble counters. They look completely different and I’m fairly certain I remember the bathroom I used being blue with marble.

So, yeah. This event is by far the most profound “paranormal-ish” event I have experienced in my life as of yet. I can’t think of a logical scenario that explains all three experiences I had, other than I’m going insane.

Credits to: cyntrix

Reoccurring Dream Character Showing Up In Family And Friend’s Dreams As Well

So this all started last summer I believe, when I had an abnormally vivid dream. In it, I was attending a large conference I’d been too many times IRL with a bunch of my friends and their families. I was standing in a long line for either a book signing or food (to this day I can’t remember which) and stood behind one of my friend’s dad. 

Then, as I was standing there at the end of the line, this guy comes up and stands behind me. I remember the details of what he looked like in my mind so clearly I could probably describe him to a police sketch artist and get a completely accurate image. The short version I’d give is that he was like a really good looking suburban dad. He was pretty tall, just slightly taller than I am, with blonde, combed back hair and really clear and hard blue eyes. His facial features were very sharp and angular, and he had thinner than average lips and a sharp nose. He was wearing a red, button down plaid shirt, which was one of the first things that caught my eye. 

The most distinctive thing about him though was his presence. Calling the feeling that I got when he walked up “uneasy” would be vastly understating the deeply unsettling nature of his presence. I don’t remember much of what happened in the dream after that, because I left the line in a hurry and woke up not long after.

Over the next three or four days, I had two more dreams with this character in them. In one, I was browsing my phone and I happened to look up at my window and see him standing outside, and in the other, I saw him on the news, the reporter saying he was working with some sinister entity or organization. This alone would have been enough to weird me out, but the weirdness doesn’t end there.

One day, my good buddy and I were talking about dreams, and I happened to mention that I had a really vivid dream about this conference, which he had also attended. He responded that he had also recently had a dream about the conference. He then began to recite back to me the exact dream I had dreamED two and a half weeks before. 

About halfway through, I started confirming details with him, like the line, the dad standing in front, and the weird guy in the plaid shirt. My friend starts getting more worked up as we go back and forth confirming details of the dream and this guy’s appearance, which he also vividly remembered. He tells me that before he had this particular dream that we’d apparently both had, he had seen the guy before in another dream, and also felt really uneasy about him. 

His previous dream had involved him helping a girl escape from a trafficking ring, and at one point in the dream, the man in the plaid shirt had showed up and appeared to be the head of the ring or at least involved with it. We were both pretty freaked out by this, but the weirdest part was yet to come.

About two months later, I was talking with my mom. She was telling me about this bizarre dreams he had the previous night, in which she was fleeing from a tornado that was making it’s way towards our house. She told me how in the dream, she had gone downstairs and hid in the closet, only for the wall to be ripped off by the tornado, providing a view of the driveway. She described how when the tornado got to the edge of the driveway, it suddenly began to spin out and dissipate, twisting and transforming into a large mangled metal girder that fell to the ground. 

Then, she said, the next thing that happened was really vivid and unsettling. She said that the metal stood up and turned into a man with a plaid shirt. I got chills when she told me this, and I started quizzing her on details. Everything was exactly the same as I had remembered. Sharp features, cold eyes, blonde hair, red plaid shirt.

I have never seen anyone matching this description before in real life. I never told my mom or friend or anyone else about this guy before they told me about their dreams, and they were both legitimately shocked to hear that I had seen the same character, whom I have taken to calling Plaidshirt Guy.

Credits to: BookwyrmBOTPH

(Request) Ours

Title: Ours

Characters: Daryl Dixon x You/Reader

Requested by: @hey-douchepool

Can you do a Daryl one shot, where Daryl and Y/N were together before the apocalypse and like Daryl is being distant and Y/N has a flashback of a fluffy moment between them before the apocalypse and she gets sad and he assures her that just because things are different doesn’t mean that their relationship is different. Love you and your blog

No warnings! Totally SFW :)

Note: This reminded me how I’ve always loved writing fics for Daryl! I love me some Daryl fluff. Enjoy reading! xoxo

And oh, if anyone wants to be tagged in future Daryl fics just drop by my ask. :)

Italicized paragraphs are flashbacks.

It had been an exhausting day for you since you went on a half-day run with everyone else, but you still came back feeling giddy. You had come across a bar and found a case of your and Daryl’s favorite beer and it was little things as such that somehow made you forget about the end of the world. After organizing all the supplies that you and the rest have gathered, you quickly took two bottles of beer and looked for Daryl.

You found Daryl just outside the house you shared, cleaning up his motorcycle in all his sweaty glory. You bit your lip and blushed when you remembered your first meeting with him. It also happened on a scorching hot afternoon, your car broke down and was towed into the nearest auto shop where Daryl happened to work at. You spotted him almost immediately, clad in a sleeveless plaid button down and work pants, his eyes focused on the bike he was working on. You chuckled to yourself, it almost felt like déjà vu.

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Jughead Jones Essentials

A rough guide on how to get Jughead’s style. 

His outfits usually consist of…

* Plaid button downs/flannels

* Denim Jackets

* Borg lined jackets

* Graphic tees

* Jeans

* Beanie

* Sweaters

* Suspenders

* Bracelets

If you want to slowly transition your wardrobe to get Jughead’s style, try these tips!

* Layer your clothes! Jughead can always be seen wearing a minimum of three layers: his tee, flannel, and then jacket. 

* Jughead has a lumberjack/grunge vibe when it comes to the style of his outfits so there’s no doubt when I say stock up on your flannels. Unlike Archie, Jughead is known to wear darker colors like blacks and greys but with flannels, dark greens and reds are exceptions.

* Readdressing the first tip, layers are always a go to but on days you’d rather keep it a minimum, wear your flannel around your waist instead of under your jacket. 

* Yes, dark colors are your number one choice when picking out items but don’t be afraid of light colors either. In two episodes, Jughead can be seen in vintage, light wash jackets.

* Surprisingly, suspenders are apart of his wardrobe. He doesn’t wear them over his shoulders but he does allow them to hang low against his legs. Black suspenders aren’t necessary but they do add to the outfit.

* When he’s not drowning himself in clothes, Jughead can be seen wearing sweaters. Invest in sweaters with dark shades such as black or navy blue. Green is okay but keep it a dark forest green and if you want red, keep it dark as well. Buy sweaters that have a waffle pattern or contain any patches (e.g. shoulder patches or elbow patches).

* With jeans, look for the washed out, vintage style. Tears in the jeans are also suggested seeing as how it holds together the idea of Jughead’s style.

* Combat boots and converse!! Keep them black. 

* Jughead can be seen wearing a numerous amount of bracelets on his wrist, mainly beaded and string/braided ones. Never just wear one if you do end up buying the accessory. Much like his tops when layering them, layer your bracelets.

* Everytime you pick something off the rack/shelf, ask yourself: Is it something you can see Jughead wear?

Where can you find brands/stores selling Jughead-inspired clothing? 

* Forever 21

* Levi’s

* Urban Outfitters 

* Ben Sherman

* Zara

* Macy’s

* Target

* H&M

* Old Navy


* Timberland

Topped (M) Pt. 2

Chapters: 1| 2| 3

Summary: All he wanted to be on top for one, and you happened to be there.

Genre: Smut, College AU

Word count: 2.1K

Tags: allusion to boyxboy, cheating, toys, anal.

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No Regrets - The Perfect Place

Not a request but a few of you ( @remybosslika @percywinchester27 @atc74 ) asked about their wedding so I have decided to make a few planning drabbles before actually writing the wedding drabble.

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Warnings: Wedding planning (if that is a warning), almost fighting, extreme fluff, implied smut.

Word Count: 1081 (again not really a drabble but I don’t even caaaare)

A/N: This is a drabble complication. All drabbles fit into the universe I created for my Jensen x Reader series Living with Regrets. Most can be read as stand alone, but will also very much be part of the series.

This takes place a few months after part 9 of Living with Regrets. Jensen has asked Y/N to marry him and she has accepted. Finding out how and where the wedding is gonna be will be the next step.  

This one is inspired by @mysupernaturalfics and her reaction when she was trying to help me plan Y/N and Jensen’s wedding :P

A huge thanks to @percywinchester27 for betaing this for me.



Jensen was still in his FBI suit or rather Dean’s FBI suit as he walked through the doors to his apartment. Shooting had run late. Way late. He knew Y/N understood, but he still hated he hadn’t been home for dinner as he had promised or that he hadn’t been there to tug Becca in for the night.

Jensen stopped at his daughter’s room and peeked in to see her sleeping form. He smiled and shook his head, as he saw the blanket on the floor, and her butt sticking in the air while her face was buried in the pillow. How in the world she managed to sleep like that, he would never know. Jensen tiptoed across the room to pick up the blanket and gently reposition his sleeping daughter, before tugging the blanket around her.

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The Popular Kid

Castiel walked through the cafeteria, letting the oscillating din of voices turn to white noise, blocking out distractions.  He went to his usual table in the back corner and sat by himself at one end.  At the other were two boys who also had no one else to sit with, so they sat with each other once they had found Castiel to be poor company.  He didn’t mean to be poor company; he just found it difficult to concentrate on other people when he was thinking.

Currently he was thinking about how the light from the skylight hit the window into the kitchen just right around noontime, refracting brilliantly and scattering rainbows around the frame.  It was easy to imagine it as a portal to another world.  A world where magic was real.  Where people rode their own dragons.  Where everyone appreciated adventure and knew how to use cool weapons but rarely actually hurt anyone with them.

It was overcast today, so the rainbows were missing, but the window was still there.  Ms. Potter moved briefly into view as she lugged around a big pot full of instant mashed potatoes.  On days like these, he imagined the woman was experimenting with magical concoctions.  Exotic fruits and spices blended together with soft grains and tender meat—the kind of thing a fairy or something would make.  For all Castiel knew, that was what school issued food tasted like.  He always brought a bagged lunch.  Though based on the way the kid at the end of his table was making a face as he prodded an unidentifiable lump of grey and red matter on his tray, Castiel doubted it.

He’d been at this school for two years, and he’d sat near to this kid and the other one for most of his junior year, but he didn’t know their names.  He knew the names of his teachers—except his study hall teacher—it wasn’t written on his schedule and he never needed to ask her a question, so he never bothered to learn it.  He knew the name of the guy in his art class who was always hogging the modeling clay, which forced Cas to use the pastels.  His name was Benny and he was just using the clay to sneakily make a bong by designing it to look like a Chinese dragon.  The joke would be on him though when he realized how hard it was to smoke out of a clay bong.  He knew Meg’s name because she deliberately called him by the wrong name, which annoyed him.  He knew Gabriel’s name because he was always getting yelled at by teachers.  “Gabriel!  Stop talking!  Gabriel!  Stop passing notes!  Gabriel!  Go to the principal’s office!”  It was hard to forget that one.

Castiel should know more people’s names, and if he was looking at a classmate, he could probably dredge it up from somewhere.  Maybe.  But nobody talked to him, and he didn’t initiate conversation.  That’s what his mother had suggested: just go up to someone and start a conversation; that’s how people make friends.  Castiel wasn’t sure that was how people made friends.

A break in the clouds made a smudge of rainbows around the kitchen window.  There was a half-giant named Rugar in that world.  And an Elven warrior named Feelli’inna’a.  There was the mercenary Dormas and the human wizard Yzireem who may or may not look like that actor on that terrible doctor drama his sister liked to watch.  Yzireem had a horse named Pulu, and once during a dream Yzireem had offered Castiel a ride.  When he’d awoken with a hard on, Castiel had wondered if Yzireem hadn’t been talking about his horse.

The clouds returned and Castiel sighed as thoughts of Yzireem, Pulu, and all the others in the land of Rainbowindow faded away.  He looked down at his ham and cheese sandwich on wheat bread.  He wondered that if he had more exciting lunches if he would be able to offer it in a trade for the mysterious cafeteria food.  Ms. Potter seemed to work on it very hard; he wanted to try it.  He glanced at the boys at the end of his table.  The one kid hadn’t even tried a bite of the grey and red matter.  He’d probably trade it for Castiel’s sandwich.  Castiel opened his mouth, prepared to make contact…

“Hey, Cas.”

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✨stimming isn’t always pretty✨

Don’t shun people with certain stims just because you think they’re ugly or unsightly!!! (especially if you actively enjoy stimboards and such!) These are some of my favorite happy stims to keep me from being overwhelmed! It really upsets me when people tell me to stop or that I’m being embarrassing 😞

[Description: A white, genderflux, trans boy with dark brown hair wearing a plaid button down in two gifs. Xe has a black chewy bracelet, a double black beaded bracelet, and a black chewy necklace.
First gif: Xe is chewing aggressively and drooling on a black chewy necklace while rocking back and forth fairly quickly.
Second gif: Xe is rocking bigger and slower while rubbing xyr hands over xyr face and chewing on the same necklace. End description]

Title: Fire Safety Part 2

Character: Patrick Sullivan

Movie: The Accidental Husband

NOTE: If you have an idea as to where you’d like to see this go, don’t be afraid to drop a line!

Warnings: None. Fluff!

Photo/GIF credits go to the original maker/owner

For my Darlin’s! @ladylorelitany @magikat409

I smoothed out my purple plaid button down shirt with a sigh.

“You wook gorgeous Aunt Y/N!” Eleanor said happily from my bed.

She was dressing Mr. Floppy up for his own date with Barbie.

“Doesn’t Mr. Floppy wook hamsome?” she asked, turning the bunny towards me.

I smiled at her through the mirror, “Yea he does, Ellie,”

She bounced on the bed, giving the rabbit a hug.

The doorbell rang making Eleanor squeal, “I gots it!”

“Ellie, wait!”

Her giggles echoed down the hallway as she ran to the door.

I watched as she jumped up and turned the handle.

“Patwick!” she cheered, wrapping her arms around his leg.

“Hey Ellie!”

I came down the hall, pausing when I saw Patrick.

His smile widened when he looked up at me and I couldn’t help the deep blush that I felt heating up my cheeks.

“Hey Sweetheart,” he greeted.

“Hi,” my voice was barely a whisper.

Clearing my throat, I came closer, ready to grab Ellie who was still attached to Patrick’s leg.

Before I could reach her, he brought a bouquet of flowers from behind his back.

“For you,” he said.

I blinked, not expecting that at all. Even the other men that I had dated never brought me a single flower.

“Oh wow… Thank you,” bringing the mixed bouquet to my nose, I inhaled their fresh scent.

“No problem…. and for you!”

Patrick gave Ellie two daisies.

She gasped and took the flowers. Spinning around, she failed at whispering as she cupped her hand on the side of her mouth, “He’s defwinitely a keeper Aunt Y/N!”

Patrick blushed as he rubbed the back of his neck.

“Let him in, Ellie,” I laughed.

Taking my flowers to the kitchen for a vase, I heard Patrick and Ellie following me, “I’m just waiting for the sitter,”

Just as I said that, my cell rang.

“Hello? Oh? No, no, that’s fine… Alright Mrs. Grady… Yes Ma'am. You have a good night too,” I ended the call.

“Everything okay?” Patrick asked.

“Eh… the sitter isn’t coming. She’s sick. I’m sorry, Patrick.”

Ellie pouted, hugging her bunny.

Patrick perked up, picking Ellie up and resting her on his hip, “No worries Doll face! I get to take two lovely ladies out tonight!”

Ellie cheered, wriggling out of his grasp.

“Imma go get changed!”

When Ellie was in her room, Patrick came around the island and put his hands on my arms, “I don’t mind, so not a word,”

I laughed, smacking his arm in jest.

“You look great, by the way,” he said in all seriousness.

“You do to,” I replied, pushing my glasses up.

He surprised me when he leaned forward and gently kissed my cheek.

Immediately my eyes closed at the feel of his smooth lips.

“I’m weady!” Ellie yelled from her room.

I felt his breathy laugh against my face and I couldn’t help but to bite my lip.

Taking my hand, Patrick led us to the door where he helped us with our coats.

“Ready?” he asked.

We both nodded, following him out the door.
Eleanor was enthralled with the movie that we were watching. We were the only ones in the theater and with this being her first film that she’d ever seen on the big screen, she was absolutely hypnotized.

Her eyes were wide with awe as the princess danced and sang with the live objects of the house.

I was in awe with Patrick. He had chosen the movie and even though it was geared towards kids, his choice didn’t feel forced.

I had tried to let Eleanor sit in between us, but she wasn’t having that. She did sit next to me though. She hugged Mr. Floppy, swaying in her seat to the music.

“You’re doing really great with her,” Patrick whispered in my ear.

Turning my head from the movie, I gave Patrick a smile, “Thank you.”

He grinned, putting his arm around my shoulders and pulling me to him. He pressed a soft kiss to my temple, then whispered in my ear once more, “Is this okay?”

Strangely enough, it was, “Yes,”

“Okay,” he said, giving me a squeeze.

During the rest of the film, Patrick held me close, occasionally resting his lips on my temple. I literally could not remember the last time that I had felt this comfortable with someone.

Once it ended, we gathered our things and put our coats back on.

“The pwince was so womantic!” Eleanor gushed.

I had been staring at Patrick, “Yes he was,”

He winked at me and I realized that I had said that out loud.

Eleanor wrapped a small hand around two of Patrick’s fingers, holding on tightly. He put an arm around me, holding me close as we began to walk down the sidewalk.

“How about some grub, ladies?”

We both agreed with Patrick, our tummies growling.
Just as I was about to sit down next to Eleanor, she placed Mr. Floppy down, “Nu uh Aunt Y/N! This is a date and you sit with Patwick,”

Patrick laughed and I raised a brow at her bossy tone, “Is that so?”

Eleanor nodded her head, giving a toothless grin, “Yup!”

Shaking my head, I scooched in next to Patrick, close enough that our thighs were touching.

A young, skinny waitress came to the table, turning the flirt on when she saw Patrick. Both Eleanor and I rolled our eyes.

She completely ignored us, though. “What can I get you, sir?”

He caught on, but he was as smooth as ever. Looking over to Eleanor, he asked her, “What do you want to eat, Ellie Honey?”

Eleanor glared at the waitress, “Mac and cheese,”

Grabbing my hand and putting his other on my thigh, Patrick looked right at me, “What about you, baby?”

I blushed, “Um, double bacon burger, well done and fries,”

Giving my thigh a squeeze, he then looked at the waitress, “I’ll have the same,”

She jotted down our order and licked her lips at Patrick, “Be right out.”

“Wude!” Ellie scoffed.

I snorted and laughed, then looked at Patrick, “Baby, huh?”

He raised a brow, “Problem?”

I gave him a wink, “Not at all.”

He ran a finger over my jaw, “Good,”

Dinner was great and we were stuffed. Eleanor was ready for bed, her yawning and bleary eyes getting itchy.

As soon as we got home, Patrick helped me get Eleanor inside and into bed.

“Good night, Ellie,” he said, kissing her forehead.

“Night Patwick,”

She was out before I could even say good night.

“I had fun tonight,” I told him, once we were back in the living room.

“Me too,”

“Do you think… you would want to go out again?” I asked him, leaning against the wall near the door.

“Of course,” he replied, coming closer to me.

His hands went to my waist as he bit his bottom lip, “Would you mind if I kissed you?”

“Not at all,”

Cupping my cheek and pulling my body from the wall, he held me as his lips slowly and gently moved over mine.

His lips were firm as he pulled back and connected with slow caresses.

I moaned softly, my fingers threading into his hair.

His kisses were quiet, only a slight pecking sound when he would pull back. With his lips hovering just above mine, he whispered, “You’re something else, Y/N,”

“I can say the same about you,”

I felt his smile as he continued to kiss me. Patrick’s hold on me became firmer the more our kiss intensified.

I knew that when I moaned, that this needed to end before we slept together.


He pulled back one last time with a gasp, resting his forehead on mine, “I’m sorry,”

Our breaths mingled together, “Don’t be… I just don’t want to ruin this,”

He pushed some hair behind my ear, “Me either, Y/N.”

Patrick continued to whisper as did I; we didn’t want to bust our little bubble, “I better go,”

“Okay… Call me?”

His hand splayed over my neck, his thumb caressing my jaw, “I’ll stop by tomorrow if that’s alright?”

I smiled, “It is,”

“See you, Sweetheart,”

With one last, extremely soft peck, Patrick left, closing the door quietly behind him.


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Lucaya prompt: Body Heat-"Skin on Skin."

//Ok so probably not what you were expecting, but I just went with the idea that popped in my head. I hope you still like it. Thanks for the request! //

–That One Night In A Car–

There are so many cars. Why are there so many cars? Since when were there so many people in upstate New York? Okay that was a stupid question, but Maya was really upset. She absolutely hated traffic.

“I’ll pick you up.” He had said. “We’ll be back in no time.” He said. Lies. All lies. Right now as she turned to look at the teen in the driver’s seat she really wanted to punch him, but he was at the wheel.

Wait a minute, they were stuck in traffic, he wasn’t driving!! She punched him. Lightly, of course.

But still, he yelped. “Hey!!”

“We’re never going to make it back in time for Riley’s poetry thing. I’m stuck in this stupid traffic in a car with a Huckleberry!! I should have taken the bus.” Maya hit him 2 more times before crossing her arms. She had promised Riley she would be there. They were talking about her entering the poetry competition for weeks. Maya expected to be there in the front row. However, Maya had gotten an opportunity to present her work at an art convention in upstate New York. Lucas offered to drive her there and back since all the adults were busy and Lucas was the only one out of their group who had a license. If there weren’t so much traffic she could have been back in the city, with Riley, supporting her.

“Maya! If you would have taken the bus you would have been stuck in this traffic too. Would you stop hitting me? It’s not my fault!”

“We’ve been here for hours!!!!! These cars don’t seem to be moving any time soon.” She looked at the car dashboard and tried her best not to hit him again. “Oh and would you look at that. We’re almost out of gas.”

Lucas rolled his eyes and stuck his tongue on the side of his cheek. “We could have made it with the gas that we had. I just hadn’t expected so much traffic.”

“Is there literally no other way to get back to the city.”

“The exit isn’t for another 3 miles. We haven’t moved…update says the traffic might lift in 4 hours, we might not have any gas by then”

“Where’s the next gas station?”

“Ehhh 8 miles?”

“Are you freaking kidding me? It’s about to get dark so we can’t walk because oh yeah we’re in the middle of fking nowhere. We don’t have any gas, our phones are about to die and so we’re doomed to being stranded on this highway. Great. Just great. Thanks a lot Ranger Rick.”

He clenched his jaw. “Again…Not. My. Fault.”

Maya mumbled under her breath. Probably words she shouldn’t be saying. Lucas was unaffected by that. Instead, he kept tapping his thumb on the steering wheel. As he tried thinking of a plan he noticed a sign.

“Look Maya. There’s a campsite. We can stay there.”

Maya looked up. “Camping? Really? This isn’t time for recreational activities!”

“No. I mean we’re not moving for another 4 hours but by then we’ll lose gas. We should just wait until the morning.”

“Okay sure whatever. But how are we even going to get out of here? The exit is all the way over there”

They were a few cars behind the campsite exit and it seemed almost impossible. Yet Lucas smirked.

“Like this.” He jerked the steering wheel of the car just enough to move it off the road and onto the grassy hill. A bumpy ride later, they were headed to the campsite.  


“What the hell do you mean you don’t have camping gear?”

“I live in New York City. I don’t exactly carry around camping supplies, Maya!”

“You sure made it seem that way with the way you were explaining your great plan” She said great plan while making air quotes with her fingers.

“What?? All I said hey look there’s a campsite.”

“This place doesn’t even have a place where you can buy camping gear? What is this shit?”

“That’s not how campsites work, Maya.”

“How would I know that? I’ve never been camping!”

“Stop yelling at me over everything!”

“Fine!!” She sighed heavily and sat on a rock that was near the car. “I’m really hungry.”

“That I can help with.” He pulled out a couple of protein bars from his car and tossed one to Maya.

They sat in silence as Maya tried to calm down. After eating she called Riley right away. She only managed to apologize and say a few words about being stuck surrounded by trees before the signal dropped. Stupid middle of nowhere.

Since it was a a random Thursday in September, the campsite was empty. They walked a around for a bit before returning to the car.

“Hey look. You can see the stars like back in Texas.”

Maya smiled. That was her favorite part about Texas….among other things. Not that she would ever admit that to Lucas.

“I’m going to sleep. You should too. If we sleep early we can get out of this deserted place faster.” Suddenly she leapt onto the back of the car. “Dibs on the backseat!” Maya yelled. “Set an alarm on your phone to like 4 or 5am. There shouldn’t be any traffic then.“

“Agreed.” Lucas replied. He tried to get comfortable sitting in the front and adjusted the seat so it went far back just enough so it didn’t bother Maya in the backseat.

A few minutes later Maya spoke. “Lucas…I’m cold.”

“Yeah it does get cold at night.” He said without opening his eyes.

“Let me guess. No extra blanket in the trunk?”

“Sorry.” He sat up and started unbuttoning his plaid shirt . “Here. Just take my shirt. You can use it as a blanket.”

“Won’t you be cold?”

“No. I’m fine.”  He pointed to his tank top. “I still have this.” He threw the shirt towards her and Maya shrugged and took it.

She laid back down using Lucas’ shirt as a blanket. It was so soft. The smell was so comforting. She felt safe. She opened one eye to look at Lucas. He was shivering.

“Dammit Huckleberry.”

“What?” He  sat up again, a look of worry on his face. He quickly looked out the windows as if to see if there were any predators.

“You’re cold. Take your shirt back.”

“No. You’re more cold than I am.”

“Are you saying I can’t handle the cold?”

“That’s not what I’m saying. Just take the shirt.”

“No. I’m not letting you die of pneumonia.” She paused to think. “Body heat. That can keep us warm.”

“Very funny. Goodnight.” Lucas closed his eyes once again.

“Lucas, I’m serious. Just lay down in the back with me. Seriously, I know it’s dark but I swear you’re turning blue.”

Slowly, Lucas sat up and looked at her to check if she was serious. She had used his real name. She usually did that when she was serious. She also wasn’t smiling like she often did when she teased him. “Okay.” He responded before stepping out of the car and into the back.

“Well maybe we are not both going to fit on the backseat….” Maya started, but Lucas chuckled.

“Yeah we will. You’re small.”

Maya rolled her eyes. She laid down with her body facing the back of the car. Lucas tried lying down with his back against her back, but he slipped onto the floor of the car.

“Yeah. This isn’t gonna work. What if I lie down first and then you lie next to me.“

Maya hesitated at first, but she was already so sleepy so she just shrugged. “Sure.”

Lucas lied down and Maya then lay next to him. Maya almost slipped back but Lucas was quick and placed his arms on her back and pushed her closer to his chest.

“I got you.” He whispered.


Lucas left one hand on her back and the other he was going to place near his chest but his hand brushed against Maya’s hands. “Your hands are freezing.”

“I know. They’ll get warm soon.”

“Here place them on my back. They’ll get warmer quicker.”

Maya was too sleepy to argue and her hands were really cold. She proceeded to do so and Lucas placed his hands back on her back. Both now embraced.

They were definitely warmer now.

Maya could feel the heat of his body radiate underneath his tank top. Before she realized what she was doing, her hands were underneath Lucas’ tank top and on his warm back. He jumped to the sudden cold sensation.

“S-sorry.” She slid her hands prepared to take them out but Lucas shook his head.

“It’s fine. I’m okay with it.”

So she left her hands on his skin.

He took his plaid button down shirt that he had given to Maya earlier and held it close on top of both of them.

Her hands under his shirt. His hands on her back. Legs intertwined.


Maybe it was the silence. Maybe it was the fact that they were under the stars. Or maybe it’s that it was really cold outside. Whatever it was, it made them want to get closer and so they did. The two embraced each other until they could feel each other’s hearts beating and each other’s chest rising as they breathed. 

No words were spoken. She smiled looking into his green eyes. He smiled looking into her blue eyes. Each other’s eyes being the last thing they saw before falling asleep.

A couple of hours later two security guards shone a light into the car. There lay two teenagers fast asleep. Her head against his chest and the boy’s arm under her head and holding her close.

One of them prepared to knock on the window, but the other guard quickly snatched the flashlight out of his hands and pulled him away.

“Don’t wake them up!” He whispered. “They’re just two kids sleeping. Let them be.” He smiled back at the car. “They look cute.”

A Warm, Safe Place - Pt. 3

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Summary: You, Dean, and Sam learn to care for Aurora, losing sleep and finding laughs at the most inopportune times. When the three of you decide the next best step is finding the angel who shared in conceiving Aurora, the boys will leave the bunker for the information you need - and you find yourself lost without Dean by your side.

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 4,784 (I’m so sorry.)

Warnings: extreme fluff. And definitely some angst; mild, but there. Also, Dean in his FBI suit.

This is a series! Find the masterlist here.

A/N: Thank you all so, so much for reading! You’re just amazing, and I appreciate you so much. I sincerely hope you enjoy this chapter! I really loved writing this one.


Dean Winchester.

Standing over you, shaking, kneeling toward you. Why were you laying down? His fingertips reached out to you, and your eyes followed them to his hands and arms, to his neck and face, all covered with blood. God, whose blood was that? There was so much.

He screamed, calling out to you as he seemed to move in slow motion. You went to reach for him, to take his hands in your own and assure him everything was okay.

But you were jolted from it, gasping for air.

You awoke from the nightmare with your fingers clutching tightly to the side of your bed, sweat coating your skin. Your hearing took a few seconds to come into focus, but soon you realized that you’d been awakened by Aurora’s crying from the next room.

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Void - part 8

Series summary: Reader has lost her memory and Sam and Dean try to find a way to get her life back.

Summary, part 8: It’s time to try out Crowley’s spell.

Characters/pairing: Reader x Dean, Sam, Crowley, Cas

Word count: ~2930

Warnings: The usual for the series: angst, fluff, language.

Author’s note: Part 8. If you need catching up, previous parts are here: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7. (And my masterlist here.)

This is the third last part and I’m so excited - and nervous - to reach the end. But enjoy this first! Just, please don’t hate me for this (yeah, I’m talking to you Tali!).

Tags are at the bottom, as always, just shoot me a message or an ask if you want on the list or off it. Feedback and suspicions are also welcomed!

Dean woke up early the next day. He hadn’t had much of sleep, but couldn’t stand the idleness anymore. He was excited that Crowley’s spell would work and he could get his Y/N/N back. He was equally scared that it would be a bust and he would only be disappointed. Sighing, he got up and headed to the kitchen. He was just pouring his second cup of coffee when Sam walked in.

“Hey, did you hear from Cas?” Dean asked getting a cup for his brother too.

“I’m here”, Cas said through the flutter of wings.

Dean startled and spilled the coffee. “Dammit Cas, stop doing that!”

“I’m sorry. You told me to come first thing in the morning.”

Dean dismissed him and wiped the coffee from the counter. Sam picked up the cup he brought to him and took a sip. “What did you tell her about this spell?” he asked.

“I said that it could help locate the witch.” He hadn’t had a chance to properly fill up Sam or Cas the previous day, just warned them to keep their mouths shut in front of Y/N.

“You didn’t tell her the truth?” Cas was aghast.

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boxers or briefs?

“So…” he said leaning in close to me. “Boxers or briefs?”

I almost laughed in his face…two reasons. For one - we were at a shitty basement dive bar. Hardly the gay cathedral that you might pick up a guy with that kind of question. Sure we were both gay and so were a couple of the other guys in the bar, but montana isn’t where I expect to hear that

Second, I was exacty the kinda guy you expect to see in a dive bar in montana. Late 40s, trucker hat, button down plaid shirt. Grey in my hair and lines on my face. What the fuck kind of underwear do u think a guy like me wears anyhow.

He didn’t belong here tho. This young stud was just blowing thru town. Here today. Gone tomorrow. Good for a beer, maybe a blow, but gone before you could even get your dick lubed.

I tilted my beer, looked him right in the eye, and said “Boxers”

He took a long pull from his beer.

“Wrong answer honey,” he said. And my whole world changed

Right in front of me Danny…that’s the bartender here… he just changed. He should be in his sixties, just polishing beer glasses for somethin to do, and suddenly he was twenty five again. But the kind of twenty five that Danny never was. Six feet tall, ripped with muscle, and I could tell cause he was shirtless now. Short black hair that joined up with a perfect chinstrap beard.

“Hey Danny! can we like get some shots over here!” yelled someone at the end of the bar. There was a cluster of three young bucks…had they been there a second ago? I looked close and realized it was Sam and Greg from down at the gas station, and Jesse who managed the bank. But young. And…well, I don’t think they were going home to wives anymore.

Sam was wearing a tank top that looked painted on. And Greg’s youthful biceps were straining at a pink t that had a picture of a rooster on it. I hadn’t ever seen anyone dressed like that…except in porn. Greg was even worse, standing there in nothing but a pair of leather pants with a leather cuff on his arm. I didn’t even dare to rent that kinda video

Danny hustled down and poured them something strong. These boys were out for a party tonight.

And the party was starting. The music had stopped coming from that old radio up on the shelf, and something with a heavy beat was pounding. I felt something wake up in my body…shit I wanted to dance to this crap.

The whole bar was starting to look different. Hadn’t it been mostly tables? When had they put in a disco ball and all those lights? And all these guys I knew…why were they twenty years younger and grinding against eachother. There was stu from church, making out passionate with Pastor Edward. Or was it Eddie, that slut?

I was all so confusing. I felt so disoreented. And in the mirror behind the bar…there I was

Maybe 19.

Wearing like this red tank top with white piping. And these tiny little shorts, like I used to wear in gym class back in the 80s.

My hair was like platinum blond. Like I’d done that on purpose…

Wait…of corse I did it on purpose. I look fierce with this dye job

It make me like the perfect twink…cuz lol I was. u gotta work hard to be this fabulus

I took a little sip of my appletini. Can’t drink too fast…I’m such a lightweight and I get even sluttier when I’m wasted. More than once i’ve ended up in bed with two or three guys who all want to use my tight ass

“So…” he said leaning in close to me. “Boxers or briefs?”

The guy was a total hottie. Like the exact kind of fresh blood I wanna meet when he wanders thru town. Who cares if he’s gone tomorrow…tonight my ass gets used

“What makes u think I’m wearing any?”

Must have been the right answer.