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4 weeks til Boston, we’re tapering

Received this care package that I’ve been waiting for in the mail today, and just what I asked for inside!

15 miles in the park and around Buffalo this evening ahead of the Syracuse Half on Sunday.  Not sure how much time I’ll have to run tomorrow and it’s supposed to be wet, so glad to get in the miles today.  Was a little concerned about no speed work this week and not being rested, but then remembered that the half marathon will be the speed/tempo run of the week, and must remind self that this isn’t the goal race…so run it well, smart, and not be too concerned about time and placing…instead thinking of it as more of a romantic getaway…

Ive noticed something: the way you create affects how you develop your original characters.

Artists figure out the class/occupation of their OC, and their design, and maybe a few quirks, and then they go on from there.

Writers figure out the backstory of their OC, how they interact with the world, and maybe a few things about their values, and then they go on from there.

Different mediums require different starting places, I think?

Idk if its rly my place to day this because im a cis girl and tell me if it isnt, but when terfs say that a period/ability to give birth/boobs/double X chromosome = girls, they’re not only being shitheads to trans women, but contradicting the fuck outta themselves and being ableist as fuck. what about girls who don’t have periods. what about women who are sterile. what about women who had to have a mastectomy. what about women and little girls with genetic disorders like turner syndrome who do not have two fully intact X chromosomes. and on that note, the vagina argument? what about women that were forcibly mutilated in their vaginal area? WHAT about women who have to remove ovaries at risk of cancer? Where do they draw the line? The rules for ‘being a women’ that terfs have invented are stupid because not even cis women fall into them and yet they claim only cis women are women. what even the fuck.

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Kat, do you have any advice for a shy girl who has wanted to game for literally decades but can't find an environment/group to play with that's comfortable and welcoming? I know the usual suggestion is 'start your own group', but I don't think I have the necessary skills to make a good, fun GM.

Find a safe community of people that do have those skills who are playing the sorts of games you’d like to play.

A place that I don’t think would be too bad to check might be the unofficial One Shot Network discord group. There are SO MANY games being set up there all the time by really neat people. Most of them take place online too, so there’s low stakes pressure.

Other places to look for group include places like roll20 and Reddit, but I’ve not much ventured into the waters and can’t speak to what the experience of searching is like. All I know is that the games coming out of the One Shot discord sound pretty neat.

I believe you need an invite link to discord. I don’t have one, but lots of folks do if you head over to Twitter. If you poke me, I can point you in the right direction.

All the places I mention to look are online, because if you’ve looked at your town’s gaming shop and found it wanting, then assessed that you don’t want to spend exhausting effort building a safe irl space and network for yourself, then the internet’s luckily right there. With the addition of a headset, gaming online is extremely attainable these days.

A format that’s also pretty fly for getting to know folks is play by post. Like typing up long form rp posts type play. If you can make a few buds that way, the skills translate real well. I definitely got my rp start through a combo of Larping Darth Maul without knowing that I was doing that thing, Needless character work in MUDs, and v intricate play by post groups. Starting at like age 10. Written rp tends to be thought of as girlier and sometimes less legitimate because of that, but that’s obviously wrong. It’s one of those things that only gets neater when you’re doing it with other enthusiastic adults who are gonna put the time in with you. And I believe we have some cool things coming out of the discord. If we don’t, feel free to start one.

There’s no need to volunteer as GM. Just articulate what you’re looking for and see if folks are into it.

I totally get being shy. But you typed this. You can type hella other stuff. And if typing goes well and you make buds, maybe you’ll want to try audio or video or in person gaming. If you’ve built up enough community by utilizing your strengths: typing and enthusiasm, you’ll probably find that there are members of your safe cool group close enough to you to make in person gaming happen.

I believe in you!!

Fandom meme

After some recent talks on being a so-called veteran Ghost Hunt fan I tried digging up my fandom past on my old private livejournal. It was a nice surprise to find out that I filled out a fandom meme in May 2009. Because honestly, I don’t remember much anymore.

The questions were as following:

1.) What got you into this fandom in the first place?
2.) Do you think you’ll stay in this fandom or eventually move on?
3.) Favorite books, novels, episodes, etc?
4.) Do you participate in this fandom at all (fanfictions, graphics, discussions?)
5.) Do you think more people should get into this fandom?

Tagging: @csakuras, @roseandradio, @thisurlplease, @frenchcirce and @teaaddictedghosthunter (Ghost Hunt, please!)

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discounting a need for “coming out as asexual” is … incher sting bc it can be useful for informing how someone interacts with you in a way that’s obviously a lot different than some1 coming out as LGBT.

for example, if I know someone is very sexual with their friends I’ll let them know I’m sex repulsed and I don’t fuck with that and I get a lot less sexual convos to deal with. on the other side of that there’s been people who have repeatedly been overtly sexual with me after I’ve told them repeatedly to stop and I think those people are just assholes bc they didn’t respect the boundaries I set in place.

I don’t think there’s anything wrong or TMI about setting boundaries in interpersonal interactions and if expressing your asexuality is a way you do that [shrug emoji] that’s that.

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Angela, hi. If I had to show a non US citizen, how the fear of and discrimination against the Black and Muslim population in the USA was unjustified, what data/statistics/articles can I show them? I'm tired of my dad going 'the people there have decided that they want only their own people living there, and for very valid reasons'. I'm not in the USA, and I would seriously appreciate any help. Thank you. Love, <3

I’m sorry, but an argument like that has me so aghast I don’t know where to begin, the beginning level is so low. I mean, an obvious rebuttal is that black people were kidnapped from Africa and imported as slaves in the first place. I think this is less about facts and more about a sense of morality. Your dad really seems to think in very brutal terms of us vs. them – so how do you get a person making arguments like that to accept the humanity of other people and the worth of their lives?

I’m sorry, anon. :(

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I wonder if that short interview Jessica answered about the whole love thing was written and asked before these few episodes that have aired cause it is all over the place. I really think Arizona meant by not expecting to feel this way was for sure about attracted nothing else being flattered that someone is interested in her just how Lauren did with being all pushy, this time because she is bored of being single.

It’s all over the place because they’re filming all over the place and their airing certain eps before scheduled others. We can all have our theories on what she meant, but we’ll probably never fully know since the writers will probably leave it hanging in the air. 

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hello!! im currently stuck on the mall from execute- i've gone through one of the last tapes, went to a long room and found the switch on the box- but nothing really changed? the only place where i think i could go is south but it pushes me away from there and doesn't let me enter. i'm not sure if this is a bug or if i missed something!

Okay, I’ll show you all the guide so you won’t need to ask me about it anymore.

Things to note:

- The mannequins in the rooms have blood splotches. They are supposed to be connected to the places in the light floor that contain switches.

- The vending machine puzzles are NOT random - the instructions are in the advertisements for meat, which contain a dot doing a path which is the code for the machine:

B = Down, C = Up, E = Left and D = Right

That said, there are the locations.

The “first” one. Note the bloody mannequins sort of pointing up to the tape.

Despite having a similar “puzzle” this takes to Celeste’s secret room.

A tape room. Also hey, Huaso.

Another tape room. The ad appears after you find the switch, which is hinted by the mannequins.

The bottom left room (the other side leads to a room that has Huaso and Flo in it), which may be what anon is talking about. There are actually two switches in the room. Activating both causes the paper with the tape under it to appear.

Another vending machine solving room.

And that is that.

uhm so anyways support nb/genderqueer ppl who arent mlm/wlw or “male aligned”/“female aligned” or whatever and feel out of place cause this site is so focused on binary terms even for nb/genderqueer ppl

like… this is 100% why i ID as a trans guy/male aligned nb person for so long cause like… i felt like i had to? but like… im not really? and it kinda hurt cause i felt like i had to pick whether or not i was male aligned or female aligned (or a wlw/mlm) so I basically misgendered myself because i felt like i had to Choose

but like yeah support nb/genderqueer ppl who arent male/female aligned but feel like they gotta choose bc this website is so focused on binary terms that they even need to apply them to ppl who are non binary

so yeah lmao support us

(u don have 2 be nb/genderqueer to rb this)

“Sing you a lullaby where you die at the end~” -Melanie Martinez

My part of the art trade with @porotatoes ;) sorry it took a little long >m>.

Now make a face that puts the bad guys in their place
‘Til they regret the decisions they made that day
That led to standing in your way
- Warrior Face

i didn’t know where to go with this comic (i had a whole draft drawn but it didn’t feel right to me), so i’m just gonna post my fave part ok. *dies*