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Wait why are you pissed? And what's this about Rafa and Twitter?? Sorry love,, I'm slow 😂

don’t apologize, i’ll explain bc i feel like i’ve been like all over the place in the past hour since i’ve been awake.

so i woke up this morning and checked twitter right? only to see 1) that t***p is now banning trans people from being in the US Military, 2) a nasty video of a white male republican mocking a women with cancer regarding healthcare, and 3) that The Great Comet is ending Oak’s run and only gave him a 2 week notice. He came in late and is leave early. Why is he leaving early, you might ask? Because he’s being replaced with a more famous white actor because they want to increase TICKET SALES. fucking ticket sales.

anyway, so i tweeted about the whole Oak thing and Rafa responded telling me to say it directly to TGC by @ing them instead of just hash tagging #GreatComet. Which, I’ll admit, is something i should have done in the first place, so yeah. that’s basically it.

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Hey can you do yang, ruby, and weiss's s/o taking them to the place were they and girls went on their first date was (they been married for a couple of years)


-”I knew this place seemed familiar”.

-yang gets teary eyed and kisses you.

-you both get talking about the past and what happened.


-”I remember this place”

-ruby gets sentimental and ends up talking about the past with you for hours.

-may or may not “thank” you later at home for a wonderful time.


-after deposing her father and taking control of the company she was elated to go on a date with you.

-”the place of our first date, you do remember”

-she would loose track of time and end up talking until the place closed.  

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I'm actually relatively new to leafe. Would you be willing to give a brief summary/history? Or if you've got it somewhere already, could you point me in the right direction? Feel free to ignore if you don't want to!!

leafe is a project that i started as a kid, its been rebooted….four or five times i think? the full info on leafe’s history is here! the story follows both leafe and his sister crowe through their growth in the forest and the city respectively. leafe develops a reputation in the forest, he is known as “the green god” or “the green angel”. crowe becomes well known in the city as well, as “the queen of the city”. they both meet many friends and allies as they grow up in these places, and develop very different views on humans despite having the same past with them. i dont wanna give too much away for those who are new to the series, so i hope u’ll stick around to see the releases :3c

Changes [ Kim Namjoon ]

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Pieces of You Drabble Series

Warning : None  |  Pairing : Writer!Namjoon x reader

[Requested by Anon]

17.  “When you say I’ve changed; it only means you weren’t willing to change with me.”

Send a request for the drabble

A.N. I was going to write a full angst before i changed the whole thing lmao I hope you like it! Let me know what you think :)

Namjoon made his way into the bookshop, flashing smiles and polite greetings to the clerks who greeted him cheerfully despite the late hour. The place had become his second home for the past five years, a sanctuary for when he was feeling weary and in need of peace and quiet. He walked past several customers who took a double look at his impressive heights and dimples that graced his cheeks, his feet taking him to the back end of the store where the worn out books were located. Yoongi, the owner of the store who happened to be his best friend, had put a little ‘reserved’ sign near his usual spot. It was probably easier for his friend to hang the sign instead of telling people every few hours that this particular spot was taken. Namjoon made a mental note to thank Yoongi and bought him more coffees in the future as he sat on the wooden floor. The smell of old books and wood filled his nose immediately, a calming scent that reminded him of his love for literatures.

Once he settled down on the floor, Namjoon took out his laptop and plugged in the charger, eager to continue writing the sequel of his first novel. He could recall the days he struggled with his first book, surviving on instant noodles and watered down coffee that barely kept him awake. He was miserable in the best way possible, living his dream while in the verge of being homeless and dying of hunger.

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She Who Hushed Thunder

I search for you
via names, places– past identities

seeking restitution
or maybe some kind of closure,
the kind you kept selfish,

and I used to say, That’s okay,
but in truth, I still kick your bones
and hunt your ghost.

In truth, I say to hold myself accountable
unlike you, you who crept in
cut my braids, crept out–

and when I demanded fair
you struck me down without mercy
leaving pieces in your ire,

pieces to fit together
to repair the shell, the wall,
another me never obtainable.

I don’t want that I again,
or that you who would cause hurt
and I think I look still

so I can feel pain beneath my breast,
reminded of poison still lingering
from your viper strike–

because you ruined me.
Crushed me better than all,
shipwrecked on foot– pieced anew

by afterthoughts filled with thunder.

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I have a request!! I'm in the need for some Charles Xavier x reader. Maybe something like Charles helps his s/o with her depression. Like something different than the usual "sorry, I'll help you feel better" but maybe something like..Charles really understands what's happening inside her brain and helps her understand it as well, he really goes the extra mile to help reader. Some angst and fluff at the end. Thanks for talking my request!

Warnings: mentions of depression and bullying.

Summary: Y/n was never really happy, but meeting Charles would certainly change that for her future.

This story take place during and after days of future past!

Y/n sat in the car as the the four men drove, she was by a young teenager with silver hair,
So why’d you come with us, if you’re so doom and gloom?“ He asked leaning back in the chair,
“Because I’m bored of my life, it’s not very interesting, I see no point in it, this however, this seems interesting.” She answered looking out the window, Charles sighed,
“So you’re a mutant but you think your worthless.” He stated, it bugged him to know this,
“Well don’t worry, you’re a lot better company in the future, way more happy than you are now anyways….” Logan smirked, why did Y/n get the feeling he was telling the truth?

Charles wheeled around the mansion, he was hearing Y/ns thoughts again. He placed his head in his hands, the threat to the mutants was gone, and she had decided to stay,
“Y/n……. please stop thinking that, you know you’re not worthless.” He said to her, they had grown close over the past few months and Charles was Helping her with her mutation,
“Charles please stay out of my head, it’s not somewhere you would like to be.” She answered, Charles was trying to understand her, he knew about her years in school, how the other kids would bully her and tease her, he knew she could never get over being a mutant,
“Not until I can help you, please.” He started to wheel closer, staring up at her with his blue eyes,
“I’ve been in that awful place, I can get you out, trust me.” He said, she sighed,
“Because all mutants are special.” She mocked, he stared up at her and spoke,
“Because I believe your better than those thoughts.” She placed down the book she was reading and looked at him,
“Prove it.” She said, Charles reached up and placed a hand on her head,
“I know your special because no matter how many times you say you’re a monster or that you are worthless you still help those who need it.” He said, what was he doing? He slowly brought her face down and looked into her eyes, he started to lean forward, closing his eyes he pressed his lips to hers and waited, Y/n was stunned for a few seconds, but when she kissed back she could no longer feel the sadness inside her but instead felt a tinge of what she could only assume was happiness, whatever Charles was doing she didn’t mind, pulling away Charles finally told her,
“I remember meeting a girl who couldn’t find a point in living, and I proved her wrong again and again, Y/n I will keep proving you wrong, I know what it feels like to be lost but I will help you find yourself.” Charles eyes started to tear up when he saw her face, She didn’t think she was worth it yet, but he would try everything to prove he wrong, like he promised. He knew one day she would see her worth, if Logan was right he could save her like he saved countless others.

Unlucky Enough

Characters: Max (focus), David, and Gwen. (Nikki and Neil briefly appear)
Rating: PG
Universe: Camp Campbell is a place for mutants, spirits, and otherwise inhuman children.
Length: Oneshot
Warnings: Implied, past death (of jasper).
Notes: Part of a series I’m calling the Camp Camp Powers AU (you should be able to read this on it’s own!)

[ao3 version]

Summary: He knows he hasn’t pissed anyone off that is capable of that, though. So he can’t say he’s cursed. No, he’s just Max. Just unlucky enough to be himself.

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Summer has three stages:

First part of summer set off by the summer solstice; the birth of nostalgia, emotions are all over the place, feelings from the past arise through reminiscing on memories, lots of self-reflection to cleanse the system of any burdensome emotions (Cancer season)

Second part of summer; it’s all about fun, romance, playfulness, self-expression and self-discovery through these vibrant experiences (Leo season)

Third part of summer; period before Libra’s fall Equinox; anxiousness, maturity through self-evaluation and being mindful that it’s time to begin cleaning up the mess you had during Leo season. Vacation is almost over, time to direct attention back to reality’s responsibilities, daily routine and work (Virgo season)

Your Worst Nightmare

Summary: Dan can’t sleep–he never can. And it’s thanks to the demon under his bed.

TW: uhhh scary demon shit. idk when @mangothatismelancholy was reading it she was legitimately scared so idkkk

Genre: angst

Word Count: 5k

(here’s a drawing @societyshottheunicorns01​ made!)

(and a drawing @haleykinz​ made!)

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excited to share that i will be working at ign entertainment as a designer starting june 1! my first job out of school and what better way to start my career than to make stuff promoting video games :D

when you hear people using Tony’s line “if you’re nothing without the suit, then you shouldn’t have it” as evidence that somehow Tony is emotionally abusive or purposely manipulative or being a douchebag and you’re just “WTF??????”

did people literally forgot how the entirety of Iron Man 3 is Tony learning this very lesson amidst his panic attacks and PTSD??? Tony had to learn that it wasn’t the suit that made the hero but the hero was inside him all along, that the suit doesn’t define him but what’s in his heart and soul - and here is Tony taking in what he learned and trying to teach that lesson to Peter, so that Peter understood that the cool gadgets doesn’t make him Spider Man, or a better hero, but what he believes, what he stands for, and what responsibility he’s willing to take.

and even without all that very obvious call back, Peter literally was in way over his head and using the suit inappropriately, purposely sneaking past the safeguards that Tony put in place so that Peter could gradually learn all the skills he needs to fully operate the suit well - safeguards that are designed to protect him and protect others around him - Tony had every right to take the suit away from him when Peter was clearly going behind his back to sneak around, like it or not, Tony built that suit, it is Tony’s property, he can and should take it away if Peter is not going to use it properly and have only endangered the lives of other people.

Tony wasn’t angry at him because he just randomly is being a douchebag, Tony is angry because INNOCENT PEOPLE COULD HAVE DIED, PETER COULD HAVE DIED. If Tony hadn’t been checking in and keeping an eye on things, a lot of people could have died because of Peter’s actions and that would have been something Peter would have to carry on his conscience. Tony isn’t mean for funsies. Tony is trying to impress upon Peter the extreme seriousness of what he did and how his overconfidence and recklessness put other people in danger, something Tony himself has experienced and learned the hard way which he didn’t want Peter to have to learn that way.

Tony is there for Peter because he doesn’t want Peter to be going through this alone like Tony himself had to. He wants Peter to be better than him and not make his mistakes.

seriously people, are you telling me that if you snuck around your parents/guardian doing something extremely dangerous that they specifically and explicitly told you NOT to do, and that action ended up causing other bystanders to nearly die, you’re telling me that they wouldn’t be absolutely furious at you? you’re telling me they’d just be coddling you and not be mad that you didn’t listen and you almost got other people and yourself killed?

Tony’s reaction is as realistic as it gets given the magnitude of the situation. This wasn’t Peter being late to class or skipping school or losing his suit or his backpack, or getting a bad grade, no, this is Peter nearly getting people killed because he wouldn’t listen when someone older told him that he wasn’t ready and that there were more trained people to handle all of this.

there is such a thing as appropriate/proportional reaction given situation and context - yes Peter is a child, but just because he’s a child doesn’t mean there isn’t boundaries, or that he is simply absolved of all guilt because he’s a child - the whole point is to teach young children what they should or shouldn’t do and what is right and wrong and how to behave - Tony was stern, clearly angry, his voice slightly raised and firm, yet he wasn’t screaming in Peter’s face nor was he physical in any way. No, Tony simply made it very clear with his tone of voice and his words that he wasn’t going to let Peter go on acting recklessly like this. That is it. And the same that you’d ground your children or put them in time out when they misbehave or do something dangerous, Tony taking away the suit is exactly that.

a song that yuuri sings
a song that yuuri sings

wrote a yuuri songlet to accompany the victor one!! based on ep 7 :) also, i see the tags about a yoi musical and omg bwahaha i would love that too 

DL links for those who wanted: victor’s / yuuri’s ♡

With every glance my way they look at you
With every point I make it’s another one for you
I know I’m just a dime-a-dozen
So I can’t help worrying
If I’ve earned the place
To win first place with you
But just put your faith in me and I’ll try
To go much further
I’m so scared but with you I’m fine
So what if it takes longer
To adjust to this arrangement that we’ve got
So put your faith in me
Just stay close to me
With your embrace
I’ll win first place for you