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“When ChikaRiko first start going out”
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What if Adrien inherits his dad’s mansion and just fills it with everyone he loves.

Like first it’s his best friends (Nino, Alya, and Mari). Then Chloe and Sabrina just kinda start kicking it there until he just gives them each a room. Then everyone else just has a standard room that’s ‘theirs’ and they come and go as they please.

All the regulars have an understanding that everyone loves everyone else a certain way and it’s not weird if one week Adrien and Mari are close and then the next Mari’s with Chloe and Adrien’s with Nino. Also everyone has their own boundaries that are respected. So no one would push two or more people together unless it’s what they want.

Basically I just want all of them to be happy and to have fun game nights where everyone’s required to hang out no matter how busy they are. And pillow forts. And Adrien being surrounded by infinite amounts of love. And an open-door policy where anyone can come and join in or be invited…

I just want everyone to be loved okay?!

inferior se is walking into the kitchen and realizing for the first time it has a ceiling fan in there…….

i’ve lived in this house for the past four years.

What a doof - Elmer x reader

This fic was requested by an anon! Thank you so much for the request (and the love!) I hope you enjoy!

“Would you write something for a reader, a sceptic who grew up in Bigfoot country and isnt quite convinced, dating Elmer, who LOVES cryptid hunting, so they take him camping back home? Thanks for your time, you’re one of my favorite Newsies writers for reafer inserts or canon ships!! 💚”

“Trust me, babe. I’ve lived here my whole life. There is no way we’re going to be eaten by Bigfoot.” You tried to explain to your boyfriend, Elmer. “But, (y/n)! There have been 101 sightings of him in Pennsylvania! I’m sure we’ll see him this weekend!” You rolled your eyes at this. Elmer is a big believer in things like this. Bigfoot, Mothman, any cryptid you can think of. You on the other hand think it’s all bullshit. Having grown up seeing a bunch of touristy shops who use Bigfoot to make money, you know better.

“Those 101 sightings are all made up stories to fool people like you.” Elmer pouted at you from the passenger seat of your truck. You chuckled and grabbed Elmer’s hand and squeezed it to let him know that you were just teasing. He squeezed your hand back as you pulled into the campgrounds. You and Elmer are visiting your hometown for the weekend and you decided to spend a night in the forest that you basically grew up in. It’s part of the reason why you don’t believe in Bigfoot. You’ve never seen him during the many nights you’ve spent here.

Once your tent was finally standing, you and Elmer started a fire and worked on making s’mores.

“I’m telling you, he’s out there, babe.” Elmer said, placing his marshmallow in between the crackers and chocolate.

“Just shut up and eat your s’more.”

Elmer eventually dropped the subject and you two started sharing stories about your childhoods. Elmer wanted to know exactly what you were like in high school and you tried avoiding the subject as much as you possibly could.

“Pleaseeeeeee just tell meeee”

“Ugh fine! I was a band geek.” You stuffed a marshmallow in your mouth and looked away feeling your face start to heat up.

“What! No! What instrument?”


“You were a nerd!”


Once the sun disappeared and the moon started shining down on you, you and Elmer decided to put the fire out and head inside the tent. “(y/n), if Bigfoot kills us tonight, I just want you to know that I love you.” You chuckle as you settle into your sleeping bag. “I love you too, you doof.” He lights up the dark tent with his smile before cuddling up next to you. “Good night.” “Night.”

A moment later, there was a rustling in the bushes near you. You shrugged it off, but Elmer’s body suddenly tensed up under you. You open your eyes and sit up slightly. “Babe, it’s okay. It’s just the wind.” You rub a soothing circle in his side, earning a flinch and a loud laugh to escape his lips. “Ah! No! No tickles!” You laugh. “I wasn’t trying to!” Your laughter died out when another sound came from outside your tent. It sounded like someone was stepping on the gravel of the campground’s pathway. Elmer looked at you with wide eyes. “Babe, maybe it’s Bigfoot.” He says, dead serious. “Oh my goodness will you please stop with that? He’s not-” Suddenly, something bumped into your tent and made a growling sound. You and Elmer jump and let out loud screams. “Oh my god oh my god we’re gonna die oh my god” You whispered, mostly to yourself, as Elmer grabbed his flashlight and unzipped the tent. “Wait! What are you doing!” You crawled after him as he exited the tent. You stuck your head out, scared of what you’re about to see. “It’s just a dog!” Elmer chuckles as said dog sniffed at Elmer’s hand. “No Bigfoot here.” Elmer smiles at you before he gives the dog a piece of beef jerky that he pulled out of his backpack. “Can dogs eat beef jerky?” You ask as the dog left, satisfied. “Maybe.” Elmer replied as you both crawled back into the tent. You let out a sigh of relief as you settle back into your sleeping bag. “Do you want me to leave the light on?” Elmer asks in a teasing voice. “I noticed that you were pretty spooked back there.” He smirked. “Were you scared that Bigfoot was going to eat us?” You roll your eyes and reach for the flashlight. “No I was not.” You turn the light off and put it back down next to you before cuddling up next to your boyfriend. He chuckles and places a kiss to your head. “Of course not.” You crane your head up so you could press your lips against his for a moment.

“Good night for real this time.” He smiled and kissed you again. “Good night for real. Love you.”

“I love you too.”

The rest of the night was peaceful and when the sun came up and the sounds of birds replaced the sounds of crickets, you woke up still wrapped in Elmer’s arms. He was breathing softly and slowly. You watched him sleeping for a second before you adjusted yourself to see him better. You moved a strand of his soft hair from his forehead so it wasn’t obstructing any of his beautiful features. You really don’t know how you ended up with such a great person. A soft smile found your way to your lips as he started stirring awake. He opened his eyes and returned your smile before closing his eyes again. “Good morning, love.” You chuckle at the nickname. “Good morning, doof.” You placed a kiss to his cheek before sitting up and gathering a few things.

“Should we drive back to your parents’ house today?” Elmer asks as he begins to do the same thing. “Yeah, they’re probably wondering when we’ll be heading back. We can grab breakfast somewhere before heading back.” Elmer nodded and then opened the tent, allowing sunshine to pour in.

“You know,” Elmer said once everything was packed in the back of your truck and you were starting to drive out of the campgrounds. “I still believe Bigfoot is out there. Even if we didn’t see him last night.” You smile and shake your head at this.

“I’m sure, if there was even the slightest possibility that Bigfoot did exist, he would not want to be disturbed by anyone. He would probably just want to live his life in peace”

Elmer reaches for your hand on the steering wheel and you grab it. “I agree.” Elmer said, watching the trees pass by as you return to civilization.

“If you want,” you start, “There’s this Bigfoot themed diner around here somewhere. They have pretty good pancakes.” You spare a glance at Elmer and see his eyes light up and his grin split his face in two.

“That is so cool! Let’s go there!” His excitement made your heart swell.

You love this doof.

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My music is heavily influenced by that Southern Californian kind of feel, so it felt right to make my album there. The kind of producers that I wanted to work with were all there and Nashville and places like that, so it was kind of - the whole making of the album and where I live in LA, it suits what I was doing musically.

anonymous asked:

Im considering moving to Seattle and I know housing there is expensive but I was wondering if its difficult for one person to afford an apartment by themselves. I have family that lives in Ravenna, so that would be the ideal place to live. Btw i've been following u for quite a while and i love your blog.

what do you do for work? the $15 minimum wage is a lie and doesn’t fully take effect until 2021 when inflation and cost of living will have gone up intensely anyway. it’s somewhere between $13 and $14.99 right now, let’s assume $14.

you can get a shitty 100 sq ft micro studio for $1100ish if you’re lucky. they don’t really exist in Ravenna - Ravenna is a couple apartment buildings and a bunch of million dollar 1920s homes. your best bet is the north u district or roosevelt or something, but roosevelt is literally all being torn down in the next two years to build massive $2000 1 bedroom apartment buildings.

$14 x 40 hours a week x 4 weeks a month = $2240 a month pretax, let’s say $1900 post tax. you can’t rent an apartment without 3x the rent in income per month. you can probably find a student share house in the u district for $500-$800 a month, that’s probably your best bet. 

Ok i know this is like never gonna happen but what if the Mianite crew played Rock Band

Like they all picked an instrument (Id imagine Wag on drums, Tom on keyboard, Tucker on guitar and Sonj and Jordan singing) and just play a few songs and laugh at how bad (or good) they are

Imagine them doing Bohemian Rhapsody and Tucker and Tom (or whoever’s on the keyboard and guitar) are dying because the keyboard and guitar parts of that song are hell 

Wag yelling because the drum pedal is the stupidest thing

Sonja and Jordan singing

Them customizing their own band and logo and characters

One or all of them putting the difficulty to expert and feeling immediate regret

Just. Tiem Reester playing Rock Band.

  • ENFP: I can stare at the grass and get 20 million ideas from it.
  • INFJ: It's grass. I got nothing.
  • ENFP: This place will always be my home, no matter where I move to.
  • INFJ: I don't think of this place as my home now, and I've lived here my whole life.
  • ENFP: I love meeting new people.
  • INFJ: .... It depends... On the people...