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“…Mr. Tesla was charmed to hear about the Vedantic Prâna and Âkâshâ and the Kalpas, which according to him are the only theories modern science can entertain. Now both Âkâshâ and Prâna again are produced from the cosmic Mahat, the Universal Mind, the Brahmâ or Ishvara. Mr. Tesla thinks he can demonstrate mathematically that force and matter are reducible to potential energy. I am to go and see him next week, to get this new mathematical demonstration.

“In that case, the Vedantic cosmology will be placed on the surest of foundations. I am working a good deal now upon the cosmology and eschatology (That is, doctrine of the last things — death, judgement, etc.) of the Vedanta. I clearly see their perfect unison with modern science, and the elucidation of the one will be followed by that of the other. I intend to write a book later on in the form of questions and answers. (This was never done. But from his lectures in London in 1896, it is easy to see that his mind was still working on these ideas. (See also Vol. VIII Sayings and Utterances& Letter to Mr. Sturdy .)). The first chapter will be on cosmology, showing the harmony between Vedantic theories and modern science.

Brahmâ = The Absolute
Mahat Ishwara = Primal Creative Energy
Prâna and Âkâshâ = Force and Matter

“The eschatology will be explained from the Advaitic standpoint only. That is to say, the dualist claims that the soul after death passes on to the Solar sphere, thence to the Lunar sphere, thence to the Electric sphere. Thence he is accompanied by a Purusha to Brahmaloka. (Thence, says the Advaitist, he goes to Nirvâna.)

“Now on the Advaitic side, it is held that the soul neither comes nor goes, and that all these spheres or layers of the universe are only so many varying products of Âkâshâ and Prâna. That is to say, the lowest or most condensed is the Solar sphere, consisting of the visible universe, in which Prana appears as physical force, and Âkâshâ as sensible matter. The next is called the Lunar sphere, which surrounds the Solar sphere. This is not the moon at all, but the habitation of the gods, that is to say, Prâna appears in it as psychic forces, and Akasha as Tanmâtras or fine particles. Beyond this is the Electric sphere, that is to say, a condition in which the Prâna is almost inseparable from Âkâshâ, and you can hardly tell whether Electricity is force or matter. Next is the Brahmaloka. where there is neither Prâna nor Âkâshâ, but both are merged in the mind stuff, the primal energy. And here — there big neither Prâna nor Âkâshâ — the Jiva contemplates the whole universe as Samashti or the sum total of Mahat or mind. This appears as a Purusha, an abstract universal soul, yet not the Absolute, for still there is multiplicity. From this the Jiva finds at last that Unity which is the end. Advaitism says that these are the visions which rise in succession before the Jiva, who himself neither goes nor comes, and that in the same way this present vision has been projected. The projection (Srishti) and dissolution must take place in the same order, only one means going backward, and the other coming out.

“Now as each individual can only see his own universe, that universe is created with his bondage and goes away with his liberation, although it remains for others who are in bondage. Now name and form constitute the universe. A wave in the ocean is a wave, only in so far as it is bound by name and form. If the wave subsides, it is the ocean, but those name and form have immediately vanished for ever. So though the name and form of wave could never be without water that was fashioned into the wave by them, yet the name and form themselves were not the wave. They die as soon as ever it returns to water. But other names and forms live in relation to other waves. This name-and-form is called Mâyâ, and the water is Brahman. The wave was nothing but water all the time, yet as a wave it had the name and form. Again this name and form cannot remain for one moment separated from the wave, although the wave as water can remain eternally separate from name and form. But because the name and form can never he separated, they can never be said to exist. Yet they are not zero. This is called Maya.

“I want to work; all this out carefully, but you will see at a glance that I am on the right track. It will take more study in physiology, on the relations between the higher and lower centres, to fill out the psychology of mind Chitta (mind-stuff), and Buddhi (intellect), and so on. But I have clear light now, free of all hocus-pocus. I want to give them dry, hard reason, softened in the sweetest syrup of love and made spicy with intense work, and cooked in the kitchen of Yoga, so that even a baby can easily digest it.”

–Swami Vivekananda

(A Letter To Mr. E.T. Sturdy. 228 W. 39th Street, New York, February, 13, 1896.

On a happier note, you know what I think I’d like to see more of? 

I’d like to see more of Edgeworth not being characterised as too upper-class to appreciate the same kinds of things that Phoenix and Maya not only enjoy, but are able to afford.

I’d like to see Miles Edgeworth sighted in a burger place, which is how Maya knew that one would be a good one to drag Nick to.

I’d like to see more of Phoenix bumping into Edgeworth at the supermarket (prosecutors do, after all, still have to go shopping, and besides - there’s a Steel Samurai brand cereal he likes).

Instead of the sheer quantity of ‘he’s spent so long in a family with Big Money that he’s gotten used to the taste of Good Food’, how about we have more ‘he’s spent so long sat at a table and expected to eat what was in front of him, taught to like certain things, but he still has cravings for cheap take-out and penny sweets, the kind he knows he’d get Looks for and told off for if he was seen having given in’.

Because… if I had to go without what my favourite foods were, no matter what they were, for years on end, I wouldn’t forget. I might get new ones, yes, but I would not forget my favourite foods.

So, like, especially considering how young he was when he was taken away from all that?

Let’s have Miles freaking Edgeworth cracking open a can of baked beans, or a bag of crumbed chicken dinosaurs, or Steel Samurai shaped pasta, and it’s his guilty pleasure.

Because even if Gregory Edgeworth was a wealthier man than Phoenix becomes, Miles still went to the same school as Phoenix, Larry, and other kids like them. He grew up in a normal environment, not some private school only rich kids can get into, or private tutoring. At least until von Karma took him away. So - give the man his Wheetabix and Pot Noodles and Alphabetti Spaghettis, yeah?

Who Shattered Pink Diamond? My updated theories based on the events and revelations of “Wanted.”

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143. Malec or Jimon

anonymous said: 217?? :D

143. “You can sing?” + 217. “H-How long have you been standing there?”

Being on his own in the loft is still new for Alec, even after having lived here for a few months now. He thinks it’s probably just the fact that it’s a new thing for him, to see the loft without Magnus in it, but if he looks deeper into it, he knows it’s because while the loft is the place he now calls home, that isn’t entirely true. Because at the end of the day, Alec knows Magnus is his home, not the loft, so being here on his own feels a bit off at times.

Still, Alec has been getting more and more comfortable in it, and there are traces of him all throughout the loft, just as there are traces of Magnus, and that helps. He got back from the Institute a while ago, and he’s curled up on the couch with a book when his phone chimes with a text message.

I’ll be home in an hour, I can’t wait to see you, Alexander. I love you.

Alec smiles at the text, sending a short reply (I’ll be waiting, love you too.) before getting up off the couch. He goes over to the kitchen, figuring out what he could make for dinner, but as he’s prepping the ingredients and utensils he needs, he’s bothered by the absence of Magnus’ voice, or the soft crackle of his magic, so he turns on the stereo, letting the music fill the loft.

He gets lost in the process of cooking, gently humming under his breath, until he recognise a very familiar voice coming from the speakers.

I want to break free, I want to break free

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First Love -8- Suga AU

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First Love, Suga AU

Parts; Masterlist, One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight

Pairing; Min Yoongi x Reader

Genre; Romance, angst

Word count; 3.348

Synopsis; Meeting the genius of the music class was something you looked forward to, that is until he opened his mouth but even though he treated you like crap, you couldn’t help but feel attracted to him when he was playing the piano, how could you fight against feelings like this and was it something you wanted to fight against in the first place.

Yoongi literally jumped off of you and frantically started to pick up his clothes after he had put on his boxers and his sweats, it was quite funny to see but then again you felt a bit flustered by this sudden change, of course this wasn’t his fault but you were ready to give him one of your most precious things and then he just stopped, it’s not like your mother would’ve come in because she knew that this would eventually happen, as she had seen your feelings for Yoongi.

Yoongi did not once look at you and when he was finally dressed he even left the room, without saying anything and to be honest that really stung. You got off the bed and got dressed again but this time you put on some sweats and a shirt and you decided to sleep on the couch today because now that you had become of the shock were pretty frustrated by his behavior and as you walked out of the room, you actually slammed the door. “Is something wrong, sweetheart?” your mother was definitely startled by you and the fact that you slammed the door so hard and the expression on your face told her exactly how angry you were. “Nothing’s wrong,” you said through clenched teeth as you walked into the living room, Yoongi was also staring at you but his expression told you he knew he was wrong but that really didn’t matter now. “Mom, I will be back in an hour or so,” you told her as you put on your shoes, you didn’t wait for an answer as you pulled the door shut.

You texted both Jimin and Taehyung because you really wanted to let out some steam and the best way to do that was by doing some crazy karaoke, you told them where to meet and to bring JungKook if he wanted to come and as you arrived they were standing there waiting for you. It was nice to have friends like them. “Let’s go in.” they followed you and as you guys entered the room, you didn’t waste any time and put on BigBang’s “bang,bang,bang” and not long after we all were singing and dancing around like crazy people but this did make me feel better “Yah Y/N, why did you want to hang out?”

“Do I need a reason to hang out with you guys?”

“No, not really but we did have a bit of a fight.”

“Jiminie even if we fight, you’re still my best friend, so why wouldn’t I hang out with you, that just doesn’t make any sense.” you ruffled his hair and hugged him “Jungkook-ah, you can really sing!”

“No, not really.”

“Why is this kid so shy? Yah JK, stop being so shy, you can really sing!”

“You can sing better Noona.”

“Of course I can.” you joked because even though you could sing, he was way better but there was no way you were admitting to that. “You know, I’ve been watching you and you’re really cute, you know that right?”

“Noona, are you okay?”

“Am I, I don’t know, I think I’m embarrassed.” you nodded as if you were proud of yourself for admitting that. “About what?”

“About what are you embarrassed?” Jimin sat down next to you and Taehyung also sat down on the other side and all three of them were curiously staring at you. “Aw is it already this late, I should go home.” you jumped up but Jimin stopped you by grabbing your arm at that precise moment, the door opened and behind it was none other than Yoongi, who was looking furious and the only thing you could do was sigh really loud. “Really? You followed me?”

“Of course I did, I’m not stupid, I know you’re angry with me.” he wasn’t looking at you but rather at Jimin’s hand that was still holding your arm so you pulled your arm out of his hold and quickly stood in front of him. “He was just worried.”

“I bet he was.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“That you need to keep your hands to yourself because she’s mine.”

“I didn’t know she was a property.”

“YAH!” everyone turned around startled and even though this is what you wanted them staring at you made you feel shy for some reason. “Yoongi, I already told you that you have no reason to be jealous and Jimin stop putting me in these situations, please!”

“You texted me, remember?”

“I needed my friends and you are my friend!”

“Let’s go home.” Yoongi grabbed your wrist and pulled you with him and you let him. You waved at the guys who were staring at you with their mouth wide open and you thought you could hear Jungkook mumble to never get a girlfriend, which made you chuckle. “What’s so funny?”

“Nothing.” you pulled your hand free and started to walk faster to get away from him but it didn’t work. “Y/N, just talk to me, please?!”

“Fine! You know how embarrassed I was after you just left me alone?! We almost did, you know and you just ran away the minute you heard my mom!” you were yelling first but lowered your voice when you remembered what you were talking about.
“You could’ve asked me if I was okay, you could’ve said that you’re sorry, you could’ve to give me my clothes but no you just ran! Am I just some fling for you because if so then just leave!” you were breathing hard and you could see the shame and guilt on his face but it was the truth you really felt embarrassed about this whole thing, you shouldn’t have let it come that far anyway but you did and the moment it was going to happen he just stopped because your mother told you she was home.

“Wait, what, are you angry because I left you or are you angry because I stopped?” You felt flustered immediately because at this point you were angry about both but what did that say about you? You weren’t some pervert but it was really special and you really wanted him and then he just stopped as if it wasn’t hard for him.

“You are angry that I stopped aren’t you?” he took a step closer and you decided to stay where you were, he couldn’t intimidate you any longer, he smiled when he saw your determination. “I’m sorry for stopping.” his hand went into your hair and pulled you closer, it was turning you on big time and he knew this when he locked his eyes with you, it was probably written all over your face. He brushed his finger over your lips and his mouth followed and all those lingering feelings came back in one explosion, the angry feelings were gone in an instant, all that was left was the scent that lingered around him and if you weren’t standing on the street under a street light you wouldn’t know what you would do.

“We will finish what we started, I promise, okay.” he brushed his lips over yours and the only thing you could do now was a nod. “You’re not angry anymore?”

“No.” you mumbled, which made him smile. “Silly girl, let’s just go home.” his hand interlocked with yours and together you walked back home “Wait this is not the way home.” he turned his head just to smile at you and kiss your knuckles, which brought goosebumps all over your body, he definitely did it on purpose. “Where are we going? We’re not going to a motel right?” you really didn’t want to go into a motel because that would just be cheap and he should know that you would run away, only the thought of all the people who had used a motel room, well it was a turn-off. “Of course we’re not going to a motel.” you kept walking with him as you were curious enough to see where he was taking you. The neighborhood he was taking you didn’t look that good but then again, everything looked a bit shady in the dark, so who were you to judge, he led you up some stairs and stopped when you were halfway. “We need to go up.”


“Just follow me.” you did as he asked and together you climbed up some more stairs but this time is was from a house and when you arrived at the top, you saw this cutest rooftop house, you looked around and was stunned to see the view, it was breathtaking, as you could see most of the city. “Why are we here Yoongi?”

“I can’t stay with you guys forever right?”

“We really don’t mind.”

“I do, I hate that I’m taking your bed and don’t pretend you don’t mind because I know, you can’t really sleep.”

“I have always been a bad sleeper, the doctor even told me that I have insomnia.” you shrugged but Yoongi just sighed deeply and the way he was looking at you made you feel uncomfortable because it was a pity, which wasn’t something you got often.

“Anyway, I bought this house.” he opened the door and turned on the lights, he waited for you, to enter and when you did, he suddenly picked you up bridal style and carried you over the threshold, which made you giggle, because it was the cutest thing ever. “Yah, put me down silly, we’re not even married.” he walked to the only bedroom and dropped me on his bed, which was surprisingly comfortable. You grabbed a pillow and put it under your head and just closed your eyes for a second.

You startled awake and looked around you only to find a sleeping yoongi next to you, you couldn’t remember falling asleep, the only thing you did was close your eyes but for some reason it was light outside, you quickly got up and was surprised to see you were in different clothes and when you finally came across your phone you were shocked to see it was already past 9 am, luckily it was weekend so you didn’t really have to go somewhere but still, Yoongi should’ve woken you up. The weird thing was that your mother didn’t text or called you to ask where you were or maybe Yoongi had called her to let her know you were sleeping at his place, which was a bit, you know. You did relax a bit after this mind set and as you looked around you saw a keyboard in the corner and you just couldn’t resist and sat down behind it and after cracking your fingers you started to play a nice piece, which suited a lazy Saturday morning, you were so emerged in playing the keyboard that you hadn’t noticed yoongi, looking at you that is until he kissed your exposed neck, it also made you stop playing.

“Did I wake you up?” he shook his head. “I just didn’t feel you next to me so I was half afraid that you had run away.” you could feel his smile against your neck as he pressed another kiss against it. “Why would I run away?”

“Well you did wake up in my bed and you are wearing my shirt.” you looked down and smiled as you played with the hem of your shirt. “You already saw me naked so there’s not really a point in hiding my body from you.” he sat down and pulled you closer as he nuzzled your nose with his, you couldn’t help but close your eyes. “You know I love to watch you play,” he whispered, giving you goosebumps along the way. “Likewise,” you mumbled back and as you slowly opened your eyes he slowly leaned forward and pressed his lips slowly against yours, this was not the kiss you were used to, this was just a sweet one from someone who was very content with his life at the moment. He wasn’t in any rush and somehow you liked this even better than the heavy make-out session which almost led to you losing your virginity. He got up and lifted you up and carried you back into the bedroom and put you down gently and you couldn’t help but wonder if today was the day but he just crawled behind you and pulled you into a hug. “Let’s just sleep some more.” he buried his face in your neck and within a few second you could hear his breathing getting slower and you had to smile at this because it was just too cute.

You couldn’t sleep though but you felt content to just lie here but it didn’t take long for someone to disturb this little bubble as there was some loud banging on the door, which actually startled you. “Who’s there?” you asked hesitantly and before you knew what was happening, the door got slammed open, this made you jump right out of bed and Yoongi was also awake now but the way he was looking at the bedroom door, was terrifying because he looked downright scared for the person behind the door. “Yoongi?” you hesitated to open the door. “Don’t open it.”

“Why not? Who is that?” he didn’t say anything but just crawled into a corner, this is the moment where you remembered his abusive parents, how in the world could you forget about them? But there was no way they knew where to find him right? You reached for the doorknob but before you could even open it, someone threw it open with a bang and as you looked at Yoongi, he had his posture changed, he had made himself into a ball and it was heartbreaking to see. You turned your attention to the man who was no standing in front of you. “Are you his whore?” he nudged towards Yoongi but you didn’t look away from the guy who was standing in front of you because he clearly intended to be hurtful but this tactic was not going to work on you and you knew you had to protect your man from this guy. “His whore? You must be his father then.” you smiled at him, showing him, his words didn’t reach its goal. “Move!” you shook your head and to be honest you didn’t know where you got this attitude from because you were really scared right now.

“Aren’t you going to move?” you shook your head again. “I don’t know who you are but you should leave this house, you’re not welcome.”

“I’m not welcome? He is my son, I don’t need an invitation.”

“Yes you do and if you don’t leave right now, I’m going to call the police.” he narrowed his eyes when he stepped right into your face, you held your breath as he looked you right in the eyes. “You better move right now.”

“I’m not moving.” that’s when he took a step back and before you had any time to defend yourself he had already hit you on your cheekbone, which hurt like crazy and you could’ve sworn you saw some stars but you didn’t budge, you felt Yoongi watching you stand up to his biggest nightmare but he was not helping, he must’ve been in his own world, to shut himself off from this reality and you couldn’t blame him right now as you were facing a guy twice your size. “You’re a tough one aren’t you? He was like you once but we beat that out of him.”

“Pathetic, that’s what you are.” he grabbed your collar and lifted you, which freaked your out and you were on the verge of panicking when you saw how he had actually helped you out because now you were at the right height and you didn’t hesitate one second and kicked him right in the nuts, which made him let go of you as he was cursing at you whilst holding his stuff. “You BITCH!” he yelled at you but you really didn’t care the only thing you did care about was the fact that you were in excruciating pain and the headache that accompanied it was no joke either. “Yoongi, son, you should come with me now.” if he could get any smaller he would’ve but that was impossible. “Stop talking to him.”

“Move” and with this, he shoved you hard and this time you were too late the hold your ground and he actually threw you against the corner of the bed, which hurt like hell and you had to take a few deep breaths to contain yourself. “I warned you didn’t I?” he said with a smirk. “You’re evil,” you said through the breathing and you could already tell, he had broken some ribs but you still got up and stood in front of Yoongi. “I’m not evil, he just needs to know who is in control.”

“Haven’t you showed him that enough times by now?”

“Apparently now because he ran away, didn’t he? And now move, if you make me ask one more time, I will hurt you, the way I usually hurt him.” you took a deep breath and stayed and that’s when he grabbed your neck but to your surprise this was exactly what you learned at taekwondo and this time you could actually hurt him and as you moved you took him with you which made him fall down but your victory was short lived because when you tried to stand up he got hold of one of the legs and that’s when time froze because suddenly Yoongi got out of his traumatic state and moved but it was already too late because next thing you know, you heard a loud crack. “NOOOO!” and that’s when the pain finally came through and as you looked back you saw the problem, he broke your right leg and that’s when you heard yourself scream even though it didn’t sink in that you were the one that was screaming because Yoongi was screaming as well but it was like you’d gone blind because you couldn’t see anything clearly anymore. You just lay there staring at your leg as if you didn’t get what just had happened, it just didn’t make any sense but you didn’t get the time to think about everything because his father lifted you by the collar of your shirt and as he held you in front of him you felt something sharp against your lower back.

“Wait! I will come with you, please don’t harm her anymore.” Yoongi was pleading for you but his father just chuckled and you knew that the pleading didn’t work because he put a bit more pressure behind it. “Let’s see how you feel when you lose the thing you love the most son.” and that’s when you felt the knife going straight into your back and at that precise moment he let you go and you crashed to the floor. “Have fun together.” you heard him say and the only reason why you knew he had left was you recognized Yoongi’s touch.

“Y/N, stay with me okay.” he sounded frantic and you tried to nod but your head felt really heavy and you could tell Yoongi was calling an ambulance but you really felt exhausted and you really tried to stay awake but it got harder and harder, Yoongi was pacing the room, whilst talking to the hospital and even though you tried to follow him with your eyes, it just became too much “Yoongi.” you heard how weak you sounded and it alarmed him as well because he immediately turned around and threw his phone away. He let himself fall beside you and grabbed your hand. “Don’t you dare to close your eyes, do you hear me!” he demanded but it really was too hard.

“Tired,” you whispered and his eyes became big with worry and despair but you just had to close your eyes, it was just too hard. “I’m sorry.”

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I may be naïve

But I never really understand why people say fandoms are such a toxic place? In my mind you only have to see what you choose to see, follow people who you want to follow. People always complain about their notps showing up on their dash, or the anti’s ruining their fun, but like, you know you don’t have to follow people who are blogging about that right? I mean, sure there are ships in the fandoms I follow that I don’t like, but it doesn’t bother me because I scroll past them. If you don’t seek out the things that make you upset I don’t know why it’s so hard for someone to simply scroll past a few post, or blacklist a tag they really don’t want to see. Fandoms, and tumblr in general, is what you make of it. If you follow a bunch of negative people or people who share opposite views as you of course you’re going to have a bad time. This isn’t to say you should never expose yourself to other’s views, but for me, tumblr and fandoms are an escape from the real world where I don’t have to deal with all the shit going on in the outside world, so i only seek out things that I want to see.It makes me sad to see people complain about fandoms that I love because they only see the negative. Every fandom in the world has its negatives, there’s no escape, so I choose to see the positives.

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Why do you like Japan so much?

Japan isn’t the most ideal place in the universe but it is beautiful and exciting. Well, I lived there last year. And actually I lived in the countryside. It’s not only exciting because of the fashion options and a few more like minded people who like the same fashion and art I guess, but there’s really good food, the public transport system is great and actually gets me out of the house, and it’s physically beautiful like…

The rivers with those red bridges across them and all the red maple trees and old buildings. I did see a place like that on a date in Japan, we went on a small roadtrip and it was sunset and we sat by the river in Autumn and it was the most damn romantic thing I’ve ever done.

Just Thought I’d Check in on My Beloved - Pt 7

Marriage suited Benvolio and Rosaline far better than anyone could have expected.  Livia followed them into their new home, and had truly blossomed since being restored to her proper station as a lady.  While Verona still had a long road of mending ahead before true peace would be established, Rosaline had been shocked to see that even the Lords Montague and Capulet had started to work together instead of against one another.  Everything had truly started to fall into place; she’d grown accustomed to running her own home, Benvolio had established himself well now that he was out from under his uncle’s oppressive thumb (and the God-awful reputation that once followed him), and the pair strengthened their bond with each passing day.  

They did not often see one another during the day, when her husband managed Montague business with his uncle and Rosaline worked alongside their staff; the first thing they’d done was ensure any servants sent by their uncles were well-paid and provided for, much to Damiano Montague’s ire.  Benvolio ensured that he made it home to her before dinner each night, which they shared with Livia (and oftentimes Count Paris, who had elected to spend a season in Verona…to establish positive trade relations with both the Montagues and Capulets, of course).  From there, they would occasionally spend the evening out, visiting the theater, perusing the market, attending formal dinners and balls as expected.  

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I’m beyond thankful to be in a really great place—physically, mentally and spiritually. I can honestly say that I feel content with who I am and that’s a beautiful thing to be able to experience. It wasn’t easy getting here; it took patience and perseverance to be able to look in the mirror and be truly happy. The past few years have been an ever-evolving journey—one where I had to tackle a lot of things head on and challenge how I see the world. Even though it was tough, I feel better having gone through the process than I ever could have imagined. One of the first and (most important) things I learned on my journey was being kind to myself. But if I wasn’t taking care of myself, who would? Treat yourself how you’d treat a best friend or family member…

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How do I place ocean climate zones? I know roughly where different biomes go on land (deserts at the horse latitudes, monsoons in the tropics at the ITCZ, maritime climates are milder, all that stuff) but my characters live under the sea. What changes in different parts of the ocean? I know the tropics are warmer and photosynthetic corals are only in the shallows, but how do I place reefs, kelp beds, etc and figure out what their... "weather" ? is like?

Anonymous said: do you know of any geography/climate worldbuilding 101 resources? I’m have a hard time figuring out the layout of my world

Bina:  We might be able to pull together some resources. However, a lot of geography/climate world building is less “be creative and it’ll all be okay” and more “study the real world and apply the patterns you see to your world so that everything makes sense.” Things like wind patterns, how mountain ranges are born and where they’re common, how elevation corresponds with climate, etc. If you wanna know how to set up geography or climate, just crank up Google and research what’s relevant. 

BUT I do have a few links. They’re less worldbuildy and more ‘this is how the real world works,’ which in my opinion is all you need to get started.

Mirintala: We’ll also point you over to @flukedoesecology as a good source for real world ecology stuff.

Hey! I can’t believe this is the last day of Skam! It has been such a journey and it has been an amazing thing to share with 1 253(!!!!) of you. The only regret I have is that I didn’t start this blog the moment I started watching Skam during s1. 

Skam has been all about seeing myself in the stories for me. For one it is situated in my home town Oslo and the characters hang out places where I hang out regularly. But, the characters are really who I recognize myself in and I am grateful I got to watch their stories on Skam. 

I am extremly grateful for all the friends I have gotten because of Skam here on tumblr, special shoutout to @skamwlwnet and @skamficwriters 

I am not going to delete my blog, I know many are planning to, but I still have many fan fictions drafts and I am not ready to say goodbye to the characters we know and love just yet. 

Skam has given us many disappointments, but it has also given us many amazing moments I want to focus on today. 

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What happened to that giant pachimari plush McCree won in the Rollercoaster fic? Oh and does rei play with when she comes over to her uncles' place?

Hanzo mostly used it as a bolster/backrest pillow to read against. It was honestly ridiculous and there were several moments where he was standing near a dumpster with it under his arm but he could not bring himself to throw it away. I mean, it was a perfectly good convenient backrest that he had broken in and everything–that was absolutely the reason. McCree was amused when Hanzo brought it with him when he moved in.

McCree: You kept that thing? I just thought it would be funny seeing you trying to get rid of it.
Hanzo: Well it’s here.
McCree: Y’know, D.Va or Roadhog would be happy to take it off your hands, darlin’.
Hanzo: If they want one, they are welcome to win one for themselves.
McCree: You love me.
Hanzo: …I’m moving in with you.
McCree: Well…yeah, but still.

It’s pretty worn out by the time Rei comes around. Like the stuffing doesn’t have the same spring that it used to, so it’s kind of… saggy, but it’s comfy and it’s kind of a running sentimental joke they have between them, so they still have it. It’s a little too big to like, really play with, but Rei likes napping against it.

not gonna happen

“i bet you will do great today, darling.” your mum said as she looked at you through facetime. you had your phone propped on the shelf on the wall, next to the mirror where you were finishing getting ready. “your speech will knock ‘em out.” 

you laughed, running your fingers through your curls. “i hope so.” 

“i gotta get going. but i know you will do big things.” your mum continued. “and you look great, by the way.” 

another laugh left your lips as you reached for your phone, looking at your mum on the screen to see her grabbing her purse. “thank you.” you said. “love your mum, bye.” 

“bye!” she called out before ending the facetime call.

placing your phone on the sink, you looked back at yourself in the mirror to make sure your lipstick hadn’t smudged, and that your hair wasn’t frizzy. 

after double-checking, you noticed chris through the mirror, walking into the bathroom. you shot him a smile and he walked up behind you, grabbing your hips first before placing a kiss on the side of your neck.

“for the record, i think you look pretty great too.” he whispered before chuckling when he noticed your eyeroll, and then he kissed your cheek. he looked down at your pencil skirt and let out a low whistle before pressing against your back. “and i think you’d look pretty great grasping at the sheets on my bed.” 

you snorted. “for the last time, i’m not making the bed this morning.” 

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Goro and an S/O with very bad short-sightedness and astigmatism, maybe? Their glasses broke and they don't have a spare pair. Refuses to wear contact lenses too. Needs help to getting to places and reading things while waiting for the new glasses to be made. Can't see shit unless it's RIGHT in front of their face.

I got watcha need

- Mod Ouma


- When his S/O’s glasses had broken, he knew he had to be by their side 24/7 to help them to places, read signs and books, and not get run over by a car, etc.

- There was no way S/O was going to put in contacts, he knew that after they had vehemently stated “I am never wearing contacts in a million years” or “Over my dead blind body!”

- Without a back-up pair of glasses, Akechi had made it his duty to be his S/O’s temporary eyes. S/O and Akechi were basically joined at the hip, and would remain so until they were able to procure a brand new pair of not broken eyeglasses.

- So really, Akechi was the only thing S/O would be seeing for the time being, given he was the only thing within proximity that their poor eyes can recognize, and to be frank, Akechi was perfectly A-OK with that. That just means more attention for him.

- He’d always be sure to have an arm wrapped around them as they traversed through the crowded streets of Shibuya. God knows what’d happen if S/O had lost him (”Are you Akechi? Are YOU Akechi? No? What about you? Are you Akechi?”)

- If reading is a hobby of S/O’s, he’d be more than willing to sit them on his lap and read them a novel of their choosing (So long as it ain’t erotic, he’d be stuttering every word and nobody would understand him)

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Sorry for bothering you, but do you have any good christian oriented blog recs? Or any places you know of to listen to sermons? I'm an agoraphobe so its rlly hard for me to leave the house. I'm specifically looking for things for younger children of god, spiritually speaking, but honestly I'm looking for anything.

Oh, it’s no bother at all!
Some good Christian blogs:

As for sermons or podcasts or what you might be looking for, I may not be much help. I don’t have any to share with you, but if anyone who sees this and knows of anything, please add to this.
Thanks for asking, I hope you find what you’re looking for. God bless! 💖

Rough animation is finally done!! it only took… um,  you know what i don’t actually know but i’m going to say roughly a week?  NEVERMIND i just checked its actually been about two whole weeks goodness golly


i have a bunch of off days this week so expect clean up to start soon and to see updates soon, if you care about that!

there’s a bunch of things that wobble here or there but i’m on the whole pretty positive it’s things i’ll catch and fix as i go through doing the lineart, editing the rough layer as needed, and in the very few places i’m still debating needing a couple more inbetweens to reaaaaaalllllyyyyy settle, i’m also fairly certain i can do that in clean up too (i mean thats how i did the ENTIRE last one so)

A Little Too Much

been on a long hiatus but i thought of this little thing a while back but i’ve got no more inspiration for it, so here you go. just a tiny smidge of words and stuff, lemme know what you think here!

you’re friends with benefits, but you’ve been numb for so long that you fear emotion and the hurt that comes with the realization that maybe you do love him; inspired by no strings attached.

[H; Y/N]

How was your night? x

No time for small talk, H. 

Your place or mine?

I can be at yours in ten. 

I’ll be there, I’m coming down from campus right now. See you x

It was their thing, their routine that they began to pick up about six months ago on a Friday night when they realized that they both desired the same no-strings-attached relationship that was quick, fast and hassle-free. To them, it was what was best. It worked well with their hectic schedules, one jet-setting all over the globe and singing to the masses and the other juggling school and a part-time job. They were each other’s escape for just a few minutes or so every week, and that’s how they liked it. And they both remembered the golden rule - to stop when either of them felt anything more.


“It was alright,” You responded blankly as you did up the buttons on your baby blue top and pulled your underwear back up your legs. You were never one for small talk. “I think I’ll do fine.”

“That’s good,” He says, rubbing his eyes as he continued to watch you fumble as you searched for the rest of your outfit that had been discarded of and scattered on his floor just minutes ago in the heat of the moment from his spot on his pristine white sheets. “Actually, ‘was wondering if you’d like t’ come with me for m’mum’s luncheon thing. S’just a gathering for our family and she wants me to bring a guest.”

“Look, Harry–” You began to speak, but he cut you off. “You don’t have t’ come if you don’t want to. Just an invitation. Thought ‘t would be fun for us.”

“H, what would I even say when I meet your family? Hey, I’m Y/N, pleasure to meet you and I fuck your son sometimes?” You scoffed, shaking your head as you turned to look at him, his hair a mess and his eyes wandering everywhere but you. “We don’t work like that, remember?”

“Yeah, I know. Jus’ forget I said that, ‘right? Have a good night.” 

With that, you pushed against the oak bedroom and disappeared into the dark of the night, just like you always did. It was a routine, but it worked, you told yourself. It was the only way anything could work.

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When people think criticism of a character or how they're written is hating that character 😷😐(I totally agree about Betty like so much potential)

Characters aren’t always perfect.
Fiction isn’t this black and white world where something is either 100% good or 100% terrible like a lot of people seem to think it is
Cheryl is my favorite character because she does have that terrible in her. She has done bad things.
But it comes from a place where we see the true Cheryl.
Where she misses her brother and is abused by her mother. Where all she wants is a friendship with Veronica but she doesn’t know how to portray what she really wants to say.
Betty is a wannabe Cheryl, character wise. They are trying to get deep into her mental health issues but the writers puss out and make her be perfect again anytime the b*ghead stans freak out about that getting in the way of b*ghead.