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why u should join my glasses hate club

cons of glasses:
•ears hurt
•smudge on vision
•hot drink makes fogged up
•rain splat on glass
•"just clean them"
•squares on nose when u take them off
•see the edge of the lens
•adjust adjust adjust
•take them off and world is fuzz
•"wow you are so blind!!“
•forget them weird places

•see things


My friend and I go to a new boba shop every week to study! These are the last two weeks feat. a chocolate chip waffle and some spring rolls on the side of black milk tea. 

Boss Battles: Villainous

What if Villainous was a side-scrolling game?

Nothing official, just my two cents.


The tank of the group. He generally doesn’t want to hurt you. Please leave this sweetheart alone.

  • He’s on the defense most of the time and can take a lot of damage before finally getting knocked out.
  • His attacks are mainly soft punches and tackles, but the one that does the most damage is a crushing bear hug (if you get too close).
  • If you don’t attack for about 5-8 minutes, he’ll doze off and fall asleep. You can safely walk past him once he does.


“Mace-to-the-face” approach. Her attacks hit fast and hard, and she moves unpredictably.

  • Her sprite can be all over the place and she’s a pro at dodging. She takes much damage when you get to land a hit, though.
  • She attacks with her mace and occasionally her electric guitar. She would also occasionally kick, claw, and jump at you.
  • When she goes on all fours, she’s much more mobile and could even disappear completely. She can attack from behind.
  • Her special move involves her busting out a guitar and playing it, creating shockwaves that will stun you (but you can avoid them). She’s vulnerable at this point since this is the only time she’s standing still.


Has the entire Black Hat Org. catalogue at his disposal. He primarily attacks from a distance, but his weapons are homing and devastating.

  • He’s fixed to one side of the screen. He keeps his distance from the player since he’s a glass cannon. He takes more damage than Demencia does in a single hit.
  • He has a massive arsenal of missiles, bombs, lasers, and barriers. For his ult, he activates the BH Security System. There’s a single, very specific spot on the screen where you won’t get hit.
  • His attacks come in a particular pattern and sequence. Once you learn it, he’ll be easy to take down.
  • On occasion, he’ll activate the Anti-Gravity Device. The controls will reverse when you’re on the ceiling. He’ll be protected by a barrier and won’t attack you, but you’ll have to protect yourself from the projectiles flying around you.


The boss battle. He’s nearly as resilient as 5.0.5. and as unpredictable as Demencia; he also creates projectiles similar to Dr. Flug. Attacks viciously and relentlessly.

  • Before the battle, he will shove you into a portal he’s torn open with his claws. This dimension gives him the home-field advantage.
  • During the battle, the screen will often be a mess of lasers, knives, sawblades, and tentacles. You’re going to need Touhou-level dodging skills to survive. His moves, however, come slower compared to the other three bosses.
  • He creates sentient blobs full of teeth that will crawl on the floor toward you. If you don’t leap over them or destroy them first, they’ll catch and immobilize you for a few seconds.
  • His weak point is his monocle. At some point he will vanish and reappear as a massive head that will try to crush you with his jaws. If you avoid that attack and strike his monocle, he will immediately take significant damage, flinch, and return to his default form.
  • He will resort to an eldritch monster form when his HP’s lowered to half. He becomes increasingly difficult to hit and can quickly charge from one end of the screen to the next covered in spines and claws, dealing damage as he passes.

anonymous asked:

You're actually Pro-Snape? I'm not here to be hateful or anything, but he's honestly such an awful person. Please look up "Reasons to be Anti- Snape", and if you're still pro Severus after that then I'll drop it. You should just know what he's really like before becoming a fan. Hope you're having a good weekend x

Ooo, I just did and:

…which is quite funny, really.  :D

I must say, I appreciate the polite tone of your message, but I fear your efforts at being reasonable are rather undermined by this statement:  “You should just know what he’s really like before becoming a fan.”  

If you were a genuine reader of my blog, you would already know that it is 99% Snape related, has been online for a couple of years, and that I put a considerable amount of effort into the content I create.  That in itself should lead you to the conclusion that I have deeply considered the series, and have already drawn an overall conclusion about Snape as a character.  

I also deliberately label my blog as pro-Snape so you really should not have been shocked to discover my stance.  Consequently, I think it is a little insulting to send such a message.  

If you genuinely want to have a discussion about the positive and negative aspects of the character, then either reblog one of my posts with your comments, or make a post and tag me in it - and I may respond when I have a free moment.

However, given the broad scope of your message, I rather suspect you are sending this message anonymously to pro-Snape blogs in some odd attempt to force them to change their stance, which is a very strange way to spend your time.  

If I might make a small suggestion, I think it should be noted that fandom would be a happier place if everyone spent their free time appreciating their favourites instead of attempting to police what other people are fans of.  

Me, scrolling through the Voltron tag: Do you guys… do you guys even like this show???
Like are you sure??? You say you like it but don’t seem to be having much fun???

This could be something real special and we should just trust in each other. So we went into this match with just complete, 100% trust, which, you know, is why I did a couple of the things that I did. Without even worrying about injury. It’s hard for me to ever suggest moonsaulting over a guardrail or doing the backdrop over the top ropes through a table, but I trusted Okada. I trusted that if I just give him a good jump then he’s going to place me where I need to go, because he’s The Man. If I do a moonsault, even if I’m undershooting or overshooting, I trust that he’s going to be there. You know? Sometimes it’s not just trusting in your own ability, but if you trust the people around you- and again, the Young Bucks were there too, and…I trust my life in these people’s hands.
—  Kenny Omega, on trusting Okada (and the bucks) at WK11 (x)