“The best description I can give, without spoiling too much, is that Cannon Busters is a modern take on something like Trigun, though tougher, meaner and more than a little brutal in places. It retains a good sense of humor though and that’s nice to see.

The whole pilot is fascinating to see, as it brilliantly merges a Western approach to narrative and characterization but places that within an anime framework. The result being something that feels altogether fresh but entirely natural.

I’ve been waiting for years to see this kind of creative collaboration between Japan and the West take place. Both sides need each other and I am happy to finally see that line of reasoning being embraced so thoroughly.

While the pilot is available to those who backed the crowdfunding campaign, something I haven’t been involved in, it’s not clear when the series will be made more widely available.

For now though, Cannon Busters offers a tentative glimpse at what a collaboration between Japanese and Western creative sensibilities could look like, and it’s something I definitely approve of.” - Forbes

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