places to go for viewing cherry flower blossoms

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pls do the 3 ninjas as mc's friends instead of lovers???? i want to know wha t you think

I put a modern twist to this, hope you don’t mind :) It felt more natural imagining them in this setting


  • Saizo will be that friend who teases you whenever he has the chance
  • Unlike his relationship with Yukimura though, he won’t go so far with his biting remarks. After all, how often is it that he actually gets to interact with women on a purely casual and platonic level?

MC: *eye twitches* “I thought you were my friend.”

Saizo: “I am. But it is my duty, as a friend, to tell you that you suck at this.”

  • The Designated Drama King™
  • He’s your go-to person if you need something figured out. Car having trouble? Dog not eating? Unsure if your dress matches these shoes? Saizo’s your KIA (know-it-all) friend — in a good way!
  • Of course since you’re almost always stuck in a rut and in need of his help, you have an unlimited supply of dango for bribing purposes. Actually he might have taught you how to prepare dango in the first place
  • One of your rare bonding moments would be cooking. Saizo’s pretty average in the kitchen but he can make a mean braised beef soup
  • Which he prepares for you when you’re sick, and it’s so touching because he rarely does anything that’s wholly genuine and kind
  • But as soon as you bring it up you bet he’d shoot you down hard
  • Honestly he doesn’t know how someone as annoying as you managed to be close with him
  • Despite his slight standoffish behavior, you know you’ve found a lifelong and loyal friend in him

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Japanese cultural event headcannon

Been thinking about the fact that Hanzo and Genji didn’t get anything exclusive in the new update then thought of something.
The Japanese Cherry Blossom festivals/events. The Cherry Blossom season starts around this time of year but don’t go into full bloom until around April time.
We already know there won’t be a Easter event, but what about a Japanese event signifying the blooming of cherry blossoms.
I just thought this would be cool due to Hanami, the flower viewing events and their link to the map Hanamura~ Hanamura is already filled with Cherry blossom tress that are always in bloom (synthetic hard light projections?) But often lanterns and other decorations will be placed in Hanami viewing areas to give a better sense of the festivities~ After seeing Lilijang tower and market square decorated for year of the rooster I thought this could link to Hanami festivities~
Also the fact that Hanzo and Genji got nothing for the Chinese New Year event (which is fine as I believe Japan doesn’t set aside a holiday for this. Although a lot of non Chinese characters got skins) It would be awesome to see them in a much more traditional sense like with Mei and Hana’s skins~
Other characters who didn’t get skins/emotes in this event may not get anything again but after seeing so many other characters get skins this time round, if this was ever a possibility we’d see characters like McCree, Widow Maker, Pharrah, Soldier, Reaper and Sombra possibly getting a bit more~

I dunno it’s super early in the morning and I’m rambling :‘000
Just thought it fit with the fact there won’t be an Easter event and who wouldn’t want to see Widow in a kimono

Plus more Mchanzo interactions about his home perhaps McCree complimenting idk man just yeah