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Suction Abortion  ; Also called vacuum aspiration, this is the most common abortion technique in use today. In this procedure a suction tube is inserted through the dilated cervix into the womb. A powerful vacuum tears the placenta from the uterus and dismembers the body of the developing child, sucking the pieces into an attached jar. There is a risk that the uterus can be punctured during the procedure. Also, the abortionist must take care that all the body parts are removed from the womb, as infection and hemorrhage can occur if fetal or placental tissue is left in the uterus.

DILATION AND EVACUATION (D&E)  : This method is similar to a D&C, except that forceps must be used to grasp the baby’s body because of the child’s advanced development. The baby is dismembered as the abortionist twists and tears the parts of the body and slices the placenta away from the uterus. Bleeding is profuse. Although relatively safe for the mother, the procedure is devastating to the hospital staff and many doctors refuse to do advanced D&E abortions.

SALT POISONING (SALINE INJECTION): "Salting out" is the second most common method of inducing abortion and is usually used after sixteen weeks. The doctor inserts a long needle through the mother’s abdomen and injects a saline solution into the sac of amniotic fluid surrounding the baby. The baby is poisoned by swallowing the salt and his skin is completely burned away. It takes about an hour to kill the baby. After the child dies, the mother goes into labor and expels the dead baby. Saline injections have been outlawed in some countries because of the risks to the mother, which can include lung and kidney damage if the salt finds its way into her bloodstream. In spite of the horrible burning effect, some babies have survived “salting out” and been born alive.

PROSTAGLANDIN ABORTION; Prostaglandin is a chemical hormone which induces violent labor and premature birth when injected into the amniotic sac. Since prostaglandin results in an unusually high percentage of live births, salt, urea or another toxin is often injected first. The risk of live birth from a prostaglandin abortion is so great that its use is recommended only in hospitals with neonatal intensive care units. The risk to the mother is also greater with the use of prostaglandin; complications can include cardiac arrest.

Does any of this sound comfortable, or more preferable to birth? Is this really a less invasive, or less body altering option than giving birth and giving the child away? You still give birth. You just give birth to pieces of a baby, or a dead one.

And this is considered the less damaging option by the left than the normal process of birth.

Je veux aller me perdre dans les musées parisiens. Ne plus trouver la sortie. Et m'endormir sur un de ces quelques bancs, qu'ils placent devant les toiles gigantesques.
Et recommencer là où je m'étais arrêtée.
—  Je serai une squatteuse de luxe.

It’s no secret that my pregnancy did NOT go as planned.

I had high hopes to exercise continually throughout the process of growing my girl. I wanted to progress (or at least not digress!). I wanted to be a “fit mom” and a good role model. A success story!

It’s frustrating how things can turn into something completely different.

Ten weeks into our pregnancy, I started bleeding. A month after that, I was diagnosed with Chronic Placental Abruptions and was classified as a “high-risk” pregnancy. The bleeding and cramping only progressed. It was so bad, that I was bedridden for the entire month of September.

The cramping slowed down (thankfully), but the bleeding only continued to get worse. My baby was unharmed, but my body was a mess. I was forbidden to do anything active besides light walking. No exercise of any kind. No sex. No fun!

I was constantly tired and weak from the loss of blood. A flight of stairs would knock me out, and I spent most of my days in bed.

On December 8th, I stood up and a huge rush of blood poured out my body. I rushed to labor and delivery, where they discovered I was dilated to 2cm and 75% effaced. They immediately threw me into an ambulance and sent me to a hospital that was better equipped to handle premature babies.

I was barely 24 weeks along.

The goal was to keep baby girl inside for as long as possible. Each passing day brought huge developmental milestones, so every moment was critical to her survival.

On December 16th, she decided to jump into the world. I was rushed into surgery for an emergency c-section at 8:50 am. She joined our family at 9:26 am- 25 weeks & 5 days along, 2 lbs, 13 inches long, and as beautiful as could be.

The months following were just as frightening as that terrifying Friday. Each day brought on new challenges and medical hurdles.

Thankfully, our girl has fought through each one.

We hope to have her home with us by the end of this month- an anxiously anticipated homecoming! Alas, only time will tell.

With all the stress of the NICU life, it’s no surprise that my routines were completely shattered. My life was in survival mode, and my health was tossed aside. Now that things are relatively stable, it’s time to put my health back into focus and take care of ME.

Welcome back to WEEK ONE.

To the ancient past, I raise my voice.
To the ancient past, I cry.

Kingdom Animalia,
Phylum Chordata,
Class Chondrichthyes,  
Genus Carcharocles,
Species Megalodon.

To great Ancestor Megalodon,
the Swallower of Whales,  
Mighty-Jaw and Great-of-Tooth, I call.
Show your teeth this night, and with them tear asunder the wicked man.
Show your teeth to him, and to those who are like him.

Kingdom Animalia
Phylum Chordata
Class Osteichthyes
Genus Tiktaalik
Species Roseae

To gentle Ancestor Tiktaalik,
the Fish-Who-Walked,
Great Traveler and Pioneer, I call.
Walk with my country, my people, tonight.
Walk beside us through this darkness, walk with us towards the light.

Kingdom Animalia
Phylum Chordata
Class Mammalia
Genus Juramaia
Species Sinensis

To nurturing Ancestor Juramaia, 
the Placental Mother,
She of the Womb and Umbilical Cord, I call.
Hold us close this night, and shelter us as you shelter your growing offspring.
Hold our hands as we strain with the birth-pains of change, and let our suffering be worth it in the end.

To the spirits of my most ancient ancestors, I cry.
To the spirits of the Fossilized, I lift up my voice.
Protect us, guide us, nurture us.

This is my prayer. This is my plea.
Spirits of the ancient past, be with me tonight.

atheart150  asked:

What if, while in France, at the King's Stables, Claire and Jamie had taken Sandringham's offer of a pardon for Jamie and they had gone back to Lallybroch??????

Hi @atheart150,

This took some thinking so I apologize for the delay in response. 

The optimist/idealist in me would like to believe that if they had returned to Lallybroch at that point in time, everything would have worked out beautifully for them: removed from the stress of Paris and trying to change history, perhaps Claire wouldn’t have gone into labor quite so early (though she later acknowledges that she probably would have had the same placental problems), that she would have been able to prevent the premature labor for just enough additional weeks for Faith to have survived birth; I’d like to think that being removed from the Bonnie Prince’s presence those extra weeks/months would have soured his opinion of his relationship with Jamie so that when he made his move to assemble the clans and start the Rising, Charles would have left Jamie’s name off his declarative announcement so that Jamie and Lallybroch could have avoided getting involved from the start and wouldn’t have suffered quite so much in the aftermath of Culloden; Jamie would have maintained possession of the estate and he and Claire would have had the life they’d wanted even if they did have to be careful because of the tensions between the Scots and the English following the Jacobites’ defeat. (I’ve played with elements of what this life might have been like for them in several different fics, some with Faith surviving, but most without that piece of the puzzle)

However, the realist in me would guess that they would probably still lose Faith and that Claire would have had a much harder time of it all without Master Raymond close at hand to heal her as he did at l’hopital. Claire admits similarly that her pregnancy with Brianna was just as dangerous and that if she had stayed they probably would have both died so I have my fears on that score. I also don’t know that I’m convinced the Bonnie Prince wouldn’t still end up signing Jamie’s name to that announcement and drawing them into it all then and there. Jamie and Claire would have had more time at Lallybroch and with Jenny and Ian; they would have been able to bury Faith at Lallybroch with the rest of Jamie’s family; Fergus would have been spared some significant trauma at the hands of BJR and the duel would obviously never have taken place. 

But ultimately, I don’t know that much else would have been different for them in the long run. Even Sandringham’s pardon could easily have been too little too late for Jamie and Claire. In a way, I think they became inextricably a part of how the Rising was going to ultimately play out the minute they decided to try to change history. It’s a ride they sort of put themselves on and they can’t just stop and get off. I don’t know if I would go so far as to attribute it to the workings of time travel within DG’s universe but I do like that so much of history in this series is simply unalterable/unavoidable; that part of the reason it happened the way it did appears to be because of travelers’ interference in the first place. It shows that history is so much more complicated than just a single force or event despite what history books may say or what legend tells us. 

Does that make sense?

J'essaie de dessiner des pays…
Avec un Parlement de jasmin…
Avec un peuple aussi délicat que le jasmin…
Où les colombes sommeillent au dessus de ma tête
Et où les minarets dans mes yeux versent leurs larmes
J'essaie de dessiner des pays intimes avec ma poésie
Et qui ne se placent pas entre moi et mes rêveries
Et où les soldats ne se pavanent pas sur mon front
J'essaie de dessiner des pays…
Qui me récompensent quand j'écris une poésie
Et qui me pardonnent quand déborde le fleuve de ma folie…
J'essaie de dessiner une cité d'amour
Libérée de toutes inhibitions…
Et où la féminité n'est pas égorgée
ni nul corps opprimé
—  Nizar Qabbani
~Learn Latin the Fast and Fun way!~

Lesson 1
Story 1

Artemisia et Maximus 

Artemisia est femina et habet duos filios. 

Artemisia is a woman and (she) has two sons.

Nunc in horto est.

Now she’s in the garden.

 Sedet et cogitat. 
She is sitting and (she) is thinking(/contemplating)

Maximus, suus amicus intrat. Artemisia Maximum spectat. 
(Maximus, her friend enters. Artemisia stares at Maximum).

-Quid agis? (Maximus)

How are you? (/What are you doing?)

-Bene, et tu? (Artemisia)

Well and you?
-Laboro. I am working
-Tibi placent mei flores?

Do you like my flowers?

-Flores sunt pulchri.
Flowers are beautiful.

-Quid agit tuus filius? 

What is your son doing? (/How is your son?)


He is sleeping. 

-Hmmmm… Bene, [ego] pingere volo. 

Hmmmmm… Good, I want to draw/paint.

 -Quid pingere visne?
What do you want to draw?


A lion

-Ooooo, sede! Audio aliquid!

Oooo, sit down! I am hearing something!

-Quid es? What is it?

-Nescio! I don’t know!

A man with a beard approaches Artemisia and Maximus. 

Artemisia: Quis es tu? Who are you?

Stranger: Ego sum novus vicinus.

I am the new neighbour.

Artemisia: (smells the air suspiciously) 

Novus vicinus? Et quid vis hic?

The new neighbour? And what do you want here?

Vicinus: Cur es irata?
Why are you angry?

Artemisia: Hmmm… Non sum irata
inquit femina et spectat virum. 

Hmmmmm… I am not angy… the woman says and she stares at the man. 


Fill in the following gaps in Latin!

Artemisia is a woman (_fe______) and she is sitting at the garden( in hor__).

Maximus is her friend (am_____). The woman loves flowers( fl____).

Her son is sleeping (do_____).

Now fill in the gaps in English.

Artemisia habet duos filios (filios=_____). Filius suus dormit (dormit=_____). 

Maximus pingere (pingere= ______) vult (wants). 

Artemisia ist irata 

irata means

a) angry    b) sleeping

Artemisia flores amat

flores mean:

a) garden    b) flowers

Vir novus vicinus est.

Vir means:

a) man     b) woman

To be continued…

Hope you enjoyed this brief story :) 

republicempire  asked:

Are Tenrecs strange critters?

Tenrecs are so weird science doesn’t even know all about them. Also because for a long time, scientists simply did not care. They kinda forgot about tenrecs. Until quite recently when they found out tenrecs are really, really odd mammals and might help unlock secrets about ourselves, about the origins of placental mammals or maybe even help taking us to Mars or something (I definitely made that last part up - I mean they’re most likely not studying them for that reason obvs but their hibernation is truly remarkable and unlike ‘normal’ hibernators (ground squirrels and hedgehogs and such): sleeping for 9 months straight without waking up is pretty insane if you ask me). But basically they could play a part in discovering more about the origin of endothermy although for now, science has no idea how tenrecs actually work.

So I have this Invader Zim headcanon/AU thing going on where Vortians originally had bright, colorful markings and patterns on their skin. These physical traits were greater emphasized on the males, some even possessing bio-luminescent properties. Following the Irken conquest of their planet and enslavement of their people, selective breeding eventually made their colors fade over time. Vortians are non-placental mammals naturally born with tails to maintain proper balance when running and leaping. Deemed “ugly and unnecessary” by the Irken Empire, Vortian tails are mandated to be lopped off at birth. Although very uncommon, atavisms have been observed in captured subjects exhibiting ancestral skin markings and patterns. Disdainfully referred to as “Tameless Vortians” by Irken scientists and historians, these subjects are often terminated long before reaching adulthood. </end sad AU story>

These little buggers are so fun to draw/paint, though! If you want to make your own Tameless Vortians, feel free. Just remember to credit me for the concept.

- - - - -
I’m the original creator of this painting. I’m so happy if you like it, but please don’t repost it. Reblog this post instead, thanks! 

So my appointment went okay, I feel a little better about everything but not much.

- I was prescribed vaginal suppository progesterone. My doctor said progesterone shots are just not something they do here which is really weird when I follow so many American blogs that have talked about them like they’re common.

- I have to have an ultrasound when I’m 16 weeks (I’ll be 15 weeks on Sunday) to check my cervical length. They’ll probably be frequent from here on out. Then I have to see my doctor again right after.

- I talked with her about Sprout’s birth and the bleeding I had throughout my labor and how my doctor never told me what caused it. She said it sounded like a small placental abruption, she’s going to get his birth record and if that’s the case it puts me at a slightly higher risk for another one and we’ll talk about the possibility of a c section later on.

- Right now our goal is to get to viability. And then every every week after will be the new goal. She didn’t try to sugar coat anything, she said she doesn’t blame me for being so worried because I have a terrible history and the risks this time are real. She told me that she’ll do everything she can and be very cautious and vigilant.

- She’s not worried about the hematoma, she thinks it will resolve itself and not to worry so much.

- Overall I really love her as a doctor, I’m going to be proactive in being positive and calm and pray like hell this is all going to be okay.

Kizziah gives a little yawn, then a cheeky smile <333 What a nerd. The face quality isnt as good cause she returned to her placental pillow, but it was just so cute I couldn’t not post it <333

Please do not reblog, ESPECIALLY if you are a porn/ fetish blog. I have a secret army of termites that will eat every other left and every third right sock you own. They are also great at rigging poker games, so you will never win again. It’s not worth it.  If you can’t understand that this is a baby who should not be sexualized- think of the socks. 

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therian is a term used in zoology to describe certain mammals (marsupials + placental mammals). as a zoology lover it annoys me these otherkin use the same word. funfact, otherkin, we're ALL therians! homo sapiens is indeed in the clade theria!


It’s not safe to ride bumper cars when you’re pregnant. Just like in a “real” car crash, your belly will crash against the seat belt, the steering wheel, and the bumper-car dashboard, and you might even get thrown out of the car. That can result in bleeding, placental abruption or even a ruptured uterus. It’s very dangerous (and in case of a ruptured uterus even life-threatening!), so don’t be tempted. 

Today (July 24, 2015) is the 101th birthday of pharmacologist, Dr. Frances Kelsey. She is renowned for her refusal to grant FDA approval of thalidomide in 1960, despite its widespread use in Europe at the time. Thalidomide had been considered a wonder drug for morning sickness in pregnant women, but it had yet to be discovered that thalidomide was actually a teratogen, or a chemical capable of crossing the placental barrier that causes birth defects. Thalidomide use resulted in children being born with limb deformations. 

Thalidomide is a classic example of chirality, occuring in a racemic mixture (equal parts of both the R and S enantiomers). Interestingly, due to the position of the chiral center, thalidomide is capable of racemizing in vivo, so separating the entantiomers for individual administration is futile, unfortunately. The same entantiomer that was responsible for binding to the protein cereblon, that prevented proper limb formation in children in the 1960s is now being used as a potent chemotherapeutic today!

Let’s take today to celebrate a pioneer female scientist who saved the US from thalidomide and made us reconsider how we address the safety and efficacy of pharmaceuticals!

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Image from Wikipedia.

Thanks to idristhetardisboardoffandom for bringing this to my attention!

« Aujourd’hui […] les progrès dus au développement de la science et des techniques modernes ont créé un déséquilibre exorbitant entre les peuples de race blanche, qui disposent de ressources illimitées et d’une abondance extraordinaire de biens, et les autres dont certains émergent à peine des conditions matérielles de la vie primitive.

La vie facile des uns, la confiance sans limites qu’ils placent dans leur puissance matérielle, leur font négliger les vertus qui font les peuples forts. Pour les autres, le désir de s’emparer des biens des peuples riches s’accroît depuis qu’ils les apprécient mieux. Ce déséquilibre qui s’accentue avec le temps crée aujourd’hui comme autrefois un climat de guerre permanent. Les peuples déshérités savent que c’est seulement par la guerre qu’ils pourront s’emparer des biens des peuples nantis, ou encore disposer librement des leurs. Il est donc facile pour la subversion d’utiliser ces sentiments, de les exacerber pour les employer à son profit.

Révolutions et guerres forment la trame de l’histoire des peuples ; les autres événements n’en sont que les conséquences ou le prélude. Elles ont une caractéristique commune, elles font disparaître les classes usées de la tête des nations et les peuples affaiblis de la surface de la terre. C’est une loi vieille comme le monde. Aujourd’hui comme autrefois, si nous voulons rester des hommes libres, il serait dangereux de l’oublier. »

Colonel Roger Trinquier. La Guerre. Albin Michel.

There is something that I will one day tell you that will change your whole life. But I cannot say it now. I must wait.

There must be another birth: I am five years old already: aging fast. I am writing words ‘the dog’ and ‘dead girl’ and 'placental grief’ and I am good at spelling. There are whole words that respond to accidents in good faith. There are words born in the mouths of wolves. And imitation.

One day I will clarify the idea of distance as I unpick the rope with the stabbing of scissors. The pillow re-arranged: teeth. The words will become an idea that evokes a dream. And I will sleep for years inside your conscience.

—  diary
Opioids! Codeine, morphine, heroin, OH MY!

All three have the same-ish structure except

Codeine: -OCH3, Morphine: -OH Heroin- CH3COO

The complexity of the codeine molecule reduces its analgesic (pain relieving) effects, with fewer side effects. Heroin and Morphine, however, function almost exactly the same because heroin is converted to morphine in the brain, BUT heroin is faster acting because it more willingly passes through membranes.

Aside from these differences, opioids for the most part don’t cross the blood brain barrier very easily, but it’s important to note that they do cross the placental barrier, so if you do drugs while pregnant, particularly these drugs, you’re more likely to affect your child. Don’t do it.

Opioids will clear your system in about 24 fours

They are responsible for pain relief, drowsiness, and reduced respiration, yet IRONICALLY addicts describe their effects as a “Whole body orgasm” They were also historically used to relieve diarrhea and stop dysentery… as anyone who’s ever been prescribed morphine knows, they cause constipation.

As for the damned receptors, I HAD TO COLOR CODE THEM BECAUSE THEY ARE HELL! The bolded ones are unique to that receptor, the black/nonbolded are common to all receptors, and the colors that are mixed (i.e. orange=yellow+red) represent that this location and behavior are common to those two receptors. The NOP-R receptor is… its own breed, yet it does everything the other receptors do and nearly nothing on its own, other than supraspinal pronociception. What an asshole. So basically, these receptors will be the death of me on my exam tomorrow.