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Kosaku, how did you feel when Hayato was born?

“He was so tiny and small. I worked a lot and didn’t get to spend much time with him, but nap time was our bonding time.” 

“The mobsters met with this other mobster on the Upper West Side.”

*Dramatic reenactment shot of them walking through a dockyard with the Statue of Liberty visible in the bay directly in front of them*




MC MOODBOARD: I was in the mood to make a moodboard ( no pun intended ) for Yukimura’s MC since I’ve literally played his route 4 times in a row now LOL I wonder if the donuts gave it away. While she wasn’t my favorite MC, I found the idea of having to wait for your lover without ever knowing if he’d come back, to be incredibly lonely and even nerve-racking. I sort of made this on a whim so if it doesn’t …. make sense (?) just… enjoy the aesthetics. Ignore this description v(^-^ “)v

わかるけれど どこかで待ってるよ
wakaru keredo dokoka de matteru yo
somewhere in my heart, I’m still waiting for you

名前も 消せず
namae mo kesezu
unable to erase your name

Anyway I have come to the decision that in my Sara/Raeka universe my boy Macen Barro is still alive, he and Avi are happy, I’m happy, we’re all happy.

Also Avitus and Macen go on double dates with Raeka and Sara and Sara makes a million pathfinder jokes.