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The Good Place was so good. I'm really happy to see a really out there TV comedy, instead of a workplace or 'friends on couches' one again. Except Brooklyn 99. That is a treasure and exempt from this rule.

Anon that plot twist changed my life and I shall no longer be able to trust any tv character ever. Look at what they made us give.

But yes, the 20 min 13 ep format worked out so well for this show, and it combined smart writing with self-aware satirical humour and a lot of throwing shade and shoutouts. It actually does tackle a lot of philosophical questions about morality and the nature of humanity, but it does it with such a deft light touch that it was a legit pleasure to binge-watch this show. I’m super impressed with the writing and acting team! 

Also, Chidi is my absolute fav, I love Tahani and Eleanor is my new bi asshole-ish queen. I love them. 


Not a dead mall: Ski Dubai, opened 2005. Part of the Mall of the Emirates. 

So this place gets really good reviews on TripAdvisor but… it looks so artificial and creepy to me. I grew up around tons of snow though, so maybe this has a lot more appeal to those who live in places like Dubai that never get any snow. 


Below the cut are 58 GIFs of Ji Hansol from SMROOKIES / NCT (one day……….). All of these were made by me, so I would appreciate if they weren’t used in GIF hunts etc. etc. Like/reblog as you see fit.

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All I’ve heard you say is that you have no hope, and that this is your hell, so if it’s so bad then why don’t you just end it?

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i really enjoy magnus's woodworking, so i've been practicing some of it myself and decided to show some of it to magnus! only, instead of actually showing it to him i've been placing it in front of his door. and then i get too nervous and replace it with sawdust instead. it's a habit now. -Gretchen, a seeker