places you would rather be

Concept: the sun shines brightly through the sheer curtains, my bare legs drape across yours as you tune your guitar. A book hangs loosely in my hands as I read to you quietly. Our hair is messy and your smile is sleepy as you tug on the strings of your guitar. I decide that there’s no place I would rather be, while looking at you.



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Warnings: minor swearing.

The only thing that you needed right now was a hug. But could you get one? No. You had an endless list of places you would rather be. You did not like this forensic conference. Normally, you enjoyed your job but the last few months had been hard. Firstly, you had received a promotion that everyone was dying to get so it was understandable that people would be jealous. However, people gave you dirty looks constantly and you was sure that people were speaking about you behind your back. Some gave you horrible comments to your face. You often worked closely with Molly Hooper however she wasn’t in the meeting. She was on holiday. You had massive amounts of paperwork or just work in general and you often found yourself doing other people’s. You were sick of it.



You were all gathered round a table while your boss was at the front giving the presentation. You longed to be in Sherlock’s arms however you knew that would not happen. He was always to engrossed in his work and often felt like he didn’t need any company. You knew that dating Sherlock would mean that there wasn’t a lot of physical affection but you did want it occasionally. You knew he wouldn’t understand though so you didn’t mention it. He probably wouldn’t listen anyway. Your boss was droning on about work ethic, the new technology that would be used, etcetera. You felt isolated. Apart from your boss, no one else liked you in that room. You missed Molly. She was normally sat next to you keeping you sane. It was killing you.



Time seemed to have slowed down and you found yourself staring at the clock more frequently as you began to become desperate to leave. It appeared that everyone else became bored as well as they brought their attention to you. Like per usual, you began to get glares from them and you could hear whispers when your boss was not paying attention. Normally, you could deal with it but some days it just really hurt. Today was one of those days. You’d bottled it up all day so when the meeting finally ended, you excused yourself from a conversation with your boss and ran to the bathroom where you balled your eyes out. Luckily, no one else was in there to hear you cry. After wiping your tears away, you left. The bad day didn’t end there. Some of the tube lines were closed for maintenance so you got the bus as you knew the Underground would be packed. You waited for the bus but your oyster card had no money on once you finally got on the bus so you ended up walking a long way back to Baker Street. It began to rain and you didn’t bring a coat considering it had been a warm summer day. You hadn’t brought an umbrella either because you’d been so busy that you didn’t see the recent weather warnings. It was rush hour so the streets were jam packed. You shoes were not fit for walking longer distances so your feet were killing you. You just wanted to be home.



Sherlock just glanced over at you before returning to his violin when you walked in. This really annoyed you but you knew it was best not to argue. You dried off and changed in your pyjamas. You walked back into the living room.

You opened your mouth to speak but Sherlock spoke before you did. “No,” He said. “I won’t hug you. I’m too busy.”

You predicted he’d say something like that. “Well it would be nice if you cared for once.”

“I do. I’m just busy.”

“Well you don’t look like it.”

“I am. I don’t always have to hug you when you ask.”

“I never ask!” You exploded. You were letting all of your anger out as rage built up inside you. “It’s just a cuddle and you hardly ever show physical affection! I know you don’t like it much but it would be nice for once. You never take my feelings into consideration anyway! You’re always stuck up your own arse and your work always comes first. My day has been shit but you don’t care! You’ve probably noticed that I’ve come home from work upset for the last three months, because you are Sherlock fucking Holmes, but have you asked me about it? No. Would you listen if I told you? No! But do I listen to all your rants over petty things like John occasionally not listening to you? Yes! I never ask for anything off of you so just a hug would be nice!” You stormed into your shared bedroom before he could reply. You threw yourself down onto the bed and laid on your side. After the events of the today, you needed a rest.



Around ten minutes later, you felt a weight next to you on the bed and arms wrapping around you. The body then pressed itself close to you.

“I’m sorry,” Sherlock mumbled.

You sighed. “Just because I yelled at you-”

“No I’m not hugging you out of sympathy. I want to. I genuinely am sorry.”

“I can’t believe that the famous Sherlock Holmes is apologising.” You smiled.

“Don’t take it for granted.” He sighed. “I do listen to you and I definitely noticed you had been upset. I deduced that your co-workers (with the exception of Molly) had upset you so I went and spoke to them about it. They obviously ignored me. I was going to ask again however I did not want to pry into your business as you scolded me about that beforehand.”

“I’m sorry for yelling.”

“I don’t mind." You fell asleep in his arms peacefully and he fell asleep soon after. You may not be the most perfect couple but who cares about perfection?


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you’re the ocean, viciously appealing and never ending. the deepest part of you will always be the most dangerous, and I will brave it every day. I cannot swim. you are unaware that I will drown in you, I will let myself drown in you. there is no place I would rather be than sinking down, surrounded by you on all sides.


“Scott, can you put the star on top? I’m not tall enough.” Lydia said, smiling as Scott took the star from her. 

“Malia, you can’t do that-” Stiles struggled and tried to keep Malia at bay.

You and Kira were sitting on the couch, giggling as you watched the scenes in front of you unfold.

And You looked around, at your friends. At your pack.

And as you smelled the Christmas tree, you realize there was no other place you would rather be.

Clothes Ask
  • Leather Jackets: Which place would you rather visit at night: drive-in theater, neon laser tag, old arcade, or pastel diner?
  • Boyfriend Jeans: Do you prefer to explore old houses or the woods?
  • Trucker Caps: Do you like podcasts or music better?
  • Crop Top: Are you body confident?
  • Vans: What sports have you played?
  • Choker: Strange birthmarks?
  • Bomber Jacket: How do you believe you come off?
  • Sweater: Who would you want to be trapped with during a winter snowstorm?
  • Beanie: Would you consider your hair a mess?
  • Crystal Necklace: Who was your first crush?
  • Plaid Shirt: How do you wear your button ups?
  • Skinny Jeans: What anime and/or book archetype are you?
  • Tank Top: Are you warm or cold more often?
  • Sunglasses: Do you wear glasses, sunglasses, or eye make up?
  • Sundress: What's your formal wear?
  • Knee Socks: How would you dress if you felt like nothing was off limits?
  • Baseball Tee: Do you blush more when embarrassed or complimented?
  • Converse: Do you personalize your stuff (Purses, workspace, folders)?
  • Hair Bands: Anything you've adapted in to your schedule that doesn't need to be there?

God, keep wrecking me. and by wrecking I mean- deepening my faith in ways that rock me off my feet and stability. break me if it means I get to know You and Your character more. humble me and tear me apart so that You might piece me together in grace and truth. it’s painful and I find myself on my knees, but if that’s where You would have me, there’s no place I’d rather be.

Percy sketch! Just a few hours to go until (hopefully) Vox Machina kicks some dragon ass or (probably) they all end up dead. I mean, what thought process gets you to the conclusion that going inside a dragon is a good idea? That’s where those things would rather have you in the first place. You gotta love these guys.

“People don’t really change. They just peel back layers, and you see what they’re really like.”

Duchovny is sitting on the stairs outside the X-Files set, drinking wheatgrass extract, a “purifying” liquid resembling antifreeze. He is talking about how he is finally ready for a family.

“It’s the first time. I never wanted one before. I didn’t’ even want my own. But now I’ve taken my ticket. I’m in line. I know in my heart it’s not bullshit. I want to feather the nest.”

With whom, he won’t say. Getting Duchovny to talk about love is like trying to pry open an oyster with a Popsicle stick.

“I had an adviser in graduate school who said, ‘Would you rather go one place with a hundred women or a hundred places with one woman?’ And I said, "how about thirty-three places with three women?’ Now I realize that’s what happens. You go to the same place again and again, and it’s fruitless. So I’d rather go a hundred places with one woman.

David Duchovny, GQ Magazine, January 1997

high sex with luke

Warning: explicit sexual content
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In the entire country, in the entire world, in the entire universe, there was no place that you would rather be than sitting where you were, sitting on the floor of your boyfriend’s bedroom with a half-full plate of brownies and the greatest hits of Hall and Oates album playing in the background.

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ok so here’s the deal: once I finish posting “we’re not friends” I’m tossing around the idea of starting to post another one of my (incomplete) WIPs. the most likely candidates, because they’re the ones with the most written, are the slavery AU (Tear My Castle Down) or the halfway house AU (Steve Rogers’ Halfway House for Notorious Killers). 

so I have a few questions for you, dear readers - and I am looking for a response on this one - 

  • a) would you want to see another WIP start posting, even if the updates are (as you have seen) slow?
  • b) if yes, which would you be interested in seeing take that place?
  • c) or would you rather I leave things with Life In Reverse my only currently posting WIP and just post other things as I complete them?

soliciting responses!

Questions     By: Y. Black

If I told you id walk 1000 and 1 miles to find your love

Would you believe me?

Or would my blistered soles be my testimony?

If I told you my love for you knows no end

Could you take it at face value?

Or would you let me wander in this vast field aimlessly amiss?

If I told you that you’re constantly on my mind

Would you process it?

Or would thoughts of me thinking of you be superseded by trivial things?

If I told you I’m happiest when you’re near

Would you step closer to me?

Or would you ponder a million other places you’d rather be?

If I told you I desired to meet you where you wanted to be met

Would you accept my words?

Or would you position yourself to be out of reach?

If I told you I wanted to give you my all

Would your love be a pillar for mine?

Or would you let my love crumble and fall?

If I confessed all these things to you

Would I have your full undivided?

Or will my passion fall upon deaf ears and a cold heart?


The metaphorical clock in between the two of them had apparently run out, it had been only a matter of when and where the two would make the emotions behind their visits tangible. From what he had gathered it wouldn’t be long, so it was no surprise when the two of them found themselves close enough – only to grow closer with each second before kissing each other. It had been a while since he felt this way for another, and there was no doubt in his mind she could share that sentiment. A gentle pair of hands made it’s way to the woman’s waist, tastefully of course but desperately none the less. 

Hello from the other side | Open

“Excuse-” One more walked right past her. “Sorry-” Another one barley threw her a second glance. “Hello? Can I please make that phone call now?” Whitney inquired, finally, as an officer halted outside the interrogation room she was placed in. The man in his forties looked her over then nodded once. He walked over and unlocked her cuffs, and she tried not to wince as the metal loosened from her wrists. “Come this way miss.” Ignoring the pit in her stomach the girl rose and followed. The police station was buzzing with people, coming and going, tying, calling and talking. There were about a million places, bars and crowded places included, that Whitney would rather be in. Thought you reaped what you’d sowed. That she was here was no ones fault but her own. Tension returned to her entire posture as she was shown an old school phone and told to call whomever she needed to come pick her up. Sinking down into the chair beside the device she was tempted to put her head between her legs. Her breathing increasing, her body and hands shaking. What the hell did she say? Who did she call? No matter what she was fucked, in for lectures and disappointed faces and angry words. Steeling herself Whitney picked up the phone and started punching in numbers. Her grip on the phone so hard the plastic dug into her palm. “H-Hello? Its Whitney.. uhm.. could you please come pick me up? I’m.. I’m at the police station.” 

anonymous asked:

13. list your top 5 favourite turtle names.15. are there any names that you dislike so much that you would dislike the person with the name? what are those names? 42. whats the weirdest thing that you've seen happen in a public place? 19. would you rather be a skeleton or a ghost?

13. Turtle names? Was this…actually on that list? What a strange question. My impulse answer is to say the Ninja Turtles, which I didn’t actually watch as a child. There were five of them, yes?

15. Disliked names? I’m struggling to think of names I dislike that strongly, and most I imagine would be because of personal experiences with people sharing that name. And as a teacher, I see so many names each new academic term that the negative connotations don’t linger very longer.

42. Weirdest thing I’ve seen in public? I’ll exclude anything I’ve seen at anime conventions…and sporting events. I do have one instance in which I was part of the weird thing:

Once, a few years ago, my favorite baseball team was vying for a place in the World Series. I was watching the game from my office before a class, and it went into an extra inning. Eventually I had to leave to make it to class on time, incessantly refreshing my sports mobile app to see if my team had gotten the final out.

As I hurried along, I passed a gentleman in a tailored suit and oxfords, carrying a briefcase…and wearing a pair of radio headphones. I knew immediately he was must be listening to the game (those headphones are rather uncommon these days), and as we approached each other in opposite directions, he yelled a very loud, “Yes!”

I stopped short, impossible for me to resist asking him for the details my mobile wouldn’t give; he looked at me, saw the team shirt I wore under my blazer, and immediately offered me an enthusiastic high-five, thus confirming my team’s place in post-season history, and allowing me to sprint to my classroom.

The entire incident was only a minute or so, but evidently was strange enough that I overheard students nearby talking about it as I hurried off, but I was entirely too pleased to be the slightest bit embarrassed by any of it. To this day I have no idea who that gentleman was, but the memory remains a very happy one.

‘I’ll speak to my father about returning you to Tarth, if it pleases you,’ he told her. ‘Or if you would rather stay, I could perchance find some place for you at court.’ ‘As a lady companion to the queen?’ she said dully. Jaime remembered the sight of her in that pink satin gown, and tried not to imagine what his sister might say of such a companion. ‘Perhaps a post with the City Watch…’ ‘I will not serve with oathbreakers and murderers.’ Then why did you ever bother putting on a sword? he might  have said, but he bit back the words. ‘As you will, Brienne.

Jaime VII, A Storm of Swords.

As a JB-shipper, I have to not only find it lovely how he finds himself comforting her despite his mental bitching, just like he bites down the mean comments, but also that one of the ‘options’ Jaime offers Brienne at this point is to stay closeby, with a post with the City Watch.

(¬‿¬ )