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Lecter Castle

As a big fan of Hannibal and an art historian, I’ve always been intrigued by this castle that we can see as the Lecter family’s castle in season three. So I did some research, and I found out that it is actually this castle : château de Noisy (or château Miranda) in Belgium.

And I also found out that this castle was abandonned since 1991, and that it is now threatened to be destroyed (Wikipedia even says that the castle has actually been destroyed in October 2017, but I couldn’t find any proof of it).

So I just wanted to share these pictures with you, enjoy this beautiful castle, and cry, maybe, over its fate and destruction.


I’ve been sitting on this for awhile. I started this storyboard/comic hybrid after the Raishan fight was initiated underground after Thordak, and just… never finished it. At this point, I’ve kind of made the call to not continue further. There’s just too many other things I could do, and there’s problems with this that I don’t care to really fix. (The first panel of “page” two was finalized as a Talks Machina submission ages ago.)

I had the thought of Percy and Vex talking about their death experiences after fighting Raishan and Thordak, as let’s be honest, they’ve had some drastically different ones. I’m super happy with what was happening here, even if I think some characterization is pretty off at this point.

Sorry if the last bit is illegible. Like I said, didn’t finish. But hey, now you can see how scrappy my thumbnails are. And the origin of why I draw Cabal’s Ruin with a blue feather attached all the time (as that’s what Vex is doing, if you can understand my scribbles). Patreon got to see this a few weeks ago, albeit at a slightly bigger size.

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Ooooohh in your Take a Break AU do you think the boys knew that Hamilton loved both sisters?

Lafayette: he didn’t get the ‘tomcat’ alias in vain…
John: We wouldn’t be surprised…
Hercules: hehehe


messing around with the witch au lovesquare in some pretty color palettes from this

Art Vocabulary Masterpost Spanish - English

Arte - Art
Bellas Artes - Fine Arts
Dibujo (m) - Drawing
Artista (m/f) - artist
Dibujante (m/f) - draughtsman/woman
- restorer
- to draw
- to paint
- to shade
- to restore

Técnica (f) - technique
Ideas (f) - Ideas
Detalles (m) - details
Perspectiva (f) - perspective
Boceto (m) - sketch
Dibujo a mano alzada - freehand drawing
Proporciones (f) - proportions
Ilustración (f) - Illustration
Grabado (m) - engraving
Diseño (m) - design
Paisaje (m) - landscape
Retrato (m) - portrait
Bodegón (m) - still life
Grafiti (m) - graffiti
Caligrafía (f) - calligraphy
Pasatiempo (m) - hobby

Lugares (m) - places +

Galería de arte (f) - art gallery
Museo (m) - museum
Exhibición (f) - exhibition
Exposición (f) - exposition
Concurso (m) - competition

Materiales (m) - materials

Cuaderno de dibujo (m) - sketchbook
Rotuladores (m) - markers
Pintura (f) - paint
Pintura al óleo - oil paint
Pintura acrílica - acrylic paint
Témpera (f) - tempera
Acuarela - watercolour(s), aquarelle
Carbón (m) - charcoal
Lápiz (m) - pencil
Bolígrafo (m) - pen
Tinta (f) - ink
Papel (m) - paper
Ceras (f) - wax crayons
Tiza (f) - chalk
Paleta (f) - palette
Barniz (m) - varnish
Pincel/es (m) - brush/es
Aguarrás (m) - turpentine
Lienzo (m) - canvas
Caballete (m) - easel

Colores (m) - colours

list of colours in Spanish
Blanco y negro - black and white (B&W)
Tono, matiz (m) - shade

Escultura (f) - sculpture

Manualidad (f) - craft
Esculpir - to sculpt
Arcilla (f) - clay
Mármol (m) - marble
Porcelana (f) - porcelain
Cristal (m) - crystal, glass
Piedra (f) - stone

Arquitectura (f) - architecture

Arquitecto/a - architect
Dibujo técnico - technical drawing
Dimensiones (f) - dimensions
Diseño gráfico - graphic design

Fotografía (f) - photography

Fotógrafo/a - photographer
Fotografiar - to photograph
Foto(grafía) (f) - photo(graph)
Imagen (f) - image

Adjetivos - adjectives

Realista - realistic
Colorido/a - colourful
Maravilloso/a - marvelous, splendid, wonderful
Impresionante - impressive
Bueno/a - good, nice
Malo/a - bad
Horrible - horrible

¡Es una obra maestra! - It’s a masterpiece!

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