Sam got Jack a slave for the after party. Adorable.

Can you tell this thing got out of hand real fast? it was only supposed to be Jack and Mark… Based Sam on the Eye of Helios/Destroyer from Borderlands and the WAU from SOMA. 

I like to think when Jack lets the power get to his head, his eyes get all gross.

New Phone! So new Camera. Lets in significantly more light, and has a default resolution that’s something like 4 times  what the old one was.

Both of which are a Lifesaver with these - not having to carefully position to get the best possible light direction, and somewhere I can rest my phone for the second or so it takes to actually take the photo have made this massively sharper.

Also, GW Nurglings. Just the Plague Drones left to go!


So the other day we were going to have a session, but then Sarah decided she wanted to paint her Dark Angels before she builds them and I ended up being too tired.

Tonight she finished off my Plague Drones for me, as they were testing my patience and self control.

So pleased with them!!


a Quick upload of a commision i am working on atm, these plague drones are magnetized to come appart into the parts shown in the undercoated pic, the best thing about demons is they are a mass of one colour wich makes washes over white very effective for speedy painting! i undercated the body and wings yellow before using a green wash and a dark orange wash, He wanted them very bright to stand out in his army and also to be able to fit inside a carry case… so far so good!