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First-ever Native American Honor Flight leaves Reno

The Southwest terminal at the Reno-Tahoe International Airport buzzed with nervous excitement early Thursday morning as a group of veterans got ready to board Battle Born Nevada One.

For the first time in the nation’s history, 43 veterans were traveling on an all-Native American Honor Flight.

Native American veterans from Nevada and California flew Thursday to Washington D.C. to visit the National Museum of the American Indian, attend the Veterans Day ceremony and place a sash on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.

But what is the value of these images as “records” of our people, our way of life, or our history? We take a step back in this exhibit to ask this question because we think it is important to understand where these images come from. In a sense, we are trying to tell our own story while using someone else’s words.

  Time Exposures: Picturing a History of Isleta Pueblo in the 19th Century (NMAI Exhibit)

“The exhibit is narrated by current tribal leaders, with commentary about how the photographs often reveal more about the photographer and their preconceived ideas of American Indians than it presents an authentic portrait of the culture.”

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  • Racist Shitshow or Anesthetizing Snoozefest? The MQB/NMAI Debate
  • Are You Shitting Me: The True Story of How We’re Really Going to Respect the Consciousness of Rocks in the Same Place we Gloss Over a History of Imperial Brutalities against PEOPLE, Among Other Things
  • I Am An Atheist and Museums are Stupid
  • But… The Architecture! 
  • A Case Study: That One Museum with the Abrasive Sense of French Cultural Superiority and That Other One, You Know, with the Great Cafe


It’s a beautiful Saturday in New York City! I took J. S. and Ludwig to the National Museum of the American Indian! I don’t think this museum looks very “Indian,” do you? lol! I thought it would be a nice way to learn about some of the things we saw when we were out west, passing through the pueblos and New Mexico and all of that! It was pretty educational! I don’t really understand America’s history, though. It is pretty messed up! lol! Don’t really get it! Oh well! We can leave that to the historians LOL! After our museum trip we sat in Bowling Green and talked about our plans, being that it is, suddenly, SEPTEMBER (can you believe??????????????). I received another letter from Constanze yesterday that informed me she is moving to France, officially, and that I am not to come back to her until I have “proven” myself “worthy” of her love. Like, what kind of chick talk is that? Am I right? “Worthy of my love?” What the F, Constanze?! (LOL that’s an expression I learned from a candy-seller in the subway!) She says I mustn’t return until I have a good, steady income and have proven myself to be employable and of value in New York. I was pretty mad about this and decided I don’t want to go back to Austria anyway, so I spoke to the boyz about extending our stay in New York. Ludwig said he’s down because he doesn’t want to go back to his annoying nephew Karl (that kid is really a lunk!) and J. S. said he still feels the pull of God’s presence in Manhattan and he also would like to stay and find a way for his church music to reach more of the Lord’s people. So it looks like we are here to stay a little longer!!!!!! I better find a job so that I can get back to Constanze before she marries some abominable Parisian prince!!!!!! I have so much work to do!!!! Good thing it’s a long weekend for Labor Day right now so that I can use this time to relax my brain and rest up for whatever New York brings next!!!!!!!!! I can hardly wait!!!! Fall in New York!!!!! LOL! Can you believe?!?!