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So...With everything going on in America right now, could you perhaps get RGB to hall his lazy ass over here and make us all Hero's?? Just take us all out of America right now and just make like an army of heros. Please take me away from this place i'm a black Muslim in Arizona....I have see so many "make America great again hats" here and some chick just told my dad that slavery was good for black pls we're going to die

I hear you on that and I’m sending you all the love and luck in the world, but have you considered;

Most Underrated TPTB quotes ~ Calzona |

Meg Marnis, Writer, Hook, Line Sinner| Grey’s Anatomy 06x20

“While breaking this episode in the writers’ room, we talked about a bunch of different ways we could show Sloan-Cubed’s arrival … We went with the version that aired because we really thought we wanted a super-charged, fun, dynamic opening to the show – I LOVE this opening. Director Tony Phelan did an amazing job of setting up the sequence that went from the Callie/Arizona fight to Mark screaming for suture kits, to everyone running across the hallway and standing in the doorway as Teddy just looks at them while holding this newborn covered in goo.”

“…Callie and Arizona are finally talking about the “baby” in the room. And literally are interrupted by an actual baby being delivered in the other room… does anyone else find that as funny as I do?
Anyway… When Shonda told us that this would be the episode where Callie and Arizona have the all-out FIGHT, my first question was, well, who wins? Is it going to be baby… or no baby?
And really, how does Arizona, a PEDIATRIC surgeon really not want kids? She obviously likes them, she’s obviously great with them, I mean, why else put herself through one of the hardest specialties in medicine, if not?
And that’s what Callie doesn’t understand.
Callie watches her girlfriend help deliver a baby, watches her girlfriend calm a baby down, and watches her girlfriend insert a central line into another baby in the NICU. All in one day.
Arizona never flinches when dealing with babies that are her patients. So in Callie’s mind, there must be a reason why Arizona doesn’t want one of her own. And she assumes it’s because her brother died.
And yikes, does she assume wrong.

That scene in the residents’ lounge? Jessica and Sara were freaking genius in that scene.

Arizona cannot even believe Callie went to the brother place. And we see that, Arizona really just doesn’t want kids. There is no THING that happened. There is no dark hidden story that she can’t bear to talk about. She just DOESN’T want them.

It’s heartbreaking because they love each other, and they want this relationship to work. Badly. It’s heartbreaking because they want to make each other happy, they want to meet in the middle, they want to compromise. But what’s the compromise when it comes to babies?
I get it when it’s Friday night, and I’m exhausted from researching medical medical all day, and I want to watch “Smallville” but my fiancé obviously wants to watch some five-hour sporting event. But we love each other, so we do what every bickering couple would do… we watch “Friday Night Lights” instead. Compromise. Both of us happy. But with Callie and Arizona? Isn’t it, baby… or no baby?…”

Mistletoe Crush

Hello? Remember me? So I sent a request for prompts to cure my writers block. It’s sort of working! This is what @superheroshepherdess sent in:

Prompt:  AU.  Owen & Cristina are married.  James & Amelia are married.  Yet when Amelia is in Seattle & meets Owen at Derek & Mer’s house, they can’t deny the connection.  Some things are simply meant to be.

I did the unthinkable- I wrote about Omelia and Crowen in one fic! Hope you enjoy…

Why am I even going to this thing? Derek invited us to an early Christmas dinner party whilst his little sister and her husband are still in town. It’s going to be like every other dinner party of theirs- long, busy, loud, a drunk Meredith in the corner being socially awkward, and full of awful small talk. Cristina has managed to get out of it of course, pulling her ‘I’m a surgeon fixing a tiny child’s heart’ card, and yet she still ordered me to go to show 'our’ face.

I know what she’s doing of course- she loves me and she wants me to be ok. She knows that I keep myself to myself, and when she leaves for Switzerland in less than two months I’m going to go back to being my own island. She’s trying to ween me off her company and I hate it. I hate her for leaving as well, but I have two more months to process that. Tonight I just have to get through a dinner party.

I knock on the door and am greeted by a stranger. I frown and say, “Oh, sorry… Is Derek in?”

“Oh, hi, yeah… I’m James, his brother-in-law. Nice to meet you,” the dimpled grin of a dark brunette man beams across at me and it reinforces my reluctance to be here.

Nope, not in the mood, sorry James, bye, I think, and imagine my feet turning me on the spot and skipping away from the big dream house. But no, I’m too polite so I greet him back, “Hi.” I shake his hand and he leads me in.

“Owen!” Zola squeals, running up to me in some cute pajamas and slippers. I brace myself for the upcoming leap and catch her, laughing with relief when I feel a tight hug from her. She’s so cute. She pulls away and pushes my nose, knowing that every time she does she’ll receive a different facial expression. She giggles, telling me I’m silly, before squirming out of my arms and leading me to the drinks self-service station in the kitchen.

“Hi Owen,” Meredith smiles. She’s drunk, I can tell by her eyes. “I know… I’m as pissed as you are that she’s not here. I mean… Could the kid not survive until tomorrow without a working heart?!”

“Right?” I joke along with her. I grab a drink and leave her to get her fourth (I’m guessing). I soon find myself in conversation with Arizona and April in the dining room, before being trapped by a hammered Bailey cackling about a recent budget cut I decided to make. I need an out, immediately. I excuse myself and claim I need some air.

Grabbing my coat, I head for the back porch and pass the huge christmas tree taking up most the living room. You can tell it’s all Derek’s doing- the lights, the decorations and the over-the-top Christmas nativity in the corner. Meredith’s idea of Christmas decoration no doubt involves a strand of tinsel on an old, dead tree.

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I’m curious to see who will be the one to instigate a possible Calzona reunion: Arizona or Callie

Arizona’s words and actions in the weeks, months, and even years after the amputation left Callie in a place where she felt like Arizona didn’t want her anymore. We see this up until the very end when they are in therapy. Callie makes a comment about how they want to fix their marriage and she looks to Arizona to confirm that. However, Arizona appears to hesitate before agreeing…something that Callie definitely took note of. Their marriage received one blow after another until eventually Callie realized that too much had happened. So she did the only thing she thought she could do: she set Arizona free…from her and from their marriage. I think she would be afraid to make herself vulnerable by opening up to Arizona again.

On the other hand, Callie told Arizona that she felt suffocated in their marriage and that she needed to stop loving her so hard so that she could love herself. Because of that, I feel like Arizona wouldn’t attempt a reconciliation, no matter how much she wanted to, out of an effort to respect Callie’s feelings. I think a scene from the most recent episode really solidifies that belief. When Arizona is talking to Jackson, she makes the comment that April is learning to walk again and that he needs to let her do that. I think Arizona is trying to let Callie learn to walk again too. She doesn’t want her to feel suffocated, she wants her to be happy and to be in a place where she can love herself. Arizona isn’t going to want to cause waves, not after all the waves she has caused already. She is going to keep her distance. As a result, I don’t see her being the one to open up either.

So I’m really curious to see who will the be the one to take the chance and say that they want to try again. While it may never happen, I’m holding out hope!