A Few Study Tips

Hi all! I hope school is going great for those of you who have already started. Because I didn’t include anything too specific in my last few posts, here are a few things to definitely take into mind while you’re working!

  1. Pace yourself! I know you might want to get through some things as quickly as possible just to get them over with, but do things at whatever speed you’re most comfortable at. This way, your mind will be relaxed, flexible, and ready to absorb information.
  2. Be mindful of what you eat or drink while you’re working! Coffee may work in short spurts or if you’re trying to stay up late to finish something, but cold water will also keep you awake and keep your brain hydrated. Make sure not to eat anything with too much sugar, because while this may get your energy up temporarily, you may crash later. Fruit or yogurt may be a more effective alternative.
  3. Remember the 50/10 rule! For every 50 minutes of work, give yourself 10 minutes to relax, regain some energy, and lock in what you’ve just learned.
  4. Focus on one thing at a time! Multi-tasking may feel more efficient or effective, but it’s very easy to confuse things and overwhelm yourself if you try to finish everything at once. Group your work into a few different categories (whether by subject, the type of work, or another group that helps you), and tackle these groups one at a time.
  5. Try your best to stay unplugged! Unless you have to use the computer for your work, you’ll benefit most from working somewhere where you won’t be tempted to get online. Find a nice, comfortable space for yourself, put on some music if that helps you, and give your undivided attention to your work.
  6. See if music helps you! I know that listening to music helps me enjoy my work and push through without getting distracted. However, you may not want to listen to music with lyrics (whether you can understand them or not), in case you catch yourself trying to pick up words instead of picking up what you’re trying to learn. I’ve found that listening to classical music, ambient music, and even video game soundtracks, keeps my mind in the place I want it to be.
  7. Please don’t pressure yourself if you’re having trouble! We all have strengths and weaknesses, so please don’t feel bad or beat yourself up if something doesn’t seem to be coming to you as quickly or as easily as you expected. With enough determination, you can get a hang of it! And, if you’d benefit more from someone explaining things to you, you can ask your parents or your friends, or send your teacher and email as long as it isn’t too late!

Those are all of the the things that I can think of off of the top of my head, and I hope they helped you! If you have any questions or need advice, feel free to send me a message. Good luck at school, I know you’ll do great! :)

anonymous asked:

Have any tips on how to be a straight A student? I want to do amazing in school this year!

It depends on the rigor of your courses because some courses are more challenging than others, but the right amount of determination combined with the knowledge of both the course material and how the course itself works are bound to help you! Make sure to do more than just what’s assigned; give yourself about 50 minutes to work for each subject, and if you finish the homework before that time ends, spend the rest of the time reviewing. A good way to review is to write summaries of your notes, make flashcards, or condense your notes once you have notes for an entire unit. When you have exams (including quizzes), don’t wait until the day before to study! Your brain needs a few days to absorb everything. Last of all, keep in mind that you and your body do have limits and you will get tired if you don’t give yourself breaks. Make sure to give yourself time to relax and do things other than schoolwork. Good luck this year!


IV-Newton’s Feliz Navidad (dated December 15, 2011 @ MSHS)

The first one before our Waka Waka: Ngayo'y Disyembere Na!


Something I learned from studying at a “prestigious” school:

The school does not make your name, you make the name for your school.
A “good” school does not guarantee a student’s success.
A “good” school can only be as good as the students studying there.

I learned that from being a part of the “weakest” batch in school.
I graduated from that so-called “weak” batch.

A truly good school should never compare their own students.
A truly good school would only strive for improvement and not degrading their current students for “not being as good as the ones before them.”

My seniors have set up high expectations for us juniors.
They are great but that does not mean we are worse than them.

This system is fucked up and I hate it.
Fuck you, old school.