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Okay but can we talk about this:

As far as I can tell there are only a few possablities  on what could have caused Yuri’s nosebleed. 

1) It’s sponatious, however I think this is very unlikely.

2) It’s because he’s thinking about something dity, however, again I don’t think this is very likely.

3) He got it from impact, either by running into someone or falling into the ice. (most likely) If you look at his head it is clear that he is very red, now this could be fever but it is more likely the start of a bruse. By what Yuri is wearing it seems most likely that this is during his competion and not during a practice or warm-up. My prediction is that Yuri fell onto the ice hard, before getting back up and finishing his routine.

Although terrible to think about, if true I think that this will have alot of impact (pun not intended) The old Yuri would have given up.  however the new Yuri continues… He’s got more passion for skating now than he ever had before and I think that shows just how much Victor has changed his life. Even with all the pain he keeps skating and I think that’s beautiful.

Anti has gained control

So, this is this. It started out as something, and it turned into completely something else. It could be better in some places, but overall I think it’s not too bad. Several hours went into it, anyway. :P

I wasn’t sure how to do the glitchy bits. They look a little weird. Also, I’m pretty sure this is 100% how things do not work on YouTube, but it’s artistic license or something. 

Just pretend that once it’s gone, everything it ever represented is gone. Never existed at all. Now that’s some scary shit.

Another possible title could be “Things Jack would never ever say or do”. (Some letters got cut off; it’s supposed to say “Don’t want them/Abandon/Say Goodbye”) But that’s the point, right? 

Ok but I’m honestly so grateful Taylor put the Blank Space voice memo on the album… 

Bruno Mars Talks Excitement Behind ’24K Magic’ [Interview]


It may not feel like it — thanks in large part to “Uptown Funk”; arguably 2015’s biggest hit — but Bruno Mars hasn’t released an album since Unorthodox Jukebox in 2012. That changes on November 18th when Mars returns with 24K Magic, whose title track has already found a home in the Top 5 of Billboard’s Hot 100.

Mars was in the 92.3 AMP Studio with Astra to discuss what he has in store for his third studio album, upcoming tour, and more.

Astra: Four long years we’ve been awaiting your return and your new album 24K Magic — finally coming out November 18th — how many tracks does it have and what is the direction of the album?

Bruno Mars: The direction of the album… it’s why I fell in love with music in the first place. I think this album has the spirit — we were listening to a lot of 90s music, you know, for inspiration. If you can see in the music video, everything: the fashion, the feeling; when it was okay to have a good time, it was okay to go out and look fabulous and ride a jet ski at the Bellagio hotel.

I think this album has that kind of spirit; just love songs, make you wanna fall in love on the dance floor, and I’m singing on this album.

A: 24K Magic has that Zapp/Roger funky throwback sound; how did that song come to life?

BM: In the studio saying, “What if we open this song with ‘PUT YOUR. PINKY. RINGS UP. TO THE. MOON.’ And then we’re off to the races from there.

A: 24K Magic being your third album after a four year wait… your fans are excited to hear it, but what is the anticipation like for you?

BM: I just can’t wait. “24K Magic” — the first single — is really the appetizer. But once you start getting into track two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine — that’s when the real magic begins.

A: You started the year off with the Super Bowl, GRAMMY for Record of the Year, you were in between albums: did you expect to have such a massive year in between projects?

BM: “Uptown Funk” really changed the whole dynamic of last year and that definitely is the reason why I was at the Super Bowl again because of that song and it’s just incredible. It’s incredible that I got to ride that wave and make my album while I was doing that.

A: After killing it with your Moonshine Jungle Tour, pretty sure you’re planning to kick off a world tour in 2017. Any visions in mind that you’re playing around with?

BM: You’ll see it. Once you hear this album, you’re gonna be like, ‘Oh man. I see it. I wanna see it.’ That’s what it’s really about for me; when you hear these songs, I want you to see what I see, know what I was feeling in the studio, know what I was feeling [while] writing this music. I hope it gets you excited to see me, my band, and we’ll be in a city near you.

A: The album [is] dropping November 18th, right before the American Music Awards, which I heard you’re opening up for… can you paint a picture, give us a little taste of what we could expect from that performance?

BM: I’m gonna be honest with you, I don’t know what I’m doing yet. I don’t know what we’re doing yet, but once I get down I’ll see how it looks and I’ll see what I’m feeling that day.

I don’t want to stress about it. Turn the mic on. Watch this.

A: Your debuted your new song — “Chunky” — on SNL; can you give us a little story behind that?

BM: Havin’ fun in the studio. We hit this groove — a lot of times, we’ll get behind some instruments and start playing and [find] the most infectious groove and hopefully we get lucky. And that was one of the songs — we got lucky. First thing that came out was “Chuuuunk-y.” We just go from there.

A: We’re going to talk about Halloween for a second: a lot of people are probably going to be dressing like you, especially in the video [for “24K Magic”]. Where do you shop for you clothes so they can actually rock that authentic look?

BM: I started making my own clothes now. On that album cover, I started making my own stuff because nobody was really bringing it. I was like, “I want silk shorts that matches my silk shirt. And some white patent leather shoes.

A: You have over 60 million YouTube views in three weeks. How does that make you feel?

BM: Insane. This video, it took a lot of turns to get to Vegas, but I was overthinking it for a long time, thinking “If I come back I want to do something that I haven’t done yet.” And I was really trying hard to come up with some out-of-the-box concept, but I think that it would have done a disservice to the song because the song sounds like a party. So why not just throw the ultimate party.

I want everyone to be in that state of mind when the song comes on. You see how fabulous I feel in that video, you need to feel that fabulous too.


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Hoe number 2, was I talking to you in the first place? I don't FUCKING think so. Bye babe - Bianca


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can you share a lesson in love?

one lesson i learned the first time i fell in love was to not lose yourself in the other person. it’s easy to get so caught up that you forget to take care of yourself or you forget the things that are important to you. you make so many ‘compromises’ on things that are important to you, that by the end you look back and it’s hard to understand how you got to that place. i think having a strong sense of yourself and what you deserve when you get into a relationship or fall in love is really important now.  

I am the last person you want to hear from right now but uh. i just want you to know a thing in regards to the.. murder stuff;
I can’t just ignore him when I’m asked questions and I feel bad that its something I have to talk about in the first place but

i think its better you see it than not know what might be coming, you know ??? That doesn’t make it right. At all but
I don’t know I’m just sorry feel free to ignore this I just have too much time to think about things and I end up having to say them too

On a downward slope along the railway,
I fly faster than the wind, trying to catch up to you.
My rusted wheels give up a screech,
As I try to stay in line with the train,
But we slowly part ways.

You were crying on the other side of that door, weren't you?
Even without seeing your face, I know, because your voice was trembling.

It's a promise! We'll meet again someday;
I wave as broadly as I can so you can see from afar.

im suddenly charged up with power even if my hands are shaking and i feel sick as a dog so i wanted to DRAW even if my hands are all over the place lfmao

I dont think i’l ever finish this but :’) this song (車輪の唄 by BUMP OF CHICKEN) reminds me of them

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Isn't that nsfw or dose that not count or something

Ehhh, I’m not sure??  I mean there’s evidence of something rather skintight, but nothing’s directly exposed or super graphically defined despite the tight suit, just a general shape I guess *sorta like spandex suits and stuff*~  I personally wouldn’t consider it nsfw, though perhaps it could be considered spicier to someone else??  Either way, it’s a vore blog in the first place, so already I think we’re kinda dealing with an audience who probably considers this pretty tame anyway heheh~

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I think Lud is more of a top, Feli is a bottom, and Kiku is a switch (tho he doesn't do the dirty dancing often bc he's getting older)

nsfw text 

Tbh I can really see Feli doing some dirty dancing, and Ger going crazy for it. Italy is very open to a lot of things and honestly isn’t he a bit of a people pleaser? 

I feel like japan would be more vanilla in the bedroom, he is a bit older and more traditional so I can see him enjoying whispering sweet nothings and soft touches and making it actually pretty full of emotion. 

Germany tho…. Germany germany germany…. That boi, I bet he’s very different in bed than he is other places. Like, you think he’s authoritative now? Ha. Ha ha. You don’t even know. 

-Mod Aleks

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2,5,13,16,19,24,29 RuriYuto Pretty please with a cherry on top?

Who sleeps in the other’s lap?

Ruri makes Yuto her personal pillow

Which one tries to make food for the other but burns it all by accident and which one tells them that it’s okay and makes them both cookies?

Ruri burns the food

Which one likes to surprise the other with a lot of small random gifts?


Which one gives the other their jacket?

Yuto, he gets very into the ‘proper’ boyfriend stuff like that

How good would your OTP be at parenting?

I’m not sure if they’d want to be parents in the first place, but I think they’d both be good at it

Which one gives the other a piggyback ride when they’re tired?


Which one holds the umbrella over both of them when it rains?

Yuto again tries to do the proper boyfriend thing

the best(!) thing in the whole damn world is baby queers realising their sexuality at a young age and always feeling supported by their friends and family and never feeling like a freak and always feeling that they are loved and normal and maybe being vaguely aware that some people some places think that they are wrong but knowing that isn’t true and feeling very separated from that negativity and protected by a bubble of love and happiness

and I’m so so ready for that to be the norm and not some thing that happens very occasionally when all the stars happen to align for one kid 

i was talking to this girl and she thought i said “triggered” so she made a triggered joke a minute later and when i called her on it she’s like yeah they’re bad but you made one so it’s not a big deal like ?? people are always waiting to find a place where they think they won’t get judged for doing the things they know are shitty, they don’t care about how it affects other people, they just want to make sure no one will challenge them or think less of them

A note.

You are not a special flower. You do not deserve to be waited on. There is no place for that kind of thinking. You amount only to what effort you put into life. Nothing with worth is given to you. Never think/assume that fortune will fall into view. The effort given is the effort recieved, socially or otherwise.

say what you want about woobifying villains, but i think tragic backstories and redemption via love are staples for good reason. we want to believe that people are fundamentally good, just hardened by a harsh world. that suffering earns you a happy ending. because then it means something, then pain isn’t just senseless and futile.

people don’t ‘excuse’ the actions of villains because they just don’t take those actions seriously. i think it’s a kind of projection - we forgive them because we want to forgive ourselves, and we look for the good in them because we want to see that in the world, even in people who have wronged and hurt us. because earth is a goddamn terrifying place if other humans really are evil, if they’re really monsters.

and idk, i just think it’s kind of beautiful that we all want to believe that the scariest mass-murdering motherfucker alive can be brought down by something as pure and innocent as love. that love is the answer, not violence. i don’t think that’s cheap or ‘problematic’ or a bad influence. i think it’s human, and profoundly optimistic in a way that few people are brave enough to be.