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I submitted a student a while back, the one with gold in her eyes whose family joked that she wasn't human. She's back! (I am sorry for taking liberties, it's just that I love this whole thing.)

They watch her in horror.

She does not wear iron (Her mother’s stories and beliefs were right, it seems. Iron hurts her in a way she does not want to explain.) and the rules her sister taught her all seem to cause her more trouble than it’s worth. Salt damages her hands, makes her bleed and sore, and so she goes without.

She does not carry the protections that the others do and seeing someone so easily disregard the safety measures makes them nervous. She walks in places they are terrified of, alone and unharmed, and no one wants to question why. The gold in her eyes flashes in the darkness and she carries a book in her arms. Pages and pages of drawings, of things seen in her dreams and a world she knows more intimately than her own.

(Her mother still writes her letters, but they treat her as if she never held any power over her.)

(It would seem that the jokes were truths and never something to be laughed at.)

Her golden rings, worn in her eyes, expand until the blue is all but gone. The effect is striking and some believe her to have been replaced but she is the same as she ever was. There was no replacement for her, no sweet words luring her off into Their world.

Her world.

She is stuck between the two and being as odd as she is does her no favors. Too much humanity in her spirit to be right as a Them, too much Other to belong to humans. Trapped in between, this is where she belongs.

(One day, far into the future, she will be faculty and no one will ever tear her from Elsewhere. This is her home now, and she will remain.)

One girl watches her, eyes pinned on her hands as she draws, and she sighs. An audience is not what she wanted. Everyone chooses how to react to her, of course, but she wishes that some would choose to ignore, like everyone else.

The girl approaches her and she looks up, meeting eyes similar to her own, cat pupils and orange. “You have a wonderful talent,” the girl says softly. She recognizes her now, realizes that she looks like someone who isn’t there anymore.

One of Them, one who wanted to be in the world for a while.

“You praise my talents,” she says quietly. Never say Thank You, the rules echo in her head. She wonders if the rules apply to someone who has always belonged.

Both of them grin, two sets of teeth too sharp for humans.

They are never seen apart again.

(Stories will be told of them, to be sure, but they will always be phrased as, ‘Did you meet the professor’s wife yet?’)


BTS reaction to travelling with their girlfriend


He would be so happy to finally take you some place special. When you would go out, Jin would always make sure you had a hat so you didn’t get too warm, sunscreen and water. He would love to wander around, holding your hand as you both took everything in. “This place is amazing, don’t you think? I’m glad I got to come here with you!”

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He’s pretty used to the whole travelling thing, so it didn’t really woo him anymore. It was kind of annoying to him since he has done so much of it. But seeing how happy you got when looking at the sights made him love it again. He’d follow behind you as you pointed at every new thing. Yoongi would love watching you rather than looking at the vacation spot. “How do you always manage making things like this fun?”

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Hobi would be an excited ball of energy. He’d be jumping around, dancing, laughing, smiling. He’d love being able to be with you and see your reaction to the new places. He’d skip with you down the streets, holding your hand while singing at the top of his lungs. Hoseok would pull you into a little café and order some drinks for the both of you. “This is the most fun I’ve had on a trip like this!!!”

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He would be happy to take you on a nice trip. He’d take you on a relaxing boat ride. You’d sit and talk about everything while sailing around. Namjoon would then, of course, take you to a little clothing shop to pick out anything you wanted. He’d hold up clothes he’d think you’d look good in and laugh when you posed after trying them on. “You look really beautiful in that, jagi. I’ll get it for you~!”

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Jimin would be the one to surprise you with the trip. He’d make plans, hand you your suit case and tell you to get your butt moving with no explanation. He would take you to explore all over your destination, take you on hikes and try to take you swimming if there was time. “We have to fit everything in! You’ve always wanted to be here so we gotta do everything, babe!”

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He would love to take you to every place you have ever wanted to go. He’d bring snacks along when you went exploring and make sure you weren’t hungry or thirsty every time you two walked past a shop. Tae would take a million pictures of you every chance he could. “Stay right there! I gotta get a picture of you because you’re so cute!”

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Jungkook would be so excited. He would pack way to much and bring things he thought you would need and maybe forgot. He would take you to see everything that he could. Kookie would like to slowly walk around, talking to you about how lovely this place is. He would say it’s so relaxing to be with you here rather than having to do work. “Ahhhh…. I love being able to treat you like a princess and take you to places you’ve never been.”

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sorry for lack of posts lol i was moving into my new dorm

yesterday i went to anime japan, which is a huge anime convention at the tokyo big sight center. 

as u can see. lines were huge. inside TONS of anime studios had a booth. a lot of merch was being sold, some exclusive stuff, etc. a lot of announcements for upcoming things too

they had a themed food place too! each dish was based off a character from an anime. i got tsumugi’s okonomiyaki from Sweetness and Lightning, and it was sososo good. nothing like awful american convention food. and i got a cute sticker too. 

this con was really fun but honestly not as lively as a lot of american cons i’ve been to. not a ton of cosplayers at all, and a lot of people were there solely to get merch and go home.

but it was still a lot of fun 💖

Heyo to all you lovely people!!
As written in the lil’ title up there, I want to give a positive message to the people within the Ajin fandom! I’ve personally been a huge fan of ajin for a very long time, and seen the fandom grow a lot! And despite it growing bigger and bigger, it’s nice to see that there’s still a positive vibe within the fandom itself.

I personally haven’t seen any big ‘wars’ or anything of the sorts myself, and while people might have different oppinions or ideas about; what to ship, what is canon and non-canon or other things, I’ve seen a lovely side of the fandom where it’s a friendly place to be, with amazing people to talk to and share oppinions with. And I’m proud to be in such a fandom!!
As said, we might dissagree on perspectives here and there, but that’s natural! I’m amazed to see how well things have turned out in the big picture, and how it’s not stopping anyone from creating bonds with others and share ideas!
Of course there’s negativity out there, but i’m glad it’s not stopping the rest of the positivity.

It might seem a bit random of me to say all this ‘out of nowhere’, but it’s just so nice to be greeted by such a friendly atmosphere. //Despite the show oddly enough being rather dark//  So I wanted to take the time to say how proud I am of all of you guys out there, and how amazing it is to see the such nice people out there.

I’ve seen so many amazing people, who help to make the fandom such a great place to be! And even if you don’t post a lot or not at all, it’s still nice to know that there’s this lingering joy still around! I’m always happy when I see, amazing art, stories, theories or just general ideas, and all of this is thanks to everyone just being so amazing! I really admire this fandom, and I couldn’t be happier about how things are.

Also on a personal note, I really want to thank @omg-satou & @origami10 for being so SO amazing! You guys we’re basically the first people I started talking to when started I looking futher into the fandom itself, and I personally wanna thank you guys so much! You really made me grow as a person not only to be more confident, but also made me actually feel like I was a part of a fandom! -Which was new to me because I was always just the very shy blogger, who didn’t dare to talk to others at all! So I hope i’m not being totally cringy for saying all this, but I really admire you guys and just wanted you to know how much I appriciate what you’ve done for me. ((=^w^=))

But to everyone out there;
stay awesome and I hope you have a lovely day~

Stay (2/2)

Rated: T

Pairing: Barry/Iris

Words: 1,233

Summary: Iris gets Barry to stay. Takes place at the end of 3x16. 

This is the second chapter of Stay. You don’t have to read the first chapter to read this one, but I will leave a link in case you want to check it out. 

Read Part 1
Read on AO3

None of this makes sense. How the hell did they get here? Just a couple of days ago they were happy, they were engaged and things were finally looking up. And now here they are. Barry thinks they need space and she wants anything but.

She reaches the foot of the stairs and places her hand on the railing and hesitates. She looks over her shoulder at him and sees that he hasn’t moved. He’s hunched over holding his head in his hands. And she can tell he doesn’t want this either. Something happened in the speedforce. Something that pushed him to make this decision. Something that messed with his head. She remembers what he told her about what it is like the last time he was there. How the speedforce took the form of his parents and Joe and even her. So she has to wonder whose form it took this time and what he saw there. She can see him folding in on himself, putting his walls up again. He’s acting out of guilt and he feels like it’s up to him to fix everything. That he has to take on Savitar alone.

It’s been one thing after another and she’s done just sitting there and doing nothing, she’s ready to fight back. So in that second she comes to a conclusion she’s not going to let this go. She’s not going to let him decide that they need space and she’s certainly not going to let him sleep on Cisco’s couch. He needs her just as much as she needs him.

“Stay,” she doesn’t say it loudly, but it carries in the silence of the room and his head immediately lifts up. His eyes find hers questioning her.

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So this world has followed me into my dreams, with this result…

You walk into Elsewhere University with bright eyes and eager steps, excited to start this chapter in your life. You’d heard the hushed conversations in the corners when you went to your orientation, but that didn’t concern you. In fact, it kind of excited you, because you thought you might find a better outlet for your arts here than anywhere else. You could See colors and shades that were too bright, too sharp, too vibrant, too dark, for the mortal eye. Colors not even visible to bees and art students (though you were, of course, an art student).

You think your portfolio might have scared your admissions counselor, an oddly mousy woman whose eyes never stayed in one place for very long. She stamped (never signed, no one here signed documents) her papers for her,  but whispered under her breath the whole time about “Elsewhere colors” and things of that sort. You didn’t catch everything, but the gist was clear. You always knew the colors you Saw weren’t like what everyone else described, but you had never found a way to prove it. You’d never found paints in the kinds of shades you Saw and never managed to mix them yourself, no matter how many hours you spent trying. (That was why you were minoring in chemistry - you wanted to create your own pigments, to capture all of the surreal beauty you could See that no one else could.) You did what you could to make the differences clear though - and planned to keep doing so, even though it was clear that displaying Sight was taboo here. You were lucky that you couldn’t See more than colors. Your time at the university would have been much shorter, and much less pleasant.

You followed all of the rules and traditions to a T, made sure you were never without salt or a ramen packet, kept an old iron pendant around your neck or in your pocket at all times, spoke kindly to the crows. All of the rules, except for the one about creating art incorporating Elsewhere. No matter how many times you teachers warned against it, despite that one even failed you for the semester for it, you insisted on trying to paint the colors you Saw, instead of the ones that existed in the mundane world. You made it three semesters before you really caught the Gentry’s eye.

By the end of your third semester, you had finished enough classes in your chemistry minor by doubling and tripling up on the required courses (there was no point in taking arts classes if you couldn’t paint what you wanted, you felt) to know that they would never be able to teach you to make the pigments you dreamed of. To know that chances were good that there was no Earthly way to make those colors stretch beyond your mind to your canvas. Your first mistake was bemoaning this within earshot of one of the Fair Folk. Your second mistake was in not noticing the hole in the bottom of your backpack that spilled your ramen packets like breadcrumbs behind you on your walk home, not keeping some in your pocket (complacent, you had grown complacent in your year and a half). You weren’t carrying enough iron to ward off the Creature that appeared in front of you halfway between the woods and your dorm, offering to teach you how to paint the things you Saw. Your third mistake was in letting the “Yes” fall from your lips without first asking what the cost would be and how this would be done.

The world dissolved around you into a swirl of hues, more alien than any you’d ever seen before. And they were tangible; you could reach into them, feel them, understand what made them what they were. You stayed there for what felt like ages - for all you knew, literal eons had passed in the world you left. You painted with your fingers, your eyes, your heart, and this pleased the Fair One who had taken you… For a while. Soon though, it was bored of you. From the colors came shadowy monsters, terrifying beasts that chased you back to your own world. And as you ran, desperate, in fear, the colors fell around you like rain. They leeched from your Sight until you passed back from Elsewhere, back to the mortal world. You never Saw the same again.

To this day, you are unsure if They took your colors, or if the time immersed in all that color could be simply blinded you to the simpler shades of Earth. You no longer paint; but you still create. You still Know how to make the pigments, even if you cannot see them. You long for the day you will be able to see the things made with your Colors… But you also know that day will never come.


(This one’s for @imagineham.)

Daveed knew it was bad because he could hear you crying.

99.9% of the time, when things went badly, he would find out after. Or because you’d finally gotten around to telling him. Or because he was there when whatever upset you occurred in the first place.

You knew from the start that seeing you hurt and/or crying broke him, so you always took extra steps to make sure he didn’t see. The fact that there was no sad playlist playing and that he could hear your sobbing clear as day? That scared the shit out of him.

He had come home early with Starbucks, knowing full well you were chasing a deadline. The last three weeks had been hectic and while he knew you understood that Ham was a lot of work–he wanted to be there for you and your crazy pile of schoolwork. Not to mention your family stuff.

Placing the cups and paper bag as quietly as possible on the counter, he slipped out of his shoes and went to your bedroom. There you were, engulfed in blankets and pillows, an unmistakable shaking lump of sobs.

He wanted to leap in and take you in his arms, but he knew that in your state it would probably startle you more than help. So he resorted to subtlety-turning the doorknob until it clicked and clearing his throat.

“Steph?” he said tentatively, moving towards the bed. “Baby, it’s me.”

You froze, curling up even more. You couldn’t stop the tears if you tried so you just let them flow, sniffling. You couldn’t bring yourself to speak just yet.

He sat on the edge of the bed, and when you didn’t move away he finally placed an arm around your huddled form. “Steph, it’s going to be okay. I’m here. Whatever it is, I’ll help you through it. Is it your dad about finding a job again? What happened?”

That makes you ease up a little. Slowly, you kick off the blanket and turn to face Daveed. He’s watching you closely like he’s protecting the most fragile thing in the world. Of all days he’s chosen today to wear the sweater you got him for your first Christmas together. “I…I…I c-can’t…” You relent and bury your face in his neck, crying all over again.

“Shhhh. You don’t have to say anything if you don’t want to. Just-just let me be here, okay?” he smiles, running a hand through your hair and holding you close. “We’ll just stay like this. I love you, Steph. I love you.”

Even with all the chaos in your head, you believe him. You cry yourself to sleep that night, and he hardly moves when your breath finally finds a steady rhythm. Instead, he shifts just enough to keep you entirely within his arms, kisses your temple, and falls right asleep next to you.

Tomorrow was a new day.


Veronica: “Step away from the bomb”

J.D: “This little thing? I’d hardly call this a bomb. This is just to set off the packs of thermals upstairs in the gym. Those are bombs. People are going to see the ashes of Westerberg and say there’s a school that self-destructed not because society didn’t care, But because that school was society. The only place Heathers and Marthas can truly get along is in Heaven!”

So sorry for all the Heathers stuff but once you make fictional characters in a game you just have to act out some scenes!

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hey leela, is it just me or was that video really forced? Also, another thing, i kind of think dnp are 'pushing away' from each other a little bit, just with this video, in opposition to other recent videos. I know it's not my place, but I'm really worried for them, bc I care a lot about their mental health and well being. Please send thoughts <3 have a great day my dude

agree that the video was forced a bit but i’m not seeing this “pushing away from each other” that you mention? if anything they’ve been getting closer and more flirty with each video. i mean the bean vid didn’t really have as much space for touching and making little domestic comments or innuendos or whatever, but that makes sense given what the game entailed? i would much rather they react naturally to things than force themselves to touch and flirt with every video ,, bc then they’re just doing what everyone always loves to accuse them of (aka faking shit bc it’s ~what the people want~) 

more generally, they, and dan especially, have seemed a bit stressed/tired in the last couple of weeks but i think it’s almost certainly bc of working a lot. i don’t think you really need to be worried about their mental health or the solidity of their relationship!! and esp not based off of this one gaming video. hope you’re having a great day too xx 


Imagine this: Being stuck with a kleptomaniac you knew before but right now he’s a past version who doesn’t know you and doesn’t know you kinda made out with each other before he died by sacrificing himself to save you.

Being stuck in the same place where you both froze to death.

Being stuck in a place where you’re about to freeze to death.

And having guaranteed you are not going to die.

Eh, they’re both experienced with such thing anyways.

“I see the way you look at me…” The familiar draw of his voice rang in her ears. “Tell me, captain, why do you have those pretty little crystal blue orbs stare into me as if you’ve known me for so long?”

Sara looked down at Leonard’s sitting figure, the same position as their first near death experience.

‘Yeah, except now we’re actually gonna die’

“I don’t like to be kept waiting!” Leonard said in a higher tone, bringing Sara out of her thoughts.

She looked at him with a piercing gaze but stopped after 5 seconds because her eyes travelled to his lips.

The same lips she kissed.

'No, he’s not the one you know’

Sara’s breath hitched, not knowing why. She sat in the same position as before except moving as far from Leonard as she can.

She needed to feel indifferent.

She needed to feel nothing.

She needed to feel


His slightly cold breath, his cold fingers, his heavy touch that made everything seem so light.

No, she needed to focus.

Right now, she can’t think about him.

But it’s a problem when he’s 3 feet away from you and you can hear his shivering.

Leonard stared at her. She showed little emotion, feeling…showed little pain.

However, he could see her heavy- slowly turning shallow breaths. He could see her urge to fight the want to shiver. He could see her biting her tongue rather than chattering her teeth to show no sign of feeling cold.

And he doesn’t know why.

See, even him, someone who shows no interest in everything and barely shows emotion would drop those things down and show weakness from his shivering and chattering.

But why won’t she?

Leonard slid slowly nearer her, and he saw her tense up, stopped for a while, letting her look at him.

Sara saw him. Going closer to her. She saw him and felt a twinge of pain in her chest.

'Fuck, please no’

She saw his eyes. Oh those blue eyes. They matched up to hers. Those eyes were the last thing she sees before she wakes up.

He continued coming closer to her, slowly taking off his jacket and made Sara’s eyes widen.

“No, you don’t have to. I’m fine.” Sara says.

Leonard stares at her and raises an eyebrow. “Who said it was for you?”

Sara fought back an embarrassed blush and lost. “Oh, sorry.”

A small curve made up on the side of his lips. “Kidding.” He said before giving her his jacket which she tried to fight off but again failed.

“You’re not much of a talker around me. Why is that?” Leonard asked, trying not to stutter due to his chattering teeth.

Sara’s breath hitched once more. Nothing came out.

Leonard eased. “See, as I said. You know if you really want me back then-”

Taken by surprise…

Got third place in the baking contest! Granted it was out of maybe 10 people, but I didn’t expect to get anything after seeing how pretty some of the cakes. I’m a bit annoyed because the rules said to have 4 individual desserts but a majority of the entries were full sized cakes. My tiny cakes didn’t look as good as I would’ve liked because my chocolate cake is super moist and crumbly. It would have looked much better if I could have just used a full size cake. 
Also some lady came with a massive cake with truffles and cookies and it looked like one of those instagram cakes and I know everybody hated her as much as I did (she obviously won). 

I’m a little bitter that I only won a tote bag instead of a gift card, but my ribbon does look pretty nice in my kitchen…

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I'm just starting out conlanging with limited knowledge of construction of languages and linguistics. I'm hoping to make one of the primary languages in a province on my planet. The hardest thing about constructing a language for an imaginary place seems to be generating a completely unique language seeing as it's hard to disassociate from the languages I already know, at least for me.. do you have any tips for this?

Read about languages. Read more. Then read more.

Also, don’t worry about making a unique language. I very much disagree with the idea that has become prevalent in the conlang community that your language is only worth something if it’s some kind of unique snowflake of a language. Some of the best conlangs I have encountered have been based upon existing languages. What you need to be wary of is creating a copy of a language (unless that’s your intention, kind of what I’m doing with Nevarran). Otherwise, creating a language that sounds like a real-world language is nothing to be ashamed of. 

What’s important is to understand how languages work. You don’t need to have knowledge of linguistics (although it helps) and you don’t need to be really knowledgeable about grammar (although it helps). What you need to know if how language works, which is rather simple when you break it down to its bare basics. You really just need to know about the basics of case and declension. Get those down and you can create anything, really. 

Think about what your people would sound like. Instead of thinking about language at this point, think about what their mouths look like. How do they create sound? Do they incorporate body language into their communcation? Do they use pheromones to communicate? What about tonal shifts? Can one word change meaning completely depending on the tones in which it is spoken? Think about how these people would sound. Speak to yourself in some sort of gibberish that sound like what you imagine they would sound like. Then take some of those words from that gibberish and assign meanings to them. Congratulations, you just started a conlang.

As for making the language unique, think about the sounds that would be included in this language. Using this handy-dandy online IPA chart will help. What sounds do you regard as ‘unique’? Search through the chart, try and figure out a phonology for your language based upon the gibberish you were practicing.

If you’re interested in really delving into the meat and potatoes of it all, I would suggest you check out these resources:

The Language Construction Kit, by Mark Rosenfelder

The Conlang Wiki Book 

Hope that helps.

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Do you have any tips/guides for drawing people?

oh boy that kinda depends what exactly you need help with bc there is A Lot. proportions are important. it depends if ur asking how I draw people or if you’re asking for help in general but I always suggest to trace stock images to study how anatomy works, tracing for practice (BUT NOT TO USE IN YOUR ART) helps you see and learn how certain limbs are proportioned and how things are placed. u can then go and practice and then eventually integrate it into your own style

tbh part of the reason the comics irate me so much is because yes, while I want a good relationship between the batfam….. I actually also want to see it developed

because without that you could have Tim calling Jason “the closest thing I have to real brother” and all I will do is scoff 

it’d be so awesome to see them act like a family but it doesn’t work unless you show them getting to that point because there’s too much bad blood between the lot of them for it to just ~magically~ get resolved 

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Your post gave me so much hope. I've never been more happy to see daytime and light in 19 days 😭 I feel like we really are so close to seeing TianShan again. I cry.

Yes! :’D One thing that I noticed, well not always but majority of times, is that tianshan plot always take place during the day, specially in school so I’m always excited for daytime in 19 days. 

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TWITTER NAME : @Bobbiereyes


WHAT DO THEY POST ABOUT?: Cars mostly, sometimes about funny things that Gabe has said or sappy indirects to his inhuman/mutant heroes

FACEBOOK NAME : Roberto Alberto Reyes


WHAT DO THEY POST ABOUT?: Animals he sees in the streets, street races, his favourite new street food places and basically anything that crosses his mind

INSTAGRAM NAME: Robbie_hellcharger


WHAT KIND OF PICTURES DO THEY UPLOAD?: Selfies mostly, robbie can be very vain on his good days

SNAPCHAT : Reyes88

TYPE OF PICTURES THEY UPLOAD ON MY STORY : theres one of each new filter, always over him with a little shocked look on his face because ‘omgosh this one is my favourite yet’

TYPE OF PICTURES THEY UPLOAD DIRECTLY AT PEOPLE : Pictures of shit he wants, normally pieces for souping up a car, with the message ‘This is what I meant’


TYPE OF PHONE THEY OWN :some kind of Samsung, he hates apple products

5 LATEST PEOPLE THEY CALLED : Gabe, Lisa, Canelo, (Jason)/(Ven), Gabe’s therapist

WHO WERE THEIR LAST 5 MISSED CALLS FROM : Canelo, Kinney, Lisa, Kinney, Kinney

LATEST TEXT AND WHO FROM : GABE- Don’t forget the icecream

LATEST PICTURE THEY TEXTED : A picture of tools arranged into the word no.. send to Laura Kinney

LATEST VIDEO THEY TEXTED: He doesn’t really take videos

TYPE OF PICTURES ON THEIR PHONES : Pictures of cars, Gabe, food, dogs, DIY jobs that he’s done, his significant other

TYPE OF VIDEOS ON THEIR PHONE : maybe one or two of Gabe in therapy (so proud)


5 MOST USED APPS: Facebook, google maps, phone tracker, photo editor, colour switch

WHO THEY CALL MOST OFTEN: Their significant other (Jason/Ven)

WHO THEY TEXT MOST OFTEN: Gabe, Canelo (I’m going to be late again, so sorry)

LATEST VOICE MESSAGE AND WHO IT’S FROM: Canelo, yelling at him and asking if he still wants his fucking job.

WEBSITES THEY VISIT MOST OFTEN: Pinterest,,, he collects cars there

BACKGROUND PICTURE ON THEIR PHONE: Picture of himself and Gabe, Robbie has two fingers up behind Gabe’s head.

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Today’s Spoon

Don’t Leave The Past Behind You

 I talk a lot about leaving the past behind and moving into the new season of my life - but reflecting on the past can be a great motivator as it allows us to see how much progress we’ve made. From time to time it can be a great tool to use - particularly when the present moment seems difficult.

In recent years I’ve changed almost every single aspect of my lifestyle and seen the benefits of those changes reflected in the people, places and things around me. The days of being unfulfilled are so far behind me that when I reflect back on who I used to be - that person seems almost alien.

When looking back into the past it’s imperative not to get caught up in who you once were or what you once did - but rather to appreciate how far you’ve come since then and identify what other changes you can make to help you progress towards your goals now.

Celebrating the wins that have got me to where I am today is part of my own healing journey and helps to put things that have happened into perspective. Understanding that I wouldn’t be where I am now without having gone through those things has helped me to put much of the past to rest.

Acknowledging who, what and where has helped and hindered me allows me to keep those lessons in mind when choosing what I want to surround myself with today. Only from having been in environments that don’t serve me have I been able to choose ones that do.

When you feel stagnant in your journey or as though your goals are hard to reach - take a moment to appreciate how far you’ve come and give thanks for the lessons you’ve learned along the way. 

Nothing in this life is guaranteed - give thanks & treat each day as a gift. 

Peace & positive vibes.

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In regard to the floriana the one thing I would like to mention is that in Italy people of mixed ancestors eg: Italian - spanish or whatever are often called mutts. This can be in a derogatory or affectionate way. I can still see why it's yikes but that might explain it a bit

it’s not my place to speak on this as a white person but i have seen poc who were offended by it so either way, as a white woman, it was very Yikes of her. anyways #recastmaggiesawyer

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Sorry if this is the wrong place to ask, but do you have any general art tips? Little things to improve on? I really respect you as an artist!


2. As an assignment attempt to copy artists you look up to and try to figure out why you do and how they do it. Apply whatever you learn to your own art. See who/what inspired them.

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40. What do they wonder about? What sparks their curiosity and imagination, and why? How is this expressed, if it is?

“People,” Bell rumbled, thoughtful. “Other places, and cultures. What’s the fashion like in Doma, really? Do Garleans play Whist the same way? Do…they play any games?” He paused, as if making a mental note of that for a later inquiry.

“Ah, but mostly: people. I like watching a crowded street of strangers in a new city, just to see what a handshake means there. They laugh more easily in Thanalan, but an Ishgardian will kill you for days with just one joke,” he gestured with an ever-present cigarette. That sort of thing. 

Bell leaned back, faintly embarrassed. “I spend a lot of time travelling for research, but also just for the interest of it. To meet people, or observe a place. I keep a lot of journals, informally, but otherwise,” the mage shrugged. “I won’t talk your ear off about the sacrilegious practices of the ecclesiastical underground in Dravania unless you really want to hear about it.” He grinned wickedly.

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