Vulpine Smile, a super angsty Juno/Peter mix. On 8Tracks

Track Listing:

  • Second Hand Faith by Emilie Autumn
  • Exile Vilify by The National
  • Man Like Me by Robert Downey Jr.
  • Curl Up & Die by Relient K
  • Running Up That Hill by Placebo
  • A Lack of Color by Death Cab for Cutie
  • Let It Die by Emilie Autumn
  • Time isn’t Healing by Tom Felton
  • Julia by Low Millions
  • Wish You Were Here (Cover) by NSP

‘c'mon, baby, c'mon, c'mon, darling,
let me steal this moment from you now


Think of your sins. A Credence Barebone III fanmix

1. It’s a Sin // Hidden Citizens - 2. Afraid // The Neighbourhood - 3. Safe & Sound // Jackie Evancho - 4. so far // olafur arnalds (feat. arnor dan) - 5. Running up that Hill// Placebo - 6. Under The Water // The Pretty Reckless - 7. People Help The People // Birdy - 8. Mad World // Gary Jules - 9. re // Nils Frahm


I genuinely love and hate at the same time, the feeling this song gives me.


Time to escape the clutches of a name,
No this is not a game,
It’s just a new beginning.
I don’t believe in fate but the bottom line,
It’s time to pay,
You know you’ve got it coming.


1. Epilogue (Ossuary) - Crywolf
2. Escape - 30 Seconds To Mars
3. Run boy Run - Woodkid
4. Murder Song (5, 4, 3, 2, 1) - Aurora
5. Slaves - Crywolf
6. Who We Are - Imagine Dragons
7. Running Up That Hill - Placebo
8. Underdog - Kasabian
9. Silent Running - Hidden Citizens
10. Yellow Flicker Beat - Lorde
11. Silver - The Neighbourhood
12. I Come With Knives - IAMX
13. History - Funeral For A Friend
14. New Divide - Linkin Park

Erwin Smith artwork is done by the fabulous @eamikkir I LOVE IT SO MUCH.
Hey Nana, a NANA playlist
"Hey Nana, Even now, not a day passes without me wishing to see you on the other side of that table. I'd call out your name from my heart. Many times. As many times as it takes." A playlist with a track for every chapter in Ai Yazawa's series NANA.

“Hey Nana, Even now, not a day passes without me wishing to see you on the other side of that table. I’d call out your name from my heart. Many times. As many times as it takes." 

A playlist with a track for every chapter in Ai Yazawa’s series NANA.

Maybe listen during your next reread of the series?

Songs under the cut because it is hecka long:

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@negativ6cr66p tagged me a LONG time ago to put my music on shuffle thank you ♡
take me to the river / talking heads
gigantic / pixies
beautiful ones / suede
wear me down / blur
road to nowhere / talking heads
never here / elastica
thieves like us / new order
zero / smashing pumpkins
running up that hill / placebo
the tide is high / blondie
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a wktd fanmix.

the day the devil - laurie anderson//dmmd re bgm07 - goatbed//be gone - brand new//stolen goods - acollective//born to lose - sleigh bells//numb - portishead//we are gods! we are wolves! - le loup//weird honey - elvis depressedly//night - zola jesus//running up that hill - placebo//soul meets body - death cab for cutie//soul wars - awolnation//ghost - neutral milk hotel

Music shuffle tag!

I was tagged by @hopeless-hobbit

Rules: put your music on shuffle and post the first ten songs that come on. *NO SKIPPING* Tag 5-10 other people

1) Halsey - Drive
2) Alan Walker - Alone
3) Charli XCX - Sucker
4) Placebo - Running Up That Hill
5) Melanie Martinez - Soap
6) 5sos - She’s Kinda Hot
7) Halsey - Young God
8) Emma Blackery - Sucks To Be You
9) Troye Sivan - Ease
10) Troye Sivan - Talk Me Down

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 ULALUME | a mix for the pear tree | listen | art | fic

01. ulalume by jeff buckley / 02. is that so much to ask by zoe j / 03. wicked games by james vincent mcmorrow / 04. dear fellow traveler by sea wolf / 05. running up that hill by placebo / 06. hospital bed crawl by the hush sound / 07. a forest by the cure / 08. bottom of the river by delta rae / 09. oh death by jen titus / 10. black by kari kimmel / 11. yellow flicker beat by lorde

what are you waiting for (a bluepulse fanmix)

1. go do // jónsi 2. human // ellie goulding 3. sweet misfortune // ming bridges 4. schizophrenia // jukebox the ghost 5. hands on the water // skyhill 6. dangerous // big data 7. i am not a robot // marina & the diamonds 8. demons // imagine dragons 9. running up that hill // placebo 10. after the storm // mumford & sons 11. shake it out // florence & the machine 12. long division // death cab for cutie 13. turnin’ // young rising sons 14. weight of living, pt. 1 // bastille 15. love me like you do // ellie goulding

cover art credit