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Hi! Today all the reylo drama has made me realize I kind of want to look into shipping reylo. I'm mainly a fic person, tho. Do you know of a place I could go to get a few recommendations for some fics to start getting into it?

First off, I’m sorry your first experience with this fandom had to have been through crepegate™, lmao.

As far as fic recs, someone made a pretty extensive list today that sorted their favorite fics by genre/length, etc. I’ve read quite a number of stories on that list and I’ve really enjoyed them, so maybe give that a shot.

And here’s a some highly-regarded fics in the fandom (and some of my favorites) :

Interstellar Transmissions by LovelyThings & ricca_riot
FANTASTIC read. Probably the most popular fic in the fandom.
A Collision of Stars by dustoftheancients
Such an amazing fic. Really slow burn, amazing characterization, and fantastic storyline. It was SO engaging (and made me cry at a few points, ngl)
- Charcoal by luvkurai:
Modern AU. Kylo’s a dark, broody artist and Rey’s a student in college. Such an engaging and interesting fic.
- Honeymoon by LueurdeLaube
In-universe. Rey and Kylo decide to sleep together to resolve the tension between them, lmao. It’s an unfinished fic but it’s SO amazing. I love Rey and Kylo’s characterizations. I just really, really adore this fic.
- landscape with a blur of conquerors by diasterisms
An ongoing in-universe arranged marriage fic wherein Rey finds out that she’s heir to the throne of a galaxy sector called the Hapes Consortium. Beautiful, descriptive writing. It’s a slow burn full of UST.
People Will Say by ReyloTrashCompactor
Really fun fake!relationship fic. I love it so much. Rey’s agreed (at the request of Leia) to pretend to date Kylo Ben (post-redemption) to kind of ease other people in the Resistance into accepting him back into the fold.
Conscience and Unconciousness by pontmercy44
Another fake!relationship fic based on the movie While You Were Sleeping. Modern AU. Fantastic fic. Just so funny and endearing too. I love the characterizations of not only Rey and Kylo, but of Leia, Han, and Luke as well. Their family dynamic is just amazing in this. I laughed out loud so many times. And this fic kept me so engaged, I read the entire thing in one night.

A different reading of Twelve’s "love confession” in The Girl Who Died

Ashildr is dead. The Doctor is guilt-ridden. Clara tries to console him. He says he’s sick of losing people. And he turns to Clara and talks about her eyes, her kindness, her “never giving up to anger”* and then he shocks us by basically telling her he’s in love with her:

One day, the memory of that will hurt so much that I won’t be able to breathe, and I’ll do what I always do. I’ll get in my box and I’ll run and I’ll run, in case all the pain ever catches up. And every place I go, it will be there. 

Here’s something about this statement that gets overlooked, and I confess it never really registered at the time, or for a long time after.

We know now, of course, that Clara, not too many episodes after this, dies and the Doctor nearly tears down time to bring her back to life. So his statement here makes sense in retrospect as both foreshadowing and an indication (alongside “Before the Flood” which was a dry run for “Hell Bent”) that he’s willing to go to lengths to keep her safe.

But he’s not talking about Clara dying here. Yes, he stated his concern about her safety earlier in the episode when he invoked “duty of care” - that specific point, therefore, has already been made, so he’s not repeating it here. He’s not assuming that Clara will die. He’s assuming that Clara will, someday, simply leave him - like all of his companions eventually do (and he’s not talking about her staying with  him and dying of old age, either; he knows companions never stay with  him forever). But, instead of moving on has he’d always done before - even through his two-season-long mope after losing Rose, he still moved on and didn’t let it consume him - he is predicting that this companion, should she ever leave him (giving up travelling, finding another Danny, whatever) would leave him incapable of functioning and cause him to run away from the pain. What pain is he talking about here? The pain of her death? No, because he doesn’t know she’s going to die. He honestly cannot cope with the idea of Clara leaving him for any reason. (Hence the memory wipe being, realistically, the only option.) People who are BFFs don’t talk in these terms. There are really only two categories for this: family (see his response to losing Amy and Rory) and people in love.

So we tend to look at this scene with the benefit of knowing what comes later and we look upon it as foreshadowing the grief the raven ultimately brings. But, taken on its own, this is a totally unambiguous moment showing the Doctor,  his emotions bubbling to the surface over sacrificing Ashildr, letting his guard down and laying his cards on the table for Clara. The fact Clara appears either unwilling or unable to register what this man has just said - which supports the theory that, while she was in love with him all along, Clara never realized that Twelve was actually in love with her too until Hell Bent’s “duty of care” moment - is one of the tragedies of Series 9.

* This is how I’ve always heard that line, and it makes more sense than the Doctor talking about her anger as being something he’d remember.
SSLL Chapter 22
*You go Halloween Shopping with all of your skeleton friends.
By Organization for Transformative Works

Time to find out who picked what!

This chapter was a giant cluster with that many skeletons in one place.  I’m probably going to break up what I have planned for the next chapter into two parts so it’ll be easier for everyone to get a proper scene.  

Hope you guys enjoy the shenanigans!  <3

Someone throw out your theory about what is happening, please?

I have been spotted in my workplace when I am not there. Once, about 13 years ago, I actually saw MYSELF walk across a common area of my work place. I thought I was going bonkers but my co-worker saw the other me walk across the common area too and started speaking to the other me as she turned around to walk around the desk. She literally bumped into me and was  so frightened and surprised to see the real me standing behind her she had a panic attack. She saw the other me too! Neither one of us could explain it but we both described what the other me was wearing (which was what I was wearing that day). I made sure to never wear that tank top again. We decided to never speak of it again. BUT THEN….

Earlier this week a client was shuffling through some papers at my desk and was shocked to look up and find me sitting right in front of her. She got completely freaked out and was adamant that she saw me across the common area (the same place as last time other me was spotted). She won’t be around me now and she’s told the other clients there’s something wrong with me. 

A couple of years ago another client experienced the same thing but just accused me of being a mutant a la X-Men and laughed it off. She was with several other clients who were very uneasy about it until she laughed it off. They saw the same thing but luckily were easy enough to persuade. 

So what is going on? I’m not doing it on purpose. Any ideas? Explanations? Ideas? I’ve heard the doppelgänger theory but since the first time was over 13 years ago, I doubt it’s a death omen. Has anyone ever had a problem with splitting before? 

Please reblog if you think someone might have any ideas. This starting to freak people out and I don’t want to scare anyone. 

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Hi! Today all the reylo drama has made me realize I kind of want to look into shipping reylo. I'm mainly a fic person, tho. Do you know of a place I could go to get a few recommendations for some fics to start getting into it? Or do you have any recs?

hey anon! you can check out @reylofic for fic recs! 
i also recommend you to read these wonderful fics: 

  • What the Hell is Wrong with Kylo Ren? by Tuli_Azzameen 
  • Sky Marked Souls by AnonymousMink
  • Colorblind by belowtheprecipice
  • Nocturnal Studies And Other Peculiar Magic and Into the Lumos by WaterlilyRose (because harry potter AUs are the best)
  • Before The Saber Swings by WaterlilyRose (so so so angsty; the summary is literally “The night before his execution, Kylo Ren asks to see Rey.”)
  • Meet Me in the Grey by JJBattleX
  • We will always have Paris by Applesith
  • Still by Perry_Downing
  • Irresistible by HerSistersKeeper
  • At My Ends by no_more_hope

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So, walk me through our date, how will it go, how will it end? Will if be romantic?

Ok hear me out, I pick you up and we go to the drive in, I put like a buncha blankets and pillows and snacks in the back a my van so we can watch the movie and be comfy. Then we drive up to this place I go star gazing at sometime, the view is dope you can see like all of Maple Bay then BAM SURPRISE I brought you flowers and stuff wow look at me getting shit done bein romantic. We’ll chill up there for a bit before I bring you home like a gentleman.

You didnt hear this from me though

…please pretend to be surprised I am trying

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If you could travel anywhere in the world together as a group, where would you go??

Vernon: Hawaii ~~I think as long as it’s with my members it’ll be good no matter where I go. If anything out of all the places I want to go to Hawaii with my members.

버논: Hawaii~~멤버들과는 어디를 가도 좋을 듯해요. 그중에서도 하와이에 가서 멤버들과 함께 지내고 싶습니다.

You are tearing me inside out and I can’t stop it because I let you in the first place

250617 ; what i bring when i go out to study 

1. chargers (for all my electronic devices) 
this is so important for me, especially if i’m going to be studying for eight hours straight. i hate the frustration i feel when my devices (laptop!!!!) run out of battery because this totally throws me off my plans for the day, plus it’s always better to be safe than sorry!!

2. headphones / earphones 
these are absolutely essential while studying at a cafe (like starbucks, which i frequent). you never know, there could be screaming babies or loud conversations which none of us want to be listening to (it screws up your concentration) so listening to music helps 

3. oversized sweater of some sort
i love love love the feeling of warmth in a really cold place, and most places i go to study are cold anyway (starbucks, the library). you don’t want to be shivering while studying, you’d more likely be thinking of ways to get warmer instead of actually study, plus oversized sweaters are more comfy, so yes.

4. water bottle
this is pretty self-explanatory, i mean keeping hydrated detoxifies your body and keeps you healthy!!!!! h20 is important friends!!!!!! also bring some healthy snacks like berries or granola (my favourite study snacks) if you’re going to be studying for a long time.

5. notebook
or some loose leaf paper, depending on what i want to write my notes on. 

6. pencil case
i usually take with me at least two black pens (in case i drop one or one runs out of ink or some other mishap), a mechanical pencil, an eraser, markers / highlighters in whatever colour scheme my notes are going to be, a ruler, a black brush pen (usually the pentel fude sign pen), correction tape and occasionally, brush markers (i rarely bring these though, since i don’t really incorporate them in my notes) + any other materials i might need (eg. calculator for math etc)

7. laptop (or textbook)
this depends on where the notes to make my notes come from (did this make sense?). usually i bring both, since my teachers send slides, and the textbook is the main resource i use. 

8. bullet journal
i pretty much bring my bullet journal everywhere, so studying outside is not an exception. it’s nice to strike off things on my to-do list when i’m studying, and it makes the whole process a lot more bearable, since doing that makes me feel productive, and being productive makes me feel motivated (also if i need a break i like to work on my spreads with whatever materials i have!!!).

these are the main things i bring when i go out to study, sometimes i bring more, and sometimes less, it depends on what i want to do, but what’s pictured above is the most common! 

Lana Del Rey says Donald Trump helped shape her album ‘Lust For Life’ — and the world needs feminism more than ever.
The singer has returned to the world of music with her fourth studio album in five years.

By Jacqui Swift for The Sun (UK).

LANA DEL REY’s latest album glitters with an all-star cast.
On ‘Lust For Life,’ her most impressive album yet, Lana teams up with heavyweights such as The Weeknd, Stevie Nicks, Sean Ono Lennon and A$AP Rocky.

They are the first collaborations in her career so far, which spans five studio albums, including four in the past five years — an impressive work rate for the Los Angeles-based star.

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Getting closer and closer to buying my first place. Next year I’m going to post more content about smart investments, money management and how to get your foot on the property ladder. I’ve been around some really great people this year who have enlightened me and encouraged me to make smarter decisions. I made so many sacrifices this year and they’re all paying off. New mentors, meeting new people, doing new things has completely changed my life. I wanna share what I’ve learned, and will be doing so shortly. Fuck keeping it all to myself.

10x01 | The Pilot

Bill: Going anywhere for Christmas?
The Doctor: I never go anywhere.
Bill: That’s not true. You go places. I can tell. My mum always said with some people you can smell the wind in their clothes.
The Doctor: She sounds… nice.
Bill: She died when I was a baby.
The Doctor: If she died when you were a baby when did she say that?
Bill: In my head.

Female Chinese Adoptee in the US

Hi, I’m a female Chinese adoptee who spent more time with a foster mother than in the orphanage. I was adopted before I was half a year old by a white American single mother, and later raised by two white American parents once she married. I have a younger sister who is also adopted from China, but we aren’t blood related at all (yes people do ask me if we are). I grew up in a largely white portion of the south and went to religious schools with largely white populations (My mom did not adopt me from some misguided Christian white supremacist stance of saving me). I’m currently getting a degree in theater and film, so well thought out representation and minority stories are very important to me. Every adoption story is different, and as far as I can find, you only have the one POC profile on Chinese adoption and I wanted to give my point of view for variation.

I want to preface this by saying that my adoption has had a big impact on my life, but it is not my identity, and the impact it’s had isn’t something that I was consciously thinking about as it happened. It’s mainly as I’ve gotten older and looked back that I’ve realized how it has impacted certain aspects of my life. Growing up, my adoption isn’t something that was always on my mind, and it’s only through trying to better understand myself and who I identify as that I’ve come to analyze it more. Also sorry this is super long, I just wanted to be thorough.

Beauty Standards

Again, not something I consciously thought about when I was younger. Contrary to the popular stereotypes and fixations about Asian eyes, the shape of my eyes wasn’t something I thought about. What I was self-conscious about when I was a kid was how “flat” my face was, especially my nose. I felt like I didn’t have any definition, and because I didn’t grow up seeing many other Asian people or POC for that matter, I didn’t understand that different races had different facial structures. I just internally accepted that the caucasian facial structure was how people were supposed to look. I’ve since accepted the way I look, and while I don’t think I’m the hottest chick out there, I like the way I look.


When I was young, my mother enrolled me in Mandarin Classes and Chinese Culture classes/camps designed for Chinese adoptees to help me connect to my native culture and to surround me with other people like me. At one point I was even enrolled in a Chinese Fan Dance class if I remember correctly. I’m sure I had fun with some of them, just as I’m sure my attention span was short when I was a kid and that I got bored quickly. I didn’t have a problem with them at the time, but looking back I do remember feeling mildly annoyed with going to the events specifically for adopted kids because if felt like people just assumed we’d be friends because off of us shared the adoptee experience. I get that same feeling of annoyance when people to this day tell me “Oh, so and so is adopted from China too! You’d like her,” because I personally resent the idea that people assume my adoption is my identity and that alone is enough for me to connect with someone.

Identify Issues

I have always identified as a Chinese-American. My parents were always very honest with me about my adoption for as long as I can remember, so I was always somewhat aware that I was different. That being said, growing up surrounded by white people meant that the people I identified with where white, and there was a time in middle school where a teacher mentioned something about me being different in regards to my race (we were talking about casting for the school play). For a good 5 minutes I was confused about what she meant until I remembered that I was Chinese and not white like everyone else. That’s a moment that’s stuck with me throughout my life and I’ve always been a little ashamed of forgetting myself.

Recently I was asked if I identify as an immigrant, and I didn’t know how to answer. Technically I am one. At one point I had a green card and my mother had to fill out paperwork to make me a US citizen, so I don’t feel like I wasn’t an immigrant, but I also don’t identify with the typical image of immigrants. My story of finding my place in America isn’t the typical story of POC immigrants so I don’t necessarily feel solidarity with them. 

Within Asian Americans’, there’s been a stereotype about them being too Asian, but not Asian enough which is something I’ve also struggled with on both sides. In high school when I mispronounced pho, I was accused of being a “bad Asian” by a white friend, but when I was talking diversity politics with a teacher, my point of view was dismissed because she knew I was adopted so I was “basically white anyway.” While I do try to defer to the point of view of Asian immigrants and descendants of immigrants when it comes to certain topics and experiences, I also think it’s important for people to understand that when I interact with the majority of people, I am treated as an Asian woman. I live life as an Asian woman, not a white woman. Alternatively, because I grew up in such a white area, I admit that I grew up with a lot of internalized racism and have found myself judging mixed race Asians for the same thing from time to time though I am actively trying to unlearn that habit.

Honestly, as I get older and try to understand who I am more, the more confused I get over my identity. It’s still something I’m working to understand.


Outside of the Mandarin classes I went to briefly as a kid, I also took 3 semesters of Mandarin in college to fulfill my language requirement. I did actively choose to take Mandarin because I thought it was important for me to learn, not because of my culture, but because as an aspiring Chinese American actress, many breakdowns for roles require a knowledge of fluent Mandarin. I am not fluent. I fulfilled my requirement and haven’t pursued it any further as of yet. I might try again in the future.

Daily Struggles

Since turning roughly 18, whenever I go places with my parents, we’re typically asked if we want to split the check, but if my younger sister is with us, no one asks. I don’t know if it qualifies as a struggle, but it’s something I’ve noticed that biological parents and children don’t go through as much. I’ve also come to explain that I’m adopted when I’m talking about my childhood or my past. I do it partially to give context to whatever story I’m about to tell or for whatever I’m explaining. Ex: I’ve had to explain my background during a workshop when I wrote a paper on representation in media for Asian Americans because the people reading the paper didn’t know I was Asian American simply from the context of the personal experiences I presented in the paper and were guessing my race off of my white sounding name. I’ve also had to explain my background when another Asian American commented repeatedly that I “sound so white.” I’m also very open about the fact that I’m adopted if people ask because it’s not something I’m ashamed of, and I want to normalize the idea of adoption.

When I was only a couple years old there was a girl who made fun of me for being adopted. It’s one of my mom’s favorite stories, because rather than letting the girl get to me, I said something snarky in return, but I’m assuming that’s why I try to normalize the idea of adoption, because being adopted doesn’t make me any less of a person than someone who is still with their biological parents.

I also witnessed a lot of the Asian eye jokes, but curiously enough they were never directed at me. I guess that says something about the kind of environment I lived in, because when I said something to a boy drawing an “Asian smiley face” he looked stunned and was surprised that I was Asian. I guess this instance doesn’t have as much to do with adoption but is more of a comment on the stereotype about how Asians are supposed to look distorting the fact that we actually look like regular human beings and not caricatures.

Dating and Relationships and Home/Family Life/Friendships

I’m putting these two in the same category because my abandonment issues have had a similar impact on them. As a kid, I always hated leaving when we were visiting my out of state grandmother or whenever my mom would go on a work trip. I would cry and fuss, and even as an adult, I hate saying goodbye for a long period of time. Intellectually, I know I’ll see these people again, but emotionally I worry about what if? I also get really scared and start tearing up if my parents are late coming to pick me up from the airport when I come to visit. I worry about being left alone. And I want to emphasize that this isn’t a conscious, “Oh, I’m adopted, I’m worried I’m going to be abandoned again” type thing. So much of these feelings are internalized and subconscious. It’s just that fear of never seeing someone you care about again, and even though I’m a logical person who knows that they’re just late, I can’t override that fear.

I have never had a romantic relationship and I have a few close friends, but I’m not the life of the party. I’ve always been careful about forming connections with people and have even actively resisted it when I was younger and was going to camps or doing something where I’d only see these people for a small amount of time. I had the mentality of “It’s not worth it because I’ll never see them again,” and that’s another thing I’m trying to overcome, because I still don’t like making connections if I know they’re not going to last. For similar reasons, I’m also very bad at vocalizing my affections and feelings towards people. I’ve never liked letting people close, and there was a time when I was a teen where I even distanced myself from my family, and that’s a bridge I’m still trying to repair to this day.

My family has always been understanding of the fact that I’m dealing with a lot when it comes to understanding my adoption and my identity, but there are also some things that they don’t understand and it can be hard to talk to them about things like my cultural identity and growing up around tons of micro-aggressions that they’ve never had to deal with. 


The idea of who my real parents are. The idea of one set of parents being more valid than the other just seems fucked up to me, especially when it’s been posed to me as “So if they tell you to do something, do you ever just say, ‘No, you’re not my real parents, you can’t tell me what to do.’” My adopted parents are still my parents. I also think of my biological parents as my parents. I have never hated or resented my biological parents for giving me up nor have I ever used my adoptee status as an excuse to act out towards my adopted parents. While I do know about the One Child Policy, I don’t know the specific circumstances surrounding why I was given up for adoption. I don’t see the point in being angry about it without knowing the whole story, and I’ve come to terms with the fact that I may never know the whole story.

I also don’t feel particularly grateful towards my adopted parents or like I owe them anything for adopting me. Don’t get me wrong, I still love them, but I’m not actively trying to repay them for adopting me. I don’t owe them my life, they’re just my family.


I had a lot of self-esteem issues growing up, and they still persist today. They aren’t something I linked back to my abandonment issues until I sat down and talked to a therapist. I’ve always been a perfectionist to the point where I was never happy with anything I did, unless it was perfect. I literally never felt good enough. Part of the reason I distanced myself from my family is because I didn’t want to be a bother. Intellectually I knew I wasn’t going to be abandoned again, but I still felt like I had to be as good as I could possibly be to make sure. This is another one of those things that was never consciously thought about, it’s just how things were. I didn’t feel like I or whatever issues I was having was worth the trouble of bothering people, especially my parents, so I just didn’t, and had a habit of keeping a lot of things bottled up inside without telling anyone*. It’s another thing I’m also currently working to better my perception of myself.

*Just because I was trying to be a good kid and didn’t vocalize affection much does not act as an excuse for writing a submissive, emotionally stunted stereotype of a Chinese Adoptee. I am also snarky and sarcastic and opinionated and outgoing with my friends.

Things I’d like to see less of

Stop using adoptees in the abortion argument in general, especially if you don’t understand the adoption process or the issues adoptees face. Stop asking me to choose who my real parents are. It also bothers me the way people romanticize adoption, even if it’s people in various fandoms goofing around. People who adopt are not saints. Fandoms who make light of adoption and squee about wanting to adopt a character or wanting one character to adopt another makes light of a whole situation. Adoption is a great thing. It’s great for kids without families to get a family, but it’s also a painful thing for the kid, because a kid needing to be adopted means that they’ve also lost a family at a young age. Please be sensitive of that. Don’t romanticize adoption. People trying to empathize with those internalized feelings of abandonment and mistrust when they don’t have the same or similar experiences. Other people are allowed to feel those things, but please understand that the degree of what we feel is immense. From a personal perspective, when people try to do that, it feels like they’re making light of what I feel.

Things I’d like to see more of

Just normalizing the idea of adoption and understanding the good and the bad. Adoption stories in media that don’t hinge on the angsty, rebellious adoptee being angry at their adoptive parents. Stories that give adoptees identities outside of their being adopted. Understand that all adoptees are not the same. We all have different experiences based on race, religion, the region we’ve been adopted into, the kind of parents we have. There are so many variables that make up who we are.

5 A.M. on the Starblaster
  • Barry: If the hunger devored me, would it inherit the depression and anxiety? Would the hunger lay in bed not able to get up?? Would it cry just from seeing a baby animal?? Would it have insomnia?? Would it be super anxious for social interactions?! What about getting anxious about a fricken math test?! Rehearsing lines it'll say before getting to be next in line at a fast food place?!? I NEED ANSWERS!
  • Lup: go the fuck to sleep.
The Train - Part Three

Pairing: Y/N and Harry

Word Count: 4500

Prompt: Y/N walks in, and Harry notices she’s wearing yellow again, this time it’s a yellow sweater with a pair of dark skinny jeans and brown ankle boots, her hair is pulled back into a pony tail with a white scrunchie with little smiling suns and he swears that he has to squint to look at her. “Oh! I know you-you’re the guy from the train,” Y/N beams, “Harry, right?” she sets down the tray of muffins.

“I didn’t tell you my name,” Harry snaps.

Y/N pouts, “well yeah, but I’m also not stupid,” she says.

“Are you joining us today Harry?” the man asked, “I’m Seth, I run the group.”

“Why else would I fucking be here,” Harry grumbled.

Y/N grabs a muffin, ignoring Harry’s sour attitude, “here, they’re made with love,” she smiled, holding out the blueberry muffin.

“Fuck off,” Harry says. He watches as her smile fades and the glint in her eyes seems to disappear, for a split second Harry feels like a dick, but then he realizes he doesn’t care and Y/N should just shove the muffin up her ass.

Part one Part Two

Y/N was fifteen when she first realized that what she felt wasn’t normal.

Y/N grew up in a big family, and she was the middle child, so no one really focused in on her. Her parents focused on getting her older siblings into college and the youngest what they needed, forgetting about Y/N. It seemed like she was invisible in her house hold, and she knew it. It had taken her parents a little over two weeks to realize Y/N ran away one summer. Y/N got away with a lot, since no one bothered to ask how she was feeling.

When Y/N turned seventeen she got her first job, and with her money she bought everything in the color yellow. Y/N hated the color yellow, but yellow meant happiness and she had convinced herself that if she wore it enough, looked at it enough, she would be as happy as the sun.

Y/N hated the way she felt, and she wanted no one to ever feel the way she felt. So she tried helping others, baking for them, laughing with them, taking them out, spending time with them, anything she could to make them feel happy. She believed if they were happy, if she could make others happy, she would eventually become happy herself, but it didn’t work that way.

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  • Kise: For your information, most people who meet me do not know that I am gay.
  • Aomine: Kise, blind and deaf people know you're gay.
  • Kise:
  • Aomine: Dead people know you're gay.
  • Kise: Kurokocchi, when you first met me, did you know I was gay?
  • Kuroko: My dog knew.