Books take us to many places…

NOTE~ These are just some of my favorites that I could actually put on a map. For those who don’t immediately recognize what books the names are from: 

*real places


  • Panem- The Hunger Games!
  • Opium- House of the Scorpion
  • The Scorch- The Maze Runner/The Scorch Trials
  • Hogwarts- HARRY POTTER :D (J.K. Rowling has said that it’s in Scotland)
  • Ravka- Shadow and Bone (inspired by Soviet Russia)
  • The London Institute (London, England*)- The Infernal Devices
  • Yokohama, Japan*- Extras (Uglies Book 4)
  • Prague, Czech Republic*- Daughter of Smoke and Bone
  • The Kasbah, Morocco- Dreams of Gods and Monsters (Daughter of Smoke and Bone Book 3)


  • Chicago, Illinois*- Divergent (though I’m not sure if Tris ever called it by that name)
  • Gatlin, South Carolina- Beautiful Creatures
  • The Wilds, outside of Portland, Maine*- Delirium
  • New Orleans, Louisiana*- The Chronicles of Nick
  • Camp Half-Blood (Long Island, New York*)- Percy Jackson and the Olympians
  • St. Vladimir’s Academy, Montana- Vampire Academy
  • Perdido Beach, California- Gone
  • Uglyville (Reno, Nevada*)- Uglies (Scott Westerfeld confirmed this is where Tally lives, in Bogus to Bubbly)
  • Forks, Washington*- Twilight
  • The Graveyard, southwest Arizona*- Unwind
  • Denver, Colorado*- The Death Cure (The Maze Runner Book 3)
  • Rosewood, Pennsylvania- Pretty Little Liars (inspired by Rosemont, PA)
  • Thurmond (Virginia)- The Darkest Minds
  • Camp Jupiter (San Francisco, California*)- Heroes of Olympus
  • Los Angeles, California*- Legend
  • The Brooklyn Institute (Brooklyn, New York*)- The Mortal Instruments
  • A suburb near Portland, Oregon*- If I Stay