places ive seen


Magnus and Simon visit Agra, India, and look at the Taj Mahal - ‘the tear-drop on the cheek of time’.

bonus: Magnus looking as beautiful as the scenery

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For the ask meme, what do you like most about snk?

I feel like I forgot as soon as I read this question lol but I’ll go for how human the characters feel? Idk how to explain but I relate


Someone beat me to fallen Matsus! So I added colors to my week-old scanned sketches! óvó/

I based them off the colors of the hearts! Except Oso-bro and Totty which I had to improvise and my scanner burnt down the orange color on the heart so phew

Bonus for Determined Child!

Dating the happy cowboy fills you up with determination!

i was at the most brooklyn hipster places ive ever seen in my life. a sofar concert in a brooklyn art gallery in a place stuck between a bunch of ware houses. so many white hipsters, so many white people with dreads….a white guitarist playing bob marely’s “get up stand up” while white people shouted “yeah mon” and “ire mon”

i wanted to throw up

so ive only been listening to taz for, like, a week (on the crystal arc rn) and i keep seeing, out of the corner of my eye, discussions abt fandom drama
im mildly intrigued but mostly horrified bc i see poss implying there’s mcelroy rpf out there and i am gagging mid-thought

the most fucked up place ive ever seen was a restaurant on the side of the highway where the only signage was a sign outside that just said “RESTAURANT” but im pretty sure i was just going too fast and only the placeholder had time to load in


i am more or less done with murkwater! this is probably my favorite settlement ive built so far :’D

took a lot of inspiration from other places ive seen! and kinda just mostly came up with things as i went along lmao didnt really have a real plan for it but im happy with how it all turned out :p

///had to edit these screencaps a bit since the weather at murkwater is usually always dark and gloomy D://

i feel like the concern wrt mage/fenris ships is displaced and an unfair amount of expectations are placed on fenris… ive seen too many posts pulling the “don’t ship fenris with mages because he is mean to them” and it forgets a lot of crucial points?

Fenris’ mistrust and fear is born from abuse. I’ve discussed this before but, you know, bears repeating. The only mages Fenris has known up till meeting Hawke have been abusive. Have been monsters. Have thrown life away at a whim. Hadriana and Danarius physically, mentally, emotionally and (we know Danarius for sure) sexually abused Fenris. He was tortured. Him competing for the markings does not mean his abusers are absolved of their abuse… Fenris should’ve never had to compete for them, he wanted to free his family.

And Fenris CAN have a healthy relationship with a mage Hawke. It can be loving and caring and respectful. From what I recall, he can have a good friendship Bethany. Him reacting negatively to something that is distressing to him (blood magic, support of Tevinter) is a product of his abuse. Blood magic has only been used to hurt him. You can acknowledge that and accept he is allowed to hate it without condoning the things he says to Merrill.

i just think we should respect that and we should especially consider why we think FENRIS is the problem in all mage/fenris ships, why we think fenris is the one who has to take responsibility and bite his tongue and never mention his abuse for the sake of his lover’s comfort.

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Someone should call the bridal shop lmao Also, any conspiracies behind what it could be? :/

if i didnt have severe phone anxiety id do that, but if anyone else wants to take one for the team and call, heres the number

as far as theories go, most people assume its just. a really weird shop website by someone running a bridal shop thats also a bit obsessed with the paranormal. but theres also stuff about secret codes and conspiracies. its really all over the place. 

ive seen guesses ranging from that, to an art project, to a hidden message leading to some truth or esoteric code,  to something written by an alien. 

personally i like the concept of yvette being a benevolent but completely nonhuman entity with a mind incomprehensible to our own that got really excited about their ability to make a website