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Dead animal warning - the vet at work took over the wash room today to defrost some bodies for a training exercise. I forget the animals we have in the freezer here, I need to get them out at some point for some comparison pictures.


I went to visit Kashima at her work place today. It’s a cafe.

She started out to relief someone else for a while but somehow she’s still continuing till now.

While we were discussing how fun twitter is, her colleague said “Since we’re on this topic, could you promote our shop?”

The photo turned out surprisingly well when I aimed the camera at them while they were posing.



Kyou wa kashima no baito saki ni asobi ni ittekita. Kissaten na.

Pinchi hittaa de haitta hazunanoni nanda kanda de tsuzuiteru yonaa.

Twitter tanoshiize tte hanashitara, doryou no tenin ni “tsuide ni mise no sen den wo shitekure” tte iwareta.

Kamera muketara poozu made tottekurete, igai to nori ii na!

*Picture: We’re organising a Valentine Fair


(For anime-only fans: Kashima started working at a cafe where Seo’s big bro works too.)


summershounen asked me on how I draw Yusei’s hair! It’s not very accurate and I’m not really confident at it myself, but here’s a simple guide on how I draw it~

newtonnooton  asked:

you doing alright friend?

as fine as I can be :P Stomach infection went away, but an eye infection took it’s place. I went on to clean my room today and now I’m trying not to get the avpd get the better of me by answering Fun Asks. I might treat myself to an ice cream cone tomorrow, life been hard for Me. And you? I hope you’re doing well.


One of my hobbies is taking “then and now” pictures… usually with abandoned railroads. My goal is to get them in the EXACT same place as the old photo. I went out today to capture some along a small stretch of the Erie Lackawanna in Indiana. All “before” photos are from 1976 or earlier.

1) Just outside Akron, IN (Old photo by Mike Schafer)
2) Near Disko, IN (Old photo by Mike Schafer)
3) The depot in Akron, IN (Old photo by Don Ellison)
4) Just outside Akron, IN (Old photo by Mike Schafer)
5) By the depot in Akron, IN (Old photo by Don Ellison)
6) Between Akron and Disko, IN (Old photo by Don Ellison)

I went with my wife to her law school ball last night. I was drinking Manhattans – my favourite drink as of recent –  all night and I’m low-key hungover today. 

The thing about drinking is that, for me, the real negative health effects aren’t from the drinks, but from the resultant bad food choices. After the ball a group of us went back to someone place and I ordered some pizzas. Then today I needed to nurse my hangover with a giant smoked meat sandwich and fries. Basically my good food choices go out te window for a 24-hour period after drinking.

I’ve posted before about how I’ve had some problems with drinking too much when I drink. I was tending to get fall-down, blackout drunk whenever I went drinking. I read some resources on moderating drinking and made some changes to my habits. I’ve got a better handle on things. I’m able to go out and drink and have fun without falling into a drunken descent into nihilism. So that’s progress.


got to do some watercolor painting in Sedona early this morning


Legolas + sea (requested by queenearwen)


Sakura Miyawaki - Instagram - Sun 12 Mar 2017

#LosAngeles ?
今日、空き時間に行って来たよ😮✨ 紹介していくね💖
#LosAngeles ?
Nope…😂 In Yokohama, I found such a photogenic place!
Today, I went there during free time😮✨ Let me show it to you💖

やっぱり、良い写真にするには背景がとても大事🤔ってことを改めて感じた〜〜! #MARINE #and #WALK #yokohama
As expected, background is very important for making a good photo🤔 I felt that again~~! #MARINE #and #WALK #yokohama


So I thought I would be a super awesome father and write a song for my daughter. So then for the rest of her life she will have a unique song dedicated to just her. I went to pick her up today, placed her in her bouncer, grabbed my guitar and softly began to sing the song. Turns out my daughter will grow up to be a really tough music critic and Maroon 5 will definitely not be her favourite band since she just burst out crying. That’s the last time I do a nice thing for her.