(I’m so sorry this wasn’t put out when you weren’t feeling well then, but I hope it makes you smile nonetheless!)

GIF Response: Sick Lover w/ Hellsing + Millennium + Iscariot


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Wouldn’t be overly attentive but would bring you whatever you needed when he was able, and I do mean anything


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She HATES getting sick, so expect her to keep her distance even when checking up on you


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Will do anything and everything for her poor partner, especially since she can’t get sick anymore but remembers what it felt like


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Yeah…he has no idea how to take care of himself, let alone you - don’t expect much help


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As a butler, he is well-equipped to care for you, cooking only the healthiest for you as well as providing any other things you need


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He will lay in bed with you, relaxing by your side until you’re better, though this is more of an excuse for him to laze around than anything…


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You are in very good hands with the Doctor at your beck and call. Granted, he’ll probably try to over-analyze you for his research, but his heart is in the right place


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(I can’t believe I forgot him!) He will be there for his partner when he can, bringing them medicine and food whenever they need it.


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Will make you laugh because that’s really all he can do in this situation, as the Doctor will undoubtedly have to be the one to take care of you in the end


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Won’t know what to do and will end up panicking if you don’t get better soon. She just gets so scared at the thought of you dying


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Is rather insensitive (what else do you expect from her) and just wants you back on your feet without consideration to how you’re actually feeling, but it’s only because she cares, I promise


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Believes that alcohol will fix anything and you end up getting drunk very quickly thanks to his “medicine”…Luckily the Doctor is around to help


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Instantly thinks that he knows exactly what will make you feel better even though he knows next to nothing about medicine. While not as bad as Jan with his alcohol medicine, he’ll make you take a bunch of weird stuff


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Is actually pretty skilled with cooking and will prepare lots of soup for you, though won’t stop his daily routine


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Is very attentive so you are back on your feet in no time. He especially loves to serve you meals in bed


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He won’t have any clue and will request that Anderson keep an eye on you as he doesn’t want to get sick nor does he know what to give you


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Will risk getting sick just to be near you, no matter how ill. She’ll stay in bed until you’re better, loving to cuddle up to you


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Is the most tsundere of them all. Gets angry that you weren’t taking care of yourself and tries to distance themselves, though ends up feeling bad and bringing you what you need