placenta print

My placenta print - one of my favorite keepsakes from Cohen’s birth. A lot of people get freaked out at even the word placenta, but I don’t know why because placentas are really. cool. organs. They’re the tree of life! They are literally the life source of your unborn child and that is their only purpose. Plus you can end up with cool pictures like this and/or a natural PPD remedy if ingested or encapsulated. I am forever grateful to my midwives for including placenta prints as part of their routine birth care because I never would have asked for it, or even have known to ask for it. I didn’t even know such a thing existed - I didn’t do too much research into placentas and, frankly, I was only 20. I was already going against the grain so deeply in comparison to other pregnant mama’s my age with my natural birth and birth center and midwives and breastfeeding and anti-circumcision and co-sleeping…I was easing into my crunchy mama role and placenta are pretty far into the “crunchy mom” spectrum.