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anyone else kinda terrified you’ll never be able to hold a job in the future because of your mental illness


I’ll meet you in our secret place
Where no one else can share you

Headcanon that Bucky cleans in order to vent anxiety

He’s been neat and fastidious his entire life – it’s always been a part of his personality. Clutter has always made him kind of anxious/frustrated.

But after breaking his Hydra programming he sometimes gets so anxious that he has compulsions to scour his entire living space.

It often comes to a head when he’s had a long depressive episode and let his regular upkeep slip and everything is just loose and vaguely covered in dust and grime from every day life. (Not necessary dirty – just not clean.) Often there’s just too much going on inside Bucky’s skull and he can’t make it quiet or neat or logical so maybe he can make it marginally better by quieting and ordering and sterilizing his surroundings.

Sometimes Steve will come home and entire place will be so saturated with bleach that his eyes burn. There are absolutely no knick knacks or personal items out anywhere – all the surfaces are totally bare. Buck has either stowed everything away somewhere or, on a few particularly rough occasions, thrown away/destroyed all ephemera with extreme prejudice.


Hey there everyone~

I’m in a weird situation and I’m looking for a new place to live, and I could use some help!

What I’m looking for:

  • NOT BAY AREA CALIFORNIA - This place is a rent nightmare.
  • (Edit: doesn’t have to be california, either, anywhere in the US is fine)
  • Cool with one cat.
  • Ideally 500$/mo or less rent??? Obviously a bit flexible.

Thats it, thats really all i care about, mostly.

If you know of a place or are looking for a roommate, please let me know! If you could reblog this to help get word around, I’d love you forever. 💛

Edit2: This does not have to be immediate, the latest is November, but if there’s something earlier, I’d like to weigh options!

Tom Cruise in Legend will always make me smile. Too many childhood memories and stories.


My friend @ginzloveslife has been drawing pictures of her AC villagers so I drew a couple of mine! Frida Kahlo and teapot elephant are two of my favorites :)

Palpatine in PT

I was casually flipping through PT screencaps when I noticed this subtle/not so sublte thing with Sheev and Valorum When Queen Amidala and her ship finally arrive on Naboo and the welcome party comes to greet them, this is the first time we officially meet Palaptine and Valorum. 

Good old Sheev speaks first. And it’s only after he’s done and gives Valorum this look

does the Chancellor speak.

Maybe this is protocol. Maybe the system/planet-in-crisis’ senator is supposed to address the queen first rather than having the highest ranking person lead. I can’t help reading this as evidence of how puppetlike Valorum has become (allowed himself to become/ is. idk, that’s a whole other post) and how in control Palpatine is of this situation. They haven’t been on-planet for thirty seconds, and Palpatine is already pulling the strings. 

Also check out this shot just before the above exchange

Usually the more important person is in focus, which given the super political nature of this film is presumably whoever ranks highest. Never in this short shot does the focus leave Sheev, (which kind of echoes this shot that kind of encapsulates this whole post.)

Palpatine is this film all of 10 minutes max and we get these really subtle cues in his first introduction of who the real problem is. Valorum might be the elected head of this 1,000 year old Republic, but this senator from a nowhere Republic system calls the shots. Yeah, it’s not a super revelation that the Sith are the titular Phantom Menace, but it’s this Sith that’s the danger. The smiling, grandfatherly little shit that manipulates a flipping smart young woman into eliminating his rival and propelling him to power. It’s THIS

not this

that you have to watch out for. It’s the smiling politician, not some raging sith, that leads Anakin down to the dark side.

Request: Business call - Part 2

Request: I would like to request, a story out of Tigs POV. Where he should call someone for club business, but he has a wrong number and ends up at readers phone. At the end they end up together.. perhabs a bit smut if it’s posible for u :)

Tig Trager Warns You, This Imagine Contains: mentions of alcoholism, smut


Originally posted by samcroimagine


After the last time I talked with Alex, I began to think it was time to go, I just had to decide which city would be my next stop. Charming was a nice place and I could live there, but that meant things I wasn’t ready for. My boss asked me if I would consider staying, he tried to convince me for a while, but accepted it when I said I had made up my mind. I would work on the bar for a few more weeks and take more hours to save money for my trip. I was covering for one of the girls, on her afternoon shift, when bikers entered the bar. Even an outsider like me knew who they were, and the Sons had never been there before.

“Can I help you?”, I asked to the blond leading the group. He had a “President” patch on his kutte.

“I’m looking for Michael”, he answered and I grunted, pointing to the back of the bar. Michael was an idiot who hung out at the bar every day, he liked to brag about his connections with the Cacuzza Family, which I had learnt was the “Italian mob” around there.

“Hey Mike!”, I yelled; he hated to be called Mike, “Take your business out of the bar please!”

“Come on Y/N”, Michael begged, trying to be charming, but I gave him a death glare and he guided the bikers outside. However, one of them stayed behind. He had black curls and amazing blue eyes.

“Aren’t you going with your friends?”, yes, he was handsome and I wouldn’t mind to spend some time with him, but I didn’t want those bikers around the bar when my boss was away.

“Hi Y/N”, he finally spoke and I recognized the voice, “I’m Alex”

Tig’s POV

Life was back to normal; and by normal Tig meant no drunk phone calls from Y/N in the middle of the night; she had disappeared. He didn’t know why he had saved her number on his phone, but he did it. No, he wasn’t planning to call to check on or invite her to dinner or something. Tig just thought he should keep the phone number. Talking about phone calls…

Their next meeting was with Cacuzza Family and Jimmy was a reasonable man, but this time they had to deal with a small fish. Apparently, Michael’s office was a bar downtown and Tig hated the guy as soon as he heard about him. The Sons parked their bikes on the front and Jax led the group inside. He was looking around and didn’t notice the girl behind the counter until she speak. Her voice was familiar. She yelled for Michael, who called her Y/N and confirmed Tig’s suspicious. It was her, the same Y/N he had been talking on the phone. He stayed behind as his brothers left with Michael and walked toward the counter, Y/N’s watching him carefully.

“Hi Y/N”, he blurted, “I’m Alex”.

Her eyes widened as she remembered him, “Alex? Alex from the phone call, wrong number…”

“Yes”, he chuckled, “You pictured me different, didn’t you?”

“To be honest…”, Y/N raised her eyebrows, “Yes”

“Are you disappointed?”, he asked. As far as he knew, she probably had pictured him as a guy in a suit who owned a company and made business phone calls.

“No, not all”, she smiled. Both turned their heads to the door opening and revealing Chibs, who was surely looking for Tig, “You friends are waiting”

“Yeah”, he signed for Chibs to wait for second, “Listen doll, I mean when I say I got worried the other night. Promise me, don’t go out there alone and drunk?”

“Promise”, Y/N nodded and bit her lip, trying to hide her smirk. She surely was a beautiful and interesting woman; and Tig would love to stay and hang out with her, but duty was calling.

“Call me if you need, I mean it”, he emphasized before turn his back on her and leave the bar.


I actually had pictured Alex as someone different, but I wasn’t disappointed. To be honest, I had no expectations, I’ve never thought I would meet him. He was nice and truly worried about my drunk errands. I felt sorry about it and grateful for his offer to call if I needed; he was a good man indeed. That night I listened him and didn’t drink, I just went back to the hotel, ordered pizza and fell asleep listening a random show on TV.

I guess it was the first morning, in a long time, that I woke up without a hangover. My day was pretty much the same as the previous one, except that I would work on the night shift and no bikers would interrupt it. Yeah, I was wrong, because I just had started my shift, Alex walked in. I’ve never thought I would see him again so soon, actually, I thought I would be out of Charming before I had the chance. However, there he was, walking toward the counter with a smile on his lips.

“Alex”, I greeted him and he sat on a stool.

“Y/N”, Alex’s smile widened, “I’m looking for Mike, I don’t see him”

“He will come later”, I said. It didn’t matter the day, Mike would always be at the bar every night.

“I volunteered to bring him something”, he leaned over the counter, talking low, “Do you mind if I wait here?”

“No, not at all”, I smiled. How could I say no? I was just so curious about him, “What can I get you?”

Alex was drinking a beer as he waited for Michael, taking sips as he watched TV. I caught him looking at me once or twice and though I had other costumers to serve, the bar wasn’t crowded. I could grab a beer and sit for a while, so I put a stool behind the counter, close to him. He looked at me and smiled as we toasted with our bottles.

“Your boss doesn’t mind?”, he motioned to my beer, raising an eyebrow.

“My boss doesn’t mind”, I shrugged, looking at him as I took a swig of my beer, “Now you know how I got drunk and called you”

“I meant it Y/N”, his expression hardened as he locked his eyes with mine, “It’s dangerous”

“I can take care of myself Alex”, I dismissed his advice with a wave, “Don’t worry”

Alex just shook his head and we both turned our eyes to the game on TV. I had to get up and pour some shots for a group of friends, when I got back he wasn’t there. I looked around and found Alex in a corner, Michael by his side. They shouldn’t be doing business inside the bar, my boss wouldn’t like it, but I pretended I haven’t seen them and continued to work. When I looked again, Alex was back on his seat, but he didn’t want another beer. He put the money on the counter, paying for his beer and winked at me.

“See you around Y/N”, he said before leave. I grabbed the money and our bottles, mine half empty. I threw the bottle out. Another sober night for me.


Alex became a regular costumer at the bar, coming over to grab a beer every evening. We even had burgers and fries together in one particular slow night for business, we sat together by the counter and watched TV. He became my friend, the first one in a long time, but we definitely had some sexual tension going on between us. Glances that last more than they should, fingers touching as I handed him a beer and his way to look after me, making sure I wasn’t getting drunk every night. Actually, I spent weeks without knowing what a hangover was.

I had left my hotel room in a good mood that morning and went to the bar to get my weekly payment. My boss raised an eyebrow when I thanked him and said he had thought that would be my last payment.

“You said you would stay just a few more weeks”, he explained, “I’m not complaining, you’re a good employee and a nice girl, though you drink too much, but… You said your decision was final, sounded so determined. What made you change your mind?”

He was right. I had completely forgotten about my plans to leave Charming. I was supposed to be heading to Oregon, but there I was, still hanging around that little town. What had made me change my mind? Alex. I cursed when I realized I had been falling for him, more every day. I had let it happen again, he was part of my life now.

“Nothing. I didn’t change my plans”, I answered to my boss, “I just wanted to save more money”. I said goodbye, promised to see him one the next day and went back to the hotel. I laid in my bed and stayed there, hiding my face from the sun sneaking through the blinds and thinking.

Alex had invited me once or twice to SAMCRO clubhouse, but I’ve always said “Maybe another time”. He wouldn’t push me, Alex had always been nice to me and once, mysteriously said this wasn’t like him at all. I doubted that, for me he was the nicest man I had ever met. I couldn’t stop thinking about him, so I decided to get up and dressed, surprise him that night.

Tig’s POV

Everybody had missed him, but Bobby was finally back and that called for a party. Tig walked toward the bar, greeting friends and smiling. He asked for a beer and sat on a stool for a moment, savoring the first cold swig. Sons were working hard lately and he could say his life was good, he was in a good place. It was nice to spend some time with his brothers, have a party, but his mind went back to Y/N, it always did. That party also meant he wouldn’t go to her bar and grab a beer, which was just an excuse to see her.  

Y/N had become a part of his life; his brothers mocked on him when they knew Tig had a female friend, that wasn’t him and wouldn’t work. Yes, it wasn’t like him and there was a sexual tension between them, stolen glances and touches, but there was no rush, he didn’t want to spoil it. She was reserved about her past and personal life, but he respected that, Tig had his own ghosts to haunt him. The only thing that actually bothered him was Y/N’s habit to drink at work and frequently leave the bar drunk. She had sworn not to do it anymore, said she had been drinking just one beer per night. However, he still got worried, Tig couldn’t help it.

Someone called him and Tig looked up; he noticed the prospect but only realized Y/N was following the boy when they got to the bar. “Y/N”, he was surprised, but happy to see her.

“Hi Alex”, she smiled and thanked the prospect. Tig pulled a stool for her and ordered a beer as she took the seat close to him, “Sorry to show up without calling, I wanted it to be a surprise”

“It’s okay”, Tig handed her the beer, their fingers touching for a second, “It’s a great surprise”

“I’m not working tonight and you invited me a couple times…”, she shrugged, taking a long swig of her beer.

“Sure”, Tig nodded. He grabbed his own bottle and finished it, his eyes meeting Y/N’s. There was something different, something was happening but he couldn’t put his finger on it, “Come on, let’s introduce you to everybody”


Gemma, as always, kept a safe distance, Y/N an outsider and the bikers’ Queen had to be careful, protect her loved ones. His brothers were all smirks and flirts, curious about Y/N and glad to meet the woman who had charmed Tig. She was happy, actually having fun which made him happy too. Tig always had the feeling Y/N had a ghost on her past, something that had made her move to a stranger town, alone, and drink the way she did. They walked outside and he showed her the bikes. Y/N looked at him, a silent question if she could hop on his bike. Tig nodded and watched her, amused by her admiration for the Harley.

“It’s gorgeous”, she said and hopped off, losing balance for a moment. Tig kept her from falling, wrapping an arm around her waist. Y/N looked up at him, eyes moving from his lips to his eyes. She smiled and pressed her lips over his, soft but demanding.

He couldn’t not kiss her, Tig had been waiting this, he couldn’t deny the attraction. But a voice inside his mind was telling something was off, “Y/N”, he whispered, pulling back, trying to get her attention.

“I want you Alex”, she whispered, tugging on his kutte, “I need you tonight"

Y/N didn’t give him time to answer, she fiercely kissed him again. Her mouth on his, her taste, made his mind went blank. They pulled back, breathless, and Tig guided her through the clubhouse to his bedroom. As soon as he closed the door behind him, Y/N pushed his body against it, claiming his lips. She ripped his shirt open, making the buttons fly, clawing on his chest. He growled from within his throat, grabbing the hem of her shirt and taking it off. Y/N unclasped her bra and pressed her chest against his.

“Take off that short”, Tig hissed. Y/N bit her lip, slowly taking her clothes off, “Leave the hells on”

She smirked, letting her panties fall around her ankles too, stepping out of it. Tig was only in his boxers, easily lifting and carrying her to his bed. They both fell on the mattress, limbs tangled. Y/N caught his low lip on her teeth as Tig slid his hand between them. His fingers found her folds slick, ready for him. He introduced two fingers inside her, pumping them slowly. She threw her head back, moaning and gripping on his arms. Tig lowered his head to her collarbone, sucking her skin, his fingers sliding in and out of her.

“Alex”, she whined, frantically moving her hands to his boxers. Tig dragged them down his legs, getting up just time enough to grab a condom. He closed his eyes as she helped him to unroll it down his length and then lined him with her core. He pushed inside Y/N, her walls stretching for him, “Harder”, she whispered.

Tig thrust deeper, kissing and savoring her skin. His face was hidden on the crook of her neck as he panted, “Will you stay?”

To be continued…

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List of Thoughts 'n Thingz

❇️ It’s 57° and SUNNY today. It’s February. So bizarre. But I can’t say I don’t like it! ☀️

✳️ I’m grateful for my career. It offers security, stability, decent pay, and (for me) it is highly rewarding. Yeah, it’s stressful, but every job has stress. And, in the future, I want to try travel nursing. Hawaii is now at the top of the list for places I’d love to live for a while and I could do so through travel nursing! I didn’t think I’d even like Hawaii all that much, but boy was I wrong! ➕✈️

❇️ I’m going to join a running group with my roommate! I was a fairly decent runner and I *really* need to push myself to get back into it because it’s so good for my body AND mind! 👟

✳️ My stomach still isn’t quite right. Food doesn’t seem to settle well. I’m getting so tired of this! 😡

❇️ Hope you’re all having a great Saturday! 😎

another tag from @whatisaniffler

Favorite place: Barbican Conservatory in London, I’d live there if I could

Favorite colour: colours are just generally nice

Pets: a grumpy cat called Veniamin

Favorite tv show: BBC Sherlock (last episode sucked tho)

First fandom: like…naruto or smth HAHAHA

Books that I’m currently reading: just finished Cursed Child in russian (i mean i’ve read it in english before that)…they translated Snape’s name….to Zlodeus why

Favorite book: apart from all HP? i like orwell’s 1984