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Hear me out

Let’s have a game actually set in the continent of Africa THAT ISNT EGYPT *gasp* and let’s have Nancy intern on a wildlife refuge center because that way we can hang around cool animals like giraffes and elephants and shit where those animals actually flourish instead of living in captivity in gross American zoos #yes

Throw me some ideas for non-Eurocentric ND games, we need more of them since I can think of a grand total of like two that aren’t set in white westernized Eurocentric countries. I vote

- maybe like Kenya that’s a good place for a wildlife refuge game and it’s in one of the few African countries most people can actually name
- India??? Nancy hangs out in Bollywood?? @jamilathebeautiful what about this idea
- please god somewhere in South America let’s have her hang out somewhereeeeeeee in South America. Brazil is literally massive why hasn’t she gone there yet? What can Nancy do in Brazil let’s learn Brazilian Portuguese
- literally why hasn’t Nancy gone to Nepal yet on a mountain climbing expedition I do not understand why she hasn’t done this yet
- Definitely something in China because it’s so culturally and historically rich? Any ideas because all I’m coming up with is something around the ancient zodiac legends idk (Nancy goes and works at one of China’s panda nurseries?????????????? Omg can you even imagine I would squeal the whole time)
- Nancy is going to Antarctica to help out a scientist with her research on global warming/climate change/melting ice caps/rising sea levels and she is also going to hang out with penguins. fight me

Idk clue crew these are just my ideas let’s brainstorm new game locations because it makes me happier to think about how I would make these games than I feel when I think about mid

moments & places in the games where reality is a bit altered
  • standing at the entrance of the caves at the end of the game as the ‘word i couldn’t keep’ music box track plays [sea]
  • the abandoned classroom [wac]
  • the secret beach [ddi]
  • lamont’s back room [cry]
  • waking up on the third day [fin]
  • the cemeteries [cry, gth]
  • the forests [dog, cap]
  • dove isle [ran]
  • being inside the faraday cage while the coil is on [ded]
  • charlotte’s room [gth]
  • arriving in copper gorge [trn]
  • ezra’s garden [trt]
  • the pachinko parlor [saw]
  • the magician’s room [fin]
  • the haunted house [car]
  • the ranch at night [sha]
Twisted Snake pt.2

Pairings: Jughead x reader, Bughead.
Warnings: Mentions of abuse and bruising, possible swear I can’t remember.

A/N: I’m so so happy with the response from you guys for this story, really encouraging. I’m not overly confident with this part but hopefully you’ll like it and I haven’t ruined it. Also would you like another part? If so are ye happy to continue in Jughead POV or would you like more 3rd person etc. Let me know dollies.



Jughead Pov.

After Betty screamed at me for an hour and reassured her for another hour, I had just about managed to salvage my relationship. Not even sure if that’s even what I want, a relationship that’s just barely one.

The party had cleared out but the house was a state to behold. Nope. Not my problem. I turned on my heels and rejoined Vegas in the garage.


For the next week I spent every possible non school moment in Pops. More so than usual. I was practically part of the furniture, just hoping to “accidentally” run into y/n again. It didn’t go unnoticed by Betty, I just played it off as wanting to write more.

What was her deal? What’s wrong with my name? I mean it’s not exactly conventional but people don’t usually run away from me panicked when they hear it. I am the new Voldemort. I am he who should not be named. I laughed a loud at my stupid thoughts. It was late on Friday and Pops started to fill, I just had a feeling she wouldn’t like it crowded, I didn’t. I got a few strange looks from the couple next to me.

I strolled home and collapsed onto the air mattress, it huffing beneath me. Archie won’t be home for at least an hour, he’s out with Veronica. I feel totally defeated, where am I to find this one girl in a sea of others…well none like her. Wait…she’s not like the Riverdale girls because she isn’t one! Oh I’m an idiot.

I jumped off the “bed” and grabbed my jeans practically putting them on both legs at once.

I grabbed my keys and as I went for the front door I ran into Archie and Veronica stumbling in.

“Oh Jughead…we were just umm”

“Don’t need to explain Archie… actually please don’t explain just stay off my mattress” I brushed past not wanting to prolong the awkwardness.

I sat into Archie’s truck, he’s not going to appreciate this but he probably won’t notice right now with Veronica to preoccupy him.

I hate driving, hate it. I’m no good at it but I don’t feel like walking to the Southside at quarter past midnight.

After a few false starts, messing up the radio frequency and general terrible driving I arrived outside the Wyte Worm.

After taking a few laps inside the bar I gave up. I’m not going to find her here, I wouldn’t find me here why would I find her here.  Okay think if I were her who is similar to me where would I be.

“Jughead? What are you doing here?” oh no. I’m dead. “You shouldn’t be here Juggy”

“Um yeah Dad sorry I was just looking for someone…”

“Who? Who could you possibly be looking for here Jughead?”

“Emmm Y/N”

Dad took a step closer to me, eyes darkening.

“And what would you want with her?” His tone was harsh. “Emm she left heart medication in Archie’s when she was at my party” well that’s a terrible lie but it needed to be serious enough of a thing to let behind that he’d tell me where she is

“Why was she at your party?!”

“Uh I’m not sure, wasn’t everyone? Is there something wrong with her?”

“You could say that” he bit. “You won’t find her here anyway Juggy but I guess missing heart meds is kinda serious emmmm okay I’d say you’ll probably find her lot over at the Podges…I’ll come with you”

“No!” He looked at me confused “well you’re not going there by yourself”. Oh yeah leave it to now for my Dad to step up and care.

“I won’t, I’m going to just go home and ring the pharmacy on the pack tomorrow” I turned and walked briskly away from him.

“Don’t go there Jughead. I’m warning you.” He called after me, his seriousness radiating through across the distance. I waved in acknowledgement as I sat into the truck, no intention to listen to him.

I thought the Whyte Worm was rough. Nothing could compare to Podges. Total drunken chaos.

I stood on the porch of the pub ((bar etc)) taking a deep breath, regretting it instantly and  stepped inside to total ruins. Fighting and shouting and utter chaos. The stench of old booze and smoke was deeply imbedded in the sheer dna of the place. I am Nancy Drew, Nancy Jones…Jughead Drew? Ehhh we’ll circle back to that later.

I pulled up my hood and put my hands in my pockets. I want to completely fly under the radar. I didn’t do a very good job at it.

A weight was thrown into my side and I was pushed into a small coat closet. Expecting to be attacked I closed my eyes and braced for impact, when the pain didn’t come I reluctantly opened my eyes and found a concern stricken y/n with arms crossed.

“y/n!” I threw my arms around her and thankfully she didn’t push me away… immediately.

“What are you doing here Jughead?! Are you totally off your game?!”  

“I umm I just wanted to see you…” not creepy at all there Juggy. Her furrowed face softened and she left out a half laugh. I watched her bite her lip and put her hand to her head.

“Thats…that’s  really really sweet but also really really stupid, you could get yourself killed here for being who you are…let alone for talking to me” she seemed genuinely concerned.

“Why…why would I get myself killed” I don’t understand what is going on, at least Voldemort knew why he was hated.

“It’s cause of who your dad is…..” she couldn’t meet my eyes. Once again my dad is ruining something that could be amazing for me.

“What?!” I practically shouted. Y/N moved closer to me and put a finger to my lips. I brushed my hand over hers and brought it to my cheek and kept it there. I don’t know what it is about to her. She’s magnetic. I want to be closer to her in every way possible.

“Shh Jughead you have to be quiet, I know it seems chaotic and loud but I’m actually surprised they don’t know you’re here already. Your dad is a ring leader in the Serpents and my dad….my dad isn't” her voice was shaky.

“Who is your dad?”

“Y/D/N Y/L/N…..leader of the the Scorpions…” she sounded ashamed and I could stop my eyes from widening.

“As in…”

“Yeah, as in Southside Scorpions” she meet my eyes again, glossy and sad. “Oh” well shit. This is not good. A territory feud that has been raging for years, bloodshed on both sides…too much blood. She gave me a small smile. The weakest of smiles. Breaks my heart.

“Yeah Jughead, “Oh” is right, so yeah…I think you should go”  her hand dropped from my cheek and I missed it being there instantly.

“Does it bother you?…does it bother you im not a Scorpion?” My voice was a little shaky for this question as I stepped closer to her again.

“No, I know it should but it doesn’t, I don’t really fit in the gang mentality, my older brother will take  over leading not me, I don’t belong to it like they want me to….does it bother you I’m not a Serpent?”

“Oh yeah totally, can’t even look at you" I laugh as she toyingly hits me into the chest. I know I’m with Betty but more than a bit of me wants to be with her.

“Jugheeeeaaad” she whined playfully. I love how I’m making it impossible for her.

The door swung open and y/n pushed me backwards beneath coats instantly.

“Y/N?…here..doing?” A man close to our age slurred out.

“Nnnnnothing John…I was..i was just looking for my coat” her voice was entirely shaky and if that lad wasn’t as out of it as he was he would have seen right through.

“Oh alright well c'mere” John caught y/n roughly around the waist and she was visibly uncomfortable under his touch. He moved to kiss her lips as she turned her head, his lips meeting her cheek. Ugh.

“Hey y/n, cop on” his tone was blunt and I could see the burning pressure he put on her wrist. “Ssssorry…I’ll meet you out there my dad said he’ll buy you a drink go go” his ears perked at the idea of a free drink and he briskly left the closet.

Y/N let out the biggest sigh of relief I’d ever heard as she rubbed her red wrist.

“Who was that?” I cautiously came out from beneath the coats.

“No one” she brushed her hair out of her face and crossed her arms across her chest.

“Was that…is that your boyfriend?”


“Oh…did he do that?” I pointed at the bruises along her arms where she had let the hoodie ride up. She instantly pulled it down covering them.

“You need to go now” eyes fixed on my shoes.

I moved closer to her and pulled the sleeve of her hoodie up. I held her arm in my hands and looked at the marbled marks decorating her arm. She stared at me while I couldn’t take my eyes off the marks. I leaned in and kissed her again. She wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled me in closer. I moved my hands around her waist. I felt like this is where I belong, with her… granted not in the closet but I don’t mind, I’m with her.

I suddenly felt tears land on my cheek but they didn’t belong to me. “Please Jughead…you need to go” she whispered with teary eyes breaking the kiss and moving away from me.

“Y/N…” I moved for her again.

“No” she moved as though my touch might burn her.

“I….emm okay…here’s my number I wrote it down for you..please dont hesitate to use it…” I gave it to her and she sheepishly took it.

“Okay then…bye y/n” I slowly edged past her as she stood looking in the spot I once occupied.


Teehee Xx

More Boring Uninspired Headcannons

- Jess has always been terrified by the dentist and shes never told anyone why, it’s too traumatic.

- One time at one of Mike’s parties, Chris and Jess were dared to do seven minutes in heaven but Jess was so drunk she threw up on Chris.

- Emily knows how to kill a man with only her thumb.

- Jess and Beth were actually childhood best friends, they were constantly doing stuff together but as they grew up they grew apart and Emily took the place as Jess’ best friend.

- Ashley is a huge fan of Nancy Drew, that’s why during still being scared she still was trying to figure out the case of what the hell is going on.

- Matt has actually taken ballet. 

- Sam is actually pretty good karaoke.