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hey how do you like portland?? i'm really wanting to move up there after college, like near saco or more inland. i loved portland when i visited and my family goes up to york beach a lot

i love portland i wish i still lived there. i’m up at UMF in Farmington now, Portland is dank tho it’s the best place in Maine by far

Where’s the girl that’s down for spontaneous road trips? Adventuring through life instead of just waiting for it to happen?
I want to come home on Friday evening and just decide to pack the car and find a place to visit. Stay in a shitty motel if we don’t really have the money or sleep in the car, I don’t care.
I want sunrises sitting together, wrapped in blankets and drinking cheap coffee from whatever gas station we passed. I want driving around and walking and exploring, not only the planet but each other. Sunsets spent giggling and talking and singing horrible songs.
I just want spontaneity and adventure and the feeling you get when the sun is warming you from the inside out.

cat emergency!

(not house related at all)

hey all, my dad had a tenant leave unexpectedly and he left his beautiful cat behind. she’s grey/blue and has medium length hair. not sure if she’s fixed or not, she’s under 3 years old. she’s been living alone in this apartment for 6 weeks (my dad has been visiting her and giving her food and water), but they want to clear out the apartment and call animal control in the next 48 hours. we really really want to find a good home for this sweet kitty. she’s currently in capitol hill (in Seattle) and you’d have to come to the unit to pick her up. i would obviously meet you in a public place first, the building owner will likely be there too.

please reblog this or send it to anyone you know who might want a sweet cat! she’s really frightened from being alone for so long. i’m opening up my inbox, or you can email me at if you are interested or know someone who is.

Wholesome Week!

One of the biggest perks of my job is that I get to work in a lot of different formats and genres and thus meet new communities all the time, but as the SVTFOE fandom kicks off Wholesome Week, I just want to take a wholesome moment to say how much I have enjoyed discovering the animation community here on Tumblr (and other social networks by extension, but it seems to be concentrated here). Interacting with both creatives and fans over the past couple of years has made me really happy, and this place is a heart-filling Zelda-fairy fountain to which I gladly return after my weary travels.

This pic is a collection of fan-made stickers that hangs in my son’s nursery. I am indoctrinating him early. When my young nieces were visiting a few weeks ago, they would point at all the characters and ask “who’s that? who’s that? what’s that?” and I would talk about how Star and Marco are best friends, and how Ludo wants to be a bad guy but isn’t always very good at it, and how Toffee made Star destroy her wand (spoilers!), and why Tom is holding a bunny, and so on. And it was weird and wonderful to be explaining such a crazy world to young minds for the first time, and to feel like a small part of it all.

So as we prepare for this launch into the final stretch of season 2, I tip my hat to all of you, and to @daronnefcy, @dominicbisignano, Aaron Hammersley, @giancarlovolpe@zachsleepshere, @brettvaron, @arythusa, @amelia-lorenz, @hug-bees@rollainedraws, @evonyo, @beckyandfrank, other SVTFOE artists I haven’t found yet on Tumblr, and the whole crew for making this amazing, ridiculous, heart-tugging magical unicorn of a show, and for letting me tag along.


( I really wanted to share this skill from my DBT workboob because so far it has done wonders for my stress, you should really try it out!)

Safe-place visualization is a powerful stress-reduction technique. Using it, you can soothe yourself by imagining a peaceful, safe place where you can relax. Make sure you conduct the exercise in a quiet room where you’ll be free from distractions. Turn off your television, phone and radio.

Before you begin the exercise, think of a real or imaginary place that makes you feel safe and relaxed. It can be a real place that you’ve visited in the past, such as the beach, a park, a field, a church/temple, your room and so on. Or it can be a place that you’ve completely made up. such as a white cloud floating in the sky, a medieval castle, or the surface of the moon. It can be anywhere. If you have trouble thinking of a place, think of a color that makes you feel relaxed, such as pink or baby blue. Just do your best.


  • To begin, sit in a comfortable chair with your feet flat on the floor and your hands resting comfortably, either on the arms of the chair or in your lap

  • Close your eyes

  • Take a slow, long breath in through your nose

  • Feel your belly expand like a balloon as you breathe in

  • Hold it for five seconds, then release it slowly through your mouth

  • Feel your belly collapse like a balloon losing its air

  • Again, take a slow, long breath and feel stomach expand

  • Hold it for five seconds then slowly exhale slowly through your mouth

  • One more time, take a slow, long breath in through your nose

  • Hold it for five seconds then exhale slowly through your mouth

  • Now begin to take slow, long breaths without holding them in and keep that going through the entire exercise

  • Now, with your closed eyes, imagine that you enter your safe place

  • First, look around using your imaginary sense of sight. What does this place look like? Are you alone or are there any other people or animals? Notice the details, what are they doing? If you’re outside, look up and notice the sky, look at the horizon. If you’re inside, notice what the walls and furniture look like. Is the room light or dark? Choose something soothing to look at.

  • Next, use your imaginary sense of hearing. What do you hear? Do you hear other people or animals? Do you hear music? Do you hear the wind or the ocean? Choose something soothing to hear.

  • Then use your imaginary sense of smell. If you’re inside, what does it smell like? Does it smell fresh? Do you have a fire burning that you can smell? Or, if you’re outside, can you smell the air, the grass, the ocean, or the flowers? Choose to smell something soothing. 

  • Next, notice if you can feel anything with your imaginary sense of touch. What are you sitting or standing on in your scene? Can you feel the wind? Can you feel something you’re touching in the scene? Choose to touch something soothing in your scene. 

  • Last, use your imaginary sense of taste. Are you eating or drinking anything in this scene? Choose something soothing to taste.

  • Take a few more seconds to explore your safe place using all your imaginary senses. Recognize how safe and relaxed you feel here. Remember that you can come back to this place whenever you’re feeling sad, angry, restless, or in pain
  • Look around one last time to remember what it looks like

  • Now keep your eyes closed and return your focus to your breathing

  • Take some slow, long breaths in through your nose and exhale through your mouth

  • Then, when you feel ready, open your eyes

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Where would you want to visit?

Japan for sure! I love that culture and architecture, and I wanna try all the foods for reals! I’d love to see New York too though, just because it’s such a.. place.. you always see in movies and stuff, just to have the sense of scale.

Other than that anywhere with grand nature, somewhere mountainous, somewhere you can see for miles and miles. And I wanna go somewhere really remote and away from anything, just to experience the silence, and to look up at the stars and actually see the arm of the galaxy rather than just a few brighter spots.

Maybe one day.. with a bit of infinite money and time.. :P

SasuSaku Smut Week

Title: Unlike Last Time
Summary: They are finally back to the forest of Death. Years have passed since that terrifying experience, and just like the leaves of those tall trees, both of them have changed and matured from their childish forms.
A/N: This will be my only entry for the SS smut week because of the SS month, so I’ll try to write a long, detailed and smutty fic! I’m not good at writing this, but I’m really excited with this idea! Also, if you just want the smut scene, I’m already warning you that I WILL write an entire background story before. I can’t simply write them doing it for nothing. I hope you enjoy it, and please, leave me a Review!

Note: Sternocleidomastoid is one one the muscles of your neck. Just making it clear because that was something I added because of my love for anatomy XD

Rated M
It has been a long time since they have last visited that haunted place. Years have gone by, seasons have come and gone; and still, nothing seems to have changed.

Lives have ended and started; and yet, stepping into these woods is still as uncomfortable as it used to be when they were younger. The forest of Death is still as frightening as when they first participated in the Chūnin exams, and not even their current ninja status prevents shivers from moving down their spines.

This place is still that same hell-hole forgotten by the gods, and neither of them can understand how the Rakudaime still insisted on using it for the second phase of the examination. Children shouldn’t be left alone in a place like this, and the past has already taught them a good reason why. It’s impossible to prevent what could happen this year, and making sure all the participants get out of there alive cannot be guaranteed at all.

The forest itself is an unpredictable enemy that cannot be forgotten by the participants, and had they taken that in consideration when they first crossed those gates, their first experience on the Chūnin Shiken might have been a little less traumatic than it was.

Had they taken that in consideration years ago, neither of the Uchihas would be apprehensive now, as they infiltrate the deepest parts of that deadly place, following the terrified screams and blood trails in search of the contestants.

The exams have began.

But unlike last time, neither Sasuke nor Sakura are participating. The Uchiha couple, like some of the former rookie 9, is here to simply observe and make sure the forest doesn’t take anymore victims than the ones already taken in the past.

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Oh my god.
It’s really you.
I used to just see your face in the heat of my restless dreams.
Now, your fingers are grazing my inner thigh.
One at a time.
I know your eyes are on the destination but I want you to get lost.
Explore all the parts of my body that have not been visited in awhile.
Love the vacant places,
with your soft touch.
I’m craving it.
that’s what i remember.
Gasping for breath,
and my chest rising up and down.
I feel the heat flush over my face.
Oh, the things you can do.
Your mouth is over mine,
and my silent moan for you,
slides through your teeth.
One hand over my mouth,
and one hand on the destination.
We should adventure more together.
—  You’re the greatest destination

Nayeon: I remember this time I had this massive crush on this girl and we were walking together and I had memorized a bunch of conversation starters in case things got awkward including questions such as ‘what places do you want to visit’ and other similar questions, but suddenly she goes “you know, I really like you, like more than a friend” and I was so shocked I didn’t know how to respond so I shouted “WHAT’S YOUR FAVOURITE ANIMAL”

Sana: What was it

Nayeon: A duck


The Buddhists Vs. The Billionaire

In Russia’s Ural Mountains, a small group of Buddhists led by a veteran of the U.S.S.R.’s Afghanistan war has spent the past 21 years establishing a monastery on an isolated mountaintop. But it sits on land claimed by a company belonging to one of Russia’s most powerful oligarchs. After years of delays, a date has now been set for the complex’s removal. RFE/RL’s Amos Chapple visited the monastery for the inside story.

A 7-kilometer forest trail leads up to the monastery on the summit of Mount Kachkanar, which rises 888 meters above sea level. What started as a wooden shack has grown into a complex featuring a Buddha statue, living quarters and communal kitchen, and sauna. The monastery is named Shad Tchup Ling, meaning “ place of practice and realization.”

Mikhail Sannikov, a soldier turned Buddhist monk, founded the monastery in 1995. The 55-year-old abbot saw heavy action as a commander in the Soviet Army during the 1979-89 occupation of Afghanistan. Sannikov, who now goes by the title Lama Dokshit, says he left the army in 1987 a damaged man after being wounded in separate encounters by “two bullets, a knife, and a piece of shrapnel.” The fighting haunted him for years afterward. “Sometimes it would come up during the ordinary things in life – I’d be watching an action movie and start counting how many bullets [the character] has left. It was hard to sleep at night.”

After leaving the army, Sannikov took menial jobs and hunted for “some kind of purpose.” In 1989 he wound up in Russia’s Buryatia region, where he studied Buddhism for six years. At the time of his studies, Sannikov says, Buddhism was almost exclusively practiced in the east of the country. “I thought it was strange; we have good people in central Russia, too. My teacher said, ‘Well, go there, then.’” Sannikov says that after his teacher drew a silhouette of a mountain, “my task was clear.”

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One Piece Tokyo Tower

I went to One Piece Tokyo Tower on my trip to Tokyo this August, and I don’t ever want to leave that place anymore. One Piece fans should really visit this place. Unlike J-world which includes other Shonen Jump titles like Naruto, Dragon Ball and Gintama, One Piece Tokyo Tower mainly focuses only on One Piece. There’s an exclusive Mugiwara Store in there and also another Sanji restaurant which serves buffet.

When we entered the indoor theme park, we ushered into this 360 degrees cinema where we stand in the center of the room and they play all the epic moments and tear-dropping scenes from the anime. I remembered it showed Shanks saving Luffy, Sanji bowing to Zeff, Nami asking for Luffy’s help, Zoro losing to Mihawk, Usopp as Sogeking firing a shot at the World Govt flag, Robin yelling she wants to continue living, Merry’s viking funeral, Ace’s death and the Straw Hat’s reunion after 2 years. I kinda cried when I watched all these. We were then ushered out and then the staff welcomed us by singing “We Are”. Then we were free to roam around and play the games inside.

We were in One Piece Tokyo Tower!

Rolling down slope with the Kung-Fu Dugongs!

Partying with the Straw Hat crew!

With my favorite Nico Robin <3

Cut it out guys, stop fighting!

Thousand Sunny on the cruise~

Let’s go party, Chopper!

Let’s rock with the Soul King Brooke!


Road to Sogeking! You’ll have to use Kabuto and catapult rubber balls to the target. I am really bad at it. I’ll leave Sogeking’s job back to Usopp ^^;;

With our favorite Heart Pirates! Trafalgar Law and Bepo! *heart eyes*

One of the most epic moment, which lead Luffy to his long journey towards being the Pirate King.

Surrounded by fire with Portgas D. Ace.

Being picked up by Bartholomew Kuma.

Brooke’s haunted house. You have a mission to clear inside. You’ll have to throw a salt ball into the zombie’s mouth. Yep, make sure to aim the mouth.

That’s my friend peeping through a hole, watching Nami shower.

We watched another One Piece live in Tokyo Tower. They hand out some glowing crystal torch which changes colors according to the scene they were playing, and it was really cool! They were fighting against Kizaru and it was epic!

And there’s Law, walking towards the side stage, letting the fangirls swooning over for him XD.

The many sword collections from One Piece.

Law’s nodachi - Kikoku

Tashigi’s katana - Shigure

Mihawk’s gigantic sword - Yoru

Fujitora’s blade

Mihawk’s small blade

Another photo with the Straw Hat crew before I leave this great place.

I definitely recommend all One Piece fans should pay a visit to this awesome place! Well some of the games and rides have a no photography and videography sign in it so I can’t really take pictures. But please, if you have the chance, go to Japan and visit this place. I guarantee it is worth it! :)

And yeah, I have to do this XD

Home Invasion

Part 1

Modern AU where Mor and Feyre are roommates. Mor neglects to tell Feyre that her cousin Rhysand will be crashing at their place for a few days while he visits some friends in town. Rhysand stumbles in slightly buzzed and Feyre thinks he’s a burglar.

Word Count: 1,279


Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5Part 6, Part 7, Part 8.


It was late, really late. A slight groan escapes my lips.


The time flashes across the screen of my phone. God I want finals to be over. I want to be able to get more than four hours of sleep in a night. But most of all I wanted to get out of these goddamn jeans.

I forgot I was wearing them, hours upon hours of studying will do that to you. I rise from the chair at my desk, pausing to stretch out my stiff limbs and rub my eyes. I had been staring at my laptop typing for almost 4 hours now.

I head for my closet pulling out the most comfortable pair of leggings I could find. Then in one swift motion I unclasp my bra and pull it off. I strip off my blouse and exchange it for a worn The 1975 tee shirt that was two sizes too big. It was one of my most favorite shirts to wear around the apartment.

I slip on a pair of mismatched fuzzy socks and then drag myself into the kitchen. I still had to finish my paper and start drafting my final project for my honors art class.

I scrub at my face, wanting nothing more than sleep as I throw a pot of water on the stove for tea.

It was ungodly late, I was normally curled under my blankets by now. Unlike Mor, who was probably at Rita’s dancing her heart out. I envied her in every way that another student would envy a dance major. They didn’t really have finals, which was completely unfair.

I head back into my room to grab my phone.

When will you be home? I text Mor.

She texts back almost instantly. Soon, but Az and I are probably gonna go get some coffee. Poor guy drank too much and I am not leaving my bf with a hangover the day before finals.

I sigh inwardly. Of course she was with Azriel. He was practically stealing her from me at this point. I never see her anymore which was kind of upsetting since we lived—

My head snaps up as I hear the front door open. No way was Mor home yet. She would have told me if she was just outside.

I hear the person who just walked into our dark apartment probably stumble across the rug we laid by the door. The grunt was followed by a very masculine “Shit.”

Shit was right. Who the hell was that? And why was he in our apartment? I creep out of my room with caution. 

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No Pictures (G Dragon x Reader)

P.S This was requested by an anon. This came out soooooo long, but I love it and I hope you do. Enjoy!


Jiyong always wanted to have a family, settle down and have kids with a good woman. It was like his dream, he had all those blessings but he didn’t really feel complete without that. He felt like something was missing.

He met you while he was staying at a hotel in USA. He was there for a concert, you were there because you were visiting your family, but your sisters were staying over at the house with their husbands and kids, you were used to being alone and having your own place and privacy so you stayed at a hotel. He saw you at the hotel’s gym, it was past midnight and he liked to go when it was empty, like you. You were a night owl and the different time zones were kicking your butt. When he walked in you were sitting down, wiping your face with a towel, when you stopped he finally could look at your face, you looked beautiful to him. You had those big almond shaped eyes, the big eyebrows and cheeks but you weren’t completely round, you had faded cheekbones, your big nose and those puffy lips. You were unsually beautiful, you weren’t the cutie with the button nose, you were stronger, he could tell by the way you looked at him, you were full of stregnth.

You knew who he was. You lived in Korea for a long time, everyone knew him and his band.You tried to ignore him and focus on your work out but his eyes never really left you, he took in every bit of information. How you put more pressure to your left leg that the right, porbably cause of an injury, how you whispered the number you were at a set when it started to get difficult.


He saw you again. You were walking out of your room, it was at the same haul with his, you smiled at him, a kind and wonderfull smile.


“Anyohaseyo (hello)”

You said back. he looked at you like an alien, it made you let out a giggle. A lot of people were very suprised that you spoke korean,  you grew up in an area that had a lot of asian immigrants, so since you were a toddler you hanged out with people of all ethnicities. You didn’t mind though, it gave you an open mind and free acess to delicious food.

“You speak korean?”

“I live in korea”

You replied. That brought a bigger smile on his face, if you lived in Korea that meant it was easier to come closer to you.


“Yes, I’m a kindergarden teacher”

That was even better. it showed to him how much you loved kids, which was true you always liked playing with kids, they were so innocent and pure.

“That’s amazing. So why are you here?”

“Family reunion, let me guess, you are here for a concert”

You said. he nodded as he let you walk in first at the elevator.

“Are you coming?”

“No, got better things to do”

You teased. He liked that, you were feisty he preffered women that had a bit of an attitude, it showed that they could stand up for themselfs

“Well then I guess I have to find another way to see you again”

During your dating they were a lot of things you both had to get over, plenty of times you tried to break up and take seperate ways, but you always ended up together,you were like magnets, no matter how far you went you would end up together.

Your relationship went through a lot. Having to hide it from the public, then a scandal came out that exposed you, which meant you basically had no privacy, the hate, the media talking trash. Jiyong didn’t know how you managed through it, you stood there stronger than ever, with your head held high and the fire in your eyes. He knew that there was no other woman like you, no one was as strong, as loving, as caring, as patient as you. That’s why one random night, when you layed next to him, he opened the drawer and took out a small box, he opened it and brought it in front of you, an amazing ring in it, that made your jaw drop to the ground and your eyes go wide.

“(Y/F/N) you are the woman of my dreams, no matter what we went through you turned the other cheek and stood tall, dancing your way through the fire. Will you marry me?”

You couldn’t speak, you just hugged him and kissed his lips, as the tears welled up in your eyes, it was the first time he ever saw you cry. He slowly placed the ring on your finger, admiring it.

“I love you”


The wedding was extravegant. Jiyong wanted this to be the most amzing wedding anyone ever saw, something that would shut the media, no one could say anything, it was perfect. Your beautiful mermaid dress, with a long veil that your two nieces held as you walked down the aisle. You got married in America, since you wanted it to be next to the beach, the sun was setting as you walked down the aisle, with a big smile and your dad by your side. Everyone you loved was there, supporting you and smilling to you, Jiyong teared up just by looking at you. No one could deny that you were the perfect couple, they could feel how much you loved eachother.

Your little boy quickly after. Jiyong wanted to have a kid as soon as possible, when you told him the knew he was happier than ever. He was with you through everything, he helped you at every single thing. He still could remember the feeling when he got the little boy in his arms, while you layed on the hospital bed asleep. The little man had his eyes closed, his tiny hands into fists, he was so tiny and innocent, he was the result of your love, a perfect combination of you and him. He let the tears run down as he promised to never let someone hurt him or you

Of course one kid wasn’t enough. When chanwoo turned one, you and Jiyong started trying for another one. A little girl this time came to your life, she was mesmerizing, Jiyong wanted to protect her through everything, from an injury to a heartbreak. Chanwoo fell in love with his little sister, even when she started crying at night, he was the first one to go to her room and slowly rock her bed, trying to calm her down, he wouldn’t go to bed until she went back to sleep. Little Areum had everyone protecting her

But of course the media weren’t as understanding. You tried to avoid public appearances with the kids, they were too small and innocent. You were very protective over them, no one could hurt them, you wouldn’t care who they were or what could they do, you would do anything for your kids.

The couldn’t stay in the house all the time. Jiyong had just come back from a tour and wanted to treat you all, Chanwoo loved to go to the park, and Jiyong wanted to take you out for some fresh air, you loved your kids but you were tired, he knew he had to do something to relax you.

At first no one paid attention to you. Chan woo runned around happily with Jiyong, while you played with 8 month old Areum who just started crawling. You started noticing a few paps, you quickly got up with Areum in your arms, going to Jiyong

“Baby, paps are here”

He turned and saw them. He huffed and looked back at you, he wasn’t going to let them win

“They will take a few pictures and then leave, we are not ruining our day because of them”

He reassured you, giving you a small peck on the lips, before your son looked at you and said ‘ew’ making you laugh. You decided to make the kids eat, Areum had just stopped breastfeeding, Jiyong fed her with her bottle, while you helped little Chanwoo eat.

The paps were getting more and more, they were starting to get closer and screaming. You started getting anxious, you didn’t want them to get near your children.

“Jiyong let’s just go”

You said. You weren’t taking no for an answer, when they saw you packing up they started yelling and getting even closer. Jiyong held little Areum in his arms, while you held Chanwoo’s arm

“(Y/N) did you lost the baby weight?”

“Are you having more kids?”

“Show us their faces”

The voices were demanding. Areum got scared and staryed crying, you were getting mad, as jiyong bounced her and gave her kisses trying to calm her down. Not only you got mad, but also Chanwoo was furious, a pap that got too close was met with an angry toddler, that pushed him back with all his power

“Leave, no pictures! my sister’s sad!”

He yelled. He was adorable, you got him up in your arms, trying to get to the car, but he just kept talking

“Bad people, I hate you! my sister is scared. I said no pictures”

You kissed your son’s head. When Areum was born you were scared he would get jealous, but no he was the happiest kid alive. He loved his little sister and protected her. He even made Jiyong look all over the room to make sure no monsters were there to scare her.

“Stop it!”

He said, while you got in the car. He went close to his sister who was slowly calming down and slowly pet her head, smilling at her

“It’s okay, don’t cry. We love you”

He said to her. You looked at them, feeling your eyes burn, seeing your little man loving his sister so much was so adorable and so rewarding, you did something right.

“No crying, they are gone”

he said and kissed her cheek. The little girl stopped crying and smiled at her older brother, you hugged your son and gave him a kiss

“You are such a good boy”

“They are bad people”

He said, reffering to the paps. You and Jiyong giggled at his adorable pout

“They are, but they won’t hurt you”

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Don’t Let Her Go

Summary: Spencer has been running out of the office for a couple of weeks and it’s starting to worry the team. They make a plan to go visit him at his apartment after dinner. They find you, is that good or bad?

A/N: I might make this into a series. There is definitely a part two coming. Show some love if you want me to continue with this. :)

Pairings: Spencer Reid x Reader

Warnings: mentions of emotional breakdown, a little bit of angst (kinda, not really, though). Fluff (that’s kind of a given with my writing)

Any particular imagines, or requests? Send them my way!! Ask Me!!

Part 2

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“There’s a new Italian place that opened around the corner. I’ll pay who’s in?” Rossi offered as the BAU team packed up to head home after finishing up paperwork from the 2- week long case.

“Shoot if you’re bringing us to an Italian place then it must be the best,” Morgan chuckled as he joined the rest of the team.

“Spence, aren’t you coming?” JJ addressed the resident genius when he hangs back.

“Um… I’m sorry guys I, uh, need to sleep. I’m just going to head home,” Spencer stutters while he gathered his things and headed out, leaving his friends in confusion.

Morgan was the first speak, “Is it just me or has Reid been running out of here as fast as he possibly could for the past few weeks?”

“Yeah, you’re right,” Garcia chirped “Oooh, do you think that he’s seeing someone?”

“Definitely a possibility. What if he has those headaches?” JJ pointed out, and the girls start to worry.

Seeing the fear spread over their face Hotch speaks up, “How about after dinner we’ll go over to his apartment and make him talk.” Agreeing to this the team heads to dinner, meanwhile, Spencer reached his apartment. Shuffling through his bag to find his keys he hears a loud crash followed by a high pitched scream. Finding his keys quickly Spencer opens the door to a much-unexpected scene. His mother was sitting on the couch rocking back and forth while you were kneeling next to her, shirt drenched in what looked like hot tea, trying to calm her down.

“Dr. Reid can you please come here?” you called out to him calmly. As Spencer approaches you grabbed his hand and placed it on top of his mother’s. “Dr. Reid, hold on to Mrs. Reid and just tell her to calm down while I go get her medication.” Spencer nods to show that he understood your instructions and grips his mom tighter cooing in her ear to calm down. Within seconds you come out holding a syringe, “Mrs. Reid, I’m going to give you something to calm you down okay,” you assure her as you place the syringe into her arm.

“Call me… Call me…” Diana whispers as she falls asleep. Reid picked up his mom and took her to her room as you tend to the broken glass that was sprayed on the ground.

“Hey let me clean that up you should get changed,” Spencer offers as he walks back into the living room

“That’s okay Dr. Reid I’ll clean this up. All my clothes are in the wash anyways,” you babbled grabbing the rest of the glass and getting up to throw it away. When you turn to go back to the living room after throwing the shards away you bump into Reid, who was shirtless.

“Um… Dr. Reid?” you ask confused at the situation. A blushing Reid hands you the shirt he was wearing earlier and replies with, “You can wear this while your clothes dry.”

“You are too sweet to me Dr. Reid!” you laugh as you mentally memorize his bare body, though he looked lean and scrawny underneath the genius was impressively muscular. Ever since you started working with his mother you’ve been harboring the biggest crush on the doctor but have been keeping it to yourself since he was the son of your most favorite patient. At first, it was easy to ignore your feelings for him since he only came to visit his mother every month or so, but now you were living with the man your feelings grew stronger and stronger.

“It’s the least I could do for all the sacrifices that you have made so far for my mother. And please call me Spencer,” Reid responds.

“Well, Spencer, I’m going to change can you stay with Mrs. Reid in case she wakes up,” it was more of a statement than a question, but noticing him going to his mother’s room without a shirt you call out for him. “You might want to put on a shirt first. Imagine what your mother will think when she wakes up to her son shirtless and her doctor wearing his button up?”

Spencer turns a deep crimson shade and mumbles about you being right. You go into the room that he had set up for you and changed into his shirt, taking your time to inhale the familiar scent of the doctor. Sure you felt like a creep, but you couldn’t help yourself since you couldn’t act on your feelings might as well take what you get.

“(Y/N)!” Spencer bellowed for you, the urgency in his voice pulls you out of your trance and you run towards Mrs. Reid’s room.

“What’s wrong?” you breathe as you assess the situation, nothing seemed out of the ordinary.

“Nothing’s wrong, I just called you a couple of times before you actually heard me. Mom wants to talk to you,” he replies, and it was your turn to turn deep red, you must have been so engrossed in your daydreams of the good doctor that you didn’t hear him calling out for you.

Taking a seat on the mattress next to your patient, you smile at her and question, “What can I do for you, Mrs. Reid?”

She simply states, “Call me Mom”. You raise your eyebrows taken aback by her request, you’ve had patients that wanted you to call them by the first name but never were you requested to refer to any them as ‘mom’.

“Will that make you happy?” you reply trying to come to an effective decision. She nods and smiles, “Yes, I’ve always wanted a daughter and you love me just as much, if not more than my son loves me.”

Blushing at the statement you declare, “Well then. Mom it is.” Diana smiles from ear to ear as you refer to her as ‘mom’, you turn around to see Spencer’s reaction and internally do a happy dance as he was sporting a smile that matched his mom.

“I’m going to make you that tea that spilled,” you announce get up and head to the kitchen.

After setting the water to boil you realized you hadn’t asked Spencer if he wanted some tea, turning to leave the kitchen you bumped into the genius once again. “I have got to stop doing that,” you chuckle “I was coming to ask you if you wanted some tea as well.”

While fumbling to find your words you didn’t notice how close you were to Reid. His arms were wrapped around your waist in an attempt to save you from falling back, and his lips were centimeters away from yours. You could feel his hot breath on you and he was lost in your eyes, just as much as you were lost in his. Without another word you both lean in and just as your lips were about to touch the kettle lets out a whistle at the same time as the doorbell rang.

“I should go get that,” you mumble trying to back away from him but at the same time not wanting to let go.

“Yeah you should,” he agreed slyly “but first” and with that he connects his lips to yours. Though the kiss only lasts for a couple of seconds it was everything you dreamed of and more. His lips felt soft against yours and you got a slight hint of sugar and a definite taste of coffee. Spencer kissed you with not only passion but also desperation, after letting go he rests his forehead against yours. “I hope that was okay, you have no idea how long I’ve been wanting to do that. I like you a lot. I just couldn’t hold it in any longer,” he admits.

You smile at his confession, “That was way more than okay Spence, and I’ve been dreaming of doing that for longer than you might think,” you beamed. The smile on your face was mirrored on his, he opened his mouth to say something else but the door bell and the kettle went off once again.

“I’m going to get that. Could you fix up the tea?” you asks, he nods and let’s go of you.

As you were about to walk away he grabs you by the elbow pulling him back to you once more earning a soft gasp to escape your lips. “Before I chicken out, will you please go on a date with me?” You smile and peck his lips as an answer.

It’s as you walk to the door you realize how fast your heart was beating and how happy you were. Thoughts full of the doctor, his lips, and the date you open the door slightly out of breath. “Hi, can you help you?” you ask politely after to six strangers standing in front of you, all of whom had the same surprised expression.


Sophia Bush photographed on her collaboration visit to Uganda for three ethical fashion brands employing and supporting local women.

“It’s a really incredible thing to go that far away from the place that you call home and feel so at home. What strikes me whenever I travel somewhere so distant is that, really, we’re all just the same. Everyone is the same, and we want the same things, we dream in the same ways, we want the same things for our families and our children. It’s such a beautiful thing to be in a place with people that you might otherwise never encounter and realize that you’re all into exactly the same thing, you all like the look of the same sort of creation, and you laugh at all the same jokes. It’s just a really special thing to be reminded that we’re all just one great big collective.”

Okay but like, just consider:

-Jess opens up a publishing house in Stars Hollow for the Aesthetic
-And the town still basically hates him but
-Rory visits every time she comes back to town
-And they’re just friends
-They swear
-Only somehow they end up being really great friends?
-And they never really go for it again because they have a good thing going
-Jess doesn’t hold back when he thinks she’s going off the rails
-But he’s still her biggest goddamn cheerleader in the whole world
-Like, maybe Lorelai beats him out on the title?
-But he’s behind the scenes making sure she knows she can do whatever the fuck she wants
-And Luke cannot understand why in the world Jess would make a home in Stars Hollow
-And Jess never really tells him exactly why
-But it’s mostly because he wants to be close to Luke
-Rory being around is just the icing on the cake
-“Luke, do you understand how well this place suits me? I get to be the weird loner guy-” “Wait, no, we already have one of those, I think he trademarked it.” “-and people leave me alone, and this place is a MADE UP PLACE no one believes me when I talk about it-.” “You voluntarily talk to people?” “Luke I sell things for a living. The point is Stars Hollow is so ridiculous people want to buy books from me like this is Greenwich Village in the fifties.” “I don’t understand that reference.”
-And like, Jess and Lorelai come to a truce. And they’re not great friends or anything, but sometimes when Luke drags him to town meetings he and Lorelai sit on either side of Luke and talk under their breath the whole time and a few times they make each other laugh
-Luke pretends not to be overjoyed
-Jess having a family
-Jess being moderately happy in Stars Hollow
-Jess having a group of friends who wander into Stars Hollow every so often to talk and write and be weird and artsy together and mystified by this town
-And Jess and Rory having drinks and talking about their lives and just supporting the shit out of each other

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litnerdhood  asked:

OK THO what about after the whole reunion with bruce, jason leaves gotham and kinds of regret not visiting alfred (would heeven want to see him??) SO JUST PLS JASON SENDING POSTCARDS TO ALFRED FROM THE PLACES HE VISITS AND first he doesn't really write anything on it?? maybe even asks someone else to write it for him so alfred wouldn't recognize his writing ANYWAY JUST jason leaving small messages like im sorry, im okay, i ate a horrible dish AND THEN MONTHS LATER REUNION

*deep breath* llllllliiitttttttttttt holy jebus


Jason and Bruce hadn’t had the best of meetings

and so Jason thought that obviously bruce would tell Alfred how ‘bad’ Jason had become (would he even tell Alfred he was back at all??)

so he leaves gotham, and every now and then he comes across a postcard he thinks Alfred would like, and anonymously sends them

no one has any idea who they come from

after he hooks up with kori and roy he continues the tradition, having one or both of them write little messages, its still unclear

then one day Jason is in Italy on a hired mission with the outlaws, and he has some spaghetti but it tastes horrible, he’s too used to alfreds

so he looks at a postcard he has in his collection

roy and kori are out shopping but he just has to, so he rants about the dish

the entire rant takes four and a half postcards

and when he sends them he includes enough money to cover all the swears

that’s when Alfred figures it out

it takes a few months, but soon the outlaws are in gotham, and jay sends a little postcard with a simple “hey Alfie” and a code word, meaning he was at a certain apartment in crime alley that he used to run away to 9more for a later headcannon if anyone wants lol)

so he packs up a casserole dish he made, thinks a simple “i can make another dinner” and heads off to feed the outlaws