place: metz

Finding my dad isn’t just a fantasy.

It’s the reason I became a Seeker at all.

He was my whole world.

And now he’s very sick.

LeBlanche, you gave me something more important than secrets.

You gave me a home. Even more, you were like a father to me when I didn’t have one.

For the one who finally gave you a chance, you’d do anything.

Yes… anything.

i really wanted to do some quick doodles of Tiny Sapling metz and ez!! ez was basically just supposed to be babysat until the surge of new saplings could be taken care of that day but they bonded like, Immediately. ez was introduced to all the cool stuff to climb on so fast. he wore his hair longer to mimic metz for a while too! (whos hair was longer and unkempt, he kept getting blossoms)

they spent a good few months together just the two of them, before they figured out there were orders they could join. someday i might draw some of their adventures because hoo boy they got themselves into A Lot. 


metz 2013 by meagan wilson