This just sucks!  I can’t even enjoy the little bit of Careese we did get because it’s all so bittersweet now.  Before Carter was killed, we got without a doubt the BEST CAREESE scenes EVER!!  They bonded over their military scars, John told Joss she saved him.  He kissed her, they flirted, everything!  Reese had finally found happiness and Carter finally found her match and then… they kill her!  

Was this supposed to be the ‘something fantastic’ for Reese and Carter, Plageman?  Because this sure as FUCK is NOT IT!!  

POI and disappointed...

Warning a complaining post coming your way, i love POI but i need to get things out of ma mind….

I still can t get over the fact that me need answers to main parts of the story whom me didnt get cos we are stocked in da shaw twillight zone - but to that a lil bit later…


My current state of mind: Depressed

You know i was soooooo excited bout Season 2 - we had Finch kidnapped, Reese was lost. Him and Carter working together plus some great Fusco moments and they got BEAR!!! The return of Zoe and my man Leon shows up!

Halleluja fangirl heaven! I was on cloud 1.000.000 or whatever hahahaha… sky and da sun shining bright! Writers did an amazing job and eyerything was fine.

Then we reached episode 2.10 - Shadow Box….

I still remember as watching this great episode that me got some bad feelings bout whats coming our way…

Rinch together with BEAR - i mean jesus how cute was that particular part - then Reese admitting he feels happy again…

ALERT ALERT ALERT - me immediately thought OH OH whats coming now?…

Fangirl heaven wasn t blue and sunny anymore, but partly clouded…

Episodes 2.11 - 2.13 were so great…OMG it couldn t get any better….i felt so much into da show me even joined this fandom here…haha….

So far so good but now something happened….guess after episode 2.16 or so….the writing changed…it wasn t as good as first part of da season….it seems lil odd….too many plots and too less time for us to get answers, hell will we ever get all the answers? It seems da writing team even is lost in da plots somehow…

WHY was Cal Beecher on da show anyways? He was there, then he was gone only to return again n getting killed off? WHY ? What was his role ?

Then we have Shaw? HELLO, WHY do we need to watch her now on every episode? I m not feeling her character…hope she ll disappear in season 3…dont get me wrong i found the “relevant story” really interesting but the writers pushed it too much with Shaw - they should have brought her in slowly and with a bit of mystery concerning her goals and wherabouts - like a lil bit this season and then a lil bit da next one - it would have not looked so forced n we maybe would have a connection to her - but not like they did it now - too many plots n things goin on and me m not in da mood for shaw…so i m not looking forward for da seaon finale…lots of her and reese working together NAH NO GOOD

That s why me feel so disappointed right now, cos if the writers had kept it slow everything would be fine - why all da stress with all da plots i dont get it -


So now me got this out of my mind, sorry if me pissed of someone!

You know what makes me even more pissed?  The fact that Nolan and co. never intended to make Careese canon.  They never intended to tell that story.  They just used Careese as a plot point to change the direction of the show.  They dangled Careese in front of the fans, showed us all the reasons they are perfect for each other and even gave us a bit of happiness and then?  They destroy them.  All for what?  Shock value? A plot point?  To end a character’s ‘journey’ or some other type of BS.

See the forest through the trees.

Pair with the overtly textural majesty of L. Pierre's Surface Noise:

Photo by Laura Plageman, who injects tactile elements into her photographs by manipulating prints by hand.


From the wild imaginations of Melissa Scrivner Love & Greg Plageman. Other stuff used in this episode were: nail scissors, golf club, food cart, oxygen tank and scopolamine. Plus knees, and fists!  How did anyone keep a straight face filming this?