placebo infra red

i know not ‘seems’

21 unsettling, uncomfortable, subtly wrong songs for when entropy overtakes you

a sky for shoeing horses under  why  |  a hair on the head of john the baptist  saltillo  |  moon trance  lindsey stirling  |  crimewave  crystal castles  |  rock me now  metric  |  bullets  archive  |  ghosts  ladytron  |  paris is burning  st. vincent  |  the commander thinks aloud  the long winters  |  the 2nd law: unsustainable  muse  |  infra-red  placebo  |  run  awolnation  |  hi  psapp  |  infinitesimal  mother mother  |  lovecraft in brooklyn  the mountain goats  |  empire  alpines  |  when i’m small  phantogram  |  matches to paper dolls  dessa  |  dark doo wop  ms mr  |  hypnosis theme  wax tailor feat. marina quaisse

cover art from circle of abstract ritual by jeff frost

All Hallows Jam

1. This is Halloween| Marilyn Manson//2. Daughters of Darkness| Halestorm//3. Bloodletting (The Vampire Song)| Concrete Blond//4. Graveyard Picnic| Voltaire//5. A Gorey Demise| Creature Feature//6. Re: Your Brains| Johnathan Coulton//7. The Hanging Tree (Hunger Games Arrangement)| adrisaurus//8.Night of the Vampire| Roky Erikson// 9. Howl| Florence + The Machine//10. The Addams Family Theme Song| Vic Mizzy//11. Infra Red| Placebo//12. When You’re Evil| Voltaire//13, Dr. Sawbones| Creature Feature//14 /9. Nosferatu| Blue Oyster Cult//15.  It’s Terror Time Again| Skycycle//16. Thriller| Micheal Jackson//17. She’s a Zombie Now| The Meteors//18. My Boy Builds Coffins| Florence + The Machine

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I made a mix for my dad for Halloween as an early birthday present and figures I’d share it all with you.

halloween bash: by twinkiesfly [listen here]

This Is Halloween - Marilyn Manson || Creepshow - Kerli || Fire Power - Wolfgang Gartner || Pitchfork Kids - AJR || Dollhouse - Melanie Martinez || W.D.Y.W.F.M. - The Neighbourhood || Bring Me To Life - Evanescence || Fear and Loathing - Marina and the Diamonds || My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark - Fall Out Boy || Radioactive - Imagine Dragons || Centuries - Fall Out Boy || Haunted - Evanescence || Let’s Kill Tonight - Panic! at the Disco || Monster - Imagine Dragons || Carousel - Melanie Martinez || Infra-Red - Placebo || A Little Death - The Neighbourhood || Friend, Please - TwentyOne Pilots || Heads Will Roll (A-Trak Remix) - Yeah Yeah Yeahs || Nearly Witches - Panic! at the Disco || Walking On Air - Kerli || Froot - Marina and the Diamonds

Dedicated to the fandom’s favorite sociopath and general asshole.

The Nightmare (David Newman) // Come Little Children (Hocus Pocus) // Infra-Red (Placebo) // Corrupt (Depeche Mode) // David (Noah Gundersen) // Who Are You, Really? (Mikky Ekko) // Grace For Sale (Terrance Zdunich) // Howl (Florence And The Machine) // Feeling Good (Muse) // Drove Through Ghosts to Get Here (65DaysOfStatic)

[ listen to it here // cover art and character interpretation belong to rebs ]


a playlist for my homeboy fun ghoul


001. legend // drake 002. kids with guns // gorillaz 003. reaper man // mother mother 004. heavydirtysoul // twenty one pilots 005. M1A1 // gorillaz 006. futures // mindless self indulgence 007. everywhere i go // new politics 008. infra-red // placebo 009. emergency // paramore 010. hail the saints // electric century 011. all that ive got // the used 012. hang ‘em high // my chemical romance 013. novocaine // fall out boy 014. vampire money // my chemical romance

     █ ▌Pride swelters under sun, surrounding heart of silver, steel and cold.
               You are the forgotten child of an armada built on blood, offering your soul
               You are the epitome of excellence in a chrome shell, you are perfection.

Bring us to glory, goddess of the hunt, rain the blood of those who oppose you on the sand. Glory to your cause, glory to your people.

                 You are IRON. You are CHROMIUM. You are STEEL.

You don’t know me - Son lux || Hunger of the pine - Alt-j || I’d love to change the world - jetta || Weapons V - Son lux || RIP 2 my youth - The Neighbourhood || weapon for saturday - lolo || Iron - Woodkid || Infra red - Placebo || Hold me down - Halsey || Female robbery - The Neighbourhood

        ( A Captain Phasma playlist 90% inspired by my Phasma rp blog )