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“In the United States, and in every place I have visited these last eight years, I have met citizens, especially young people, who have chosen hope over fear, who believe that they can shape their own destiny, who refuse to accept the world as it is and are determined to remake it as it should be. They have inspired me. In every corner of the world, I have met people who, in their daily lives, demonstrate that despite differences of race or religion or creed or color, we have the capacity to see each other in ourselves.” —President Obama during his final trip abroad to Greece, Germany, and Peru. See the whole trip in photos:


*  heh, we actually met on a quite snowy day, we were both probably something around 18 in human years 

* ((… yes… I had though finally running away from home was a smart thing to do without backup plans…  and because I left so quickly I also forgot driverman was a thing… so the smart kid I was I walked all the way to Snowdin…))

* he was so burned out when I spotted him just sitting in the snow crying, of course I had to held out a helping hand

* (( …I was glad Sans let me stay at his house for the night… the next day he showed me the town and helped me to find a place to stay… ))

* I remember how excited Pap was to have a visit, he almost didn’t go to sleep because he was so worried about Grillbz’s well being and wanted to make sure he was as comfortable as possible

I can remember the books I steathily read during class with unusual clarity. I can still recall the places I slipped out of lectures to go visit. I have a strong attachment to the games I played as a breather between studying for tests. Occasionally, a bothersome focus will supply a charming digression. Perhaps I currently lack a “bothersome focus.”
—  Fafoo
Jack Maynard Imagine // Room Mate

I run down the stairs from the apartment -  and person -  I never want to see again. I can’t believe I didn’t leave him the first time he did it. I guess I was afraid of being alone, but things have changed. I’m more afraid of living with him than being alone now. Even if it means I have nowhere to live.

I hail a taxi, and go to the first place I can think of, which, incidentally, happens to be the home of my best friend Josh. He moved to a new place last month, so I have only visited once or twice, as we have both been busy with work. He has requested for me to collab with him many times, but my job doesn’t allow time for things like that. I haven’t even met his roommates, despite the fact that he has lived with them since January. I know exactly who they are, though. Apparently they want to meet me too.

I knock on Josh’s door, and hear shouting coming from the other side of the door, about how someone is too lazy to get up. My eyes are streaming when it opens to reveal man with dyed blonde hair and a nose stud. Shock is plastered across his handsome face.

~~~~~Jack’s P.O.V~~~~~

I open the door to find the most beautiful girl I have ever seen crying her eyes out.

She looks up at me warily, and I realise I’m staring. She probably takes it the wrong way. I haven’t even asked her if she’s ok, but before I get a chance, she speaks.

“Is Josh here?”

“Uh… yeah.”

I call for Josh without taking my eyes off the angel in front of me. He appears behind me, and as soon as she sees him, she launches herself into his arms, and they stand there hugging. She cries into his shoulder, soaking his hoodie, whilst I stand to the side awkwardly. Thank God Conor is still in front of the TV, and not here to make it any more awkward for her.

“Was it him?” Josh asks, drawing away.

She just nods. It’s then that I realise I recognise her. I’ve seen her from a distance around Josh. She must be the famous Y/n. Josh doesn’t stop talking about her, although never in a romantic way. Nonetheless, I’m jealous of their close relationship.

Josh has told me about her boyfriend before, and by the sounds of things, this is who they are talking about now. He’s not good news.

~~~~~Time Skip~~~~~

Y/n, Josh, Conor and I are sitting on the sofa in the living room, discussing what to do about Y/n’s situation. We have come to the conclusion that she is going to stay with us until she finds another place to stay.

“All my stuff’s at our flat… his flat.”

“Oh, no. I have a meeting tomorrow, all day. Are you boys free tomorrow?” Josh asks.

“I am,” I say a bit too enthusiastically, “I can take you to get your things.”

~~~~~Y/n’s P.O.V~~~~~

I look up into his eyes, offering him a small, grateful smile. Wow, he’s gorgeous. Is there such thing as Love at First Sight? Being with him has almost taken my mind off him. I’m not even sad about leaving him. I’m angry.

I guess I must have yawned a few times, as Josh tells me I need to sleep.

“Both Josh’s and Conor’s sheets have only just been put in the washing machine, and won’t be ready for ages, so you can take my bed, and I’ll take the sofa,” Jack suggests.

I try to argue, telling him I’ll sleep on the sofa, but he insists. He leads me towards his bedroom, and hands me a pair of sweatpants and long shirt. We stand there talking for what feels like minutes, but I check my phone and notice an hour has passed since his showed me to the room. Conor pokes his head round the door, and pulls a strange face.

“I thought you were going to sleep.” He winks as Jack says goodnight.

~~~~~Time Skip~~~~~

I have been tossing and turning for hours,  and I feel like I need to walk around. I find myself walking towards the living room and out onto the balcony. I almost scream, when a hand find my shoulder.

“Cant sleep?” Jack asks.

I shake my head.

“I couldn’t either, knowing that you were there next door, all alone,” he pauses, as I blush, “Is there such thing as love at first sight?”

“That’s exactly what I asked myself earlier.” I smile, sheepishly.

He closes the gap between us, and I relax into his arms, happier than I have ever been.


“I will comfort you when you’re sad. When you’re insecure, I will tell you the reasons why you shouldn’t be. I will tell you how you put the stars in the sky for me, I will ensure youthat I want nobody else. I will tell you how you fulfill my life with joy every moment we spend together, I will take you to places you have always wanted visit. I will make mistakes, but I will always make it up again. But most of all, I will love you, I will love you, I will love you.”

It's really fucks me off to think that

When I come home from travelling I’ll have to get a visa to travel Europe. I’ll no longer be able to visit the places I love freely, I’ll have to get permission, all because of a group of xenophobic assholes in another country. That’s all they are, they’re xenophobes.

I know so many European people who are packing their stuff up to move back home because they’ve had death threats from their neighbours.

I really do hope Scotland and the north of Ireland manage to get their independence from the rest of the U.K. We deserve it.

anonymous asked:

I'm going to be in Melbourne for a day and have time to visit one food place should I go to matcha mylk bar, vegie bar or smith and deli?!

I CANT MAKE THIS DECISION!! I’m trying to decide where to eat on Sunday for my birthday and that is causing me enough stress haha

Smith and Deli is obviously a Deli so that’s more of a takeaway spot, and you could easily go there after Vegie Bar for a BLT or some Ben & Jerry’s as they’re on the same street.

Matcha Mylkbar is super new and more ~trendy~ and they have a bunch of cool super food items and vegan eggs etc, whereas Vegie Bar is just authentic veggie meals and they’ve been around for like 30 years or something.

I really really enjoyed what I had when I was last at Yong Green Food too which is probably my favourite dinner spot, but I can’t remember what it was haha
@emilyhuntt @emma-mayes @bonnyrebecca do you guys remember what we got alongside the epic dumplings?


Christina is from Athens, Greece. I continue my journey in this wonderful country and I still cannot believe that I have the privilege to visit so many diverse places of the world with The Atlas of Beauty. I don’t know what I did to deserve all that, while so many people are not even allowed to cross a border, because of their nationality. Maybe the world gave me this great chance for a reason and I hope this project will convince more people that the diversity of our planet is our biggest treasure, not a premise for conflicts.

I have this fully elaborate list of places I plan to visit and if not all, then most. Then. At the very bottom. In small lettering it says “hang out with Taylor”

Headcanon stuff inc.

//Eyyy! Sorry for disappearing for a bit. Been busy with some commission work and some stuff for this blog’s hc. So, I mentioned a while ago I was going to start working on worldbuilding, but with a twist (cause Im a hipster). It’s more of an IC worldbuilding, where I build Ionia through this hobo’s eyes. I think that’s a good way to make it happen, since he is a wanderer and he visits alot of places. I have talked to @themasterofwuju yesterday also about this, since I refer to him as a great Ionian worldbuilder so, we will discuss headcanons and brainstorm together hopefully about these things.

Today I have been working on a very important one and it concerns Yasuo’s past - the place he used to call home before it all went down south.

Ultimately I came up with a silly sketch and a speedpaint. For now things are just scattered everywhere and I’m brainstorming a lot. I headcanon he doesn’t come from a rich family. Not an extremelly poor either.

In lore, it’s said the wind technique school is renowned, so I believe the place it is located at is somewhat influential. There isn’t a lot explained about its whereabouts, but if Riven truly attacked it and headed to Shon Xan after, then it shouldn’t be too far away. Which means it should be located around the southern provinces. i understand Ionia is no longer tha place it used to be and there was an expansion but these places are still reference, I would believe. I can’t say without further notice.

That said, the sketches as they are as of now.

The first one didn’t come out exactly like I wanted. It has a bit of a modern feel to it and its most likely going to get discarded.

The second one is probably what I am going to be aiming at. It looks more rural and less fancy. Naturally, it has a better mood because its a painting but even if not, I think it captures more precisely what I want for this hobo. I think if alterations are to be made, this will look a bit less humble - ultimately I think I will come up with something inbetween both sketches.

Either way - I’m giving you guys a sneak peek on the process because I haven’t posted in a few days. Know I am working on stuff and that hopefully I’ll deliver it to you guys soon-ish :^). Also commissions still open. Shameless reminder that I still have 2 unused slots.

Thanks a lot for the patience and I hope you guys will like what I can come up with!

Super cool news!!!

Oh my gosh guys, so I just got a date, that I’m going to Japan in 6 weeks!!!! And not like for a holiday, I’m going to be working at a university there for 6 months!!! AHHHH!!!

So this is where you guys come in. I want to know, do you want me to post pics at all while I’m over there? Should I document me trip? Also, for my visa I have to name 3 places I want to go visit. Are there any really geeky places u guys wanna recommend? 

Aside from that I am currently catching up on my 3 days away from tumblr (again) lol