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Sebastian Stan In Every Decade
For @steverogersnotebook + the anon

I don’t even know why I chose IT to be the thing, but since it’s close to halloween, I was looking for a way of incorporating a ‘scary’ movie poster with the markiplier murder series. When I was looking IT up though, I was looking at It’s logo and immediately thought of turning the IT to JIM! and then this happened 


earth is miles away, but home is here right next to me

full piece of my submission for @klancefanzine 😊  prints will be available at AX 2017! 

“She joined the others at the table and for an hour they played Monopoly. Stan was the big winner.”

at eighteen you knew how to sew yourself into bed at night and rip yourself out of it in the mornings. tell me about the tiny destruction. about how your heart aches for things beyond the ocean. about how you’ve always wanted out but you’ve since lowered your goals to just surviving. about how the walls of your home are teeth.
—  @inkskinned

Fact: Bakugou’s also a dragon shifter, he just never shifts cause he’s super fucking tiny and he hates it with a passion

in the comics, peter says that he’s always hated star wars and it’s been shown that he’s way more into star trek, but sm:h shows him doing star wars stuff w ned, even though he calls at-ats “walking thingies” in civil war and doesn’t seem to know much abt the franchise

what i’m saying is peter doesn’t like star wars but acts excited abt it because ned’s super into it and he wants to be supportive

i didn’t know where to go with this comic (i had a whole draft drawn but it didn’t feel right to me), so i’m just gonna post my fave part ok. *dies*


When you’re under investigation and unable to act officially but you don’t give a f.. about UN’s orders.
Idk, I just wanted to draw theses two together.