places of the past

  • Henry: Where do you think she went?
  • Regina: There's no way to know for sure, but I bet she ended up with Wish Robin.
  • Henry: What? Why would it send her to a world where she's a wanted criminal who's just killed the reinging monarchs, made off with the princess, and has a price on her head? I wrote 'the evil queen gets a fresh start' not 'the evil queen has a public execution'.
  • Regina: I'm sure it'll work out.
  • Henry: Didn't you say Rumple was trying to kill you when you left too?
  • Regina: I'm sure it'll work out.

It’s strangely hot and humid tonight
Again, a dark and sleepless night
But even if I sleep, I’ll wake up to find
I’ve woken up in yesterday and stuck on rewind

There’s a place between the past and today
It’s hard to find, and it’s a lonely place
But it’s kind. And though I don’t know how
I just really wanna go there right now

I’ve seen you reappear, countless times you’ve come here
Crying out loud as you say your goodbye

It would be fine if it were all a lie,
So I don’t have to replay all the tears and goodbye
Please don’t cry with that face, flaming red and ashamed
Could we forget this and go back to the way we were

It’s strangely hot and itchy tonight
Acting up, my scars feel like they’re on fire
So I scratch until I don’t feel a thing
And I ask myself, “Am I still living?”

Even if I went out and found another
You’re alone, and the pain just hits me harder
So I guess, it’d be best if I stay here and wait alone
It’s okay never moving on, not letting go

Though it’s attempting, continuing writing
This fakery tale which has no happy ending
Unlike the rest of the stories you’ve read, my hand’s completely covered in red through and through

It would be fine if it were all a lie,
So I don’t have to replay all the tears and the goodbye
Please don’t cry with that face, flaming red and ashamed
Could we forget this and go back to the way we were


It would be fine if it were all a lie,
So I don’t have to go on and pretend that my heart’s still alive
See you again, we’ll meet here in the end
And so until that time, I’ll say good night

It’s a strangely hot, emotional night
A night where I could fly in the sky
Lying down, my body so disappeared
Well then where should we both go from here?

Fakery Tale 

Sounds of You || 03

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Series: 01 || 02 || 03

○ Pairing: Jimin x Reader, Jungkook x Reader

○ Word Count: 5.3k

○ Genre: Fluff, Angst, Soulmate!Au

You weren’t the only one keeping secrets.

A/n: The entire chapter, besides the ending, takes place in the past.

               “We’ll be adding a couple more students to your class,” Hoseok informed as he handed him the new roster, the names of his new students highlighted in green. Jimin nodded as he took it from his hands, not at all bothered by the late additions. He liked having new students to work with and enjoyed having a large class, even if it was a little more disorganized at times.

               “You sure you won’t be able to make it?” Jimin asked as he set the folder down, stretching his arm over his chest, enjoying the satisfying feeling of extending his muscles.  He had a long day ahead of him, but like every other day it should be fairly enjoyable. Three two hour classes and he could run back home and spend the rest of the day with you, enjoying your company as you forced him to sit still for once in his life, calming him down.  

              “You know I wish I could, but I’ll be out of town that week,” Hoseok said as he shook his head regretfully, “Take lots of pictures for me! I’ll have to send some kind of gift to make up for missing it.”

              Jimin smiled and nodded, wishing everyone in the world could show up, but knowing it wasn’t realistic. Your five year anniversary was a month away, almost everything set in place and ready. He had the reservations, the decorations, the special menu, the invitations, everything down to his outfit planned out. He needed it to be way more special than any of the other anniversaries he had ever planned, because it wasn’t a party for your anniversary at all. It was for your engagement.  

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More | Jung Ho Seok

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Reader(You) x J-Hope (BTS)

Genre: School AU, Romance, Love Hate Relationship

Rating: Fluff

Jung Hoseok had to be the worlds strangest anomaly. He could blind you with his bright smile and burn you with the hostility in his eyes at the same time. Every single History class you felt that hostility across the room. Today was different not only did he give you his death glare but he purposely knocked your books off your desk. You huffed out in frustration. You were no pushover and you had been beyond tolerant of Jung Hoseok antics and it was time to teach him a lesson. Fed up you placed your hand on his chest preventing him from walking past you.

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anonymous asked:

.. i need a hug. i was mentally in a better place for the past couple of days but then just something clicked in my mind and i feel the same way as i did before. i started self harming again.. and i'm convinced my best friend hates me. i don't have the energy to do anything. i just want to die. i'm sorry for being annoying i don't have anyone to talk to

I’m so sorry about that!! I’m always here if you wanna talk!! I’ll give you lots of hugs. I hope things get better soon, I’m rooting for you! I believe in you and I’m sending you good vibes

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Who is a night owl:

“As someone who has died, cielito, I can tell you that I will have plenty of time to sleep when I’m dead.” —Actual quote by Jason Todd to Kyle Rayner. 

Who is a morning person:

Neither of them are particularly morning people, considering that they both have such strange sleep schedules, but Kyle is definitely better about it than Jason.

Are they cuddlers:

When Jason is the right state of mind. If he’s even a little bit upset, he doesn’t even want Kyle to touch him. 

Who is the big spoon and who is the little spoon:

Jason is so much bigger than Kyle that honestly it can’t even be considered spooning anymore—it’s jetpacking with Kyle all wrapped around Jason. 

What is their favourite sleeping position:

Honestly, just holding hands is a favorite. Especially on nights when Jason wasn’t feeling particularly level, holding hands with Kyle helped him feel grounded without feeling suffocated. 

Who steals all the blankets:

KYLE RAYNER. And Jason is always mad at him for it. 

What they wear to bed:

They’re usually naked if you know what I mean ;););)

Who likes seeing the other wearing their t-shirt:

Jason likes seeing Kyle in his clothes. Especially the leather jacket. 

Who falls asleep mid-conversation:

Jason highkey falls asleep whenever Kyle starts talking about space. 

Who wakes up in the middle of the night with nightmares:

Both of them do. Jason is usually a little more upset afterwards, and he’ll often just go home. 

Who accidentally punched the other in their sleep:

Jason once bruised Kyle’s arm pretty badly with a mean right hook. 

Who can’t keep their hands to themself:

Kyle. Jason will wake up to Kyle just rolling over in his sleep and dropping his arm on Jason. 

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It’s a real get-together.

–Dogs of Future Past–


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Masterpost and FAQ

Your Worst Nightmare

Summary: Dan can’t sleep–he never can. And it’s thanks to the demon under his bed.

TW: uhhh scary demon shit. idk when @mangothatismelancholy was reading it she was legitimately scared so idkkk

Genre: angst

Word Count: 5k

(here’s a drawing @societyshottheunicorns01​ made!)

(and a drawing @haleykinz​ made!)

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Aries Higher Place: They are in tune with their inner fire and can direct it, they’ve learned some patience, and they “get” the human spirit.

Taurus Higher Place: Has learned some healthy detachment, has endurance to spare, understands slow healing, and listens to body and feelings.

Gemini Higher Place: Open minded, accepting of others, has a connection to emotions on some level, and interaction and observation are in balance. 

Cancer Higher Place: Has developed a strong identity, lets the past go, overcomes jealousy, and finds happiness in giving and helping others.

Leo Higher Place: Highly generous, follows their heart, learns understanding and humility, leads with grace and dignity, and is welcoming.

Virgo Higher Place: Balances tolerance with discernment, is nurturing, learns to let things be, giving, and balances confidence with humility.

Libra Higher Place: Trusts in themselves, creates a strong identity and has pride in it, embraces their flaws, is good-hearted, and fair-minded.

Scorpio Higher Place: Compassionate, uses their powers for good, patient and understanding of others, and heals and wards off self-destruction.

Sagittarius Higher Place: Understands human nature, sticks to their morals, is open minded, brave, can see the big picture, and follows their mind and heart harmoniously.

Capricorn Higher Place: Is in touch with their soft side, accepts others beliefs and lifestyles, learns to give comfort, and focuses on happiness.

Aquarius Higher Place: Tolerant, lets others express themselves, understands human nature, is spiritually connected, and see’s the big picture.

Pisces Higher Place: Kind, self-sacrificing, heals, is emotionally and spiritually in tune, finds will power, and perception and intuition x10.


You’re not so good at getting away from all of the karma that lies between your tongue and cheek.
Real Friends//Everything I Never Want To Be

a sterek fic inspired by this stupid thing because how could I not

It’s a common saying among Stiles’ friends that he doesn’t have a lot of dignity. To be perfectly honest, Stiles agrees with them (as much as he argues against the point whenever they bring it up).

But this is probably a new low.

Well, not new-new, because this is into the fourth week of the habit and if he was a better person, he’d have stopped by now. He’s not a better person in this instance, but he’s made peace with it.

‘It’ being watching his stubbled neighbour jog past his place every morning in sweatpants and obviously non-supportive underwear. There’s a lot of movement down there. A lot.

“I mean, with that much jiggle, he’s gotta know, right?” Stiles asks his window pane, behind which he’s fake writing on his laptop.

They’re not quite neighbours, there’s about half a block between them for which Stiles’ sanity is thankful. Otherwise who knows what ludicrous amateur spying would have occurred.

As it is, he is very thankful he accidentally set his alarm for five am two (it was four) mornings in a row, because now he knows that this is a morning ritual for his neighbour.

Today hot neighbour is wearing the cut off, grey sweats. They’re a personal favourite of Stiles’ (better than the dark blue ones, which make it harder to see) because it means not only can he get a clear view of his neighbour’s dick as it swings forward against the fabric, but also his sweaty, perfectly muscled calves.

Stiles sighs out and bangs his head once against the window pane, a small punishment that is also part of the routine.

What is not part of the routine, is hot neighbour looking into Stiles’ window, and seeing Stiles’ face smooshed against the glass, after which he trips, possibly in disgust, or just simple distraction.

Stiles’ first reaction is to panic. He pushes his chair back from the desk and slams his laptop closed.

His second reaction is that he should call someone to come help.

His third reaction is to realise that, hold on, he can go and help.

Stiles rushes out his front door and into the chilly morning air.

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