Collection of all the rpg au designs so far :D

Starting from top left: Archer/White Mage Apollo, Paladin Athena, (Runaway Prince) Bard Klavier, (King) Healer Kristoph, Druid Juniper, Necromancer Maya, and Wizard Trucy



OUR STORY IS ABOUT A TOWN – A small town & the people who live in the town. From a distance, it presents itself like so many other small towns all over the world…

                                       ( SAFE. DECENT. INNOCENT. )

Get closer though and you start seeing the shadows underneath. The name of our town is RIVERDALE and this is the story of how it handled the shockwaves that came from the murder of golden boy JASON BLOSSOM… and the unmasking of his killer.

RIVERDALEDAZE is a new riverdale rpg set place after season one of the show. We will be opening following the season finale.

                              MAIN. ASK. APPLY. CHARACTERS. PLOT.


Settled into the small back of an Arizona mountainside lies the bustling township of Nothing. Not well known to br even a blip on a radar or a small dot on a map, the town of Nothing has remained perfectly separated from most of humanity for quite a long time. And for good reason.

The town of Nothing is not your average small town however. Quite the opposite. The city, from it’s desolate, barren outskirts to the neon-drenched downtown districts has taken on a life of it’s own. Like the time the buildings seemed to rearrange their position overnight. Or the time the depths of the lake glowed red. Or the time everyone woke to their cars hovering a foot above the ground. Things are strange. But they are manageable. Livable and beautiful. A true oasis in the middle of a barren wasteland.

And just beneath it…something is angry. Something is growing, waiting,……pulsing with an otherworldy power that has put everyone in town on edge. Determined to return their town to it’s once great merit, the old and new residents of Nothing, are trying to uncover the truth behind the strangeness and hopefully stop it before whatever it is swallows them whole.


nothing-rpg is a supernatural/town oc roleplay featuring a number of interesting skeleton bios as well. a group with a ‘lovecraftian meets lychian’ approach to it’s development. set in the small desert town of nothing, arizona that is teetering on the edge of being swallowed whole by a myriad of ancient horrors and unfathomable mystery. and we will be opening our doors to applicants come late october! check out the talk tag #NOTHINGTALKS for updates, inspiration, and potential character drops coming soon!




Wearing a standard late-war uniform, with the two-piece khaki battledress and striped t-shirt favored by elite units in the late war period, this trooper wears the old-style high boots and the newer combat cap, worn with or without red star cap badge. He is armed with a 5.45mm RPK-74 light machine gun, the standard Soviet squad automatic weapon. He is lightly equipped,but for extended dismounted operations could carry a large pack.


Showing an alternative uniform, this is the two-piece new camouflage pattern that was first seen in 1986, but became more common by 1988. Note that no rank or arms or service shoulder boards are worn in Afghanistan. The bush hat has been worn by the Soviet military in Afghanistan throughout the war. He is armed with a folding stock 5.45mm AKS-74 assault rifle with an image-intensifier passive sight. The boots are the short, laced types used in the late war period.


This shows a motorized rifle trooper going into close combat. He wears the older Soviet camouflage pattern KLMK overalls with hood worn down, but in the two-piece version common in the late war period. He wears standard Soviet body armor (although some of the pattern were seen in the last years of the war) and a chest pack for magazines- both standard items of equipment that either of the two paratroopers might use as well. His steel helmet is painted with a camouflage pattern. Some motorized rifle units - apparently those that had specialized air assault training - also wore paratrooper style striped t-shirts. He is armed with a folding-stock AKS-74 5.45mm assault rifle. He carries a folded RPG-1 R light anti-tank weapon, often used against Afghan fighting positions. RPO-A flame rockets were often carried in place of the RPG-18s.


In action, in this uniform, throughout the war, the Kabul regime’s infantry has often proven unreliable, but they are Afghans and no cowards, and would often fight long and hard. The 7.62mm AK-47, AKM, and AKMS are still standard infantry weapons. This is the summer field uniform. The winter uniform is similar, although in a darker Khaki. One-piece KLMK overalls arc often worn in action. In 1988-90, the Kabul regime acquired a great many Soviet items of equipment, both major weapons systems and uniform and equipment items.


The Soviets were providing airstrikes into Afghanistan before they committed their combat troops and there is evidence they continued to do so despite the withdrawal. This pilot is equipped with a version of the standard V-VS off-season flight suit, but printed in the new-pattern camouflage. He wears an old-style ZSh-3 flight helmet worn over an even older ShZ-61 communications helmet, which, in turn, is worn over a “surgical” style skullcap to prevent sweat dripping into the eyes. He will be armed a Makarov 9mm PM pistol as a personal weapon, on a waist holster.

(Ron Volstad for Concord Publishing)

anonymous asked:

This might be a doozy, but do you guys have a best guess for what century/age of the real world standard fantasy RPG's take place in? (I'm thinking DnD 3.5, Pathfinder, etc.)

As a general rule, D&D is extremely anachronistic. It’s also not one setting. Third Edition and 3.5 both default to Greyhawk, (which, Ironically isn’t a setting I’m incredibly familiar with), which offers technology ranging from the 9th century up through the 18th, depending on what best fits the feel they’re going for. This results in situations where you have sailing vessels designed for broadsiding in a setting without gunpowder, and armor that never existed in the real world.

As a result, you can’t really tie D&D down, and this is before you start looking at the other campaign settings. Forgotten Realms is the one most people probably think of as the default D&D setting (it’s not, but that doesn’t really matter.) There’s Dark Sun, where magic drains life from the world, and the resulting environment is a barren wasteland. There’s Dragonlance, where, unsurprisingly, Dragons are the biggest threat (usually), and the world outside of fortress settlements is barely civilized as a result (incidentally, this is another setting, I’m not that familiar with). There’s Ravenloft, where the entire world is splintered across various horror themed mini-planes. There’s Eberron (one of the newer settings), which has a magitech/steampunk aesthetic going on. There’s Birthright, which is explicitly pulling from 13th century knights, and fairytale chivalry (though, I honestly can’t remember much about this setting beyond that.) There’s Spelljammer, where people fly magical sailing ships between worlds (including, potentially any of the ones I’ve listed here.) There’s Planescape, where characters wander between universes, including any of the ones I listed above.

If you want a D&D setting I can pin down to a specific moment in history, the only ones that come to mind off hand are Urban Arcana, Dark Matter and Shadowchasers, but those are both from D20 Modern, and by default they’re set around 2002 (give or take a year.) (Strictly speaking, there’s some Dark Matter supplements from back in the 90s, so that setting is a little older, but it’s tenure as a D&D setting starts in 2002.)

And, honestly, that’s okay. Fantasy is rarely designed to mimic specific moments in history. As a genre, it owes a lot to both J. R. R. Tolkien and Robert E. Howard.

With Lord of the Rings, Tolkien was specifically pulling inspiration from the literary epics like Beowulf. He envisioned a forgotten version of Europe that existed in some forgotten dark age long before recorded history. The technology is an incoherent mix of different eras because, the idea goes, that much of this was lost, and then later rediscovered.

The result is: Middle Earth is usually read as a self contained world, with no relation to the real one. It’s treated as fantasy world, segregated from reality, rather than a piece of fiction that takes place in “the real world,” but this wasn’t Tolkien’s intent. Ironically, this actually sets Tolkien into a fairly small subgenre of fantasy, with series like Terry Brooks’ Shanara Chronicles, or Jack Vance’s Dying Earth (which became the basis for D&D’s spell casting system.)

Robert E. Howard just loved history. Really loved it. Apparently, to the point that he couldn’t pick a single favorite element, and simply grabbed pieces of whatever wasn’t nailed down. If you’ve never read the Conan stories from Howard, you really do owe it to yourself to take a look. More than Tolkien, Howard set the tone for modern Sword and Sorcery as a genre. So, while D&D inherits a lot of its ideas, like elves and dwarves from Tolkien, it looks to Howard, when the time comes to pick from a moment in history.

So the end result is a massive collection of anachronisms, and usually that’s acceptable. You have a fantasy setting, where different concerns gave rise to different technological priorities, and some of the things you take for granted in your daily lives just never happened.

It (sort of) makes sense that Forgotten Realms and Greyhawk don’t have firearms. Magic is very prevalent, to the point that convenient ranged weapons exist. Additionally, because of how gunpowder works, a single wizard or sorcerer could (theoretically) ignite your batteries with a stray fireball, which makes the entire idea of stockpiling powder a lot less appealing.

Of course, it’s also entirely possible you would have gunpowder in your setting. Warhammer pulls heavily from the 15th century Europe. Primitive firearms and all. Even with the danger of a Bright Wizard being able to detonate handgunner’s powder on a whim (or on accident).

The only times you’ll see serious criticism of D&D’s historical elements are when you try to do one of two things. Putting one of the campaign settings together into a coherent whole while accounting for the game’s rules and asking, “does this make sense?” No, the actual rules (particularly in 3rd and 4th edition) are designed to facilitate play for the party, and characters accelerate to godlike status (or outright godhood) with horrifying speed.

Or, when someone looks at individual technologies in a campaign setting and finds one that is dependent on a technology that never happened. For example: Forgotten Realms’ sailing ships, which are based on 17th century designs, which were heavily influenced by cannon fire.

When it comes to Pathfinder, I don’t know. What I’ve seen suggests it mixes 14th and 17th century technology together with gleeful abandon. I don’t know how fair that is, because I’ve never purchased or read a Pathfinder book or game.


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Here’s the thing: the go-to game for video game hcs is Mario Kart. Understandable; it’s amazing. But I personally love to play all kinds of video games, so sue me, I’m making a somewhat more detailed vg hc post:

•Kent loves rpgs (roleplay games). Particularly Fallout, Mass Effect, Dragon Age. Catch him sitting in the dark home alone on a Friday night, crying because his Hawke character romanced Fenris in Dragon Age 2 and Fenris just dumped Hawke and Kent’s like…he hasn’t been There, but he can relate to being in a situation where he was left by someone who cared about him in some way yet couldn’t stay for other reasons

•In fact, Jack’s also a fan, and who got Kent into gaming in the first place. A lot of RPGs have a LOT of lore, in game and out. Fallout especially, like- for those who don’t know, Fallout is a game that’s basically an au where WW3 and good old (US) Nationalism leads the world to nuclear warfare, and though it’s set in the future it’s got the aesthetic look and kinda feel of the retro past. It’s just really fun, and has its own history, and can be relaxing in a way? And Jack’s game tbh

•He hates sports games though. It’s like?? No, I know how to play golf, if I had moved like this it would’ve been a hole in one? Why are you telling me I lost? I didn’t lose??

•Really, none of them do well with sports games, but mostly just because they get Into It. It’s intense. And scary. “You don’t get between a man and his swing!” Holster booms, the second time someone is just trying to go about their business and is smacked in the arm with a Wii remote. And that’s not even to mention how none of them wear the wrist strap like you’re supposed to- that, plus sweaty palms from adrenaline= shit going flying, shit meaning Wii remotes, and into walls and things

•You know the GTA death screen that’s just like “WASTED” in red letters? Rans and Holster enlist Lardo’s help in making signs that say that in that same exact font, and for a while there whenever Nursey trips over himself or something they whip out the signs and hold them up to him

•Nobody really expects Chowder to like/be good at first person shooters like CoD or Halo or whatever, because he’s, y'know, !! sweet baby Chowder. But he’s really good, like almost scarily good? And Shitty’s just like, “That’s goalies for you man, I’m telling ya”

•Shitty’s a fan of flight simulators, partly (mostly) because he likes puns, and being able to say he’s “high in the skies” and nobody knowing if it’s a metaphor or not or both. He and Lardo bond over this

•Holster and Nursey get kicked from a lot of online game lobbies. CoD, The Last of Us, Destiny, you name it- if they’ve played it online, they’ve been kicked from a whole slew of lobbies. Why? Bc they’ve got headsets, and they really shouldn’t have headsets. Holster sings into his obnoxiously (“doesn’t anyone appreciate a nice serenade anymore?”) and Nursey sometimes composes terrible little poems/raps throwing shade at the other team (Yeah, that’s right, I’m stealing your flag/ you suck so bad, can’t even blame it on the lag/ Watch me come after your scraggly hide/ you’re gonna need a miracle to turn this tide.“)

supersheps submitted:

i saw dragons here’s a small fat dragon. it’s even transparent for your geocities website ~~supersheps

what a super cute dragon!! This chubby little charmer wouldn’t be out of place in an rpg, though I don’t think I would be able to bring myself to harm a single scale on their precious little head. Hopefully I could subdue them by squeezing their soft paunch until they blush too much to do battle.

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what is Off and why is my dash covered in it all of a sudden

Well, the answer to your second question is basically that I remembered how much I love OFF again and I’ve been going through the tags every couple of days to reblog and queue stuff. I really need to play it again…

The answer to your first question is that OFF is a nice game for cute children.

A slightly more in depth answer to your first question: OFF (game) is a 2007 RPG Maker Game made by French developer Mortis Ghost (that became weirdly popular on Tumblr around 2012-2013). It’s a nifty little surreal RPG that places you in control of a being called The Batter. It’s your job to guide him on his incredibly important mission to purify the world. He can’t do it without you. In the process of helping the Batter on his holy mission you solve puzzles, beat up ghosts to the tune of swing jazz, meet a cast of very odd characters, refuse to pet a cat, and watch video game tropes get deconstructed as you travel through a variety of colorful places that have fountains of meat and oceans of plastic. 

Also the sound track is wonderful.

Basically, if you played/enjoyed Undertale, you should play OFF because there’s very little doubt in my mind that Undertale didn’t take an inspiration or two from it

Or even if you didn’t like Undertale you should play OFF anyways because it’s awesome (and after you play OFF you should play the fangame HOME because hot damn. and then go drown in all of the other fangames. this fandom isn’t as dead as it looks) (…I still need to replay HOME too gdi)

i think it’s fucking absurd that paper mario, of all things, is becoming formulaic

toads only as NPCs with no new characters

an overworld map instead of a hub world with links to each different world

a main talking partner that ties into the theme of the game holy fuck

special items to solve puzzles for you (THIS FAN IS LITERALLY THE SAME THING FROM STICKER STAR LMAO)

and ultimately expendable items in place of an RPG, despite cards not even fitting into the color theme

it’s not like ttyd didn’t have a lot in common in the first game but this is the exact same lazy shit from the first game in contrast to coming up with entirely new worlds, partners, etc.


Vain’s 200 follower raffle!

thank you everyone for following & supporting me here on tumblr
I’m seriously surprised how fast I reached two fucking hundred follower ~ with all this bullshit on my blog…

win a drawing (character of your choice) by @lillieath (1st place) or a cool games (2nd-4th place)

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♦ there will be four winners choosen
1st place: drawing by @lillieath
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stop rp plagiarism 2k15 — the solution

After what happened yesterday and what was discussed, I believe I have found a solution to try and eradicate plagiarism in roleplay groups. I will be using it in my group that is in the works and hope you will to!

I have a no copy / paste code that I will be sharing to those who are interested, that prevents any text on your RPG’s main to be copied. That makes it a lot harder for someone to steal your players’ work. 

Then, the publishing of the apps, you ask? Well, if you post applications privately and link to them in the acceptance post, it won’t be able to be reblogged and then copied (thank you to my bby Jodie for the idea, she is amazing).

With this, for someone to steal someone else’s work, they’d have to copy it word by word, and I don’t see that happening so often.

If you / your co-admins are interested, hit me up or post on this tag and I can give you all the information needed to make the code work, plus a cute little banner (personalized with your roleplay’s colour scheme / fonts ) that you can add to your F.A.Q’s / disclaimer page / whatever you want to use it on.

The banner is below, and I hope you join us in the fight to make the roleplay community a safer place!