places to visit in oregon


hunting for spooky shit w/ boyfriend hoseok 👻

for faith (go follow her she’s a jhoe for jhope and her birthday is in two hours: 15th of feb, 1996)

  • so for this particular date night you guys decide to go for a tarot reading and the dude tells u that you’re going to discover something… strange… and supernatural which ofc sets forth the next series of unfortunate events
  • bc u guys like to suffer u plan a late night adventure to record things in ur log book. bc who knows what might appear right? let the ufo/ghost/demon/whatever hunting begin
  • before u set off u decide to take some selfies to commemorate the beginning of the end
  • but as the night progresses hobi is the idiot who decides to rearrange the statues in front of the laundromat to make it appear like the second coming (or the end of your days really…)
  • so you get into this white people in horror movies shit. visiting places like the woodland section of oregon where there’s silhouette figures roaming around
  • when suddenly in the middle of the street there’s something in the middle of the street… and it looks like an animal but it just looks SO OFF like in the r/nosleep search and rescue series 
  • it looks as if someone copied an animal from a sims expansion pack and pasted it onto the road u were currently looking at
  • as you go to take a look closer (instead of running the heck away) u realise that it has no pupils… it looks almost… possessed
  • hobi turns his head to get a closer look and hears heavy breathing coming from it
  • his eyes widen bc he sees that a dismembered limb is hanging from the thing’s mouth 
  • by this point in time you’re like “bye biNCTh!!!!!” and run away screaming bc you’re freaking tf out
  • after a long period of screaming and running back to civilisation you decide to go to a deserted diner bc why tf not at this ungodly hour of 4:02am?? 
  • in the midst of all the terror you decide to take one last photo together in your panicked state
  • anyway that’s the last time u go to the woods spontaneously
  • you: *crosses off oregon on places to visit*
  • hobi: *crosses off the darkness*

 photos are not mine / credits to the og’s