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which wow expansion had your favorite music in general??

Uuuuuuugh that’s hard. Wrath through WoD all had some amazing work. For diversity of sound Cata, for composition MoP, for best individual songs WoD, and for best overall… probably Wrath. 

O Thanagor is my favorite recurring leitmotif and I have a lot of love for WoW’s human themes which helps my bias a LOT. The Grizzly Hills and Vrykul themes, the introduction of the choral Titan/Ulduar theme, every damn song that came with the Tournament, Storm Peaks, ICC’s reuse of Ominous Latin 12-Year-Olds. My nostalgia for the expansion in general plays a role. I’d played since late vanilla, but I didn’t start RPing until Wrath and my best memories of the game are associated with it. 

Which I guess is a lot of words to say “Invincible still makes me cry”

WoD is probably a close second. Not as fond of the expansion, but the music team showed the fuck up to work for it.


I am heartbroken. I have no words. I myself, was in Manchester on Friday last week seeing my favourite band live. I remember thinking at the time that for the first time in months, I finally felt free of anxiety. I finally felt safe, in a place where people understood me and my interests and even shared them. Yet that could be me dead. Had the soulless monsters decided to target the metal band I was seeing live instead of Ariana Grande, I might not be here to write this.

All those children have their lives taken from them before they could even begin. Just because they wanted to celebrate the music they loved. Those parents will be consumed with guilt over something that isn’t their fault for the rest of their life. Other parents will now be hesitant about letting their children experience the joy of seeing a musician live.

Music is an escape and a safe place for so many people and I have been crying this morning thinking that the safety and peace music once gave me and millions of others is under threat. 

I’d ask those in the community to please keep Manchester in your thoughts today and light a candle if you so wish to.

The Clave is hidebound,” said Diego. “That is true.”
“I dislike the word ‘hidebound,’” said Zara. “What they are is traditional. They seek to restore the separations between Downworlders and Shadowhunters that have always been in place. Mixing creates confusion.”
“I mean, look at what’s happened with Alec Lightwood and Magnus Bane,” said Samantha,
waving her fork. “Everyone knows that Magnus uses his influence with the Lightwoods to get the Inquisitor to let Downworlders off the hook. Even for things like murder.”
“Magnus would never do that,” Emma said. She’d stopped eating, though she’d been starving when they’d sat down.
“And the Inquisitor doesn’t try Downworlders—only Shadowhunters,” said Julian. “Robert Lightwood couldn’t ‘let Downworlders off the hook’ if he wanted to.”
“Whatever,” said Jessica Beausejours, a Centurion with a faint French accent and rings on all her fingers. “The Downworlder-Shadowhunter Alliance will be shut down soon enough.”
“No one’s shutting it down,” said Cristina. Her mouth was a tight line. “That’s a rumor.”
“Speaking of rumors,” said Samantha, “I heard Bane tricked Alec Lightwood into falling in love with him using a spell.” Her eyes glittered, as if she couldn’t decide if she found the idea appealing
or disgusting.
“That’s not true,” said Emma, her heart beating fast. “That is a lie.”
Manuel raised an eyebrow at her. Dane laughed. “I wonder what will happen when it wears off, in that case,” he said. “Bad news for Downworlders if the Inquisitor’s not so friendly.
—  LoS 

It always happens this way. Every new person enters and I search for their return ticket. I too keep my love packed. In a baggage I haven’t opened in a while. And people tell me I am introvert. And I believe it. Coz I don’t stay around. I have been wandering, inside out.

There are places in my mind I haven’t seen and there are few I have been visiting for a while. There was this room for people I care dearly for, the ones I am fond of and I heard echoes of their laughter mixed with the pictures of goodbye hanging on the wall.

I found a new room today in my heart. The one I had been searching since ages. I assumed I would have given it to someone already but turns out, it was meant to be mine, solely owned, pristine clean, only for me to visit. A place where I didn’t shake myself up to make space for others, there wasn’t even a space to place the memories of life lived and love lost.

And yes, may be I have been distant because no one asked me to stay close. May be I leave too soon because no one forced me to stay. And may be I have been falling in love with the ugly bits of mine because they need the love and I am tired of waiting for someone to love it.

So I decided to fall in love with myself. I opened this baggage of love and applied it on my heart, the one I have been struggling to join back. I decided to decorate the empty spaces with the hope of something better. I decided I am going to love this broken self with all my might, like I always dreamt to be loved.

And may be this is how healing happens. You forgive the ones who decide to leave and I have named rooms here with their names. May be the journey with them was meant to be that long and I am not the kind to demand more. So I guess it’s time to write a new poem about how life happens.

((A note from Mun.))

((I apologise for how irrational and erratic I’ve been as of late. I’ve not been in a good place lately, and that is no excuse for how I have been. All I can do is apologise for how I have been and I understand if I’ve been a bit too much for people. I wish I knew why I’ve been in such a way, but I think that everything that’s happened and coupled with the aftermath of how shit went down last year has finally taken it’s toll. And I am very sorry that I’ve been rather neglectful of my muse here. I will try and get back up to speed.. For those that have been there and you know who you are, thank you. Now let’s get back to speed ♡ - Mun x))

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wizarding placeseeylops owl emporium & magical menagerie. eeylops owl emporium was described as being relatively small, and dark inside, probably because owls are nocturnal creatures. on the outside of the shop, many different colors and species of owls hung in cages, watching all of the passersby. meanwhile, the magical menagerie is a very cramped and noisy shop with every inch of wall covered by cages. it sells all kinds of animals - poisonous orange snails, a giant jewel-encrusted tortoise, sleek black rats that are very intelligent, owls, ravens, cats of every colour, puffskeins, a transforming rabbit and much more.

finally lookin at the episode order for ladybug on netflix like

jackady is episode 10…origins eps are like…3 eps from the end 

There are no pens in your toolbox—not because you don’t need them, but because you don’t need to actively obtain them. In a world where every commodity is carefully tracked and distributed, pens are the exception, floating freely in unoccupied space. You may have a pen with you right now, but if you don’t, you could certainly find one in a couple of minutes, and no one would mind if you took it.

No other product is like this: You don’t drive your car, drop it off somewhere, and grab the next one you see lying around. Pens are rarely used start to finish by the same person. When was the last time you bought a pen, used it for a long time, and saw it through to the end of its ink supply? Or bought an actual replacement ballpoint cartridge? Never.

Look at the pen nearest you right now. Do you even know where it came from? Is it imprinted with the logo of a company you’ve never heard of?

We spend our lives drifting through an ephemeral sea of pens, using them and letting them go, like spent I overs—finding, lending, misplacing, replacing, discovering, dismantling, piling the components on our desks and playing with that little spring. If there is any evidence for creationism, it can be found in pens: They exist all around us, but no one knows from whence they came. We know only that they are good, they are here to serve us, and some people can spin them around their thumb.

-Surviving Your Stupid, Stupid Decision to Go To Grad School, Adam Ruben

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