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Magnus and Simon visit Agra, India, and look at the Taj Mahal - ‘the tear-drop on the cheek of time’.

bonus: Magnus looking as beautiful as the scenery

After reading the tags on my Efi post I want to explain the reason I didn’t mention racism at all is because I haven’t been able to find any person or source directly arguing FOR “Efi is evil,” just a lot of people arguing AGAINST it.*

* (Please note I do not venture onto sites like Reddit or Overwatch forums so if there were arguments against her there I don’t know about them.  My reference in this case is Tumblr only and tbh I think that’s true for many people reading this post.)

The immediate IDEA that “Efi is evil!” is rooted in racism, yes

But here, I can’t say the ARGUMENT “Efi is evil!” was rooted in racism because THERE WAS NO ARGUMENT TO BEGIN WITH.  NO ONE was ACTUALLY arguing she was evil.

So I think what really happened is SPECIFIC INDIVIDUALS completely misread a simple post showing visual similarities between the “eye” in Sombra’s backstory and the paint around Efi’s eye.  Instead of interpreting the images as potentially cool story elements, those individuals interpreted it as an attack on Efi’s character by the OP.  

Perhaps they made this reach because Sombra is presented as a shady character in the Overwatch universe and the “the eye” was speculated to have nefarious associations (because it showed up as a negative thing in Sombra’s backstory). Showing parallels between an 11 year old and a potentially dangerous organization was entirely misread (either accidentally or intentionally) as calling the 11 year old herself dangerous, and thus “evil.” 

And Efi is also black, which made it even easier for individuals to justify the “OP must be racist” response on tumblr dot com.  Again, I’ve not seen ANYONE make the case that Efi is evil, I’ve ONLY seen people argue against it.

A lot of responses with no source suggests the responses ARE the source.

The likely truth is NO ONE genuinely thought Efi was evil, or at least they didn’t when her design was first revealed.   Everyone was rushing to put out a fire where there was no real fire, just people blowing smoke.

Thus, most of the “Efi is evil” discourse is the direct result of specific individuals actively stirring shit and creating drama where there was originally none, so that’s why I did not mention racism in my post.  

I feel like recently, a lot of people on Tumblr and elsewhere have fallen into the mindset that you have to be perfect 100% of the time, and if someone says or does something wrong, they are then Problematic forevermore, and anyone who has ever associated with them is also Problematic unless they immediately condemn them. This kinda of thinking ignores the natural human tendency to make mistakes. People say stupid things because they’re uninformed, or because they feel pressured into it, or they don’t understand that it’s wrong, or because of their upbringing. (Just as an example, I was using “Gay” as an insult in junior high long before I knew the meaning of the word, just because everyone around me was.)

But the thing is, people can change. They can grow, they can learn, they can apologize. And it seems like a lot of people don’t understand that. Despite apologies, despite retracted remarks and deleted videos, I still see posts circulating about how “X is a homophobe who wants all gays dead” or “Y is a nazi apologist.”

Just to be clear, I’m not saying that being uninformed or pressured or whatever makes it okay to say or do bad things. By all means, continue to call out racism and sexism and homophobia and everything else when you see it- just be ready to accept “I’m sorry” as an answer when you do.


Someone beat me to fallen Matsus! So I added colors to my week-old scanned sketches! óvó/

I based them off the colors of the hearts! Except Oso-bro and Totty which I had to improvise and my scanner burnt down the orange color on the heart so phew

Bonus for Determined Child!

Dating the happy cowboy fills you up with determination!

ROOKIES! Contestant Information

NAME:  王馬 小吉 / Ōma Kokichi
: Oumachii / Uta-Ouji
TRAINING PERIOD: Two years, one month
BIRTHDAY:  June 21st 1997
BIRTHPLACE: Shibuya, Japan
HEIGHT: 156 cm // WEIGHT: 44 kg
SPECIALTY: (Voice) Acting, Singing, Improvisation
HOBBIES: Playing pranks, Kareoke, Cooking
LANGUAGES: Japanese, Chinese, A little bit of English

INSTRUMENTS: Flute, recorder, a beginner in piano

TRAINER’S NOTES: Kokichi seems to be quite a natural when it comes to preforming, yet he had a tendency to slip out things like exaggerated truths or lies during interviews && occasionally may improvise lines if he’s forgotten anything. His personality is also a concern, seeing as he had a mix match of emotions that sometimes question just what audience suits him best. He can be quite childish, but seems to have more of a following with teenage girls rather than children alone.
BACKGROUND BRIEFING: Kokichi isn’t quite a newcomer to the whole entertainment circuit. He never previously was in an idol group, but seems to be a natural born actor and singer.  He worked on his own covers of songs that would make their way onto websites, but his main work was done through doing some B-list voice acting for anime aswell as a few stage performances here && there. 

[+961, -30] He’s really small and cute but his voice suits him super well  (´ ε ` )♡
[+932, -19] I hear him calling Saihara-kun cutesy names like his “darling” do you think maybe he’s gay???  ヽ(°〇°)ノ
[+893 -20]  Ohhhhh my gosh….Ouma-Kun’s voice…I just can’t あああああああ    (T▽T)
[832 -49]  ( ◡‿◡ ) His voice is so relaxing~

anonymous asked:

please help, my snake is all wrinkly, and while ive seen places say its normal before a shed, im really worried its dehydration because ive been having a hard time keeping her humidity up i have her on aspen right now, is there a substrate that would help the humodity at all?? thank you so much in advance

yep, sounds like dehydration. Coco husk is a great option for maintaining humidity.


i am more or less done with murkwater! this is probably my favorite settlement ive built so far :’D

took a lot of inspiration from other places ive seen! and kinda just mostly came up with things as i went along lmao didnt really have a real plan for it but im happy with how it all turned out :p

///had to edit these screencaps a bit since the weather at murkwater is usually always dark and gloomy D://

i feel like the concern wrt mage/fenris ships is displaced and an unfair amount of expectations are placed on fenris… ive seen too many posts pulling the “don’t ship fenris with mages because he is mean to them” and it forgets a lot of crucial points?

Fenris’ mistrust and fear is born from abuse. I’ve discussed this before but, you know, bears repeating. The only mages Fenris has known up till meeting Hawke have been abusive. Have been monsters. Have thrown life away at a whim. Hadriana and Danarius physically, mentally, emotionally and (we know Danarius for sure) sexually abused Fenris. He was tortured. Him competing for the markings does not mean his abusers are absolved of their abuse… Fenris should’ve never had to compete for them, he wanted to free his family.

And Fenris CAN have a healthy relationship with a mage Hawke. It can be loving and caring and respectful. From what I recall, he can have a good friendship Bethany. Him reacting negatively to something that is distressing to him (blood magic, support of Tevinter) is a product of his abuse. Blood magic has only been used to hurt him. You can acknowledge that and accept he is allowed to hate it without condoning the things he says to Merrill.

i just think we should respect that and we should especially consider why we think FENRIS is the problem in all mage/fenris ships, why we think fenris is the one who has to take responsibility and bite his tongue and never mention his abuse for the sake of his lover’s comfort.

ok so ive been apartment hunting all day and like!!! i think i found the one!!!!! i found a place w apartment buildings that have four rooms and four bathrooms, which was what i wanted. the rooms are rly spacious and the common area and kitchen are big. the pantry holds a lot and so does the fridge. they do roommate matching. this is also the only place ive seen that includes a tv. they pay for ur utilities up to $40. they allow pets (including dogs under 30 lbs). its rly close to uf. and most importantly: its rly on the cheap compared to the others ive seen

like my problem is that the left has largely stopped caring about economics but more and more complains about how everything is about economics and we should instead retreat back into philosophy or linguistics or whatever and like that stuff is fine and often very interesting/valuable but the idea that we need less economics and more X is killing off the economic question which becomes a big problem when you become unable to actually talk about capitalism but still want to revolt against it, especially from the standpoint of ethics. suddenly you’ve got ethical consumerism and ethical reforms and all these ethical movements that often arise in response to very real problems but without the tools necessary to understand them in the first place. thats something ive seen a lot on the left and its not a good look when you’ve got people insisting that we dont even bother with economics when it comes to talking to people about socialism for the first time, instead favoring discussions of social dynamics which are of course intimately related to the economic system itself. i had to fight this sort of thing against jacobin, who becomes more and more left-liberal everyday, and its not because i fetishize economics but because it really is being left behind and forgotten about, and this is being done intentionally. nicole aschoff was telling me that we dont need to worry about exploitation and labor and i am of the opinion that she is pushing a very dangerous thing. a socialism that doesnt concern itself with those things is going to be a pretty bad socialism, and i admit that i get a bit knee-jerky when i see those sort of things because theres a historical slippery slope and i think on tumblr we are dealing with a lot of people that are at least somewhat familiar with theory and ought to be, to the best of their abilities, trying to think up ways that we can make this movement better (and preferably offline lol). since thats where this discussion takes place, forgive me if i talk directly to and about the relevant people: tumblr leftists. 

In all seriousness though, please be safe when playing Pokemon GO. Don’t play while driving, if you feel like you must check the app while in your car, please pull over into a parking lot or over to the side. If you’re walking around, also pay attention to your surroundings, don’t go places that seem dangerous or so unfamiliar that you may get lost. If you get a gut feeling that it’s not safe, it’s best to just ignore that Vulpix. Also keep an eye out for younger folks and kids, they’re probably playing this game too and may not be paying attention to their surroundings. Check before crossing streets, don’t trespass, and don’t go places unwarranted.