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Reykjavík 30.06.17
I think I’m falling in love

Anthropologist Held Hostage By Elves For 7 Years

REYKJAVIK, Iceland — Seven years after she vanished without a trace, a female anthropologist emerged from a mysterious cave where authorities believe she may have been held hostage by real-life elves!

Danish researcher Kalena Søndergaard was stark naked, covered by dust and babbling incoherently when rescuers found her outside a tiny opening in the famous Elf Rock, traditionally believed to house the underground dwelling place of mankind’s tiny cousins.

“She was crouching like an animal and spoke only in a language unrelated to any we know,” said Armor Guðjohnsen of the National Rescue Service, which airlifted the 31-year-old survivor to a hospital by helicopter.

“The only word we could understand was ‘alfur,’ an old Icelandic word for elves. On her back were strange tattoos similar to those markings Viking explorers found on rock formations when they settled Iceland in 874, traditionally known as ‘elf writing.’ ”

Kalena, who was seeking proof of the existence of elves, was reported missing in January of 2006. At the time, police suspected she was the victim of foul play, but an intensive search failed to turn up any remains. On Feb. 4, 2013, hikers spotted the scientist crawling on all fours on a ledge high on the rocky hill, moving “more like an ape than a human being,” one of the hikers told a newspaper.

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Iceland Headcanon

Y’all may remember this from when my blog first started. But, I’ve seen a lot of places in Iceland sell really expensive water when the tap water is just as good. 

This inspired me to make a headcanon!

So, about a decade ago he would go get water from the tap and sell it to nations for a little extra money. It worked for about two years until the meeting took place in Reykjavik.

Iceland ran to the bathroom or some work place and got the water in a bottle he found at his house and cleaned. England walked in and suspected he was filling up the water for himself, literally nobody was suspicious.

That was until he walked in the room with the same bottles England saw him with earlier. The problem is, when people asked where Emil was, Arthur responded with “Getting some water from the tap”

America begins talking with him and asks if it’s that special water directly from a waterfall. And the downfall begins with Iceland saying yes and saying he got it from the most powerful waterfall in Europe.

England stood up and asked him, and then told everyone what he had seen Emil doing earlier.

The poor boys face got so red, he almost cried. Especially when people laughed. Sometimes America, and certain others, don’t let him forget it and he gets so mad

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Reykjavik, Iceland by G Travels
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I really enjoyed my time in Iceland. It was so different from anything else I’ve seen, and it was really cool (haha, pun intended!).

Taking the bus ride into town from the airport gave me a great view of the landscapes. Lava fields full of basalt rock, brown and green moss, with miles to see until the mountains in the distance. Well-lit highways and lots of roundabouts!

I took a tour with “I Heart Reykjavik” and I did a 2hr walking tour of the town. I got such a good handle on the city from that tour, that I didn’t need to use a map the rest of the day!

They’re big on modern art, so it’s cool to see it around. At the Keflavik airport, they have a giant pear statue in the middle of a pond and a tall rainbow metal/glass sculpture in the parking lot. In Reykjavik they have graffiti painted on walls- sometimes in peoples’ backyards- as well as the Voyager sculpture looking out to sea, the Harpa opera house all made of glass, and there are two giant monster people in front of a shop on one of the streets in town.

Everyone does speak English there, but I enjoyed using my little bits of Icelandic (hallo, takk, bless).

I did say one full sentence: Hallo, eine pylsa med ollu, svo vel. That was when I got a to-die-for hotdog with everything on it from Baejarins Beztu Pylsur (The Town’s Best Hotdog) at a stand near the harbor!


Iceland | Day One

It has been quite the first day arriving into Iceland. Not having traveled internationally since I was fifteen, I was immediately mind blown by the environment of the KEF airport; the cultural shift in the people (they are interesting and beautiful), the modern design aesthetics, the barren lava fields that greeted us as the sun rose on our drive to Reykjavik, covered in snow with sparse white hillsides rising in the midst somewhat majestically. As we arrived, jet lagged after fifteen hours of travel, our host Olga greeted us with a bit of snacks in a super charming apartment that her family rents out. There are three levels with many antiquated rooms full of time and character. The apartment was warmed but the windows all left open with a bit of chill drafting through - the rainy, wintery vibes rustling just outside the windowsills soothed me greatly.

She left her house cat with us, whose name is so Icelandic that we can’t bother to even pronounce it. He has been napping with my cousin Tim who is traveling with me. It was all that I could do this morning not to wake them from laughing when I peeked behind the bedroom door and found them asleep together. After not having eaten or slept for hours, we devoured the snacks with gratitude and quickly napped several hours away. When we woke, we went out to walk downtown Reykjavik for a short bit just before sundown. Not much time or energy for photos today and I am quite rusty with the pro-cam but I managed to take a few. I have no idea what to expect with the rest of the island but I am already moved and mesmerized by this place.