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The World’s Most Haunted Island

Poveglia Island, in the Venetian Lagoon, Italy, is surrounded by a number of spine-chilling legends and is described by locals as the ‘most haunted place on Earth. The 18-acre plot of land was once a quarantine station for people with infectious disease and a mass burial ground for plague victims who were sent there to be burned. According to historical estimates as many as 150,000 people died on the island. Local authorities have closed off the island in an effort to protect the public but recently the island was sold to a businessman to raise capital. (Source)

Karlskirche, or St. Charles’s Church, was built to give thanks for the passing of a plague epidemic. In the early 18th century, Central Europe was hit by the last great outbreak of the Black Plague. Holy Roman Emperor Charles VI made a vow to build a church dedicated to St. Carlo Borromeo—revered for attending to Milanese plague victims in the 16th century, and the emperor’s namesake—if the city was saved. And it was. The cathedral was built in a mix of ancient Greek and Roman elements with Byzantine, Renaissance, and Baroque styles, making it something of an architectural oddity. 📸: Photo by Atlas Obscura user Jaszmina Szendrey

The war between our love (Loki x Reader) Chapter Two: This is our lives now..

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Note: Arguing, having to pretend to be in love.

Words: 1605

Loki felt something spark behind his eyes, but he refused to give in as he pulled away from the woman before looking to Odin. “The peace between the Bevollions and the Asgardians has been resort!” His voice boomed as the people of the two races smiled to each other. Yet the bride and groom glared to each other, there was no happiness to be celebrated on this occasion. “We will come back in two weeks.” (Y/N)’s father spoke. “I want to see how your love has developed.” He grins as (Y/N) looks to her father with pleading eyes, but he kissed her forehead before turning to Odin. “I shall see you then.” Odin nods as they leave.

Loki looked to the ground clenching his fists when he heard Odin clear his throat. “In two weeks you better be in love, or at least act like it.” He growled before Loki sighed. Thor watched Loki step towards the door as (Y/N) stood there awkwardly not knowing what to do. “Loki, shouldn’t you show your wife to her room.” Thor said as Loki stopped before glaring back to Thor when he nods. “I guess.” He said before walking back over as he offered his arm to her which she hesitantly took. They walked out of the room in silence as she covers her mouth looking away from Loki when he glances over to her noticing tears.

His expression softens seeing the tears sliding down her cheek when he opened the door to his room as she looked around. “This is our room.” He said as they both winced at the ‘our’ part. “I shall have someone bring your belongs here.” He said as she nods numbly. “Yes, well.” He said not looking at her. “Loki, you know we are in the same boat. Right?” She asked finally speaking and much to Loki’s shock his heart… fluttered at the sound. “What do you mean?” He asked. “I don’t want this, you don’t want this. We both don’t want to be married.” She said as Loki nods. “But there is nothing we can do is there?” She asked softly removing her hand from his arm.

“I’m afraid not.” He said gently swallowing what felt like fire itself. “Not unless we want war between our worlds.” She whispered as he nods despite her back being towards him. “This is just great.” She laughed dryly as he looked over to her. “I am forced from my home that I’ve known. Into an unknown land, married to a man who is considered a criminal.” She said as Loki gritted his teeth. “Oh yes, because this is exactly what I wanted. Another woman of a race I’ve never even heard of.” He spat back as she turned around glaring at him. “You have murdered. There is blood on your hands!” She countered back.

“You think I don’t know! You think I haven’t scrubbed my skin raw in hopes that the damn screams will finally give me peace.” He snarled as her eyes widened for a moment. “This is exactly what I knew would happen. No matter what, people will always judge me based on my past.” He huffed feeling hurt when he shook his head. “Get someone to get your belongs. Do whatever you please. We are married, but I shall never love you. Ever.” He growled before storming out of the room as he slammed the door feeling his heart being stabbed. He pushed himself off the door before he walked down the halls of the palace towards the Garden.

He needed to calm down, he needed to breathe. This wasn’t going to get them anywhere if they fight like this constantly. Deep down Loki was relieved that he spoke what his heart needed to let out. The voices of his victims plagued him at night, but he never told a soul until today. It felt like there was a weight lifted off his shoulder when suddenly his body began to tremble. He held himself as he snapped his eyes shut refusing to allow his emotions out in the public. He couldn’t return to his room, because she was there and the look of anger on her face tightened in his chest. He heard movement behind him as he turned around expecting Thor only to see her.

“What do you want?” He spat harshly. “Look, we won’t get anywhere with this marriage if this is how we’re going to act.” She said calmly as Loki turned away. “I am a monster, I could never love someone.” He said standing up. “Your father said in two weeks he’ll come back to see how we’ve progressed. I have a feeling we’ll be at each other’s throats until the end of one of our lives.” He explained as she remained silent. “Our best course of action is to pretend when your father arrives that for a moment I don’t detest you and you don’t detest me so that we don’t cause another war to break out.” He said when she walked over to him standing behind him.

“You are the God of Chaos, I tend to think that you of all people would love war.” She placed a hand onto his back when he jerked away as if her touch burned him. “You think ill of me.” He said gently. His voice was soft, like he wasn’t sure of the words himself before he shook his head. “Leave me.” He said as she frowned. “Loki, I–” She started. “I said leave me.” He hissed watching as she grits her teeth before storming away as he sighed softly covering his face. “Don’t say a word Thor.” Loki spoke up noticing Thor standing in the doorway with his arms crossed. “You are really bad at being a husband.” He said walking over towards him.

Loki rolls his eyes looking back to his brother as Thor sat down next to him. “You aren’t a very good listen. I guess we are both out of luck.” He huffed. “I’m merely saying Brother. I mean this woman was forced to leave everything she’s ever known. She’s afraid, she is only defending what she knows. You are not helping her by attacking back Loki.” Thor explained. “So I am to just allow her to talk down on me. If I wanted that I could have married Odin himself.” Loki spat angrily as Thor placed his hands onto Loki’s shoulder. “That is not what I am saying. Stop twisting my words Brother. I am saying try and get to know her. Show her a new Loki.” He said.

“What if there is no ‘new’ Loki to show?” Loki asked as Thor looks in his eyes. “Then make a new one to show.” He said as Loki remained silent. For once in his brother’s life he actually was making sense as Loki let out a sigh. “Make her stay here comfortable. I mean at least you now have someone right?” Thor offered as Loki’s scowl returned. “Ah yes, because I wanted to be forced to marry someone so I am not alone for the rest of my life.” Loki stood up before walking away as Thor sighed running a hand down his face. Loki walked towards the library, he just needed to clear his mind when realization hit him like a brick wall.

Maybe Thor was right, if it wasn’t for Odin forcing this marriage onto him, maybe he would die alone. Solitude was the only thing he’s ever known and now he doesn’t have that anymore. Was he getting defensive, because he knows nothing else? Was it because he’s afraid to fall in love? His thoughts were stopped when he walked into the library noticing (Y/N) sitting in one of the chairs reading. She looked up to him as her expression softened when he looked down to the floor hoping that it would swallow him. “I’m sorry.” She spoke as he looked up to her. “My actions earlier were uncalled for. I shouldn’t have said it.” She said.

“I did not help the situation, but I am trying to change. It’s harder whenever you try and someone still kicks you while you are down. However, we cannot continue going like this. In the end it will lead to war.” He said as she nods. “It won’t be easy.” She said when a smirk danced across his lips. “No one my darling, ever said it would be.” He said as her face flushes at the term of endearment when she smiled softly. “Let us get acquainted so that this marriage may somehow work. At least around our family.” He said as she nods before gesturing to the chair beside her. “Come sit by me, Husband.” She said before making a face at the word as he walked over to her.

They barely spoke to anyone, much less each other for the rest of the day. At dinner Loki refused to speak to Odin, (Y/N) was too afraid to say anything, because she just wanted to go home. After they washed up they were standing on either side of the bed watching each other in silence. “Good night.” He spoke up moving the covers back as he sat down when she mirrored his movements. “Good night.” She said softly before they both laid down facing away from each other. There was no light in the room, there was nothing but the sounds of their own breathing and despite how tired they felt neither one of them could fall asleep. “This is our life now.” Loki broke the silence.

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Author’s Note: (O///A\\O) *looks at comments and people asking to be tagged* Thank you all so much! I’m glad you like this story! I’m really excited for it! All of your comments made me smile! I hope you have a wonderful day, or night! :D

As much as i love this game, this community is on every possible level one of the most irredeemable abusive shitholes I’ve ever had the infinite misfortune of being forced to share space with. There’s so much horribly wrong with everyone’s heads here that i don’t know where to start and if i tried to type it all out i would eventually find out whether or not this text box has a character limit. It is with full confidence that i can say that this community, and by extension tumblr, is absolutely the political spectrum opposite’s clone of 4chan. Possibly even worse in some ways. This community’s habit of witchhunting and dogpiling pure venom on anyone who so much as blinks in a way considered too different from the majority is disgusting even by human standards.

Every single person I’ve ever met on here was either an absolute scummy prick scammer(most of these turn out to be in plague and light, looking at you IA), a walking tumblr SJW stereotype who makes a thread every time their cat yawns(most of these turn out to be in shadow, arcane, light, and wind, prone to making posts to complain about phobias whenever something new is released), an impressively out-of-touch greedy airhead who puts way too many smileys on everything(most of these turn out to be in light and occasionally earth, especially prone to “no one ever gets dom because they’re just not trying at all lol git gud” mentality), a spoiled 9 year old with 0 reading comprehension who vanishes into the aether after two days of playing(evenly spread), someone who acts like a spoiled 9 year old with 0 reading comprehension to get free shit on the forums(evenly spread but a lot move to shadow, likely to be an older player’s alt), a walking collection of pink heart emojis and glitter who screams about cultural appropriation every time they get a turban popping out of a chest and doesn’t think that there’s any difference between “criticizing art” or “Saying you like this art better” and “viciously attacking this POOR DEVELOPING ARTIST CHILD’S FEELINGS YOU HORRIBLE HEARTLESS DOUCHEBAG”(evenly spread but tend to jump between arcane, light, water, wind, and nature, most likely to have an OCD breakdown whenever the official art on something is updated), an incredibly devoted nature user with vegan stuff and possibly bible quotes all over their profile proudly proclaiming that their dragons are vegan too and carnivore breeds can just go fuck themselves and starve and probably had a goddamned moral meltdown where they threatened to call peta when someone exalted their fodder hatchling(mostly nature, rarely light or water, likely to have a hatchery with a whole novel worth of anti-exalt rules bolded in red at the top), a just flat out asshole who thinks they’re being cool by snarking at and threatening anyone who tries to have a civil conversation with them and then playing the victim(mostly plague and fire, sometimes light, second most likely to have an ocd meltdown when old art is changed, most likely to spite exalt just for fun, just as likely as the scammer type mentioned above to falsely report someone and gloat at them for the lulz), an utter recluse who’s been on since 2013, has a 2 page lair of all basic dragons with no apparel, and probably thinks that “Forum” is a kind of sandwich, the lucky bastards(surprisingly common in lightning and to some degree in fire and nature, also seen a few in wind), or some unholy crossbreed of the above.

I assume that just by statistical probability alone there must have at some point been at least one half decent person and/or actually mature adult on this entire forsaken website, but ya know what if i meet them i’ll let ya know. Best i can tell? Everyone with a scrap of sanity in their skulls has been driven off entirely or at least partially assimilated into one of the categories above by now. Same as every other petsite that has ever existed. It’s awful. Unbearable. Taking one look at any part of this site where you can input text gives me a sickening feeling of being in some twisted nightmare dimension where everything is assbackwards and the halls are covered in glitter and stars.

And dom? Oh god, don’t get me started on that. Sports team culture? Fused with a hint of racism/nationalism for extra flavor? That’s nearly impossible to build up the manpower and money to win without having the bonuses from having already won?(And don’t start me on that “oh it’s just pennies” bullshit, pennies build up fast any you know it. If someone can sell an item for a profit of one gem and the person next to them can sell it for a profit of one and a half because they get a discount buying it in the first place, sure it’s not a big difference, but if they sell exactly the same amount of items then by the end the second person will still have made significantly more profit than the first. And then when the next round comes? That extra money can buy extra fodder and lair space for extra dom push, which means not only that they are far more likely to win and have an easier time doing so but also that when it’s over they’ll be able to buy even more items than the first person to resell for profit, and still likely save money from that dom discount. And this is just what happens with the “pennies” bonus of one single dom round.)Was this faction discrimination-riddled cesspool not toxic enough already? I legitimately can’t think of a game addition that could possibly have been worse for this record-breakingly immature bully culture than some goddamned dragon-themed imitation of sports team rivalry fused with a global cold war and a touch of monopoly.

(Also inb4 someone in the comments says something like “i think the problem is really with YOU if everyone you meet is bad” or “i think YOU’RE one of the rotten ones” or “lmao if you hate it so much leave” or “someone’s salty because ______ didn’t happen to them” or “SJW? i bet you’re the type who thinks racism doesn’t exist/911 was a conspiracy/immigrants are stealing our jobs/barney the dinosaur is going to bring the nuclear apocalypse/ect too” or “You’re not perfect/you don’t sound like such a nice person either” some such thing. I never claimed to be perfect bruh, or even good. The only thing I’m claiming to be is pissed off.)

It’s not like i can “just leave if i hate it that much” either. Have you ever actually seen a good dragon petsite beyond FR? I’ve looked. THEY DON’T FUCKING EXIST. FR DOMINATES THE MARKET ENTIRELY. THERE IS LITERALLY NO SIGNIFICANT COMPETITION WHATSOEVER. THERE. IS. NOWHERE. ELSE. TO. GO. And there will likely NEVER be anywhere else to go, because petsites tend to be the sort of market along MMO lines where there’s only room for one successful title at a time. If i want to play with dragons at all, this is my only possible option. And i don’t believe for one second that if a decent competitor site ever managed to exist that it wouldn’t immediately be overrun by the same types of people that are ruining everything here. There’s so, so much more that pisses me off but the pure rage and disappointment bathing my brain right now is fucking with my ability to think straight enough to list it.

I love this game, and i don’t want to stop playing it, but my tolerance for it’s player’s shit is holding on by a thread. I’ve been drowning in so many assholes with not one genuinely decent person in sight for so long, and I’m starting to think they either all fled, assimilated, or went into hiding. Are there really any good people on here? Please tell me there are and they’re just buried under everyone else. I just want there to be some glimmer of hope that this community isn’t an entirely lost cause, but I’ve found no evidence of such a thing. By all my observations it only becomes more toxic and abusive by the day and that doesn’t look like it will ever change. I’m nice to people, I’ve never been involved in any drama, i always complete my business transactions quickly and politely, yet all i ever get in return is snarky fake smiles, manipulation, scams, and flat-out dickishness, and when i look around at others i see more of the same happening to and being perpetuated by them aswell.

Please help me I’m trapped in this glittery insane asylum hell of backstabbing and toxic clique culture and all i have with me is a book full of stamps shaped like dragons and an increasing sense of general misanthropy

Please tell me that nice people really exist here even the fucking people I’m related to that play this game are all textbook “smiley fake sweet ‘git gud lol’ airhead” types


No Rain

Written for prompt #14: “I’d love to read a story where either K or P has done something stupid and has to grovel (but not infidelity)…” [submitted by Anonymous]

Written by: @ally147writes

I kinda put my own skew on this, but I hope the prompter (and everyone else!) enjoys it regardless.

As with everything I post, I have grand plans to add onto this and give it more oomph. So you’ll have to pardon the abrupt ending - I could think of literally nothing to add that wouldn’t have meant another 10k words…

Unbeta’d and written over a month, late at night in between uni assessments. I can’t vouch for the quality of this fic, but I had a ton of fun writing it :)

Rated T, mostly just for swears.

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Joseph Smith is a Victim of Plural Marriage

“In Joseph Smith’s time, monogamy was the only legal form of marriage in the United States. Joseph knew the practice of plural marriage would stir up public ire. After receiving the commandment, he taught a few associates about it, but he did not spread this teaching widely in the 1830s.

When God commands a difficult task, He sometimes sends additional messengers to encourage His people to obey. Consistent with this pattern, Joseph told associates that an angel appeared to him three times between 1834 and 1842 and commanded him to proceed with plural marriage when he hesitated to move forward. During the third and final appearance, the angel came with a drawn sword, threatening Joseph with destruction unless he went forward and obeyed the commandment fully.”

See, wait, let me stop you right there exmormons who are trying to give Joseph Smith a bad name. See, Joseph Smith wasn’t a horny guy who wanted sex with over forty women, see, he was going to be sent to destruction! He was just as much of a victim as the wives he married! -what this is basically saying.

To be honest this made me burst out laughing. This excuse is so weak it’s absolutely pitiful. At the same time though, it’s exceptionally sad, because I know that there are people who are so blinded that this actually makes sense to them.

Imma tell you right now folks. Saying that an angel was going to destroy him is absolute bull. Maybe if it was only one wife but over forty wives?

What about the fact that they ranged from 58 to 14? 

What about the fact that he married daughters and their sisters and their mothers?

The fact that he sent men on their missions so he could marry and bang their wives?

Or the fact that if these women didn’t want to marry, he threatened eternal damnation?

Or the biggest kicker, that he was caught having sex with another woman by Emma before he got revelations that plural marriage was supposed to be a thing?

You can’t convince me that Joseph Smith was a victim. His poor wives were victims. He was in fact a massive horny predator that used people’s respect towards him as a prophet to his advantage to have as much sex and wives as he wanted.

He is especially this when some were as young as fourteen, which probably had threats of damnation and absolute fear convincing her to be with him.

He is a predator. Plain and simple. And the LDS church trying to say he was as much of a victim as those wives is absolutely insane. Nice try Prophets, you’re going to have to do a better job than that to convince me I was wrong in leaving.

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" I don't get it. Your cute even when your sick. Adorable even" Otayuri???? P.S I love your Yuri. P fics. If you could maybe post more that'd be fan frickin tabulous

Aw thank you! I have a ton of Yuri P. requests, so I promise that you’ll be seeing more of them in the future.

Yuri is finally asleep.

Otabek heaves a sigh of relief at the realization, running a hand over his face and through his dark hair.

It’s not that he doesn’t love his boyfriend-that couldn’t be further from the truth. He absolutely adores Yuri, but today had not been easy for either of them.

For Yuri, it was the lingering high fever resulting from his current battle with the flu that had been going around. First Victor and Yuuri, had come down with it, then Georgi, then Mila, hell, even Yakov had caught it, shouting hoarsely at his skaters until he collapsed and terrified everyone; it had only been a matter of time before Yuri had gotten sick as well. He’d held out valiantly, drinking lots of orange juice and avoiding any contact with what he called the “plague victims” in an effort to ward off the germs.

All of his efforts had been in vain, unfortunately, and the day Otabek had been due to arrive in St. Petersburg for a visit, Yuri had woken up with a stuffy nose and scratchy throat. Yuri wasn’t willing to give in so easily, fighting tooth and nail to pretend that nothing was wrong as he toured the city with Otabek.

That facade had been shattered when they were visiting the Kremlin. Yuri had been feeling dizzy and faint since they arrived there-at some point during their sight-seeing black spots filled his vision and he became unable to stay on his feet-and had eventually passed out and toppled over, nearly giving Otabek a heart attack. Otabek had caught Yuri right before he hit the floor, and upon feeling the heat radiating off his skin, had immediately called Victor to come take them home. Yuri had spent the next two days in bed, drained of all energy and delirious with fever, too out of it to even complain about missing practice.

Otabek was pretty sure that Yuri had been easier to take care of when he’d been in danger of boiling his brain.

Today his boyfriend had been more lucid than before, his fever lower, but he didn’t seem any more comfortable. He’d been restless all day, tossing and turning, alternating between huddling under the covers, shivering, or throwing off the covers and sprawling out, complaining about being too hot. Due to his experience with taking care of his younger sister, Otabek was a model caretaker; he’d made cold compresses and changed them out, he’d made soup and ensured that Yuri ate something, and he had turned on the TV and attempted to make conversation to distract Yuri from how miserable he was feeling, but even his patience had limits, and he found himself grateful when Yuri finally found some restful sleep.

It wasn’t as if Otabek was worried about catching this-the same bug had been going around his home rink in Almaty, and he had been sick a couple of weeks before coming to Russia. It was just hard to see Yuri so sick and miserable; and although he loved his boyfriend, Yuri was not the most pleasant or gracious person when he was unwell.

But now Yuri is asleep, sharp green eyes shut tight and his long blonde hair scattered across the pillows. Soft, tiny snores exit his slightly parted lips every few seconds. One of his skinny arms is still wrapped around Otabek’s waist, trapping him there. Yuri had been feeling very cuddly right before he finally fell asleep.

Not that Otabek minds. Sure, his right arm is numb where Yuri has been sleeping on it and his back aches from the odd position that he’s laying in, but it’s worth it to feel Yuri’s slight frame curled up next to him as he sleeps, hearing his soft pants of breath and feeling his warmth.

Otabek runs a hand through Yuri’s silky locks before pulling him even closer to his side. “I don’t get it. You’re cute even in your sleep,” Otabek says in a husky whisper, dropping a kiss on the top of his head. “Adorable even. What’s your secret, huh?”

As Otabek watches, Yuri’s thin lips twitch up in a smile before his features smooth back out into the calm of sleep. Otabek chuckles. “You’re right,” he says, stroking Yuri’s hair back off his forehead. “I should try to get some sleep, too.”

FlugHat AU?

Ok hear me out: Blackhat is an immortal being, and he meets flug roughly around the 18th century for the first time, flug being a young physician in training working as a plague doctor
They meet through a plague victim, searching to make a demonic pact to save their life

They converse on the matter of human life and slowly begin to fall for each other

Flug contracts the illness of no cure through his line of work, and decides to make a pact with BH to continue to live and continue studying

Much like hades and persephone, BH agrees on the terms that flug will be made immortal, and always remain in his presence . Flug agrees

…happy ending?

(Definitely just an excuse to draw this, please somebody who’s better at writing than me take this idea)

like………when i had a psychotic episode, i truly believed that i died as a plague victim and that plague doctors from another universe had gotten through a portal to this universe and were looking for me to kill my soul forever. i could also barely talk and when i did it rarely made sense and i just repeated my beliefs (similar to what affectionsuggestions is doing)

do you seriously expect people in that state to realize when theyre saying something which you consider ableist/racist? they wont. as i saw someone else say on here. DELUSIONS ARE NOT A REFLECTION OF WHAT A PERSON ACTUALLY BELIEVES.


Poveglia Island off the coast of Venice is the most haunted place in Italy. Over its years, it’s been a plague victim dumping ground, a graveyard and a mental hospital where strange experiments are conducted. Its rumoured that the mad doctor in charge of the experiments was pushed off the bell tower by unseen hands and suffocated by a fog after surviving his fall. The island’s been left to rot since 1968, and no one is permitted to visit.

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I want to hear about the decrease in disease virulence stuff

basically, the idea is that a disease causing virus/bacteria needs a host, so a disease that kills everyone isn’t actually like, evolutionarily optimized. So over time, the most deadly diseases (in this context I’m only referring to diseases caused by an external vector) become less deadly in order to survive. 

In terms of human pathogens, this probably happened with Y. pestis (the plague bacteria) and the smallpox virus. Plague famously killed a third of the population of Europe over about two centuries, but then it just sort of stopped killing people nearly as much. Some of that is probably immunity related (the people who survived probably were immune on some level and passed that along) but there’s also evidence to suggest that the strain Y. pestis that is extant today isn’t the same as the one that killed everyone until like the 17th century. 

Bubonic plague is still around, and is endemic in certain rodent populations (including those on the west side of Lake Tahoe and like, the new york city subways), but human cases are rare and hardly ever deadly. Now sure, if you catch it today we have antibiotics, but it’s just less virulent and less deadly than it used to be. Obviously there’s a complex set of factors involved including things like nutrition and hygiene (lol @ medieval europe), but samples of the bacteria taken from the teeth of plague victims suggests that it’s is mostly because of a change in the bacterial strain. 

A similar thing happened with the smallpox virus. Obviously smallpox has been eradicated in human populations, but by the time it inoculation became popular in Europe and North America (it’s origins go back further in the middle east and Africa iirc), it was much less virulent and deadly than it had been. It still caused death and disfigurement and outbreaks, but it was hardly the scourge that it once was. If the viral samples stored at the CDC ever like, escape, it would be bad but it probably wouldn’t be like, global pandemic bad. Influenza is still much scarier than smallpox. 

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You're right about the plague doctors - but if I said "glorified men with pointy masks", I think it'd be less clear! It's their outfit that interests me most. Correct me if needed, but I think that without they even planned it, some of them were "saved" by their long robes because the rats couldn't manage to bite them, even though they thought it was their stuffed "beak" that would protect them. What a terrifying sight if you were a plague victim, though... The XXIst century is comfortable.

Firstly…It wasn’t rats that carried plague. It was fleas. Flees were everywhere. It wasn’t their clothes that saved them so much as the strewing herbs they would conceal all over their person. They did it to keep out the bad miasma, which is what they believed caused the plague. In actuality, the herbs were natural insecticides. They would line their cloaks with them, stuff the beaks of the masks with them, and so forth, covering as much of their body with thick clothing the fleas couldn’t bite through. They also didn’t linger. If they visited you, it was because you were already known to have plague, and once that was known, you were boarded up inside the house and left to the Parish, and to someone like me, who did most of the house to house searches. The wealthy fled the city if they could, the middle class of the day went in and out of fortune tellers and apothecaries, and the poor died in the streets. Money afforded people an attempt at safety, but that was all you were given.

I heard a story of a town, Eyam, The man who told me was a dye merchant. Said he went through Eyam, and on his way back only a fortnight later, the whole place was a ghost town. The village had caught the plague, taken precautions, and posted warnings not to enter. They’d locked themselves in their own houses and quarantined the whole place. Only about 1/5 of the town survived, even with the precautions. In a year, it was desolate.

The illness killed over half of London. It was the worst plague I’ve ever seen. And it was the last great Plague, because the whole city went up like a torch the very next year.

  • Sokolov and Piero: You've come to rescue us!
  • Me: No. No. This is incidental. I don't want to associate with either of you, you're nasty criminals, who do nasty things.
  • Piero: Surely I'm less questionable than Sokolov...
  • Me: Hostile Work Environment and I haven't forgotten about that plague victim even if you have.
  • Sokolov: ...
  • Piero: ...
  • Sokolov: We made a machine that can kill people.
  • Me: Try again!

@eosphora Well, it’s complicated. Do we know for certain that he was homosexual? No, he was just rumoued to be the favourite of Emperor Diocletian. But he became a homosexual icon later, due to his “coming out” (saving other christians by telling that he himself was christian) and his artistic representations: Sebastian’s supple, near-naked body; the wink-wink symbolism of the penetrating arrows; his thrown-back head expressing a mixture of pleasure and pain; his twinkish appearance; and his inviting gaze all readily contribute to his homoerotic appeal.

And then there’s the film Sebastiane (1976) by Derek Jarman, which I reccommend if you are not scared of films completely spoken in latin and very nsfw scenes. Here’s a not NSFW scene though:

There’s no single reason why he became the unofficial gay patron saint. It’s a mix of his rumored sexuality, his ‘coming out’ story and his iconic homoerotic image penetrated with arrows. And homosexuality was once considered an illness while St Sebastian was known to save plague victims. And even if he wasn’t homosexual, he has been an inspiration to gay men like Derek Jarman, Yukio Mishima, and thousand of gay painters, so he is an icon just for his.


i feel like a renaissance portrait of a plague victim collapsed dramatically on an angels lap but instead of an angel its a shitty plastic hospital chair

The Arcana - a new working theory continued (at 1:13am, oh dear)

AKA I need sleep but I’m on Tumblr instead because I had an idea my bad

So… in addition to my recent theory about whether Julian did it or not, I’ve got a couple of things I didn’t previously mention because wow, that was a long post. So this is a part 2, if you will. 

Also, if you read my most recent theory and managed to reach the end and had a reaction like this to the last part:

Then I am so sorry. Or am I muwahahahaha Ok fine, I am sorry. But still.

On with the theories!

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