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i just saw the HD picture of tony’s new armor and QUESTION are those lines on the shoulder plates and things going to glow (if at all) blue in the actual movie??? or gold?? this is Important i need to know immediately bc depending on the color that thing kind of reminds me of three particular armors

Time for another Plisetsky headcanon! Ok imagine this:

Yuri’s grown up his whole life listening to whatever music other people had him listen to. I mean, his grandpa was playing classical music in the car. So he grows up listening to Prokofiev and Rachmaninov and Stravinsky at home. And he starts ice skating, and the music that surrounds him is whatever his coach and his choreographers want him to skate to. After a while, Yuri doesn’t even realize he doesn’t have his own taste in music.

But then Otabek screeches his way into his life. And suddenly Yuri is at a nightclub, and he really only came here to grab Otabek and go, but suddenly. Suddenly. There’s this BASS. And this WILD GUITAR. There’s freaking SCREAMING on the actual music track. And Yuri’s heart stops and then starts again. And the noise vibrates through him and he gives a full-body shoulder and yes. THIS is what he loves. (“This song… is so friggin cool!”)

So basically my hc is that Otabek caused Yuri’s musical awakening and that’s so special. fight me.

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Well besides the hand holding we also found out Scully is still in love with Mulder through Einstein. CC must have thought he did us shippers a HUGE favor by that. Geez thanks. That's totally new info to us. Who could've guessed.

SIGH, that was one of my pet peeves about the whole thing. Honestly that was a bit of a straw that broke the camel’s back for me: CC thinking it was cute or clever, or fun for the audience, to hear some rando person we’ve never met before giggle behind her hand about how Mulder and Scully were toooooootally in love. THEY LIVED TOGETHER AND HAD A CHILD TOGETHER. We are SO FAR past the point of “omg, they have sexual tension!” That line just underscored how unrelated to the show’s reality the entire thread was. Do you think Mulder and Scully might have a thing for each other?? Yes. Yes, I do. 

Insisting that everything be returned to square one every single goddamn time and all gone through all fucking again before there is any sliver of hope of any progress being made is fucking infuriating for people who have a memory/attention span longer than a housefly’s. 

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Palette challenge, Grillby in Castle in the Sky please?

Here ya go bae <: a Grillby slowly undressing just for you~

Yet again so did I have to change the palette as I have already done “castle in the sky” and Jade was ok with it, had planned on using “ I (kinda) like you too” at first but then someone else sent it in so I decided to go with this one instead! :D

Nothing like seeing one of those lists where if you check off at least 5 things, you definitely gone through abuse from your parents :^)

i mean technically they could pluck snart from any time period after his redemption arc but before his sacrifice when the waverider has touched down on earth and bring him back to the present to live regularly without it affecting the sacrifice he made since he died in the vanishing point and therefore out of time, meaning no alteration to the timeline can make the vanishing point exist again like it’s not that hard i just want the rogues back on the flash jeez. 


earth is miles away, but home is here right next to me

full piece of my submission for @klancefanzine 😊  prints will be available at AX 2017! 

at eighteen you knew how to sew yourself into bed at night and rip yourself out of it in the mornings. tell me about the tiny destruction. about how your heart aches for things beyond the ocean. about how you’ve always wanted out but you’ve since lowered your goals to just surviving. about how the walls of your home are teeth.
—  @inkskinned

i didn’t know where to go with this comic (i had a whole draft drawn but it didn’t feel right to me), so i’m just gonna post my fave part ok. *dies*


When you’re under investigation and unable to act officially but you don’t give a f.. about UN’s orders.
Idk, I just wanted to draw theses two together.

“Sing you a lullaby where you die at the end~” -Melanie Martinez

My part of the art trade with @porotatoes ;) sorry it took a little long >m>.

It feels physically uncomfortable to be in the Keyblade Graveyard after KHX.