plaid button downs

Title: Fire Safety Part 2

Character: Patrick Sullivan

Movie: The Accidental Husband

NOTE: If you have an idea as to where you’d like to see this go, don’t be afraid to drop a line!

Warnings: None. Fluff!

Photo/GIF credits go to the original maker/owner

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I smoothed out my purple plaid button down shirt with a sigh.

“You wook gorgeous Aunt Y/N!” Eleanor said happily from my bed.

She was dressing Mr. Floppy up for his own date with Barbie.

“Doesn’t Mr. Floppy wook hamsome?” she asked, turning the bunny towards me.

I smiled at her through the mirror, “Yea he does, Ellie,”

She bounced on the bed, giving the rabbit a hug.

The doorbell rang making Eleanor squeal, “I gots it!”

“Ellie, wait!”

Her giggles echoed down the hallway as she ran to the door.

I watched as she jumped up and turned the handle.

“Patwick!” she cheered, wrapping her arms around his leg.

“Hey Ellie!”

I came down the hall, pausing when I saw Patrick.

His smile widened when he looked up at me and I couldn’t help the deep blush that I felt heating up my cheeks.

“Hey Sweetheart,” he greeted.

“Hi,” my voice was barely a whisper.

Clearing my throat, I came closer, ready to grab Ellie who was still attached to Patrick’s leg.

Before I could reach her, he brought a bouquet of flowers from behind his back.

“For you,” he said.

I blinked, not expecting that at all. Even the other men that I had dated never brought me a single flower.

“Oh wow… Thank you,” bringing the mixed bouquet to my nose, I inhaled their fresh scent.

“No problem…. and for you!”

Patrick gave Ellie two daisies.

She gasped and took the flowers. Spinning around, she failed at whispering as she cupped her hand on the side of her mouth, “He’s defwinitely a keeper Aunt Y/N!”

Patrick blushed as he rubbed the back of his neck.

“Let him in, Ellie,” I laughed.

Taking my flowers to the kitchen for a vase, I heard Patrick and Ellie following me, “I’m just waiting for the sitter,”

Just as I said that, my cell rang.

“Hello? Oh? No, no, that’s fine… Alright Mrs. Grady… Yes Ma'am. You have a good night too,” I ended the call.

“Everything okay?” Patrick asked.

“Eh… the sitter isn’t coming. She’s sick. I’m sorry, Patrick.”

Ellie pouted, hugging her bunny.

Patrick perked up, picking Ellie up and resting her on his hip, “No worries Doll face! I get to take two lovely ladies out tonight!”

Ellie cheered, wriggling out of his grasp.

“Imma go get changed!”

When Ellie was in her room, Patrick came around the island and put his hands on my arms, “I don’t mind, so not a word,”

I laughed, smacking his arm in jest.

“You look great, by the way,” he said in all seriousness.

“You do to,” I replied, pushing my glasses up.

He surprised me when he leaned forward and gently kissed my cheek.

Immediately my eyes closed at the feel of his smooth lips.

“I’m weady!” Ellie yelled from her room.

I felt his breathy laugh against my face and I couldn’t help but to bite my lip.

Taking my hand, Patrick led us to the door where he helped us with our coats.

“Ready?” he asked.

We both nodded, following him out the door.
Eleanor was enthralled with the movie that we were watching. We were the only ones in the theater and with this being her first film that she’d ever seen on the big screen, she was absolutely hypnotized.

Her eyes were wide with awe as the princess danced and sang with the live objects of the house.

I was in awe with Patrick. He had chosen the movie and even though it was geared towards kids, his choice didn’t feel forced.

I had tried to let Eleanor sit in between us, but she wasn’t having that. She did sit next to me though. She hugged Mr. Floppy, swaying in her seat to the music.

“You’re doing really great with her,” Patrick whispered in my ear.

Turning my head from the movie, I gave Patrick a smile, “Thank you.”

He grinned, putting his arm around my shoulders and pulling me to him. He pressed a soft kiss to my temple, then whispered in my ear once more, “Is this okay?”

Strangely enough, it was, “Yes,”

“Okay,” he said, giving me a squeeze.

During the rest of the film, Patrick held me close, occasionally resting his lips on my temple. I literally could not remember the last time that I had felt this comfortable with someone.

Once it ended, we gathered our things and put our coats back on.

“The pwince was so womantic!” Eleanor gushed.

I had been staring at Patrick, “Yes he was,”

He winked at me and I realized that I had said that out loud.

Eleanor wrapped a small hand around two of Patrick’s fingers, holding on tightly. He put an arm around me, holding me close as we began to walk down the sidewalk.

“How about some grub, ladies?”

We both agreed with Patrick, our tummies growling.
Just as I was about to sit down next to Eleanor, she placed Mr. Floppy down, “Nu uh Aunt Y/N! This is a date and you sit with Patwick,”

Patrick laughed and I raised a brow at her bossy tone, “Is that so?”

Eleanor nodded her head, giving a toothless grin, “Yup!”

Shaking my head, I scooched in next to Patrick, close enough that our thighs were touching.

A young, skinny waitress came to the table, turning the flirt on when she saw Patrick. Both Eleanor and I rolled our eyes.

She completely ignored us, though. “What can I get you, sir?”

He caught on, but he was as smooth as ever. Looking over to Eleanor, he asked her, “What do you want to eat, Ellie Honey?”

Eleanor glared at the waitress, “Mac and cheese,”

Grabbing my hand and putting his other on my thigh, Patrick looked right at me, “What about you, baby?”

I blushed, “Um, double bacon burger, well done and fries,”

Giving my thigh a squeeze, he then looked at the waitress, “I’ll have the same,”

She jotted down our order and licked her lips at Patrick, “Be right out.”

“Wude!” Ellie scoffed.

I snorted and laughed, then looked at Patrick, “Baby, huh?”

He raised a brow, “Problem?”

I gave him a wink, “Not at all.”

He ran a finger over my jaw, “Good,”

Dinner was great and we were stuffed. Eleanor was ready for bed, her yawning and bleary eyes getting itchy.

As soon as we got home, Patrick helped me get Eleanor inside and into bed.

“Good night, Ellie,” he said, kissing her forehead.

“Night Patwick,”

She was out before I could even say good night.

“I had fun tonight,” I told him, once we were back in the living room.

“Me too,”

“Do you think… you would want to go out again?” I asked him, leaning against the wall near the door.

“Of course,” he replied, coming closer to me.

His hands went to my waist as he bit his bottom lip, “Would you mind if I kissed you?”

“Not at all,”

Cupping my cheek and pulling my body from the wall, he held me as his lips slowly and gently moved over mine.

His lips were firm as he pulled back and connected with slow caresses.

I moaned softly, my fingers threading into his hair.

His kisses were quiet, only a slight pecking sound when he would pull back. With his lips hovering just above mine, he whispered, “You’re something else, Y/N,”

“I can say the same about you,”

I felt his smile as he continued to kiss me. Patrick’s hold on me became firmer the more our kiss intensified.

I knew that when I moaned, that this needed to end before we slept together.


He pulled back one last time with a gasp, resting his forehead on mine, “I’m sorry,”

Our breaths mingled together, “Don’t be… I just don’t want to ruin this,”

He pushed some hair behind my ear, “Me either, Y/N.”

Patrick continued to whisper as did I; we didn’t want to bust our little bubble, “I better go,”

“Okay… Call me?”

His hand splayed over my neck, his thumb caressing my jaw, “I’ll stop by tomorrow if that’s alright?”

I smiled, “It is,”

“See you, Sweetheart,”

With one last, extremely soft peck, Patrick left, closing the door quietly behind him.


Jughead Jones Essentials

A rough guide on how to get Jughead’s style. 

His outfits usually consist of…

* Plaid button downs/flannels

* Denim Jackets

* Borg lined jackets

* Graphic tees

* Jeans

* Beanie

* Sweaters

* Suspenders

* Bracelets

If you want to slowly transition your wardrobe to get Jughead’s style, try these tips!

* Layer your clothes! Jughead can always be seen wearing a minimum of three layers: his tee, flannel, and then jacket. 

* Jughead has a lumberjack/grunge vibe when it comes to the style of his outfits so there’s no doubt when I say stock up on your flannels. Unlike Archie, Jughead is known to wear darker colors like blacks and greys but with flannels, dark greens and reds are exceptions.

* Readdressing the first tip, layers are always a go to but on days you’d rather keep it a minimum, wear your flannel around your waist instead of under your jacket. 

* Yes, dark colors are your number one choice when picking out items but don’t be afraid of light colors either. In two episodes, Jughead can be seen in vintage, light wash jackets.

* Surprisingly, suspenders are apart of his wardrobe. He doesn’t wear them over his shoulders but he does allow them to hang low against his legs. Black suspenders aren’t necessary but they do add to the outfit.

* When he’s not drowning himself in clothes, Jughead can be seen wearing sweaters. Invest in sweaters with dark shades such as black or navy blue. Green is okay but keep it a dark forest green and if you want red, keep it dark as well. Buy sweaters that have a waffle pattern or contain any patches (e.g. shoulder patches or elbow patches).

* With jeans, look for the washed out, vintage style. Tears in the jeans are also suggested seeing as how it holds together the idea of Jughead’s style.

* Combat boots and converse!! Keep them black. 

* Jughead can be seen wearing a numerous amount of bracelets on his wrist, mainly beaded and string/braided ones. Never just wear one if you do end up buying the accessory. Much like his tops when layering them, layer your bracelets.

* Everytime you pick something off the rack/shelf, ask yourself: Is it something you can see Jughead wear?

Where can you find brands/stores selling Jughead-inspired clothing? 

* Forever 21

* Levi’s

* Urban Outfitters 

* Ben Sherman

* Zara

* Macy’s

* Target

* H&M

* Old Navy


* Timberland

boxers or briefs?

“So…” he said leaning in close to me. “Boxers or briefs?”

I almost laughed in his face…two reasons. For one - we were at a shitty basement dive bar. Hardly the gay cathedral that you might pick up a guy with that kind of question. Sure we were both gay and so were a couple of the other guys in the bar, but montana isn’t where I expect to hear that

Second, I was exacty the kinda guy you expect to see in a dive bar in montana. Late 40s, trucker hat, button down plaid shirt. Grey in my hair and lines on my face. What the fuck kind of underwear do u think a guy like me wears anyhow.

He didn’t belong here tho. This young stud was just blowing thru town. Here today. Gone tomorrow. Good for a beer, maybe a blow, but gone before you could even get your dick lubed.

I tilted my beer, looked him right in the eye, and said “Boxers”

He took a long pull from his beer.

“Wrong answer honey,” he said. And my whole world changed

Right in front of me Danny…that’s the bartender here… he just changed. He should be in his sixties, just polishing beer glasses for somethin to do, and suddenly he was twenty five again. But the kind of twenty five that Danny never was. Six feet tall, ripped with muscle, and I could tell cause he was shirtless now. Short black hair that joined up with a perfect chinstrap beard.

“Hey Danny! can we like get some shots over here!” yelled someone at the end of the bar. There was a cluster of three young bucks…had they been there a second ago? I looked close and realized it was Sam and Greg from down at the gas station, and Jesse who managed the bank. But young. And…well, I don’t think they were going home to wives anymore.

Sam was wearing a tank top that looked painted on. And Greg’s youthful biceps were straining at a pink t that had a picture of a rooster on it. I hadn’t ever seen anyone dressed like that…except in porn. Greg was even worse, standing there in nothing but a pair of leather pants with a leather cuff on his arm. I didn’t even dare to rent that kinda video

Danny hustled down and poured them something strong. These boys were out for a party tonight.

And the party was starting. The music had stopped coming from that old radio up on the shelf, and something with a heavy beat was pounding. I felt something wake up in my body…shit I wanted to dance to this crap.

The whole bar was starting to look different. Hadn’t it been mostly tables? When had they put in a disco ball and all those lights? And all these guys I knew…why were they twenty years younger and grinding against eachother. There was stu from church, making out passionate with Pastor Edward. Or was it Eddie, that slut?

I was all so confusing. I felt so disoreented. And in the mirror behind the bar…there I was

Maybe 19.

Wearing like this red tank top with white piping. And these tiny little shorts, like I used to wear in gym class back in the 80s.

My hair was like platinum blond. Like I’d done that on purpose…

Wait…of corse I did it on purpose. I look fierce with this dye job

It make me like the perfect twink…cuz lol I was. u gotta work hard to be this fabulus

I took a little sip of my appletini. Can’t drink too fast…I’m such a lightweight and I get even sluttier when I’m wasted. More than once i’ve ended up in bed with two or three guys who all want to use my tight ass

“So…” he said leaning in close to me. “Boxers or briefs?”

The guy was a total hottie. Like the exact kind of fresh blood I wanna meet when he wanders thru town. Who cares if he’s gone tomorrow…tonight my ass gets used

“What makes u think I’m wearing any?”

Must have been the right answer.


oop, i haven’t put anything up here in forever, but birdburg is still alive and well and i might even feel like putting up a dream address soon! in the meantime, here is a simple button-down plaid, in red and blue, feat. a pocket and some cute button details on the sleeves. hope u enjoy~

Kiss Me

just a lil something, something bc I haven’t written in so long

ship: nalu

University AU

rate: T

summary: I mean, it’s what best friends are for. Right?

let’s get this show on the road.


Oh my god.”


That’s him. That’s the one guy who wouldn’t stop hitting on me last night.” She pointed towards a tall man wearing khaki pants and a plaid button down that was just entering the cafe. He hadn’t noticed them yet, too busy typing something on his ridiculously large smart phone. Natsu scowled before turning back to a disgusted Lucy.

“He’s the one from that frat party? I told you not to go to that stupid thing. You could’ve stayed and hung out with me, the coolest guy ever, but no, you decided to be all hip and cool and go to some ridiculous function with a bunch of frat boys–”

“God. I need you to kiss me. Kiss me now.”

“W-what?” Natsu’s voice shook, just like his world as Lucy snatched both of his clammy hands, all bravado fading away. Her gaze was intense and panicked as she stared up at him.

“I need you to kiss me.” Natsu was about to ask her to explain, but she beat him to it as she leaned in closer, whispering against his ear, “I told him I had a boyfriend and that was what finally made him go away. Please, Natsu. You’re my best friend, c’mon. You shouldn’t be so hesitant to help me out with something like this.” Lucy’s usually cool, calm, and collected voice was now rushed and filled with haste as she took deep breaths.

Natsu wasn’t sure what had led up to this. Maybe if he had forced her to study with him, she wouldn’t be asking him to kiss her. Maybe if he was just a little more assertive when it came to Lucy, he wouldn’t want to please her all the time and she wouldn’t be standing there with her lips awaiting. Maybe if Natsu had decided to skip their usual lunch together and actually go to that football game Gray invited him to, he wouldn’t be on the verge of pissing himself.

“I’m sorry, Lucy, b-but I c-can’t–”

“Yeah, right! –oh shoot, he’s coming this way. Quick, quick!” Lucy puckered her lips then, squeezing her eyes tight, just wanting to get this over with. She was not going to have that creep find out she was lying and stalk her again.

When she opened her eyes and realized that Natsu was frozen like a deer in headlights, she groaned, rolling her eyes. Natsu was quick to protest more.

“Lucy, I-I can’t just kiss you…I mean, isn’t this your first kiss? I don’t want to steal it, and I’m pretty sure my lips are dr–”

She cut him off by planting a sweet kiss on his lips.

Her soft and smooth lips felt just the way Natsu had always imagined them to be. They moved against his still ones so perfectly, he was sure that this probably wasn’t her first kiss despite her having told him countless times that she hasn’t had one yet.

They tasted just like he thought too. Sweet, like vanilla.

Just as Natsu was about to melt into the kiss and provide her just the same amount of passion, she pulled away, leaving a breathless, and pink-faced Natsu in her wake.

His eyes had stayed open the whole time.

He was still watching her incredulously as she peeked over his shoulder slyly. Her eyes scanned the quaint university cafe thoroughly before her relieved gaze met his. “He’s gone. I can’t believe how close that was…”

Lucy went on about how thankful she was that Natsu had been there and other stuff he didn’t quite catch. He was too busy revelling in the tingling sensation that lingered on his lips.

It was like everything was moving in slow motion as Lucy spoke to him graciously. Her lips moved, but no words were coming out of her mouth. All he heard was the thumping of his heart against his chest, the rhythm of his pulse, and the heavy breaths escaping through his parted lips.

All of a sudden, all he knew was Lucy.

“Thank you, again. If it wasn’t for you being here, I’m sure he would’ve tried chatting me up again. God, I don’t think I could handle anymore of his privacy invasion. And your lips weren’t dry at all actually,” Lucy laughed softly, which finally brought Natsu from his Lucy induced reverie, “They were really soft. Like super smooth. I’m impressed. I wouldn’t mind if you kissed me more often.” She joked, no trace of seriousness in her tone at all.

But Natsu still took her seriously.

Lucy turned after her little spiel to go grab a table for them both in the small and intimate cafe but Natsu’s hand dashed out to grab hers. He didn’t really know what he was doing when his hand reached out for hers, but as Lucy’s brown and confused gaze met his, he remembered instantly.

“What? Did you forget your wallet or something?”

“No, I just-”

“Well, even if you did, I wouldn’t mind paying for you.”

“Oh, uh, thanks. But that wasn’t what–”

“You’re welcome. I’m a pretty rad and generous best friend though so this shouldn’t be surpr-”

It was Natsu’s turn then to be the one who was impatient.

He cut her off immediately, pining after the sensation of her lips on his. She tasted even sweeter than the last time.

His heart was beating so loudly in his chest that it distracted him wholly from the world around him.

Everything was just…Lucy.

The cafe.

The university.

The air.

The sun.

The world.

All he felt as his instincts took over, his lips dance against her frozen ones in a sensual dance, every emotion he’s ever hid from her was finally pouring out of him like a waterfall. And Lucy was drowning in it.

She was breathless as she pushed him away gently and hesitantly. She needed to breathe. “Natsu, what was that for?” Not that she was complaining or anything. That kiss was good.

His response came out rushed and hurried, as if he was waiting for their next kiss. “You said you wanted me to kiss you more.” He was bouncing on the balls of his feet now, a new found energy surging through his veins as he admired Lucy’s blushing face. She was about to reply when he cut her off with a point to his now swollen lips. “Still soft?” His voice held childlike delight, despite having given Lucy one of the most insane, intimate sensations she’s ever felt just a few minutes prior.

Lucy felt flustered as she was at a loss for words, a sudden sense of gratitude overwhelming her as she remembered that it was Tuesday and there was barely anyone in the cafe. She looked away from his intense stare, trying to answer his question without having her voice waver. How had he kissed her so passionately like that? Did passion like that even exist?

“I mean…” She could almost feel the anticipation radiating off of the man who took her first kiss. She glanced back up at him shyly, her heart skipping a beat at the sight of his signature smile, the one she has seen, caused, missed, and yearned for countless of times. She answered effortlessly then. 

“Yeah.” She took a step forward, a sudden burst of confidence controlling her as she brought a hand to his face, running the pad of her thumb across the lips she had just kissed. He blushed which made her giggle. Lucy got onto the tip of her toes as she looked into the eyes of her best friend, the one who made time stop and accelerate, the boy who had always made her heart go into overdrive. She placed a soft kiss on his lips before smiling softly, mirroring his expression as she rested her forehead against his, “Still soft.”

Maybe it was a good idea he didn’t skip out on their lunch that day.

Working Legs [a Barry Allen AU]

a/n: oh look more fucking au’s nobody asked for


It all happened on a late June night. Joe was out on a case when his foster son showed up, telling him it was too dangerous. Though he was told to stay in the police car, Barry disobeyed, running towards Joe. It happened in a blink of an eye; the criminal fired his gun at the older man and the bullets shot out as fast as lightning. The twenty four year old jumped in front of them, screaming in agony when the bullets entered his lower back.

“Barry!” Joe cried out, dropping to his knees next to where his son lay. Blood seeped through his plaid blue button down and his arm was twisted behind his back, his face scrunched in pain. In a matter of minutes, the boy was in the back seat of the police cruiser, passed out on the middle aged man.

When they got to the hospital, Joe carried his limp body in his arms, watching nurses scramble around for a stretcher. Joe placed his son on the hospital bed and the doctors rushed him through a set of double doors. They had to do surgery, which meant Joe couldn’t see him until it was over. So, he waited and waited and waited.

It took a long six hours for the surgery to end and another seven and a half for him to wake up. During that time, the doctors told Joe some heavy news. Due to where the bullet hit, his spine was shattered. Joe blocked out the rest of what they said. He just sat there; Iris came a half hour later, keeping her dad company.

The moment Barry batted his eyelashes, Joe and Iris were there, offering him water and another pillow. He smiled at Joe after the water in the plastic cup was gone, reaching a hand out; the wires move with him. “Joe, I told you it was too dangerous.” he coughed, chuckling at his foster father, who bit his lip, tears clouding in his eyes. Barry frowned, dropping his hand and gazing at Iris, whose eyes were also wet. “What’s wro-” Then he noticed something. His feet wouldn’t move, even though he was telling them to - in fact, his legs wouldn’t move. “No.” his voice cracked, “Guys, I can’t feel my legs.”


Being in a wheelchair is a lot harder than Barry thought it would be. One would think the police department would have an automatic door, but no, the CCPD doesn’t. With one hand, Barry pulls the door open, wheeling his chair around to act like a door stop, elbow pushing the door further. As he holds the wood, his other hand moves the joystick, driving inside. “Stupid…doors.” he grumbles, sighing to himself.

He rolls around a group of kids, smiling at a few of them while the teacher talks, and gets to the elevator…only for it to be out of fucking service. Angry tears spring in his eyes but he glares at his lap so nobody will see. He needs the elevator to get to his lab to do his job! Don’t they know that? He thinks they should know that by now.

“Um, excuse me sir, do you work here?” you question timidly, clutching your clipboard to your chest. Your teeth dig into your red bottom lip as you peer around, keeping an eye on the group of thirteen children. “I’m supposed to be meeting Captain Singh…” you peek at your clipboard, “and Detective West and his partner, Detective Thwane? I guess it would help if I knew where to be.” you giggle, staring at the brown haired man, who’s in awe. “Shoot, you probably don’t wor-”

“No, no, I work here.” Barry smiles, showing his little clip on CSI name tag underneath his felt coat. “Barry Allen, forensic scientist, well, I would be, if I could get to my lab.” he jokes, nodding to the out of order sign. You part your lips, shuffling on your red polka dot heels. “Sorry, dark humor.” he waves his hand, chuckling awkwardly, “Um, I can show you to Joe- I mean, Detective West, sorry, he’s my foster father. I usually call him Joe…and why am I tell you all of this?” he trails off, shaking his head.

You giggle, covering your mouth with one of your fingers. “Oh, it’s okay- Kyle! Don’t pull Rachel’s backpack.” you say sternly, watching the small blond first grader slump his shoulders. A sigh leaves your lips and you slowly turn your attention to the handsome man, “So, you were saying?” you ask.

Barry’s long fingers curl around the black thin joystick, green avocado eyes gleaming brightly at you. He tries not to pay mind to your fitting ruby pencil skirt; he has always loved the color red, but now he is seeing it in a completely different perspective. “Right, right, Jo- I mean, Detective West, ahhh!” he hits his armrest, sighing, “He should be…” he mutters, rolling forward into the desk area, “Here. Hi Joe.” he says in a curt tone, lips twitching as if he wants to smile.

Quickly looking over your shoulder, you count the kids. Thirteen, good. The older man grins at the young man, “Hey Barr! Shouldn’t you be in the lab?” he mumbles in a silky voice, raising an eyebrow skeptically.

Barry glares, crossing his arms over his dark blue sweater. “Well, I should be, yes. But, the elevator is out of order, so unless you wanna carry me and my chair downstairs, I can’t really do anything.” he puffs out, biting the inside of his cheek, “Honestly, Joe - I’m sorry, give me a second -” he pleads at you; you nod reassuringly. “Honestly, Joe, how am I supposed to do my job if I can’t get to my lab?!” His hands wave around, finally setting on his neck, rubbing it.’

“What do you want me to do, Barr? I’m not an electrician, son.” the detective sighs, scratching his temple, “I’ll…I don’t know, I’ll figure it out, okay? For now, you can help me set up Miss Y/L/N’s class.” he grins at you, standing up; you return the favor, “Captain Singh is out on a case, but, he should be back soon. Joe West.” He shakes your hand, “Is it okay if I talk to the kids; give ‘em a run down of what’s goin’ on?”

You nod your head, brushing your hair behind ear. “Of course! And, I’m Y/N Y/L/N, not that you…didn’t already know that. Obviously you know that; you were the one I talked to over the phone and you probably did a background ch- I’m going to stop talking now.” you mumble awkwardly, raising your pointer finger in the air while your other hand has the lime green clipboard in a death grip.

Chuckling, Detecti- Joe adjusts his white button down in his suit pants, peering at you then at his son. “Barry here would love to talk to you, wouldn’t you Barry?” he says briskly, walking towards the group of kids before he gets an answer. Curse him and his working legs…

Barry shifts in his wheelchair, grinning up at you awkwardly, “So…you’re a teacher?” You nod your head, hair falling in your eyes. “That’s nice. Hey, maybe you could teach me a lesson sometime!” he chuckles at his pun, stopping immediately after he notices the rosy blush on your cheeks as you bite your lip, eyes focused on the floor. His mouth opens and closes like a fish out of water. “Oh, oh god, I didn’t - I didn’t mean it like that! I meant maybe you could show me something new - nope, nope, that sounds worse. I…” Mayday, mayday, ship sinking.

Covering your blush, you glance over at Joe, giggling quietly. Is giggling good? Barry has no clue. Bending down slightly, you lean on his armrest; he looks at you with wide eyes and you gulp. “Sorry, it felt a bit rude talking down to you.” you explain, nibbling your bottom lipstick covered lip. He nods slowly, mouth ajar. “But, um, I know what you mean… Off the record though, I think… you are really adorable.” you say nervously, pecking his cheek.

Then you realize your mistake. Cupping your hands over your mouth, you stare wide-eyed at the bright red lipstick print now on his freckled cheek. “I’m so sorry!” you exclaim, voice muffled by your hands.

Barry shrugs, acting if he’s not freaking out inside. Be cool, Barry, be cool. Don’t do anything embarrassing. “It’s okay!” he squeaks. Squeaks. Come on. “No big deal - oh, look Captain Singh’s here!” he says in one breath, flashing a smile as he pulls his watch up to his face, hand landing on his joystick, “It was lovely meeting you, Y/N, have good day!” he grins, gulping, “Look at the time! I have to run! Ha, get it run? Joe, I’m leaving.” he mutters the last sentence as he passes by the man, keeping his head down.

He pushes the door open, huffing in frustration as he props it open with his elbow. Peering back, he sees you smile and…he feels like he’s going to throw up. Instead of butterflies in his stomach, it feels like a swarm of wasps, stinging him from the inside out. Pressing the joystick harder than he probably should, the wheelchair bolts outside.

Eddie walks by the chair, coffee in hand. He watches the wheelchair zoom towards the ramp on the side of the building. Bringing the file up, he uses it as a makeshift megaphone, “Hey, Barr, don’t you have work?!” he calls out, voice laced in confusion while his blond eyebrows scrunch together.

“Shut up, Eddie!” Barry hollers over his shoulder, not bothering to stop. Eddie shrugs, blinking down at his drink. What’d he miss when he was with Iris on break? Maybe Joe would fill the young detective in.

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those are most definitely prescription sunglasses she’s going to be wearing around far more often than regular sunglasses.   gorin’s already out of a labcoat and professional wear (the button down plaid shirt proof of that),  so she certainly isn’t going to physically open up any past shades all the time.   of course.    they’re pushed onto her face,  hands moving to her hips.

“  we need food,  ”      she declares,  turning on one heel and heading towards the door.     “  let me handle that,  too.    just… make yourself at home.   party.   i don’t give a shit.  ”

the little condo turned out to be incredibly spacey,  there’s the ocean right outside,  just down the beach.   turns out gorin’s timeshare really booked a great location.   although,  anything she sets her hands on turns out to be great.   no bragging.


Jack + Top 10 Favorite Civvies [top 5, in order by episode]

My girl

Logan had raised her innocent. After his wife died, he found himself always touching little Sara, giving her baths, feeding her like she was a baby. He always pulled her into his lap when they watched a movie, and kissed her on the lips. He had no line he set, nothing to be blurred. She was put into a very strict catholic school as a child, with the short plaid skirts, button down blouse, knee high socks, and mary-janes. Logan has never allowed her to go to friends houses, never have friends over. She is only allowed at birthday parties, where he can come as well and keep an eye on her. Most parents say hes over protective, the majority blame it on the accident that killed his wife, nobody ever thought of it as inappropriate. Sometimes when he was feeling a little extra- he would sneak into his daughters room at night and touch her little cunt, rub her soft baby clit and lips.If she woke up he would simply tell her to go back to sleep. Logan needed more though, he wanted to taste her, push a finger inside and feel how tight she was. Make her his, indefinitely. Logan didn’t mean to be abusive, but seeing her flinch while she walked after a hard spanking, or bed for forgiveness gave him an erection like nothing else. Soon enough, Logan was able to find error in everything she did, whether it was fucking up her chores or getting a B on a test. Logan was working her into his perfect little princess, daddys little girl.

It was the Friday right before Spring break for the kids of the elementary school. Logan knew Sara was itching to play with her friends more, to leave the house more. But Logan had much bigger plans for their time off together. Logan took the week off of work, and told all his friends along with all of her friends parents that he was taking sara on vacation. Nobody would know that they were going to be home taking the next step in life together


I was in a lift yesterday and in came this older couple and one man was tall and had grey streaks though his dark hair and wore a dark blue button down shirt and the other man was short and blond-grey and wore a plaid button down shirt AND I BASICALLY WAS LIKE 👀 AND MY HEART STARTED BEATING SO FAST. And then the lift stopped at the next level and the shorter man started to get out and the taller man was like “oh I don’t think this is our stop” and then the shorter man looked around and said “oh you’re right, you’re right” and he got back in and then the taller man looked at me like look at this adorable small human that I love AND I LITERALLY DIED