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What are in your opinion the most beautiful places/sights one has to visit when in Paris?

Notre-Dame at dusk, the booksellers on the quays of the Seine, the Nympheas cycle at the Musée de l’Orangerie, the Musée d’Orsay and the Louvres, the Latin Quarter, the Place des Vosges and its art galleries, the (clandestine) catacombs, the Lady and the Unicorn at the Museum of the Middle-Ages, the Tour Eiffel sparkling by night, the Sacré-Coeur, the antiquaries, Klein’s Blue Anthropophagia at the Pompidou Centre, Monet’s garden in Giverny in the spring, Versailles Palace in the winter.

I don’t want to be stuck in one place. I want to visit Greece during the Summer and Paris when it’s snowing. I want to see Rome and visit the Sistine Chapel. I want to sail the coast of Italy on a beautiful sunny day. I want to be that skinny pretty girl who takes pictures and documents her adventures. I want to live life to the fullest.
Tell You Everything

Request: Can you please do an imagine with Rip Hunter where he’s in love with the reader because she’s the only one who listens to him and make sure he’s okay and also because she can pretty shy sometimes

A/N: Yes! So sorry this took so long, these past few days I’ve been working clopen and work has kept busy and tired. But I finally got it done! I hope you like it! This guy needs more love on here tbh.

Pairing: Rip Hunter x Fem!Reader

Words: 783

Summary: Rip had to tell her how he felt about her. He had it all planned out and dammit he was gonna do it. But what happens when (Y/N) confesses her feelings for someone else? 

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“Le Mur”

I have no idea how this happened but I ran into @radsity‘s wonderful art of Graffiti-Tracer and got Inspired

Amélie had to remind herself when she traveled to not compare the places she visited with Paris. it wouldn’t be fair, otherwise. 

Getting lost for the umpteenth time in the tangled streets of London, she was feeling less than charitable. Paris had gotten their act together and rebuilt the city into an orderly grid. One wrong turn in London and Amélie was hopelessly lost in narrow, winding streets. Even following directions on her phone felt like going deeper into the labyrinth.

She wasn’t exactly sure when the road had transitioned from asphalt to cobblestone. The buildings pressed claustrophobically close like an ambitious alleyway. It was scarcely wide enough for anything larger than a compact to drive through. Honestly, this whole city was positively medieval

Somehow in a city of millions she’d found herself alone. Her heels clicked rhythmically on old, crooked stone, echoing down the quiet street. The phone insisted a route forward- Amélie saw the time and swore. She quickened her pace as fast as her designer shoes would allow, going past full rubbish bins waiting for pickup. 

On one wall, next to an outdated advertisement, a signature drawn from sharp lines in garish orange, trails sliding down where the paint had dripped. 

TRACER’ the masterpiece proclaimed.  Amélie snorted. Even the graffiti was better in Paris.

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*gasp* thank you :D If you haven't done it, hcs: Gaara on honeymoon travels.


•Gaara loves the Suna, so he doesn’t necessarily require that they leave for the honeymoon, but if his s/o wants to leave, then that’s fine with him. It just can’t be to somewhere too far since he’s still Kazekage, and he doesn’t have a large time frame to be missing out on work

•To be honest I feel like Naruto would go crazy for Gaara’s wedding and be so excited that he’d offer to ‘hook him up’ at a nice inn in the Land of Fire, preferably near Konoha. And Gaara wouldn’t mind. The Land of Fire is beautiful so it’s a good place for a honeymoon

•A nice little inn is probably the best place for a honeymoon in Gaara’s mind. He and his s/o are catered to by the owners and can enjoy the hot springs together. It’s just relaxing, and Gaara needs a relaxing honeymoon above all

•If you mean in a Modern AU then it’s also up to Gaara’s s/o. He’s really not picky, and would rather them pick their dream honeymoon and be happy with it. If it was completely up to him though, Gaara likes unconventional places. He’d be happy renting a little cabin out in the woods somewhere and spending his honeymoon there

•Beaches and tropical destinations don’t always wow him, since the heat and the sand is what he’s grown up with. He might also like a very tour-based honeymoon? Like a trip through Europe, visiting places like Paris and London, etc. Just imagine Gaara’s s/o taking cute pictures of him standing awkwardly next to the Eiffel tower or something. So cute

•Pictures would probably be a huge part of honeymoon travels for Gaara. He’s not really a guy who enjoys pictures being taken of him, but he finds that his s/o wants to snap the memories, so he’s fine with it. He’ll probably enjoy looking through all the pictures he has at the end of the trip and pick his favorite one to keep in his wallet or in his office

My Favourite Spots in Paris

Coucou tout le monde! Today I decided that I’d like to share with you all my favourite places to go and visit whilst in Paris. Some of them are off the beaten track, and most of them are free or cost very little to enjoy, so are great if you want a real, yet cost effective, experience of the city. So, without further ado, the list!

• Petit Palais - Opposite the slightly more glorified Grand Palais, the Museum of Beautiful Art is an under appreciated gold mine. The aesthetic throughout is pastel, with the ceilings painted in gold leaf and angels. The statues and paintings there are some of my favourites, and inside the centre of the Palais is a tiny oasis where you can get an inexpensive coffee and Caesar salad from the on-site café and enjoy the atmosphere. Entry is free unless you want to attend a specific exhibit.

• Bois de Vincennes - a public park on the outskirts of the city, this is one of my favourite parks to explore. It has two islands in the centre of the lake with peacocks, swans and other exciting birds. Boats are rented out in the summer, and there’s even a Buddhist temple on site that sometimes allows visitors. The zoo is right next door, as is the Museum of Immigration.

• La Marais - Whilst not technically a specific location, this entire arrondisement is a haven of cool and quirky shops. It’s got a heavy Jewish population, as well as a thriving LGBT scene. It’s home of the Notre Dame, a cat café, Amorino ice cream, and some of the best falafel shops in the city.

• Rue Crémieux - This residential street is extremely aesthetic, and is where I had my favourite photo shoot taken. All of the houses are painted in bright colours, with murals adorning the walls. However, some houses have signs requesting you don’t photograph them, so please be mindful of the residents.

• Pont Neuf - Whilst not as glamorous as Pont Alexandre III, Pont Neuf is great in its own right. Despite its name, it is actually the oldest bridge in Paris, and is a perfect place to have a picnic with your friends in summer.

• Opéra Garnier - Whilst I’ve never been to an actual show here (tickets for the ballet tend to be at a starting price of 100 €), the Opéra allows you to visit for 11 €. It’s decadent inside, and reminds me of a condensed version of Versailles. Plus, it’s fun to pretend you’re BoBo from time to time.

I’ll update the list as I go, but for now I hope you like these spots.


Ellie x

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Is it too self indulgent to ask for chlonette yoi au?

“Oh, this reminds me of those little micro apartments in New York City that I stayed at with a friend while I was in the states. It’s so itty bitty but it’s strangely charming. Is there a couch?”

Marinette slammed down the final box of Chloe’s luggage – box 49 out of 49 – and sat on top of it as she tried to catch her breath. “No. There’s no couch.”

“Hm. A television? Portable A/C? A vanity mirror so I can do my makeup?”


Chloe pouted and looked about the room with her hands on her hips. “That’s annoying. Oh well. I guess it’ll do.”

Marinette started to pick her hair up, wincing at how sweaty the back of her neck felt after climbing all of those stairs. “We really don’t have any spare rooms in our apartment so you’re going to just have to bunk in my room for now. It was either this or sticking you on the couch.”

Chloe tipped her head and chuckled. “You look a little annoyed. Don’t worry! You can pay me my coaching fees after you win the Grand Prix. I’ll bill you later.”

“Wonderful,” Marinette grumbled, glaring at her through her bangs. “Your charity and consideration are truly breathtaking…”

“Oh well, I try my hardest,” Chloe smiled, not picking up on Marinette’s sarcasm as she kicked off the house slippers that Marinette’s mother had given her. “It’s difficult, but papa always says it’s important to put up a good facade for the public.”

Marinette rolled her eyes and started to push some of the boxes to the side to make room for the futon that her mother was going to bring up for Chloe to sleep on later. She wondered if all of Chloe’s fans were aware of how downright vapid she sounded or if this was something that only Marinette had the privilege to see now that Chloe was going to be her coach through this season. “Well. You might have to finish unpacking tomorrow, but maman will have that bed for you in a bit.”

“Oh don’t worry about that darling,” Chloe waved away. “It gives us time to chat for a little bit before bed.”

Marinette frowned. “I’m a little tired actually. I thought I could get a good night’s rest so that I’ll be ready for practice tomorrow.”

“You’re so anxious,” Chloe chuckled, crawling closer to where Marinette was sitting in the middle of the floor. “It’s not that late. Besides, if I’m going to coach you, we should try to learn a little bit about each other, hm?”

Marinette blinked when Chloe was suddenly directly in front of her, her face leaning in so that it was only a few inches away from Marinette’s face. She blinked at Chloe’s sharp little smirk and felt her mouth go dry. “U-Uh. There’s not really that much to tell.”

“Nonsense,” Chloe waved away. “I’ve only seen a few of your competitions and that’s hardly enough information about you, especially as your esteemed coach. We need to get a little bit more intimate than that.”

Chloe’s manicured finger tapped the bottom of Marinette’s chin and tilted it up until she couldn’t possibly tear her gaze away from Chloe’s. “We’re going to be staying here together for a while, right? So I have time to learn everything about you. It’s important if I’m going to help you win the Grand Prix you know.”

Marinette gulped when she felt Chloe’s nails gently drag their way up and down Marinette’s cheek. Marinette wasn’t sure if she wanted to melt against the touch or scramble away against the wall until there was as much space between them as possible. “I-I, uh….don’t know what you…ahem. What you want to know.”

“Everything,” Chloe smiled, her voice low and smooth. “I want to know the kind of rink you skate at, all your favorite places that you like to visit in Paris, what you do for fun.” Chloe bit her bottom lip shyly and stared at Marinette through her long eyelashes while her other hand danced down Marinette’s arm and rested on top of her hand. “If there’s a girl that you like.”

Chloe was so close that Marinette could feel her exhales against her lips, and all Marinette could do was sit there and feel her body tremble and her face grow hot. “We really should build up a little trust in our relationship before we start practicing, hm?” Chloe asked. “Besides, it’s rather hard to be rooming with a pretty little thing like you and not want to get to know her a little better.”

The moment Chloe licked her lips and moved her face a touch closer, Marinette panicked, let out a small squeak, and rolled off to the side until she was able to duck away from CHloe’s advances. She quickly hopped up on her feet and laughed harder than she meant to. “Wow! Uh! Maman’s sure taking a long time to find that futon! I’m going to go down and help her while you stay here and get settled.”

She didn’t wait around to see Chloe’s reaction and bolted down the stairs to her bedroom, waving her hands in front of her face and hoping she’d cool down quick enough before her mother started asking questions. 

Looking for a cute lil pen pal

Hello! I’m Brooke! I’m 16 soon to be 17 year old gal living in a small town in Canada looking for a lovely pen pal that I can talk to and send little letters to every so often!

I’m in love with any type of music (Beyoncé, the 1975, lorde etc) except country (Shania twain is my only exception). Im more into indie alternative, and recently obsessed with my boi chance the rapper.

I don’t watch much tv, but when I do, skam , riverdale, and survivor are my go to’s. I additionally low key love anime, it’s just hard for me to find the right one.

I love art, bullet journaling, journaling in general, the messy heads magazines, watching YouTube, plants, traveling, bike rides, crystals, dance (been doing it for 14 years) and discussing about social justice issues. Additionally, I absolutely love learning about other people, their experiences, cultures, and places around the world. I’m obsessed with Paris, it’s a dream to visit there. It’s a dream to visit any place in Europe tbh.

- Ages 16-19
- lives anywhere around the world
- We don’t have to talk to each other every single day. I’m not picky.
- Someone who is patient, understanding, and supportive (I’m busy with school and other activities, but I will try my darnedest to be free to talk and be open!)
- I would love to exchange letters, doodles, photos, plants, tea, stickers, or anything that interests you!

Tumblr: adventuriing
Instagram: brookeewhelann


As I’m writing this, I’m still on the train, somewhere near the border of Belgium and the Netherlands. Since I don’t have much to do, or much I can do, I decided to use the last bit of my laptop battery too just write down some more of my impression of the last two days, specifically the Toumyu performances.

Obviously, I’m home right now (despite what some mid-report sentences will suggest) and I did some editing to the original text I wrote on the train. The second half of the report was completely written after I came home… btw. excuse me for the possible but-load of spelling mistakes. (or even any memory mistakes) It’s midnight, and I just want to sleep by now!

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Artist Spotlight: Röra Blue 

Röra Blue is the creative young mind behind The Unsent Project, who has always been fascinated with media and technology as a way to produce thought-provoking pieces.  I had the privilege of connecting with Röra to present to the Lucca Magazine readers about the complexity behind her work’s ideologies, and how her striking presence has taken the art world by storm: 

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