I hope everyones having a good day ^.^ I just wanna thank you all for how far you guys have gotten this page in a year, and all the support for the youtube channel. Ill be getting a video done soon that should explain the pause on video production. (and shh yes i wear this plad a lot i love it.)

Late night tumblr story time

At the Romantic Times convention in Dallas last year, there was a rodeo themed night with a mechanical bull you could ride. So naturally I had to ride this mechanical bull, right? Now, if you’re unfamiliar with romance novels, cowboy/rancher/farmer/rodeo dude romances are like, a BFD. Well, there’s this cute guy with a cowboy hat and a plad shirt who works with the mechanical bull set up, and he’s laughing with the women and getting flirty with them when he’s helping them onto the bull. I get up to the front of the line, and he sees the tattoo of a beluga whale on my chest, and like, the whole flirty cowboy persona just drops, and he’s like, “I love whales.” And he rolls up his sleeve and shows me a tattoo of a whale. Not just any whale. Some specific whale who has a defect with its voice and it can’t talk to other whales, so it’s like, the loneliest whale on the planet. And as he’s telling me about it, he gets actually choked up and goes, “I’m sorry, I get real emotional over this whale.”

TL;DR: romance readers and authors who love cowboy romances go to a party and don’t realize that an actual romance novel cowboy is also at the party.