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Armour for women - what works, what doesn't? (I know the general answer is "Whatever works for you.", but some specific advice might be handy to women warriors old and new.)

Hey, definitely, and thanks for asking! :) 

You asked about “armour for women”, but I’m afraid that’s not exactly the question I’m going to answer. I’m primarily going to cover the physical issues of armour for people of all genders with typically female bodies in this post. I will also discuss a few social/cultural issues around gender and armour, particularly relevant to women of all body types, at the end.

You may also find bits of this post useful if you have a body with some but not all typically female characteristics, like wide hips or breast tissue or low testosterone.

N.B. Throughout this post I am going to say “chainmail” when I refer to armour made out of lots of little rings joined together, because I gain sustenance from the tears of angry pedants.

Photo by Tom Garnett, from Empire LARP.

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Hello! Brief question for you, as I trust your information a little more than my Googling skills. Do you know how long it would have taken for a set of plate armor to be made?

Brief question, not so brief answer (EDT to insert break - I should have done this before posting something so long.)

I couldn’t find a quick response in any of my books or on-line, so I decided to find out for my own information as well as yours. Hope it helps! :-)

Time to make armour would vary: how much and what quality of armour was needed, was it to be plain or fancy, off the rack or made-to-measure, what the work queue was like and who was placing the order (an Emperor, King, Duke or whatever would be bumped up the queue, a country knight would take his turn.) Here’s the Metropolitan Museum’s answer (number9 - the others are equally interesting and useful.)

Simple “munition” armour for vassals, retainers, lackies and henchmen would be helmet, breast- and maybe back-plate, (or that odd lower-abdomen plate the “plackart” worn under a studded brigandine) and maybe some limb armour. Look at what’s worn by the upper-level rank and file in medieval paintings of battles. (Image from Paradox)

Modern Czech armourer Wulflund suggests 2-4 weeks for a helmet, but a large, well-established period workshop could turn out a complete set of munition kit in just a few days, either because they already had the stuff in stock or had part-finished pieces in the warehouse….

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The song was like a clarion call in her blood, sparking her fëa into blazing life after centuries of holding back. She could feel the notes beneath her feet, winding their way into the very earth itself, and when lightning cracked overhead she knew it too was song-fed and would soon come flying down to seek purchase in the soil and burn any foul thing in its way.

I… I haven’t heard this song in centuries, she realized, how…?

But there was no time to think. Celeborn was far from her side, commanding the other half of their forces, and across the field she could feel Elrond attempting to reach Sauron and cut down that disgusting banner. It was on her to lead her people after him in a three-pronged attack, but first she had to get them off of the low hill where they were currently pinned.

The press of orcs around her was thick, and she was forced to give a little ground so she could bring her sword up into a thudding block against a heavy mace. The impact slammed down the blade through her whole body, and she staggered back with a gasp as she fought to hold onto her weapon. Her opponent was stocky, and taller even than she was, and his next blow would surely shatter her arm if she couldn’t bring her shield up to catch it - 

- but just as he raised his arm, the orc froze, face contorting as a blade that gleamed silver in what little light remained sliced easily through his breastplate and plackart to cut him down. Behind him, sword still dripping black blood, was a grinning Findaráto.

‘Did you miss me, sister mine?’ he asked, and it was all she could to to keep from shouting for joy.


since you were all so enthusiastic about my Happy Salmon Riot/Unfinished Tales AU, here, have a teaser

(working title: Ignition)