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We decided on our next For 91 Days! It’s going to be: VALENCIA!

Over four years ago we started with For 91 Days and visited 13 locations this way. We are loving it and we are planning to continue with traveling but we also need to slow down a bit. 

That’s why we are planning to buy an apartment in Valencia. So we are going to combine apartment hunting with writing about Valencia. 

We expect to start our apartment hunt in early 2015, and begin sharing photos and information about our favorite city shortly thereafter.

That means we are going to be here for Fallas!!! 

And to our readers in Valencia: Anyone in Valencia knows of someone working 
with real estate / or finance>>>? Get in touch 


I took a last minute road trip to Valencia, Spain with my neighbor.  Our goal was to eat, drink, layout and feel the cool waters at the beach.

Upon arriving, the first order of the day was to enjoy the sweet taste of Aigua de València (Español, Agua de Valencia).  Mi Dios que era muy bueno. The food was okay, but nothing really to brag about. At least, at the moment, I can't seem to remember what we had.

We met our goal of laying out just long enough to allow the sun to kiss our skin.  There was a really nice breeze, which insured we were never too hot, but just right. The water was so clear and cool. Neither of us went all the way in, but I enjoyed the waves crashing up against my thighs. Yeah, I can’t wait to go back to completely dive in.

That night we walked to the center of the city where we sought out to find an interesting place to have dinner and drinks. We ended up at an Italian restaurant, in some alley way, where the ambience and décor was quite impressive. The pasta was good, my vodka-tonic was great and the tiramisu was barely so-so.

It was after midnight as we started our way back to the apartment we had rented, when we came upon a large crowd dancing to about twenty or more drummers. The mood was festive as folks were out with their significant others, friends, lovers, kids, and dogs. There was a great feeling of joy in the air.

We lingered for a while but knew we needed to find our back to catch a few winks.  We were heading back to Madrid the next day, of course after exploring the city until about 1 or so.

It was a fun, last minute road trip.  I look forward to doing it again.