I need to stop comparing myself to others…

i’m so excited i’m gonna cry a little i found a pair of my actual dream shoes (black leather steve madden troopas) in my size at a thrift store for $16.50 when they usually go for almost $100

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Prompt: Reinhardt and DVa bonding.

Local grandpa tries to beat starcraft champion granddaughter in game of his own choosing (in this case, mariokart).

Queen’s College, Oxford

It’s stopped snowing now, and at last the chilly sun has come out to greet us. Tomorrow, I’m heading back to Oxford just for a few days to see some friends. This lane here heads to the Provost’s house, the ‘beer garden’ and Little Drawda. I wonder if anyone outside of college would know what I was talking about. I wonder if that’s how you spell Little Drawda. 


A/N: The rebloggable mini-masterlist just for Mellifluous!

Byun Baekhyun/Hyeri (OC/Reader)

Mellifluous Ch. 1

Mellifluous Ch. 2

Mellifluous Ch. 3

Mellifluous Ch. 4

Mellifluous Ch. 5

Mellifluous Ch. 6 

Mellifluous Ch. 7 (Final)

Mochi Masterlist


Chippendale is a v. underrated part of sydney. Located in the midst of the creative/arts scene + surrounded by all the urban buzz, it somehow manages to remain fairly low-key. Sort of a gritty serenity, if you will.

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Do you have any head cannons about what a Daenyara x Quinn love child would look like? Presuming she forgave him after a certain "incident" that occurred because of a certain Sith?

Here’s an attempt at their eventual offspring. ^^ Dae’s dark eyes and Quinn’s dark hair, essentially. My headcanons regarding her are still somewhat open, but for now I call her Melyora. I might also make her an Imperial Agent, but we’ll see.