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Wonder Woman movie review

This is overdue.

Wonder Woman, the most iconic female superhero in fiction, should’ve had a movie long before 2017. She’s a larger than life icon with a rich mythos to back her up that could’ve made a strong film at any point in time. I’ve seen rumors about a Wonder Woman movie being “in-development” for as long as I’ve been following movie news with various filmmakers and actors attached at different points in time. Now, director Patty Jenkins brings the Princess of Themyscira to the big screen in a title-feature for the first time and she has delivered a solidly-structured origin movie for one of the greatest superheroes ever.

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Okay!! So this is going to be the last thing i’ll say on the subject of women with body hair for a while because i’m bored of this rudimentary conversation and i’ve received maybe 500 million different messages with this exact same “argument.” A lot of folks are using the tired response to me challenging the idea that women must modify their bodies to be deemed acceptable in society with the phrase “it’s just preference” as if just writing the word “preference” is a magic spell that wards off critical thinking and suddenly makes my entire point poof out of thin air. ohhhh, its a preference, guess that means it cannot be examined!! damn, preference-zoned again!!!!!!! 

Let me lay it out real quick but only quickly because I don’t have enough time for this shit:

fucking. literally i have said many times that it is ok to have your preferences. i’m not here to take all the things you like away from you. i’m not the police or your mom or an evil witch locking you in a tower. honestly it’s like you people aren’t even bothering to read what i’m writing before proverbially shitting out of your mouth: 

the point i’m making is that it’s important. to. analyze. your. beliefs. this is CRITICAL!! think about WHY you believe what you do, because i can promise you that almost all your “preferences” are man made, and i can promise you that many of these beliefs are neither necessary nor beneficial. 

if you continue to live your life without stopping to take the time to sort out which of the concepts you’ve been taught are potentially harmful then you will continue to live in bigotry and ignorance. point blank.  

for those of you who say it’s not about women, well, first of all, youre wrong. it doesn’t matter if you personally find ALL hair gross whether it be on men or women or otherwise because as a large-scale societal norm in america it is heavily expected that a girl remove her body hair or else face ridicule and shame. i don’t care if you ALSO don’t like hair on men and it truly d o e s n t matter because a man will not be insulted, harassed, and physically assaulted for having body hair like a woman will. 

this is not the same as preferring people with brown eyes over green because people with green eyes are not forced to feel ugly and undesirable. they do not have to go out and get contact lenses that make their eyes itchy all day. i find it so interesting that so many of you act as if by suggesting the idea that women don’t have to shave/wax/epilate i had somehow victimized you, like i were holding you down and forcing you to like hairy chicks as if that’s the craziest fucking notion. newsflash: your preferences are forced upon girls every single day!! 

im not asking you to have sex with a hairy woman!! i don’t fucking care if you want to have sex with me!! what i’m asking you to do is wonder why it is that you find hairy women repulsive and ugly. stop acting as if these unexamined beauty standards - your “preferences” - aren’t socially mandated!! stop acting like these “preferences” aren’t deep-seated in misogyny and forced upon young girls, stop acting as if girls are not made to feel inadequate for growing hair because WE ARE!! stop acting as if i don’t get stopped in the street and harassed for being a girl and having hair in places that hair grows naturally!!! stop acting like i don’t get hundreds of messages on this site berating me for having the audacity to have underarm hair!!!!  stop acting like i’m not actively being punished for having a body!! stop equating “femaleness” with bareness and for the love of god stop regulating/confirming the concept of femininity!

maybe even with your “preferences” you would never do that. maybe your personal preferences would never hurt anybody. maybe you just like hairless girls! ok! that’s fine! good for you! but as a social construct, it IS some bullshit, and you must acknowledge it or you are a part of this social construct.

and OBVIOUSLY hairy girls are not the biggest issue here!! this entire post ties into all kinds of toxic beauty standards including ones that oppress women of color, trans women, disabled women, fat women, etc. not thinking about the societal norms you were raised around is a powerful vessel for oppression. you aren’t just “not attracted to black girls,” you have internalized racism. you are bigoted, whether you want to be or not. and you will continue to be unless you agree to analyze some of your personal preferences.

long story short,  just!!!!!!!!!!! THINK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ABOUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

anonymous asked:

How would Atsushi, Dazai, Chuuya, and Akutagawa react to a young girl from the workplace (ADA first two; Port Mafia second) taking an interest in them and looking up to them pas an older brother figure?

Nakajima Atsushi

  • Well he’s got a bit of experience in this because he has Kyouka with him, but he’d still be pretty nervous about what to say and do with them. 
  • He’d try to teach them as much as he can, but he’s still learning as well so it’d be a group effort tbh. He’d get really flustered if they praised him in anyway about the stuff he tries to teach them and I don’t think he’d get used to it anytime soon.
  • If they got him a gift he’d legit cry real tears like even if it’s a small trinket he’d treat it like a precious gem.
  • He ends up being super protective over them and for this reason, asks Kyouka to go with them if they have an errand to run or go out on their own. He feels a bit better knowing they’re together if he can’t go because of work.
  • Speaking of the precious bunny, Atsushi would try to make sure they became friends, because honestly making friends outside the agency is hard enough when you’re an adult let alone being even younger than him. 

Dazai Osamu

  • ‘Of all the people to attach yourself to, why him?’ Would be thought often by almost everyone at the agency. Kunikida tells him at least once a week to not corrupt the poor child.
  • As long as the mission wasn’t an overly dangerous one, I could see him taking them with him every so often to get them out of the office.
  • If the kid had an ability, he’d ask them if they wanted to try and get better at controlling and mastering it, and if they said yes he’d definitely practice with them often though they might have to get him to move his ass when he’s being particularly lazy.
  • He invites them to lunch with him and Atsushi when he swipes Kunikida’s wallet and when they see how Dazai gets it, they end up learning how to pickpocket really well and now they’ve got a handful of problems because Ranpo’s candy is being swiped and Kunikida is broke for the next 2 months.

Nakahara Chuuya

  • He wouldn’t really prefer it if they followed him around a lot. It’d be troublesome for his reputation if people thought he was more motherly than mafia but he warms up bit by bit. 
  • Kouyou definitely teases him about it and says they’re like a little duckling following him around. She also takes a liking to the kid and forces Chuuya to bring them along even if he’s stubborn about it.
  • If he took them on a mission, his eyes would rarely leave the task at hand but he orders them to stay close and if anyone tries to take them out he’ll kick some serious ass.
  • If they tell him they like his hat or style in general, he’s uncharacteristically humble about it.  He’d get them a cute hat for their birthday or another special occasion and ends up secretly excited for their reaction.
  • He knows how tough it is growing up in such a dark place, so eventually he acts as a real older brother and makes sure they talk to him about their feelings and what’s on their mind.
  • Also goes to Gin, Higuchi, and Kouyou for help when it comes to “womanly” problems and to sometimes vent like a stressed mother.
  • He’ll teach them how to fight if they don’t already know how and is the best instructor because you can tell just by looking at him when he’s proud of you but the occasional hair ruffle ends up being a motivational tool.

Akutagawa Ryuunosuke

  • Acts like he doesn’t notice them, but really he watches their every move. He just acts cold to them in general and is really confused when it doesn’t shake them off.
  • He’ll end up seeing a bit of himself in them and ends up wondering what Dazai would do, but realizes that’s not the way he’d want to help them. He’ll go to Gin and talk to her about it for a bit before making the decision to take them under his wing or not.
  • The Akutagawa defense squad is no longer just Higuchi, now she’s got a buddy that she talks to constantly when they aren’t doing missions.
  • If they asked for help with training, Akutagawa would end up being really rough about it because he just doesn’t know any better. It worked for him, why shouldn’t it for them?
  • He doesn’t realize he can’t proceed this way until he really hurts them by accident with Rashamon. He’s a little afraid that they’ll be scared of him after that and the guilt hits him right in the gut.
  • I think he’d really end up growing a lot when he realized he’d have to put in a lot of careful thought and effort for the girl to grow up strong and thrive in a place that weeds out the weak.
Woc Series: I Will Always Love You

Hey guys!! This is a requested imagine from one of my beautiful readers who wanted a Mexican girl to be Y/N.  Like always, comment, give feedback, and ask questions!! Enjoy Xoxo!!


It was one of those hot summer nights that you had insanely missed.  The moon was out and glowing, the night sky dotted with gleaming stars, and every now-and-then a soft breeze meandered its way through the quiet air to rustle your hair.

You had missed the enchanting presence of your home country, and being back to one of the familiar coastal towns of Mexico was flooding you with memories.  You breathed in the fresh air, smelling the tinge of salt that lingered over the small town due to its close proximity to the ocean.  It was a welcomed change from the dirty air of London, where you and your husband resided.


The title brought a silly smile to your lips and as you glanced back through the open balcony doors to take in your sleeping husband, you couldn’t help the adoration that filled your gaze.  The two of you had only been married a month, and yet you didn’t go a day without saying the endearing title, often whispering it as you woke in the morning and murmuring it softly at night right before sleep.  The two of you were on your two month long honeymoon in your home country of Mexico, tucked away in a little known coastal village that had once been one of your favorite places to visit growing up.  The people here spoke little English; you acted as the translator, and the two of you reveled in the intimate seclusion that this tiny village brought.

You let out a contented sigh as you leaned into the banister of the balcony, your eyes roving over the dark ocean spread out before you.  You could hear the soft lapping of the waves, and you couldn’t help but feel like everything was at peace.  It was probably nearing three, but after a couple rounds of passionate lovemaking and a short spell of sleep, you had woken up in the arms of your husband, your mind contently racing.  You had cautiously slipped out of his hold and walked over to the balcony to take in the night and have a moment to yourself.

It didn’t last long, however, as even in his sleep Harry missed your presence and awoke to discover you not beside him.  Upon hearing your name fall from his lips you called out to him.  Before you had the chance to straighten, Harry’s lean arms encircled your waist and he brought himself close to your back, placing a small chaste kiss underneath your ear.  He nuzzled his face into your neck and you closed your eyes with a satisfied smile.

“Why are you up so late, my love?”  Harry questioned you softly.  You leaned farther back into him and delighted in the warmth of his body.

“I don’t know. Couldn’t sleep..” you murmured as you opened your eyes to watch the lulling waves once more.  You felt Harry hum from behind you, his chest reverberating.

“Thought I tired you out,” you could practically see the playful pout on his face and you giggled lightly as another breeze whisked through the air.  You turned around in his grasp to come nose-to-nose with your husband and with another small giggle you gave him a sweet peck before rubbing your nose up against his.

“Don’t doubt your skills, Haz.  I’ll be sore for days,” you chuckled as you looked up into his green eyes, still clouded with a sleepy haze.  They crinkled in the way that you adored as he laughed, causing you to smile. Without fully thinking, you reached up on your toes to throw your arms around his neck and embrace him, wanting to be held by the love of your life.  You would never tire of being in his arms, and as you placed your head on his bare chest you heard the steady thump of his heart.

“I love you, Harry,” you sighed, needing to tell him that; something that you had been telling him for years and each day meaning it more and more.

“I love you too, Y/N.” You placed a quick kiss to one of his swallows and felt him tighten his hold around you.

“Can we take a bath? We forgot to last night..” you looked up at your husband through your eyelashes and found him staring down at you with a special kind of fondness.

“Of course, my love. Let me go draw the bath for us,” he squeezed you quickly before letting you go and immediately you missed his warmth as you saw him retreat back into the small bungalow the two of you were renting.

You breathed in the night air as you turned back around, looking up at the full moon.  It seemed closer than back in London, and you let out a small smile as you looked at the brown skin of your arms as the glowing light gave it a dream-like quality.  Just as you were rubbing a hand over your arm, a bit entranced, Harry reappeared in the doorway and you turned back towards him with a smile.


You nodded eagerly and followed him back into the bedroom and into the large bathroom where the legged tub was, filled with water.  You smiled up at Harry as you noticed a few small, lit candles on the counter and around the tub, eliciting a romantic feel that only Harry could give.

The tub was facing floor-to-ceiling windows on the far side of the room, and it gave a perfect view to the ocean.  You looked over to Harry, blushing lightly as you found that he was already staring at you.

“Hey,” he greeted you softly, causing you to stifle a laugh.

“Hey, Haz.”  You watched as his face lit up, shaking your head lightly at his silliness.  You eyed his bare chest, your eyes zoning in on your initials right over his heart, and you smiled like you always did when you saw it.

You fingered the hem of Harry’s old Rolling Stones t-shirt that you were currently wearing before taking it off, leaving you to bare to his gaze.  His green eyes roved over your form like it was the first time seeing you and you watched innocently as his nostrils flared and his gaze widened.

Before the two of you ended up back in the bed, you quickly walked over to the tub, scented lightly with glowing bath beads, and dipped a toe in the water, finding it pleasurably warm. Breaking out of his reverie, and always a gentleman, Harry quickly walked over to you and held out his hand for you to hold as you settled into the deep tub.

“Gracias,” you murmured lightly, sighing contently as you sunk into the warm water.  You pulled your hair up into a bun and looked over to find Harry already out of his boxers.  You warmed at the sight of his naked body and bit your lip, controlling your desires.  You felt yourself blush as Harry walked over to the tub, and you scooted forward, the water lapping at your chest as you did so.  Harry quickly settled in behind you and you smiled as you leaned back against his warm chest.

He opened his legs wide for you to settle in between them and you carefully slid back as Harry fixed his long hair into a bun.  Harry reached around your torso, keeping his arm snugly there, his thumb rubbing circles into your side.  You closed your eyes and smiled at the feeling as a few beats passed.

“Love, can you teach me some more words,” Harry asked you softly just as you were about to drift off. A smile graced your lips as you heard him.

“Of course, Haz.  What do you want to learn?”

“Maybe like a phrase or something,” he murmured quietly as you listened to the deep timbre of his voice.

“Hmmm,” you thought for a moment.

“Te amaré por siempre,” you murmured to your husband with a soft smile.  You felt him tighten his hold on you gently.

“What does that mean? I know siempre is always..”  A proud smile eclipsed across your face as you heard your husband murmur the phrase to himself a few times, trying to figure out the words.  He was always trying to learn more of your native tongue, and you loved him for it.

“It means I will always love you,” you told him earnestly, slightly turning your head so you could see his face brighten with that knowledge.  He quickly swooped down to capture his lips with yours, and you smiled into the sweet embrace, allowing yourself to relax against him and let his lips guide yours.  By the time he pulled away you were breathless.

“Te amaré por siempre,” Harry echoed the sentiment back to you, the British tilt to his words causing it to come out accented.  But still, hearing it in his deep voice nearly brought tears to your eyes.

You found Harry’s free hand underneath the warm water and gently grasped it with your own, sighing contently as you leaned your head back on his shoulder.  You could feel the steadiness of his heart beating against your back, causing you to squeeze his hand lightly.

The steam of the bathwater rose to hit clammily at your chin and around your face, but you didn’t say anything as Harry’s breathing deepened.  You smiled lightly, feeling his thumb slow its movements against your brown skin.  He was so close to falling asleep, and as your eyes sought out the multiple candles in the room, burning and bearing witness to this sweet moment, you couldn’t help but turn your head lightly to the side to place a kiss to the base of his throat.

You didn’t know how long the two of you were in the bath, Harry holding you tight and dozing off while you continued to look out across the deep blue of the ocean.  However, the candles eventually burned out and the warmth of the water resided, and with your eyes still on the ocean you squeezed Harry’s hand softly, rousing him from his slumber.

“Let’s go to bed, Haz,” you murmured as you noticed the sky beginning to brighten over the horizon.

And that was how you ended up back in your bed, the sky beginning to pink, and Harry’s arms folded around you.  The both of you were facing each other, the sheets tangled between your legs, and the balcony doors open for the ocean breeze to waft in.

Just as Harry dozed off beside you, you smiled lightly, your eyes closing.

“I love you, my husband….”




And with that title playing behind your eyelids and resting deep in your heart, you slipped into a beautiful slumber.

Aside from boobie and bum jokes, I take great pleasure in taking corporate developers to task. 

This is the most recent. These dummies will be building 1000 ugly houses atop some of the most rich agricultural land in the province. This land also happens to be in my hometown, a previously sleepy farming community. 

A note to developers: if you’re going to incorrectly site legislation, it’s best not to do it while having a conversation with someone so boring they list “reading legislation” as one of their hobbies.


These are the leggings I mentioned in my Girl Meets Screen Time - Crazy Hat. While not exactly the same, the leggings from the Girl Meets Bear stills are very reminiscent of her season one wardrobe. Riley has been wearing more pants this season while she wore more layered dress-over-leggings in season one.

@minkusintl spotted the similarities between the pink cardigans in Girl Meets Truth and Girl Meets Sassy Halter Top. Again while not exactly the same, they are similar enough for the audience to notice.

Given that what we know about the episodes, Girl Meets Sassy Halter Top particularly, this highlights how little Riley has been allowed to grow throughout the seasons. The wardrobe department really wanted the audience to realize that the Riley Committee was bad for Riley, and her repression of Maya is because of Maya’s repression of her. She has regressed some, but it is not as noticeable as with Maya and Lucas because she was never allowed to grow in the first place. Just like Maya started acting more like her season one self before starting to re-grow (though it is still going to be a long time before she is back to where she was at the start of season 3), be prepared for Riley to come across as immature during these episodes to highlight how much she needs to grow to be the person she was meant to be.

How does Mjolnir even work? I don’t mean the worthiness part, I mean how does Thor wield it exactly? When he throws his hand out for it and it comes to him is it because he has magic to call it or does the hammer recognise it’s master’s call? Or is it a two way thing?  Obviously the hammer doesn’t come to him every time he holds his hand out because that’d be kind of awkward, imagine round the dinner table “Loki pass me the salt” and woosh comes Mjolnir. So what’s the connection, how does it know *when* to come? In tdw when the prison break starts it comes from behind him and he flies towards the palace (wouldn’t you think it’d be in the palace in the first place?) and grows a cape so how does it also act as, for want of a better word, a wardrobe? We’ve only seen Thor call his armour through Mjolnir. Is that just for the cool shot and Thor does have some magic and would be able to change without Mjolnir or is it the hammer’s magic? Can Thor fly without a cape? I need to know.

menschenveynt  asked:

Are there even female orks?

Actually Orks do not have a gender. If I remember correctly they are a hybrid of sorts. Made up of a fungus/algae combined with the more “usual” type of dna/form we get regarding intelligent life. They leave fungus all over the place which acts like a mushroom, soaking up nutrients underground, growing and waiting until the conditions are right to spring up.

They are usually referred to using the male pronouns however instead of the agendered ones, which could be the reason many people think that all Orks are male. In reality it would be more correct to refer to them as “they or them or their or themselves”.

*This is a very general and simplified version of what I can remember from when I started playing. Please don’t take it as law. I’m sure that there are others out there who can answer more completely for you :)