Iron Artist Portraits No. 16 - 20

Iron Artist - My challenge is to complete 100 portraits in one year. These commissioned portraits are speed paintings completed in about 2 - 3 hours, usually.

(opening again for new portraits soon - be sure to watch me on DA or FA for announcements!) or

Wow. Time has slipped by on me and I feel like an update is due! I’m currently without a computer and getting by with an older borrowed one and using mobile. Since digital work has been very slow and difficult I poured my heart and frustrations into something traditional. Hope you all like Lion! I know big cats are something I don’t often tackle!

A ref sheet to accompany my earlier drawing. My day has not gone as planned. Rain has me moping and apparently I needed to get ideas out of my head.

Sienna the mutt. (Thank you jaxis-black for the name idea!)
Rocking some early 2000 fashions. (baja hoodies!!!)

I have some idea I want to test out. So I am looking forward to having the free time to draw her again.


001 - and I don’t have an name for this yet! Consider it a short story for now. As it’s just something I have been doodling in my free time when I am taking computer breaks. (As the screen gives me headaches :( )

*Points a frantic flailing arm at Sienna’s pant* Plaid zipper pants! XD zippers which serve no purpose.. ahhh memories.

(don’t mind me messing with this post… it posted so small it couldnt be read at first.)