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The Arrangement (pt 10)

You woke up around 6 in the morning. Though you were incredibly tired, you had too much on your mind and sleep didn’t consume you like you thought it would. It was still dark outside at this time, and you were slightly hungry. Now that you were eating for two, you were eating more frequently. 

You were scared to go out into the kitchen though. What if Jimin was also awake? You weren’t ready to face him yet. There were so many things that he had said and you wondered how long he had his doubts about your relationship. Did he still love you? Did he still love your baby? 

You tried to calm down again. You sat down and thought about the situation at hand. If you were in his shoes, what would you have thought? It was a little ridiculous to plan for a birthday party about two months in advance, you had to admit it. But it was the only way you could pull off the party with your work schedule. You thought back to all the times you tried to hide your phone away from Jimin or closed your laptop when he came and sat next to you. I guess you really did seem suspicious. 

But did that warrant the things he had said. The hurtful things? If you were in his shoes…. you would have talked to him. You would have asked him straight up. Why? Because you love him and trust him. Sure, things were moving fast between you two, but didn’t he always assure you that he felt the same way you did? That you both were on the same page?

Clearly not. You realized that maybe he didn’t trust you as much as you trust him. So maybe your love him outweighed his love for you. So where exactly did that leave you and your baby?

You rubbed your hand over your growing stomach. You had been busy for the past few months sure, but your love for the baby grew each and every single second. When you first heard the heartbeat, you cried. You made the baby your number one priority. You still worked hard at work and tried to balance your new life. Clearly you didn’t do such a good job. But like you said, the baby was your first priority. You were determined to work things out with Jimin for the sake of the baby. But you still needed time to settle your emotions. You needed time.

Jimin had made his way back to his shared room with you after trying to get you to open the door. He felt terrible. He should have just talked to you first! He should have never doubted you. Why then, did he? He decided that it was because he was too afraid. Too afraid to lose you. And as these thoughts flooded his mind, he eventually fell asleep on the empty bed, wishing so much that you were there in his arms. 

When he woke up, the sun was shining and he turned to the clock. It was already 9! He jumped out of bed and quickly brushed his teeth. He ran out the room hoping to find you. Your door was open! He ran in, only to find it empty. As he walked back towards the kitchen, he noticed breakfast already on the table. So you were awake. Where the hell did you go on a Sunday morning?

A little note caught his eye on the table though. It read “I need time before we can talk about this. Please just give me that much”. He didn’t know how he felt after reading it. At least you were willing to talk to him at some point in the future. But he just wanted to hold you, hug you, and kiss you at this very moment. But he knew that he shouldn’t push you or his luck. So with some gratitude, he ate the breakfast made for him and sauntered back to his room, wasting his day away.

You went to your best friend, Suji’s house and decided to spend your day there. She could tell you were upset, and you finally told her everything. Everything from the beginning. About how the marriage was forced, how Jimin and you were so unhappy at the beginning of the marriage. Even everything that happened last night. 

To say that Suji was shocked was an understatement. She listened patiently and she was crying along with you by the time you were done. “How could you have not told me anything till now! You’re my best friend and I didn’t know you were struggling like this!” she all but yelled at you. You gave her a sad smile. 

“Sorry” you said. “It was hard not telling you, trust me. But I couldn’t you risk telling my parents, I know how close you are with them” you reasoned. 

“What makes you think I won’t tell them all this now?” she questioned. Your smile fell. 

“Suji please don’t. I just couldn’t take it anymore and I told you everything. I can’t deal with the stress of you telling my parents. Please, I’m begging you” you said. 

“I’m just messing with you. I won’t tell them. But you need to start telling me everything too! I swear to god, if I see Jimin I’m going to slap him silly” she said, trying to lighten the mood. “Are you going to forgive him?” she asks.

“I need to talk things through with him honestly. But I can see where he could have had his doubts. But I’m still really hurt with what he said. But I…I just love him so much Suji. I don’t want us to fall apart because of this. I think we can get through it. He did look really apologetic afterall” you reasoned. 

“Ok, but if he pulls anything else I won’t keep quiet” she says. 

“And you won’t have to” you promised. 

The next couple of days were terrible for both you and Jimin. He was trying so so hard to give you the space you wanted, but it was eating at him. He wanted to talk to you again! Meanwhile, you didn’t know when to start talking to him again. You simply made his meals and went to work. You didn’t say anything to him but you missed him like crazy. You needed to talk to him soon. Jimin hated being at home with you when you were just going to ignore him so he would try to spend time with his friends. Usually, he would just end up drunk though. 

Taehyung meanwhile noticed the change in you both. He felt bad and he knew he shouldn’t get into it, but he hated seeing you both like this. So, he decided that he needed to get you two to talk. Jimin had texted him to meet at a bar later tonight, so he decided to ask you to get dinner around the same time. If he was lucky, he could make you two run into each other and force you two to start talking again. 

Jimin waited patiently at the bar for Taehyung to arrive. But it seemed like Taehyung was running late, so Jimin started on a drink before his friend arrive. Since the party, Taehyung didn’t bring up the situation again, and for that Jimin was thankful. He still couldn’t tell his friend what he had accused both you and him of. 

Jimin felt a pair of arms snake around his waist and he jumped at the sensation and turned around to see who it was. To his disappointment, it was his ex. 

“What are you doing here, gorgeous?” she purred. Jimin wanted to visibly gag, but he kept it in.

“None of your business” he said, turning back around and taking another sip of his drink.

“Oh come on. Clearly things aren’t going well. Otherwise why would you be here on a weekday night instead of being with the mom to be?” she asked, sitting down next to him. Jimin rolled his eyes.

“You’re the reason for this. If you.. If you hadn’t placed those thoughts in my head.. I could be.. I could be happy right now” he said, honestly. But he knew that he couldn’t really blame his ex completely. He was the one who spewed the hateful words to you and he could never take that back. Jimin downed his drink at the thought. 

Jimin stopped paying attention to his ex, who was practically drooling at him. He couldn’t get his mind off of you and anything that Jiah had said went in through one ear and out the other

Taehyung had suggested you grab drink at a local bar. You thought it was suspicious, especially since you couldn’t drink at a time like this but he assured you that they had really good food. You didn’t really think twice, and went along with him. You were quite hungry after all. 

Meanwhile Jimin was getting increasingly frustrated. Not only was Taehyung running late, but Jiah was talking his ear off. Though the alcohol calmed him down a little, it also gave him to confidence to finally tell Jiah off for good. 

“Jiminie don’t you remember all the fun trips we took together? Those were so much fun, don’t you miss those days? Remember the ski trip we took? It was so cold! Maybe we can go to Hawaii or something next, I’ve heard is absolutely gorgeous.” she rambled. It kind of amazed Jimin how dense she was. What did he ever even see in her?

“Jiah, I’m only going to say this once so listen carefully. I don’t like you. I don’t have any feelings for you left. I have a wife and a kid on the way and I love them to pieces, ok? They are my world now. There is place left for you in my life, so I kindly suggest you leave when I’m still being nice”  he said, finally facing her. 

Jiah was surprised to say the least. Jimin was never this…rude to her. Even when he broke up with her, he was pretty nice about the whole thing. But this, fueled her anger. She huffed and got up out of her seat. She made it across the bar near the entrance when she saw both you and Taehyung approaching the bar. If she couldn’t have Jimin, then no else could, she thought. 

She quicky made her way back to Jimin, who had her back faced towards her. Taehyung looked around to find Jimin, and his eyes landed on Jiah, who also made eye contact with him. Taehyung was so confused and before he could register what was going on, Jiah turns around Jimin and kisses him. Taehyung lets out a little gasp and you follow his eyes to sight in front of you. There stood Jimin, kissing another woman. 

You let out a little gasp yourself. Your eyes immediately begin to water and your heart breaks all over again. You spent the last couple of days trying to piece it back together, but it was like Jimin came and shattered your heart to even tinier pieces. 

Jiah pulls away, happily and smiles directly at you. Jimin was too shocked to process what even happened. Taehyung had seen enough though. He immediately crosses the bar to confront his friend. You stay by the entrance, not being able to move but you start to sob and people around you were starting to stare. You didn’t even care if people could recognize you at this point.

Jimin wiped away Jiah’s lipstick from his mouth, still finding it hard to believe that she had to audacity to kiss him when he had just told her to get out of his life. “Jiah, what the he-” Jimin started before someone grabbed him by the collar. 

“How fucking dare you” Taehyung all but growls as he lifts Jimin up from his seat by the collar of his shirt. “How could you do that to Y/n?” Taehyung questions still. If people weren’t looking before, they sure as hell were now.

“T-Taehyung-ah” Jimin stutters out. Jimin theoretically didn’t do anything wrong, but his friend didn’t know that. To anybody else, it would just seem like two people sharing a kiss. 

“You said you loved her. How could…how could you be kissing Jiah now?” Taehyung continued, his anger only increasing. During their little encounter, Jiah had also conveniently slipped out but not before giving you one last smirk before exiting the bar. 

Jimin ran his hands through his hair and shook his head, trying not to meet his friends eyes. Why couldn’t he just say that Jiah was the one who forcefully kissed him? While trying to formulate words, Jimin’s eyes landed on you by the entrance. HIs eyes widened in shock. “Y-Y/N” he whispered. 

You finally made eye contact with your husband and your sobs only increased. Jimin tried to break free from Taehyung’s grip, but Taehyung had pulled him right back. 

“No, I think you’ve done enough damage” Taehyung said, firmly gripping onto Jimin. Both Taehyung and Jimin turned to face you and it hurt them both so much to see you in this state. You held one hand over your baby bump and another over your mouth to stifle the sobs. You couldn’t stand there anymore and ran out the bar. 

“No, wait!” Jimin yelled across the bar and tried to break free from Taehyung’s grip once again. “For the love of God, let me go Taehyung!” he yelled back at his friend. “I need to get to her, please. It wasn’t what it looked like” he said, pleading now. Taehyung looked into Jimin’s eyes and knew that he was probably telling you the truth. He hesitantly let him go.

Jimin quickly grabbed his phone and ran out behind you, but only to see you quickly get into a taxi. He ran up to the taxi, but it was too late. You were already driving away. Jimin paced around the street, frantic. Where was his car? He needed to follow you! Taehyung ran out behind him. 

“I don’t think you can drive right now, let me drive you” he said. And before Jimin could answer, Taehyung had already ran to fetch his car. Soon enough, Taehyung pulled up on the street with his car. Jimin quickly jumped in, but your taxi was long gone. The boys decided that you were probably heading home though, so they drove there as fast as they could.

You couldn’t control your sobs in the taxi. Even the driver gave you pitiful looks. “Uh, where to, young miss?” he asked slowly. You gave him the address to your friends house. You called her along the way, but unfortunately she was out of town on a business trip, but she told you where she kept the spare key and told you to stay for as long as you liked. Suji, your friend, knew not to push the matter, especially over the phone. But she still told you to call her once you somewhat calmed down. She knew that Jimin was probably the reason why, but being out of town made Suji feel helpless. What could she even do?

“Y/N, I know you’re really upset right now and we can talk about that later. But sweetheart I need you to take care of yourself, at least for the sake of your baby ok? Please try to calm down a little and call me again once you’ve settled down. Stay as long as you need, ok? I’ll be back in around 3 days” she says. You could only mumble a yes before hanging up. You were thankful for Suji, but you were in no state to be thanking her right now, especially when talking was hard over your sobs.

Jimin kept urging Taehyung to drive faster and as they pulled into the front drive way, Jimin practically jumped out of the car before the car even stopped. Jimin frantically tried to open the door with his keys, but his hands were shaking too much. He just had to see you and explain things to you and make things right. He promised himself that he wouldn’t be making any more mistakes, but this wasn’t something he saw coming. Hell, it wasn’t really even his fault. 

Jimin finally opened the door, but the house was dark and empty. He quickly turned on all the lights and ran around the house, hoping to find you in one of the rooms. Taehyung slowly walked in after, watching as Jimin ran around, yelling out your name. “Jimin, I don’t think she’s here….” Taehyung says, rather silently. Jimin stops in his tracks. 

“Do you just think she hasn’t got here yet?” he asks. But he knew the answer. You weren’t coming home tonight. 

Three days go by and Jimin is desperate at this point. He couldn’t find you and you weren’t answering your phone. Even Taehyung tried to get a hold of you, but failed. He felt like this was partially his fault since he was the one who brought you to the bar in the first place. 

Jimin could function, not when he didn’t know where or how you were. Were you ok? Were you eating? Sleeping? How was the baby? He knew this time was crucial for the baby, and he didn’t even want to imagine anything happening to the baby. 

And what was worse? He couldn’t even tell his parents or yours. Every time they called, he would lie and give them an excuse as per why you couldn’t come to the phone. The guilt was eating him alive, and Jimin was dying to see you, and make sure you were ok. 

Jimin tried to think back to all your friends that you had told him about. But his mind was drawing a blank. Instead, he had his friends look into it the first day you were gone. By the third day though, Taehyung had found the address of your best friend. Taehyung remembers you telling him about her, perhaps even setting up a blind date for the two of them. He had kindly declined at the time. He even ran into her at Jimin’s party. 

Taehyung texted Jimin the address and Jimin rushed out the house the second he saw the text. He knew there was a chance that you wouldn’t be there, but he was willing to try anyone or any place at the moment.

The last three days for you were…terrible. You hadn’t been able to stop crying and you honestly felt numb. You couldn’t eat properly or sleep. You tried, you honestly did. You tried to force down some food for the sake of your baby, but it was just so hard. You were under an immense amount of stress. Suji still wasn’t back from her trip, but she had texted you that she would be back soon.

You woke up that morning and you immediately felt like something was different…something was wrong. You were more dizzy than usualy and there was a dull pain in your stomach. You tried to push the feeling away and thought you were just hungry. So you brushed your teeth and washed your face, hoping you would feel somewhat better, but the dizziness persisted. 

You tried to make your way to the kitchen, but you had to hold on to the sides of the bed or the table to steady yourself. By the time you got to the small living room, that dull pain suddenly felt more sharp and tears started to well up in your eyes. 

You heard a loud knock on the door. You tried your best to walk to the door without stumbling. You prayed to god that it would be Suji, and hopefully she could take care of you because you were honestly about to pass out at any moment. You opened the door and your eyes started to droop, but you could make out the figure in front of you. “J-Jimin” you started. 

“Y/N, baby, I’m so sorry. I promise it wasn’t what it looked like, ok? Jiah is the ex I told you abou–” he started, trying to explain things quickly. He was too scared and nervous and he didn’t even seem to realize that state you were in. But before he could get another word out, your interrupted him. You pulled at his shirt.

“J-Jim-Jimin. Hel-help me” you said, before finally passing out and falling into his arms. Jimins eyes widen in shock as he falls to the floor with you in his hands.

“Y/n? Y/N-yah? What’s wrong? Baby? Are you ok?” he asked frantically, tapping on your cheek lightly trying to get you to open your eyes. Jimin’s heart raced a million miles a second, especially when you had no signs of opening your eyes. Thankfully, you were still breathing. But that’s when Jimin saw it. 

That’s when Jimin saw the blood rolling down the sides of your legs

A/N: I’ll end this part here. WHEW talk about angst?! And on that note…happy early thanksgiving! PLEASE tell me what you thought about this part in the comments below or to my inbox. Any feedback is appreciated. I honestly read each and every single comment. Also, I don’t proof read so sorry for all the mistakes. 

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Panic Cord (Chap.5)

Panic Cord - Reader is a blind person living in New York, when one day she’s saved by a mysterious man with a metal arm who shows her that seeing isn’t always believing. (Catch up on previous chapters here.)

A/N: So this is one of many updates I’m going to be doing before the year ends! I’m trying to update everything before New Years, so this is just one of many you’ll see from now on! This one is major feels, y’all. Things between you and Bucky get hella personal. :’)

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Blind!Reader

Warnings: Fluffiest thing I’ve ever wrote. Mentions of deceased family. (If you’re uncomfy with any of these, keep scrolling.)

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Being in the Hunger Games with Tim Drake

•Being chosen from your district to fight other deadly teenagers was not your planned idea of your weekend.

•Coming from a poorer district you knew you be at a disadvantage since some trained their whole lives for these games.

•Your partner was an average kid who you knew would sadly die in the beginning.

•Thankfully your parents taught you some key survival skills.

•Not to mention you were pretty intelligent, you preferred to analyze different situations rather than acting recklessly.

•Arriving at the capital you were met with the fellow competitors and the game makers of the Hunger Games itself.

•A young boy about the age of yourself was calmly browsing through a tablet he had in hand.

•”He’s probably designing the layout to kill us right now.” A fellow competitor whispered in your ear.

•”What do you mean?”

•”He’s the head game maker, he plans the attacks, the fires, the floods, everything.”

•The Gamemaker rose his head and stared at you both.

•You remained to stare right back at him while the other nervously avoided the eye contact.

•The boy slightly smiled and turned his tablet around… he was planning the layout of the game.

•And then the training started.

•If that Gamemaker stuck to the layout you knew that it would be placed in a tropical setting.

•You read endlessly on edible things and survival tatics while others threw knives at each other, trying to earn dominance in the game.

•But why did he show it to you?

•A couple days later when you were talking to your mentor a quiet knock was heard.

•You got up and opened the door to reveal the Gamemaker, still tapping on his tablet.

•”Gamemaker.” You said promptly

•”(Name) (Last name)”

•You mentor stood up and gestured him inside.

•”Mr. Drake, what pleasure do we have seeing you?”

•Tim looked at the mentor and then to the books you had sprawled out on the table about different climates.

•”I just wanted to inform (Name)… privately on the next stage for the games, things we expect.”

•”O’course I’ll take my leave.”

•Tim sat down on the chair and ushered you to do the same.

•”I’m Timothy Drake, the head Gamemaker.”

•”Ah, the one that wants to kill us all.”

•Tim looked at you with an undectable look, “That’s the job requirement yes.”

•”I see you took the appropriate measure to fully conquer the game setup.” He gestured to your books.

•”You are the one who showed me it.”

•”Yes, I would like to keep you alive.”


•”For reasons we cant discuss yet.”

•Tim got up and prepared to leave.

•”Wait! What about the others?”

•”I have decided fully on them yet.”

•And with that he left.

•You began to notice how his eyes would constantly follow you wherever you went.

•Or how your mentor suddenly had the right things for you to say to win over the capital’s crowd.

•There was even books subtly placed near the ones you read that helped your knowledge extensively.

•2 days before the games you had to get evaluated by the Capital on your skills.

•Your fellow competitors complained how the Gamemaker never even looked up during their evaluations.

•But when you went it was different.

•In the spectators box was just Tim tapping on his tablet again, but when you came he paid full attention.

•On the day of the Games you paced nervously around the waiting room.

•Suddenly the door unbolted and Tim appeared.

•”Here to give me tips?” You said sarcastically.

•”I plan to keep you alive… and a few others if possible.”

•”WHAT FOR!? So I could become your toy if I live?”

•”There’s going to be a revolution and I need you to be apart of it.”

•”To overthrow the capital?” You said shocked.


•The tube opened and signaled you to step on it.

•”Why keep me alive? Why are you doing this.”

•”As I said for the revolution… and for my personal motives too if I were to be truly honest.”

•And with that the Hunger Games commenced.

anonymous asked:

Did Host mess something up when he was in Anti’s head? Is Anti hallucinating or can Doc just not see it? Or is the glitch just slowly deteriorating like most do. Holy heck is Anti fading?

“What’s wrong with him, Host? He was scared to death when I came in there.” They both peer in at a sleeping Anti after the Doctor was forced to sedate him.

“You saw the triangles before, didn’t you?” Host asks slowly.

Doc nods. “Yes, and so did the others. We all… but I looked and looked, Host. I didn’t see anything just now.”

The Host nods. “I looked inside his mind again. Those triangles are everywhere, but… they’re not hallucinations. He really sees them. They mean something.”

Dr. Iplier rubs his forehead. “You mean he’s going to have to live with these… things constantly tormenting him?”

“Who says they have to torment him?” Host shrugs. “Who says that all the triangles even lead to the same time? The same place?”

Doc sighs and shakes his head. “How are we going to explain this to him? He’s so nervous and frail right now.”

The Host grips his friend’s arm. “Let me work with him, Edward. I’ve done it with Dark, and he’s managing now. If you talked to Anti, maybe he’d trust me enough to work with me on this, and then he won’t have to be afraid of them anymore.”

“You really think that could work?” Doc watches the Host nod with a reassuring smile. “Alright then, I’ll see what I can do when he wakes up.”

Dear Diary

TITLE: Dear Diary

CHAPTER NO./ONE SHOT: Chapter 1 of 4

AUTHOR: Eclectica-posts

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine Loki comforting you when you’re crying. He knows exactly what to do or say to help you through it.

RATING: Maure, with a lot more mature in further chapters



Smut, fluff and bad jokes.

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storytime motherfuckers

ya boi used to be an anti ‘til he realized how fucking stupid and ignorant he was being and that ships like sheith and shance are 100% valid and i am in no place to fucking shit on them. besides, what’s the point? what’s the point of shitting on people and being genuinely angry at them because of who and who they like seeing together? seriously, tell me, in the end, what’s!! the!! fucking!! point!! and legit, they’re literally fucking FICTIONAL characters from a fucking KIDS show. christ get over yourselves not everyone ships the same fucking thing.

moral of the story:

dear anti-shaladins,

Originally posted by guilpsique

i need to stop being so fucking depressed about lil peeps death tbh cause everytime i fuccin hear his music or see any videos of him i cry,so i need to get over it and just think HE WAS SUCH AN AMZING PERSON AND HE HELPED SO MANY PEOPLE WITH HIS MUSIC, HES ONE OF A KIND AND IM ALWAYS GONNA FUCKING LOVE AND MISS HIM, HES IN A BETTER PLACE NOW BC HE WAS NEVER HAPPY HERE TBH SO IM JUST HAPPY HES IN A BETTER PLACE NOW AND RESTING <3 so on that note ima delete some of the things i reposted/posted so i wouldn't feel so sad anymore, yea i didnt get the chance to see him or buy his merch but he left us his music which is enough for me
Basics of Witchcraft

in case it isn’t clear, this is a shallow, broad overview of a beginner’s guide to witchcraft! if you’re just starting out, this is the place to be. this is a pretty long post, so i’m putting it under a read more!

here is a link to sun’s witch academy database, where you can find more in depth posts on many of the topics discussed here! (a work in progress)

a letter to witches;
take everything i say with a grain of salt. i am not the Ultimate Expert on all things witchcraft!! things that are important to me might not be to you, and we’ll probably see things differently. that’s okay! your path is your own.

do your own research as well, and always check what you find against other sources as well as your own knowledge. be smart and use common sense. ultimately, YOU decide what you believe! (keeping in mind that some things in witchcraft are common knowledge/should not be disputed. this mostly is pointed at cultural appropriation. that doesn’t mean that they aren’t disputed, but they shouldn’t be.)

have fun, and love yourself!
~ sun

a note: if you don’t understand something i’m talking about in this post, chances are it will be explained more in depth in another post from the database, or even farther down on this post! just be patient <333

who can be a witch?

you. you can be a witch.

in fact, simply by saying “i want to be a witch,” that’s it. you are a witch.

the moment you say, “i don’t wanna be a witch any more,” you’re good! you don’t have to be a witch if you don’t want to.

it doesn’t matter if you don’t practice that often. it doesn’t matter if you have to keep it secret from your family, because they disapprove or would think you’re “crazy.” it doesn’t matter if you’re a boy, or if you’re gay or transgender. it doesn’t matter if you’re black, asian, latinx, indigenous, or anything else. it doesn’t matter if you’re christian, buddhist, atheist, jewish, or anything else! you are you, and you are a witch. so continue! onward and upward!

what is magic?

magic, in my opinion, is like energy. i won’t get too deep into my personal view of the world on this post, but that’s what i believe. and witches use different methods to tap into that energy and manipulate it. magic can help you focus better or recover from an illness faster. it can help you get better sleep or learn more about yourself through astrology. it can’t, however, make you fly, turn invisible, or defy any basic laws of science. in my mind, magic works alongside science. they’re most definitely different things, but science can’t break the laws of magic any more than magic can break the laws of science.

what are the laws of magic?

no clue.

so let’s go!

starting out

there are a few things you should do when just beginning to look into witchcraft.
firstly, research! learn about different topics and what interests you most. if you aren’t sure, just try a few things and see if you like them. don’t stress too much, if you decide you don’t like a certain path you can always change it!
secondly, learn how to protect yourself. witchcraft can be dangerous. it shouldn’t be something to worry about unless you’re purposefully sticking your nose into dangerous places, but you should still know how to keep yourself protected just in case. learn how to ward and shield yourself, your space, and anything else you want to keep safe.
finally, experiment! ultimately you need to jump into the deep end, try a spell or two! the purpose of researching and learning protection before this is so that you’re diving in with some floaty devices and someone watching to make sure you don’t drown. but if all you ever do is research, you’ll never get anywhere.

now i can help you get started out with research and protection! experimenting will be up to you ;)

track your progress

a common question asked by new and even intermediate witches is: how do i know when i’m no longer a beginner?

honestly, it’s up to you. if you feel that you’ve truly left the beginner stage and become an intermediate, or even an expert, only you can really decide that. however, there are some helpful indicators that might point you towards the right experience level. remember, everyone learns at a different pace!

this post was made by my amazingly talented spirit worker friend fox. it’s written for spirit work, but it shouldn’t be too hard to apply it to witchcraft! (keep in mind the warning at the top - this is a loose guide and you could have a different perception of things!


(basic definitions! check the database post to find more in depth explanations.)

  • intent - what you want your magical energy and power to do/accomplish.
  • warding - a method of protection; can be physical, energetic, or astral
  • cleansing - a method of ridding yourself, an object, or a space of negative, harmful, and bad energy (useful when you’re feeling sick, gross, or bogged down)
  • grounding - a method of connecting yourself to the energy and the world around you; a method of rooting yourself in the physical present. (useful after meditation and when you feel disconnected/distracted)
  • centering - focusing all of your core energy into the very center of yourself, and releasing any excess or negative energy (useful for calming or focusing)
  • meditation - allowing yourself to simply exist and take in the world around you. your focus should not be on anything happening in your life other than what you feel, hear, sense in that very moment. can be used to achieve deeper trances.
  • programming - channeling your intent into an object: i.e., programming which direction a pendulum should swing to indicate a specific response
  • charging - filling an item (or yourself!) with magical power/energy
  • shielding - a method of protection specific to you and your body
  • correspondences - things that you associate other things with; for example, salt being associated with protection. correspondences can often be slightly different or even completely unique when compared to another person’s correspondences for an item, and there are often more than one for any given item. just because correspondences are different doesn’t mean they’re wrong - it just means that you use the energy in different ways/for different things

simple magic

there are some things that are easier to start with. depending on your interests, i would suggest practicing some of the vocabulary (the ones that are actions, anyhow) and looking for little ways to integrate magic into your life. what you do kind of depends on what you want to accomplish! but some of the easiest magical stuffs to start with include:

  • making sigils
  • using crystals/gemstones
  • knot spells
  • basic pendulum divination
  • shufflemancy
  • paying attention to nature and energy around you (like lunar cycles)
  • astrology 101 (more advanced astrology is super complex)
  • lighting candles and incense
  • short and easy incantations
  • start/work on a grimoire!

moving forward

once you’ve begun exploring a little more, you’ll probably want to learn about just how many different kinds of witchcraft there are. holy moly, there are a lot. even the list i include here isn’t all of them: this is a bare bones sketch of some of the most common and well known. i believe i’ll be making a separate post going over more of them :)

general ways to use magic: spells/charms, curses, amulets, sachets, sigils, etc

types of magics/crafts: arts/crafts, astrology, cosmic, divination, dream, elemental/sea, green/garden, hearth/kitchen/cottage, lunar, music, pop culture, solar, storm/weather, tech/science, urban*

types of witches: solitary, coven, eclectic, hereditary/traditional, wiccan**

* i didn’t include hedge witchcraft on this list as i believe it to be similar to spirit work, which is an entire other topic of itself. however, i intend to research hedge craft more in order to learn whether there are key differences that would call for me to move it back onto the list.

** wicca is technically a religion, and would go in the religion section, but such a large population of witches are wiccan that i believed it would fit here.

wicca and witchcraft

there is a common misconception in the witchcraft community that wicca=witchcraft and that to be a witch is to be wiccan. this is not true! i don’t think even most witches are wiccan. wicca is a religion, a set of beliefs, that can work alongside witchcraft. you can be wiccan if you want, or not - just understand that not all witches follow the same beliefs that wiccans do. some people have a hard time understanding that.

fun stuffs!

there are a lot of different things you can use in witchcraft! witchcraft doesn’t require physical tools, but some people prefer them. likewise, your tools don’t have to be super fancy and cost 500 dollars. you can use cheaper alternatives or even replacements! ingredients for spells especially are really easy to work around: you can use this thing called a taglock, which is like some other object that is meant to represent the object you wanted in the spell. a taglock can even be a piece of paper with the name of an object written on it! but i’m getting a little off topic.

  • BOS/ Grimoire (a book/collection of knowledge you like! lots of people even have a digital grimoire, like a blog on tumblr.)
  • Altar (a place to dedicate things to deities or spirits, or a place to do spells)
  • Herbs (Mortar and Pestle) (used in spells and have certain correspondences)
  • Crystals (used for their energy and in spells! have certain correspondences)
  • Wand (used as a focus for energy - totally not necessary!)
  • Athame (it’s like a knife. if you get one, please be careful and DON’T use it to harm yourself.)
  • Poppets (typically used to represent a person in a spell that you want to affect them. similar idea to a voodoo doll ((but don’t use a voodoo doll, voodoo is a closed practice!)) and is often used in curses.)
  • Candles/Incense (have correspondences with their scents and colors)
  • Broom/Paintbrush (paintbrush can be used as a mini broom! used to represent keeping your space clean. use it to cleanse!)
  • Cauldron (used for potions and elixirs. be careful, don’t drink anything you make that isn’t safe. clean your cauldron extensively.)
  • Bells (traditionally used to keep away unwanted spirits!)
  • Essential Oil (correspondences for their scents!)

getting deeper: cultural appropriation

so now that you’ve looked at some different types of simple magic and have an idea of where you might want to go from there, let’s talk about cultural appropriation. don’t try to work with spirits or practices from a closed culture. please. just… don’t. learn terminology that is okay for you to use, and learn what isn’t - like native american smudging, for example. i believe chakras and third eye are also terms you should avoid; use things like energy points and mind’s eye instead. if someone from a closed culture tells you to stop using their stuff, listen to them. please. admit your mistake and move on. there are so many paths in the world, you don’t need to follow this closed one no matter how strongly you feel called to it. just don’t do it. respect the culture.

speaking as a white person, it is not your place, or my place, to decide whether or not cultures are closed.

speaking as a white person who has spoken to people who practice closed cultures, it is unspeakably disrespectful to ignore the wishes of those within closed cultures.

not only is it disrespectful, it is dangerous. some spirits and beings from closed cultures will kill any outsiders who attempt to interact with them. i know this because i have spoken to people with experience. i’m begging you, listen to me. consider this thoroughly before you act. please understand. you were not born into this culture. if they say it isn’t yours, it isn’t.

there are so many options for you. YOU DO NOT NEED TO PRACTICE FROM A CLOSED CULTURE. IT IS NOT NECESSARY. IT IS DISRESPECTFUL AND IGNORANT. find another option. please.

of course, i understand if you appropriate by honest mistake - not knowing that a culture was closed. however, once you learn your mistake please respect the culture and move on. you made a mistake. it’s okay! it’s not the end of the world! in fact, the rest of the world is out there, waiting for you to explore it.

speaking of, let’s get exploring.



anonymous asked:

Prompt: could you maybe write about the first training fight Virgil and Roman had?

(set immediately before Training)

“You…you cheated!” Roman rose from the ground, sputtering, wiping dust from his eyes.

“Uh…yeah?” Virgil replied, struggling to catch his breath, his whole body aching.

 He hadn’t wanted to do this in the first place. Learning to fight, fine, yeah, that made sense. He wasn’t gonna be like Logan, and refuse completely. But Roman could’ve just…started formally teaching them.

Instead, the prince had insisted on “seeing what skills they had” before he began any kind of lessons. Which, okay, Virgil could see a point there. No need to go over things they already knew. And Patton had handled himself fine–Roman had beaten him, but from what Virgil had heard Roman usually beat everybody. He was a tournament champion for a reason. But Patton had known the moves and it’d taken Roman a bit.

Then he’d turned to Virgil, and, well…no. Virgil didn’t really know how to fight with a sword and obey the rules of combat. But he hadn’t survived as a friendless bastard by not knowing how to fight at all.

Maybe ducking and rolling away from sword strikes, tumbling off to the sides, and finally throwing dirt in Roman’s eyes before sweeping his legs out from under him wasn’t “chivalrous” but it had fucking worked. And the point was to win, right? So why did Roman look so…pissed off?

“Not like I was gonna beat you with a sword, Princey,” Virgil pointed out, running a hand back through his sweat-soaked hair. “I’ve never used one.”

“But you…you…you’re not supposed to stoop to…” Roman pulled himself visibly under control, his eyes still red and watering.

“It seemed a fairly effective tactic to me,” Logan said mildly from the sidelines.

Roman frowned, glancing over at him before shaking his head. “Effective or not, it’s outside the rules of combat.”

“Bullshit.” Virgil flinched slightly when Roman’s gaze turned back to him, but held his ground. “Maybe it’d get me disqualified in a tournament, but I don’t actually give a fuck about that. If I’m in a fight, I’m fighting to win. There’ll be people depending on me winning. I’m not gonna let some stupid set of rules keep me from doing what I have to.”

“Fine!” Roman picked up the wooden practice sword Virgil had knocked out of his hand when he’d been blinded, his jaw clenching. “Fine. You’ve made your point, and I suppose a peasant such as yourself cannot be expected to obey the laws of a gentleman. But if you insist on using such tactics, I’m not be the one to train you. Perhaps Gareth, Jerrick’s rider, will be a better fit.”

“Fine by me,” Virgil returned mildly, trying to pretend Roman’s continued disdain for his common origins didn’t sting. He’d beaten him, hadn’t he? How many people could say that?

“Fine,” Roman agreed. “Now,” he said, turning to Logan as Virgil picked up his things and headed out of the room. “As for you…”

Virgil escaped, feeling vaguely guilty for leaving Logan alone to face Roman’s ire, but not guilty enough to stay for any more of it himself.

Us pt. 3 sneak peek...

So, surprise…this fic is happening…and should be ready later today.

This is taking place right where Us pt. 2 ended…so why not add salt to the wound? It’ll be short, smutty, angsty, and fluffy. I’m going back to my original fic roots…

Here’s a sneak peek…


Kaneki stared down at his trembling hands that were covered in black tears, surprising himself to see just how much of the black tears had come out of him and hated how he could no longer keep this from Touka. This was the last thing he wanted her to see…to know about. But that was really stupid on his part. 

Touka quickly grabbed a nearby towel to help wipe his face, spreading the black tears all over him.

She took the towel away from his face and looked down at the towel, letting her thumbs run over the black wetness, but didn’t know what to make of it.  

“Kaneki…what…is this?” Touka’s voice was shaky. He glanced up at her, seeing her bright eyes wide with dread, knowing that this wasn’t good.

“I’m…sick.” It was the best way to put it. He couldn’t tell her he was dying. Not now.

“What do you mean sick?” It didn’t make sense.

Kaneki couldn’t look at Touka as he did his best to explain what was happening to him without making it sound like a death sentence, but he was failing miserably at it. And once he was done talking he saw her tighten her fingers into the towel she was holding and staring blankly at nothing in front of her. She was trying to process everything, but at the same time it was like her mind fought against trying to understand.

Because it couldn’t be happening. This was not happening to her. Not to her family. No.

Touka said nothing and didn’t even look at Kaneki as she pushed herself off the floor and tried to stand up, but she felt weak and stumbled.

“Touka!” Ken tried to reach out for her, but he got hit by a wave of lightheadedness, preventing him from trying to help his wife. He covered his face, cursing at his own body for betraying him.

Touka had managed to walk back to the bedroom, slamming the door behind her and locking the door. She wasn’t thinking, but she didn’t want Kaneki with her. She had tried to walk over to the bed, but after a few steps her legs simply gave out from under her and she dropped to the floor on her knees. She sat in the middle of the room, staring at the floor as she hugged her stomach.

The baby, her son, was suddenly so still in her.

…So quiet…

She felt alone.

“Touka,” She could hear Kaneki call out to her through the door. She could hear the sadness laced in his voice. “Touka, please…please open the door.” Touka shut her eyes and started to cry. She cried until she couldn’t cry anymore.


Dont depend on the sales forgetting about voting importance!

why would mnet make the voting 30% if voting is not that important since bts’s sales are higher?

they are not stupid, they will find their tricks and ways to snatch those sales saying that the voting gap was too big, they are known to be like this..

if they played with the voting before it doesnt mean giving up, we need to work even harder to show them how playing fair is! many armys were saying its impossible to catch up with the 1st place, but how is it impossible if we all vote each day? its no impossible its actually so easy, jst get 5 mins of ur 24 h and vote atleast twice and its done! but not all of us are voting thats the huge problem here

and if votes were no important, why would bighit post things about voting on MAMA?

its actually embarrassing when we know bts would see such big gaps and try to calm down cuz yes they are always positive and still they believe in us, lets not disappoint them plz and vote..

Teamwork makes the dreamwork

the-necromerchant-gabriel  asked:

I'm going to a fetish club with someone I want to be my daddy. We've been talking for months and he actually reciprocates my feelings and likes little me but I'm anxious either way. Do you have any tips on not making a fool out of myself?

Fetish clubs are not exactly how terrible B-porno movies portray them to be. Most of them are just regular places with people who simply enjoy what you enjoy. They are there to relax, have a drink, talk… dance.. and most of the whips and chains type things happen in separate rooms or behind closed doors with security walking around and making sure everyone is behaving.

Wear your favorite outfit. the one you are most comfortable in. Its not going to be something where people are all decked out in latex and leather and wearing unicorn dongs on their heads or gimp masks (though occasionally you do see that)

These are people who work regular jobs and have bills and frustrations like anyone else.. they just also enjoy an alternative side of life. You will see littles, and middles… subs and slaves… twinks.. leather lords… daddys.. masters… ropers.. all kinds of people. just go and be you.

and remember… no touching without permission. most doms who are putting on a show with their sub dont exactly appreciate their property being touched, and just because he has her on her knees spread open and displaying her to the audience, is not an invitation to enjoy the buffet. same goes for you. just because you are there doesnt mean you are anyones plaything… your submission is still a gift.

most people are going to be respectful. most are going to just be there to relax. but still express common sense… keep your eyes on your drink and your friend. and if you lose either of those, just go outside and call an uber… or on second thought, a cab. uber is becoming less safe than the clubs these days.

anonymous asked:

Since this is the place to ask you about your most intimate secrets, let me ask you, have you ever used your editing/photoshop skills to create a Starco kiss based on screenshots of the show?? Also, what's the most disturbing thing you've photoshopped?

No, I’ve never: that’d both require some level of redrawing, not just editing, and I suck at that, and I refuse to artificially create what I want to see in canon one day!

This might have been one of my worse edits.

For years I worked at an absurd and terribly self-defeating thing. Hallucinating like mad, I desperately sought to deify myself to escape the suffering, guilt and darkness. Finally, I came to see that there is no way of solving these dilemmas at the level of thought, much less of rising above it. The only real solution is to go deeper by seeing past the unreliable resources to the very core of I-am. It is a place that is always here, a place I never really left but a place not of my own doing. My old hallucinating self became bankrupt and instead there is seeing by the One who sees and loving by the One that loves.

Douglas Harding

The world’s just such a shit place now and it makes me want to cry. I don’t like seeing terror attacks and mass deaths on the news every month, or hear about a new law that’s endangering people or the world, or one being taken away that’s helped thousands of millions of people and/or animals. The world just seems like such a negative place right now and I can barely find a good part without it being threatened or dangerous or soon to not exist. I don’t even want to know what it could be like in the future too.

I know it’s a stupid thing to say but I really just wish the world was a good place for everyone, but that’s never going to happen and every day everything just seems to get worse.

One last pose…

… for now anyway. It pains me to admit that it took me the better part of a day to put this silly thing together. I found out the hard way that sometimes the objects weren’t actually being placed where I could see them in game. What I mean, after placing an object, leaving the zone, and returning to it, sometimes the objects moved… So to workaround this, I had to place the objects, zone to refresh the locations, and adjust if necessary… Unfortunately, I developed this process through trial and error, so at first I had tried putting the entire thing together, left the area, and returned to find a crooked floating mess. Once I got meticulous with it the sheer amount of zoning/loading probably added up to couple of hours by itself…

Net Neutrality: Why Care?

I’m only going to do one post about this. I know it’s long, but please read it if you have the time.

This means that they can determine what and when we see things. I think the divisions in the USA are largely because we are seeing the Internet’s full effects now. We already are exposed to things advertisers and google and etc think we want to see.

This will make the divisions even worse.

This means the news we see that is not covered on tv we may not see at all.

The internet is supposed to be a place for information and knowledge. It’s supposed to be a place where we build communities around the world. It empowers us to take action when and however we see fit, whether that’s a blog or a video on YouTube.

Please please help protest this. Don’t assume it won’t go through, be proactive instead of reactive. It is those people who fight against it from the beginning who ensure it won’t go through.

There are sites tumblr is sending around such as resistbot. Or you can call or write letters.

I understand if you don’t actually believe these actions work. To be honest, I often don’t. However, if I take no action at all, I know I will never forgive myself.

I don’t know who, if anyone really, will see this, not to mention if it’ll have any effect. But I took action of some kind beyond sending a letter.

Even if you don’t really believe letters and calls will work, it is important to foster a proactive rather than reactive mindset. If all of us do it, it will have an effect. We can see this in history (such as women’s rights, and look how far LGBT rights have come).

Don’t let it end with us. If nothing else, continue protesting in respect of those who protested for years for us to have the right to vote and marry and everything else. We didn’t earn these rights, they were earned for us.

Thank you for reading.

anonymous asked:

A headcannon of yuri p who has a girlfriend who is NOT into figure skating? She's an otaku anime nerd who would rather go to cons than go to 'boring skate shows'. How did they meet? They meet by chance when a competition and a convention was just happened to be in the same area. They're world's are so different and yet they make it work. Please and thank you!!!

  • Yuri thought that you were going to see his performance at first, because that seemed like the only reason why you’d be there, but after explaining you were only attending the yearly comiccon he was honestly kind of bummed.
  • But Yuri had indeed intrigued you, and after asking him about his plans for the evening he asked you out.
  • He took you to a nice restaurant, nothing too classy, just a cozy place with nice food where you got to know each other. But after he mentioned his proffesion, you immediately confessed you weren’t really into that whole thing.
  • He was slightly offended at first, but of course he couldn’t force anybody to like ice skating. 
  • If you were confessing, he might as well, and he told you in return that he wasn’t into anime at all.
  • The conversation only turned into laughter, because just because you both didn’t like the others main interest, you definitely liked other parts of each other. Even as much as coming back together for a second date, and even a third.
  • After a few months of dating, you agree to join him to his next competition. You take your seat in the crowd, but even though Yuri’s performance is as impressive as ever, you cant seemed to hold any focus and instead turn back to anime’while the other skaters perform.
  • Yuri joined you once towards one of your favorite cons, but you could clearly see the discomfort in his posture as he was pulled into pictures with several cosplayers. He just silently followed you around while you were fangirling over all the characters.
  • But overall, even though you don’t like ice skating and he doesn’t like anime, you both really do like each other and that’s the most important.

kiwispaz  asked:

Hey Edgurrito! I can already see you making positive changes in your life now. You've befriended some humans, made peace with Undyne, and didn't do a violence when Damien pissed you off. You even cooked with Papyrus! You've come a long way and we're really proud of you. If you keep on truckin' you'll find your place in this world yet.

Edge Lord: You… I… I have no idea why would you say touchy-feely shit like that! This isn’t something to be proud of!  This is how I should… I… 

Edge Lord: … shut up.

Went through and wiped out most of my old posts, even art posts. I still have all of the art archived on my external hard drive, just felt like doing an overhaul. Kept mainly just posts of Noodle and pictures of Cinder. I set up an Instagram for Cinder if you want to see more of him on a separate place.

At this point I don’t know what I wanna do here, I go through this every few months on deciding what I want to do with the blog because I start losing traction on my current plan. I love making art but there’s only so much that I can come up with when the only thing I *want* to make is Noodle but I have no ideas on what to do and it gets old just making basic poses time after time after time. I’m not all that interested in my other OCs at the moment either so they got shoved into my personal archives. 

I’m still having tons of fun with @princess-smallestia even though I haven’t been overly active there - when I do post, it’s because I honestly feel like it and I enjoy it. That’s not going anywhere, so don’t worry about her.

All in all, I’m not 100% sure yet but this blog will most likely start being more of a personal one again once the new year hits, in terms of at least keeping my text posts and pictures and reblogs up again instead of just deleting them, and not feeling guilty about posting other things than just art.

I have a few ideas for art projects I wanna do for December, but I’m kinda losing the art traction again and probably just need another break from the current plan to just sorta regroup and see where I’m gonna go.

Thanks for letting me vent, thanks for being awesome pasta squad members, and stick around for more pasta shenanigans and art and all sorts of stuff!

❤︎ Steph