Queen’s College, Oxford

It’s stopped snowing now, and at last the chilly sun has come out to greet us. Tomorrow, I’m heading back to Oxford just for a few days to see some friends. This lane here heads to the Provost’s house, the ‘beer garden’ and Little Drawda. I wonder if anyone outside of college would know what I was talking about. I wonder if that’s how you spell Little Drawda. 




Chippendale is a v. underrated part of sydney. Located in the midst of the creative/arts scene + surrounded by all the urban buzz, it somehow manages to remain fairly low-key. Sort of a gritty serenity, if you will.

anonymous asked:

Is this blog in like a hiatus or like done ?? :(

About that… I know you’re all probably getting tired of me apologizing profusely for being inactive. The first couple weeks of this month were busy for me, and now school is back of course, but school also gives me a bump in productivity, and the good news is it looks like none of my classes are gonna require much homework (thank. god.)

I also have to mention that I’ve only recently been able to download season 3, so that really hindered my activities on this blog. I still have some episodes to get through but that’s what I’m doing right now!

Things will pick up again soon I promise. I’ll queue some asks tonight!

- Mod Sparky


“are you…scrapbooking?”

yoongi ignores jungkook’s question in favor of adhering the next photo down with the godsend that is the invention of double-sided tape. as far as he’s concerned, the boy has no right to sound so simultaneously incredulous and adoring. it does things to yoongi; slams his heart upside-down with no respect for one, makes him lose his normally silver tongue for another. the list goes on. he’s got half a mind to tell him as much when warm hands curve down against yoongi’s shoulders and a nose presses deep against the crown of his hair. 

“all the fancy photos we took and you use our instax snaps.”

“but they’re your favorite,” yoongi says without missing a beat.

jungkook laughs into yoongi’s hair and settles behind him to hook his chin on his shoulder, hands slipping around his waist instead, murmurs, “yeah.”

they actually are.

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