Today, July 3rd, would have been my Uncle Tom’s birthday. Sadly, he died in 2001.

A devout catholic, he moved to Washington, DC in his later years and helped found PLAGAL, The Pro-Life Alliance of Gays and Lesbians. They faced opposition from both communities they sought to represent. The organization was banned from participating in March for Life rallies, while also belittled in the pages of The Advocate. The Pro-Life community saw their views as tangled up with the gay rights movement and not solely based on religious convictions. To the Gay and Lesbian community, a Pro-Life choice was seen as anti-woman, and an example of the government ruling on the personal lives of its citizens (which could become detrimental for the gay rights movement in general).

While Tom and I may disagree, his argument has some merit and is the product of a certain time and place. Primarily, it’s the product of the rumor that scientists were trying to locate the “gay gene.”

The discovery of the “gay gene”, which most of us are convinced exists, will be a double-edged sword for gays and lesbians when and if it happens. On the one hand, it would demolish forever the argument that gays “choose” their orientation and are thus undeserving of protected minority status like African-Americans or the handicapped. But on the other hand, if the exact cause of our sexual orientation could be determined, it would be no time at all before science offered a “cure” for homosexuality – perhaps not for those of us who are already legally recognized as persons in our own right, but certainly for prospective parents who might be “at risk” of giving birth to a gay son or lesbian daughter. And if the cure turned out to be too expensive – well, there would be another option for parents who didn’t want the responsibility of bringing a “different” child into the world. Thanks to Roe v. Wade, they could always choose abortion.

Tom has become an inspiration, and a real hero of mine for the pure fact that he stood up, even when it was unpopular with both of the communities he felt deeply connected to.

The excerpt above is from an article Tom wrote, called “A World Without Gays? Beam Me Up, Scotty!” which you can read by clicking the title. For those who are interested, PLAGAL is still around and could always use a few more hands.


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  1. Whose your celebrity crush? Colin Firth/Robert Downey jr :)
  2. Favourite movie? possibly the Harry Potter films, but I am woefully lacking in movies and I need to watch so many classics… (disney films are always good!)
  3. Where do you wish to live? I live in sydney and I love it, but london is a dream and new york would be pretty cool too!
  4. What are your hobbies? reading, and procrastinating :)
  5. What made you join Tumblr? some friends were talking about it, and I thought I’d check it out :) and I’m glad I did
  6. Favourite Youtubers? I have to say Finn and Jack Harries although I don’t really go into all of that.. 
  7. Favourite model? most definitely Cara Delevigne altough fashion isn’t a major interest but she’s pretty cool and fun 
  8. Favourite tv shows? HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER!! (I don’t want it to end!) and elementary and 30 rock 
  9. Sate 2 things you like about yourself! I like to think I’m a happy person, and I’m pretty open to stuff, so if I argue with you it’s more because I want people to see that there are always two or more sides to something and also I like arguing with people :) (oh, maybe that I’m incredibly rational which is both good and bad)
  10. Who is your inspiration? Meryl Streep & Tina Fey, not so much I would want to be them but they’re so amazing and talented and above all, funny!


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The other day in band class, we were working on this harmonic thing with the title “Plagal Cadence.” And the kid sitting next to me read it out loud as bagel cadence. So we started replacing the word plagal with breakfast foods like: croissant cadence, toast cadence, waffle cadence, orange-glazed cinnamon roll cadence. But the best one was Special K-dence.


La Gran Doxología, Plagal 4th, Coro de la Catedral de San Jorge