plack panther

i just want one (1) tiny little reference or cameo of bucky in black panther. like t’challa’s in the middle of having a conversation with someone and his phone rings and he answers it already rolling his eyes like “yes, rogers, he’s still in the freezer, and he’s fine,” hangs up and looks at the others in the room “haha ‘freezer’ that’s um.. american slang, very weird, haha. anyway” and that’s all. or maybe he’s talking to someone about how they don’t wanna deal with white people’s shit in wakanda and the other person says “wish we could just stick them in the freezer until they grow up” t’challa [laughing too loudly]: “HAHAHA who would.. ever……..” or t’challa’s in the kitchen doing something important plot-wise and somewhere in the background of the shot you see bucky coming in, getting a glass of milk, and leaving again, just that, and he’s not seen or heard of for the rest of the movie