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i thought about death last on a tuesday. i thought about how decay is supposed to smell sweet and i wondered what that meant for its taste. i have no intention to find out, though i know curiosity, like cat to mouse, has a way of digging her claws in.

i thought about life last night. not just the sunrise, or the stars. not just the way the world goes dizzy at the edges when you hold your breath, but the way that the air feels in the aftermath of a storm. particles lightning-charged with the same kind of life that lingers in the synapses of a brain at the edge of discovery.

this morning i thought about you. you. you are hard to fold into words. i find that your curves do not like the way sentences feel when i try to hold them up against you, to see if i caught your image within them. the comparison is as weak as i was when i saw you last tuesday, or when you smiled at me last night.

tonight? who knows. the thing is, i think these days i laugh more than i cry, but i still think about death. i haven’t looked at the stars in a while but i still see them, and i will always watch for storms. you do not complete me as i was a person before you, but i like that we could live alone. it means we choose not to.

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Magnus and Simon visit Agra, India, and look at the Taj Mahal - ‘the tear-drop on the cheek of time’.

bonus: Magnus looking as beautiful as the scenery

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Is your url a play on 'the notebook'? If not whats it mean, whats its story

nawww knoflook is dutch for garlic (i just…….really like garlic) and i took up learning dutch just before making this blog. ‘the’ is still english. when i actually know enough i’m gonna get rid of the “the” i think, but so far i’m still struggling through the really really basic basics

i saw a post that was like “ace headcanons of disabled people arent ableist” and its like yeah not inherently but that doesn’t mean it’s “just a headcanon” when every time an autistic coded character pops up people are literally tripping over themselves to headcanon said character as ace because they just seem so cute and innocent, or that they just “dont get” sex, and i’d sure be more receptive to the thought of a disabled ace character if they didn’t literally all fall into at least one of the above


Someone beat me to fallen Matsus! So I added colors to my week-old scanned sketches! óvó/

I based them off the colors of the hearts! Except Oso-bro and Totty which I had to improvise and my scanner burnt down the orange color on the heart so phew

Bonus for Determined Child!

Dating the happy cowboy fills you up with determination!

i was at the most brooklyn hipster places ive ever seen in my life. a sofar concert in a brooklyn art gallery in a place stuck between a bunch of ware houses. so many white hipsters, so many white people with dreads….a white guitarist playing bob marely’s “get up stand up” while white people shouted “yeah mon” and “ire mon”

i wanted to throw up