place: machu picchu peru


Machu Picchu, Peru

today, after 4 days of hiking, my least favourite “sport”, i arrived at Machu Picchu. this is something i have dreamt of doing since i was 6 years old, when i used to play “Leap Frog Explorer” on my parents’ computer and got so good that i discovered a breathtaking pixelated version of the Lost City. since then, ive harboured a fascination (obsession) with South America, and Machu Picchu is a large part of the reason i embarked on this lil trip of mine.
anyway, so we woke up at 4am today to walk up the mountain, which was gruesome and lame. mostly because i optimistically applied copious amounts of sun cream and it fell off my face in a massive way. also the weather was absolute bullshit for about 2 hours, but made for some pretty chill photos (1,3,4,7) so it’s k. i stayed for 7 hours in total lol, 2 of which were spent waiting to build up the courage to ask someone who looked like they understood exposure and framing to take my picture. my scalp is super sunburnt as a result but I DONT CARE.
i mean this place is srsly unreal. apparently scientists are still like “whhaaaaaa?” re: how the incans cut the stones and how they appear to have understood as much as they did.. i could go on, but i reckon Wikipedia is more eloquent than i.
but ya, it was amazing, i don’t know enough words. rad af I guess. im so happy weeeeeeeeee 😄😄😄💖💥✨🎉

I’d just like to point out some similarities with mexican/Latin American culture I’ve found in Rokka no Yuusha so far

Mayan paintings

Piena city and the old Tenochtitlan

Piena’s pyramids and Tenochtitlan (actual Mexico city) original pyramids

Episode 2 scenery and Machu Picchu (Peru)

Adlet’s flashback place and pyramids in Tulum (Mexico)

Adlet’s letter to Nashetania and Mayan glyphs in actual codex

Rock head-like things in the wall and rock heads in Chichen Itza (Mexico)

Temple simulation thing on the floor in episode 3 and the Aztec calendar

Long statues in the opening and the atlanteans of Tula, Hidalgo (Mexico)